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Ancestors of Elizabeth Catherine Picknell


16. Nelson Pickernell

BIRTH: Baptism Third Parish, Kittery, Maine, 1750-1790. LDS film #011,325

MARRIAGE: m(1) Mar 22, 1774 Anna Place; Intention filed Feb 26, 1774;
[York Co. Maine marriages]
m(2) Aug. 7, 1810 Wendell, NH Mrs. Patty Pickett. [NH Marriage Index]

DEATH: Referred to as deceased in Town Records Wendell/Sunapee, NH.

MISC: Mentioned several times in Town Records as being supported by town funds. Said to be drummer & deserter in Rev. War.
Nelson Pickernell & wife recognized Baptismal Covenant June 7, 1779.
1790 census Kittery, ME:
Pickernail, Nelson 1m > 16; 2m < 16; 3f.

LAND: Nelson & Anna sold to William Haley 25A willed to him by father. Dated Apr 4, 1792; rec Apr 5, 1792. Witn: Thomas Rogers & Benjamin Parker. [York Co. Land Records Vol. 54, p. 212]
-Nelson, laborer, sold land in Berwick received from James Pickernail late of Kittery dec. Dated Sept 13, 1780; rec June 25, 1799.
Witn: Daniel Libby & Daniel Libby Jr. (wife didn't sign) [York Co Land Records Vol. 63, p. 156]
-Nelson & Anna sold to James Pickernell land lying near Pudding Hole purchased of Abigail Fernald, late of Kittery dec. Dated June 20, 1786; rec Apr 22, 1816; witn: Benjamin Manson & William Pickernell appeared before Daniel Pierce J.P. Feb 18, 1793. [York Co. Land Records Vol. 95, p. 14]

17. Anna Place

BIRTH: Baptisms of Third Parish, Kittery, Maine 1750-1790. LDS film #011,325

DEATH: Husband remarried Aug 7, 1810.

18. James Lamb

BIRTH: Pension application dated July 1819 states he was 87 years of age the previous October. However, family tradition says he was 18 in 1759 when he left Scotland and later joined General Wolfe in the battle of the Plains of Abraham.

MARRIAGE: Date and place from Pension application of widow Judith Lamb dated
June 20, 1840.

DEATH: Date and place from Pension records.

MILITARY: French & Indian War--Plains of Abraham.
Revolutionary War--
"I James Lamb of Wendale in the County of Cheshire and state of NH, Husbandman do make the following declaration upon oath---
that in the year of our lord 1777 in the month of April I enlisted as a private soldier in the Continental army in the USA at Hopkintown, NH the NH line for 3 years in Capt. Ebenezer Frye Compay in Col. Joseph Cilleys Regiment in Gen'l Poors Brigade and marched to Tyconderoga and from that was at the taking of Burgoyne and from that to Valley Forge and from that to the James and from place to place until my 3 years had expired and was honorably discharged at ______bery in the state of MA but since have lost my Buildings by fire and my discharge was burnt. Also, I further say upon oath that I am poor and stand in need of the assistance of my Country for support. I was 87 years of age last October."
-Entered service Apr 23, 1775 to Aug 1, 1775 3 mo. 16 dys. in Capt. Samuel Richards Co. in Col. John Stark's Regt. [NH State Papers Vol 1, p. 56] (Marched to Bunker Hill from Goffstown, NH) !MISC: 1820 Census--Wendell, Cheshire, NH 265:
James Lamb 2 m 16-26, 1 m 45+; 1 f 16-25, 1 f 45+
1790 Census --New London, Hillsborough, NH:
James Lamb 1m > 16, 4m < 16; 2f
The first permanent settler of New London, NH was JAMES LAMB, who came in 1775 .... [Hist. of New London, NH, p. 119] (Nothing is known of him between his service in 1759 and 1775)

19. Judith Austin

BIRTH: Date from Vital Records Methuen, MA; and pension application.

DEATH: Year from Pension records and marker in Ironville Cemetery, Crown Point, NY.

20. Isaac Palmer Gates

BIRTH: Date and place from Stephen Gates & His Descendants p. 182.
Date and place from Barbour Collection, Preston VR 2:231.

MARRIAGE: Date from Stephen Gates & His Descendants p. 182.
Date and place from War of 1812 claim for widows' pension [WO-25484]

DEATH: Date and place from Stephen Gates & His Descendants p. 182.
Date from family bible record; bur. W. Hartland Cemetery.

MILITARY: NONE--claim for widows' pension [WO-25484] was rejected because it was determined that he was a civilian teamster working for the army.
He was 5 ft. 9 in.; red hair; blue eyes; sandy complexion.

RESIDENCES: Plainfield, NY 2 yrs; Winfield, NY 4yrs; Fowler, NY 4yrs; Canada West 43yrs; Ogdensburg, NY 4yrs; to Hartland, CT in 1861.
(above dates don't quite correspond to actual records)

MISC: Ontario Soc. Families 1980 Vol 19 p.42--Isaac P. Gates file year 1831 Co. Leeds entry #2. Ontario Gen. Soc. Box 66, Station Q, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M47 2L7.

21. Sarah McFarland

BIRTH: Date and place from Stephen Gates & His Descendants p. 182.
Date and place from Vital Records of Charlemont, MA.

DEATH: Date and place from family bible record, age 95 yrs, at the home of Mrs Anna M. Goddard. Gates genealogy p. 182 gives date as Oct 14, 1882

22. Abner Stilson

BIRTH: Date and place from Stilson Family manuscript written about 1850 owned by C. Herbert King 33 W. Ashtabula St. Jefferson, OH.
Date from Descendants of Stephen Hart located in Indiana State Library.

MARRIAGE: Name of wife from Descendants of Stephen Hart.
Name of wife given in Stilson Family manuscript owned by C.H. King.

DEATH: Year given in Descendants of Stephen Hart.

MISC: Sold land in Lysander, NY to C. Adams July 25, 1817 lot #96.
Declared insolvent 1807 Cayuga co., NY. Aurora Gazette May 6, 1807:
"All goods & chattels, lands etc. to be sold at Erastus Spaulding's in Levanna on May 7 next." [Abst. from early newspapers of Cayuga Co., NY in DAR Library]
Declared insolvent 1817 Lysander, NY [Onondaga Register Jan 22, 1817]
Sold land in Scipio, NY Mar 31, 1814 part of lot #7 to Samuel Bush.

23. Polly Stancliff

BIRTH: Date and place from Stilson Family manuscript owned by C. Herbert King 33 W. Ashtabula St. Jefferson, OH.

DEATH: She last signed a land sale record June 4, 1836 3-480.

24. John Charles Russell

BIRTH: Date from family notes; bapt date from parish register.

MARRIAGE: Parish Register of St. Lawrence Jewry & St. Mary Magdalene Milk Street (also known as Old Church of St. Pancras) p. 161, by W. Lucas, Minister. Witnesses: John Russell, Edward Hodson, and Benjamin Holloway. (Benjamin Holloway witnessed many marriages.)

OCCUPATION: Death Certificate says he was a retired geographer. The Christening record for several children says he was an Engraver.
1802,3 & 4 Charles Russell, engraver & printer at Blackwellhall Court (near St. Lawrence Jewry).
1809 J. Charles Russell, engraver & printer at 71 Wood St. Cheapside Is. [Holden's Triennial Directories]
Called geographer on marriage record of dau Sarah in 1842, and son Charles James William in 1847.

25. Sophia Louisa Rosser

BIRTH: Date from family records (?). Bapt date in parish register as Sophia Rosser residence Wharton's Court. LDS film #374,354.

DEATH: Death certificate, age 79; resided 19 Flanley Road; Wm Bishop, informant.

26. John Blank

BIRTH: Age 26-45 in 1820; Age 40-50 in 1830. Received legacy from estate of Thomas Henderson; called brother of James Blank and of Rachel Kip.
He may have been the John Benson Crum Blank, son of John & Sarah Blank, b. Nov 15, 1783, bapt Nov 20, 1783 Trinity Church; witn John Benson Crum, John Blank, Hannah Crum. [NYGBR 69:157]

MARRIAGE: Wife Jane in 1817, 1822 & 1824. [Bapt records of daus.]

DEATH: No death record found in Manhatten Register of Deaths.

MISC: Sailmaker listed in city directories 1808-1827.
-1808 resided 22 Upper Reed, as did Peter Naylor.
-1809 resided 21 Reed, as did Peter Naylor.

27. Jane Myers

BIRTH: Age 48 at death. Possibly the Jane Myers Blank bapt as an adult Jan 1829, no age, no parents listed; LDS film #17,779 p. 239 Methodist Society marriages & baptisms.

DEATH: NYC death record: d. Jan 6, 1839; 48 yrs; 154 Orchard; Methodist Society Cemetery. [LDS film #447,549 Manhatten Deaths liber 11]

MISC: 1827/28 NYC City Directory:
Jane Blank laundress 168 Greene.
1826/27 NYC City Directory:
John Blank sailmaker 168 Greene. (not listed in 1827/8)

28. Abel Partridge

BIRTH: Date from Partridge Genealogy by George H. Partridge p. 16.
Date and place from VT Death Records.

MARRIAGE: Date from notes of Walter H. Partridge (18__-1983) which states he had the marriage certificate. Place from wife's obituary.

DEATH: Date and place from VT Death Records.

29. Sylvia Mansfield

BIRTH: Date and place from Amasa Mansfield family bible.

DEATH: Date and place from obituary.

30. James Bradish

BIRTH: Date & place from Nettie Bradish Aarness who had access to a Bradish family bible. Also calculated from age on gravestone.

MARRIAGE: Rutland Herald Feb. 24, 1829: "James Braddish of Rutland md. at Shrewsbury 10th inst. Miss Paulina Hassett."
m(2) Rutland Herald March 15, 1846: "James Braddish md. at Mendon 26 ult. Mrs. Susan Sprague both of Rutland."

DEATH: Date from gravestone and obit.

OBITUARY: Rochester Post May 26, 1882: "Mr. James Bradish of Pleasant Grove died yesterday, aged about 75. He was an old and much respected citizen of that town."

MISC: 1830 census Rutland, VT p. 164:
James Bradish 1m 10-15, 1m 20-30; 1f 15-20, 1f 20-30.
1850 census Rutland, VT Aug 6, 1850 p. 29:
Braddish, James 50 m laborer b. VT [331-383]
" , Susan 38 f "
" , Eunice 15 f "
" , Edmond 11 m "
" , Charles 3 m "
" , Betsey 1 f "
Yoice, Ann 17 f "
Allen, George F 21 m cabinet maker b. VT
" , Emaline 19 f "
1857 MN Territorial Census, Pleasant Grove:
Braddish, James 54 m b. VT
" , S. N. 45 f "
" , Edmond 18 m "
" , C. J. 9 m "
" , B. A. 8 f "
" , James 4 m "

31. Paulina Hassett

BIRTH: Date from Nettie Bradish Aarness who had access to a Bradish family bible.

DEATH: Date & place from Nettie Aarness who said she got it from Wm & Agnes Bradish who were living in Minneapolis prior to 1985.
East Parish Cong. Church Records: Dec 30, 1843 Mrs. Bradish. (no age)