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  • Sept. 9, 1714 Benjamin Reynolds of Kingstown to my brother James Reynolds of EG ... honored father Joseph Reynolds of Kingstown (no wife).   Witn: John Hoxsie and Tho. Spencer. Rec. Nov. 17, 1715.   [EG Land 2:232; LDS film #926,786]

  • Sept. 29, 1714 Joseph Reynolds of Kingstown to son Benjamin Renalds of Kingstown .... his brother Henry Reynolds...   [EG Land 2:196; LDS film #926,786]

  • Feb. 4, 1714(/15?) John Hoxsie of Westerly to Benjamin Reynolds living in Westerly 180 A in Westerly. Witnesses: Tristram Hull and Job Card, Justice. Rec. Aug. 15, 1715.  [Westerly Land Bk 2, p. 165 or 166 film #940,222, item 4-6 very hard to read]

  • Feb. 4, 1714/15 Benjamin and Experience Reynolds witnessed sale by John Hoxsie to John Mowrs?   [Westerly Land Bk 2, p. 168; LDS film #940,222 item 4-6]

  • March 14, 1714(/15?) Benjamin Reynolds of Kingstown and William Sweet of EG sold to Tristram Hull. Witnesses:  John Hoxsy, Job Card.   [EG Land 2:250]

  • July 1715 Benjamin Reynolds of Westerly, yeoman, to William Wanton of Newport, merchant, a place called [burn] ag hill in Ea[burn] RI lott #35, E&W on [burn] S on 37th lott. Witn: William Cole, Benjamin Baker. [NK Land 3:43-4]

  • Oct 19, 1717 John and Jane Hull of Kingstown, yeoman, to John Seager Jr. of Kingstown. Witnesses: Benjamin Reynolds, Rueben Hull, Richard ___, John Holloway?   [Westerly Land Book 3, p. 44; LDS film #940,222]

  • Oct. 19, 1717 John & Alice Seager Jr. of Kingstown to John Hull of Kingstown, yeoman. Witnesses:  John Holway, Richard ___, Ruben Hull & Benjamin Reynolds.   [SK Land Book 1, p. 26-9, 1718-1723]

  • July 10, 1719 (p. 45) Inventory etc. for Elizabeth Hull decd.. __Bonds of Benjamin Reynolds for Rent 150... [Westerly TCP, 2nd Book on film #930,805]

  • Dec. 1720 Benjamin Reynolds of Westerly sold to Benjamin James & John Woodman of Little Compton land in Westerly bounded: John Hoxie, highway, Wm Stanton & S. Bourman. Witnesses: Robert Hannah & Samuel Perry.  [NEHGR Oct. 1993, p. 348-9; Westerly Land Book 3, p. 40 LDS film #940,222 item 4-6]

  • Nov. 19, 1723 Zachariah Allen to Benjamin Reynolds of SK, yeoman. Witnesses: Joseph Hull Jr. & Joseph Tefft. [Westerly Land Book 3, p. 99; film #940,222]

  • Jan. 6, 1723/4 (p. 181) To money paid upon Bond to Benjamin Reynolds L266:4:0.  (p. 191, name supposed to be on this page but film unreadable).   [Westerly TCP film #930,805]

  • Feb. 16, 1723/4 Benjamin & Experience Reynolds of SK, yeoman, to George Havens. Witnesses: John Hull & Joseph Hull.   [Westerly Land Book 3, p. 103]

  • Feb. 21, 1723/4 Jonathan & Elizabeth Babcock to Benjamin Reynolds of Kingstown, yeoman, 58 A.    [Westerly Land Book 3, p. 102; LDS film #940,222]

  • March 26, 1724 Benjamin Reynolds of SK, yeoman, to Christopher Champlin. Witnesses: Wm. Champlin & Samuel Allen.  [Westerly Land Book 3, p. 112]

  • March 27, 1724 John Hill to Benjamin Reynolds of SK, yeoman.  [Westerly Land Book 3, p. 105; LDS film #940,222]

  • Benjamin Reynolds, Joseph Hull & Phillip Griffin were witnesses. [Westerly Land Book 3, p. 110; LDS film #940,222]

  • March 24, 1726 Benjamin & Experience Reynolds of Westerly, yeoman, to John Seager Jr. 173 A bounded: S-Jos. Hoxsee & road, W-mill pond & land of Nincrafts? heirs, N-Nincrafts heirs & John Hill, E-John Hill. Witnesses: Jeremiah Clark & Joseph Rogers.  [Westerly Land Book 4, p. 208; LDS film #940,223]

  • March 24, 1726 John Seager Jr. & Alice of SK sold to Benjamin Reynolds of Westerly, yeoman, 1/10 of 150 A lot in Pettyquamscutt Purchase. [SK Land]

  • March 19, 1732/3 Benjamin Reynolds, Samuel Perry and SYLVANUS GREENMAN witnessed will of Jeremiah Clark of SK, yeoman. (Father of Sarah Clark Greenman)    [SK Probate 2:233-6; RIGR July 1983, p. 84-5]

  • (SK Probate 2:124 1723-1735) Benjamin Reynolds & Samuel Perry swore to the inventory of Jeremiah Clark late of SK decd. (Father of Sarah Clark Greenman)

  • July 13, 1741 [SK TC 3:135] The following to have licences to keep Taverns ... for the next year they to give bonds, keep good order, & NOT TO SELL OR SUFFER BENJAMIN REYNOLDS TO HAVE ANY STRONG LIQUOR ...

  • Aug. 20, 1759 [SK TC 5:73] Benjamin Reynolds called to appear to answer complaint by SYLVANUS GREENMAN.

  • Oct. 5, 1759 [SK TC 5:75] Benjamin Reynolds & SYLVANUS GREENMAN appeared & agreed that David Babcock & James Perry Jr. would determine what Greenman shall have for supporting wife of Reynolds during the time she has been at Greenman's house or shall hereafter continue sick there. (Nothing further in TC minutes) [LDS film #931,834]

  • April 10, 1760 Benjamin Reynolds of SK laborer vs SYLVANUS GREENMAN of Newport, cordwainer ... money due by Note Damage L160. [Inferior Court of Common Pleas, Book E, p. 324]

  • April 16, 1760 [SK TC 5:90] (almost impossible to read) Complaint has been made that Benjamin Reynolds of this town (is soon by ____) drinking & other misconduct & is likely to spend is estate ___ he & his wife will become chargeable to this town which information being satisfactly? to this TC resolved that Thomas Steadman ... be appt. guardian of Benjamin Reynolds.  

  • March 9, 1761 Charles Hull, Deborah Knowles & Jos. Clarke of Richmond be sited to appear to declare upon oath what they have of ye estate of Benjamin Reynolds in their hands. [SK TC 5:107]

  • March 13, 1761 [SK TC 5:107] Samuel Tefft Esq. be appt guardian to Benjamin Reynolds of this town ... giving bond with Suretys in sum of L2000, SYLVANUS GREENMAN & JOSEPH CARPENTER .. approved as suretys.

  • June? 1761 [SK 5:114] Samuel Tefft guardian to Benjamin Reynolds .. pay to Samuel Curtiss ... for .. TC in order to appt. a guardian to Benjamin Reynolds.

  • May 11, 1762 JOSEPH CARPENTER of SK husbandman vs Benjamin Reynolds now residing in Exeter ... money due by Book Damage ... [Inferior Court of Common Pleas, Book E, p. 582]

  • July 12, 1762 [SK TC 5:130)] John Reynolds of Ex eter be guardian to Benjamin Reynolds in __ room of Samuel Tefft Esq. who desires to be acquitted therefrom he complying in giving bond in sum of L2000 with suretys. Col. Elisha Reynolds & Robert Potter proposed as bondsmen and who this council approves of. That Samuel Tefft Esq. be released from his bond of guardianship as soon as Mr. John Reynolds has signed his bond.

  • Oct. 12, 1762 Benjamin Reynolds late of SK, husbandman, but now of Exeter ... who sues by John Reynolds of Exeter, yeoman, his guardian vs Simeon Hazard of SK, yeoman ... Bond Damage L738 ... [Inferior Court of Common Pleas, Book F, p. 84]

  • Oct. 12, 1762 Benjamin Reynolds late of SK, husbandman, but now of Exeter ... who sues by Samuel Tefft of SK his guardian vs Simeon Hazard of SK ... Bond Damage L108 ... [Inferior Court of Common Pleas, Book F, p. 85]

  • Oct. 19, 1762 Benjamin Reynolds of Exeter, yeoma,n who is non compos mentis & sues by John Reynolds of Exeter, yeoman, vs Joshua Card of Charlestown .... [Inferior Court of Common Pleas, Book F, p. 85] Same inf. as above vs John Halway of Charlestown ....

  • Feb. 20, 1771 [SK TC 5:238] John Reynolds of Exeter appt. guardian to Benjamin Reynolds etc. & John Reynolds now decd ... chose Joseph Reynolds son of Benjamin Reynolds of Exeter guardian to uncle Benjamin Reynolds.

  • March 28, 1771 George Pierce and wife Mary of Exeter to Benjamin Reynolds of SK 20A with 1 dwelling house bounded: highway, Thomas Joslin. Witn: Joseph Hoxsey Jr., Benjamin West.  [Exeter Land; RIGR 20:329]

  • Exeter TC Sept. 13, 1774: Joseph Reynolds son of Benjamin to have Letter of Adm. on personal Estate of Benjamin Reynolds Late of SK who decd. in Exeter.

  • Exeter TC Oct. 11, 1774: Joseph Reynolds Jr. presented to council Inventory of Personal Estate of Benjamin Reynolds of SK late decd. in Exeter ...

  • Exeter TC Jan. 10, 1775: Joseph Reynolds Jr. guardian & admin. to Benjamin Reynolds late of SK who decd. in Exeter .. (fees were more than value of estate, 39 pounds).

  Nov. 16, 1760 Benjamin Reynolds of SK m. Anna Harrington of John late of Exeter.  [Exeter VR]
  Nov. 11, 1765 Benjamin Reynolds m. Mary Nash, both of SK.   [Exeter VR]

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