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Adjutant, 19th. Mississippi Regiment

October 1863

Thursday, October 1, 1863 - Some yanks came got in Rifle range of our line to shoot a hog our boys fired on them & wounded one, they left Double quick.  I spent the day laying about reading & watching my steed graze until 5 o'clock until When we were relieved and returned to camp.
Friday, October 2 - Rain has fallen steadily all day.  I spent most of my time as usual reading and writing, wrote a flowing document for Pryor to send to his sweet sister Ann Jane.

Saturday, October 3 - I performed my regular duties.  Let a good many men off guard for having clean guns & got them on again for not knowing the manual of arms.  I made a long report for the Bureau of Conscription - expected company today and got up a nice dinner.
Sunday, October 4, 1863 - I attended preaching & heard a good sermon spent most of the day reading We had rain this evening,,  The enemy are reported to be moving up the River.  Col Hardin Capt Dean and Lt Wilson went up on Clark mountain to view the enemys camp.
Monday, October 5 - We went on picket at 3 o'clock put out heavy pickets Maj Duncan came & ordered them to still be strengthened  we put all on post & I went to General Anderson's to night, got one Regt for support
Tuesday, October 6 - Last night was very cold  I slept but little  Lu Alex returned from home brought many articles for his company, I got only one letter,, I expected a pair of boots was disappointed we were relieved at 3 o'clock & returned to camp
Wednesday, October 7, 1863 - I wrote an order requireing a Court Martial to convene at my tent to try two of Co I Holmes & McCluskey - we are ordered to be ready for action at a moments warning,, I have just finished reading Aurora Floyd.
Thursday, October 8 - We received orders at 2 o'clock this morning to move at 7 o'clock at which hour we struck camp and marched (our whole corps) through orange - took the road to Liberty Mills halted after going ten miles and are cooking rations, We expect to cross the River tomorrow and fight.
Friday, October 9 - Somebody stoled my horse last night I found him this morning, We crossed the Rapidan came 4 m's & are resting.  moved three miles farther & struck camp.  We are ordered to have very little fire to make no noise and to keep close in the woods, so that the enemy can't see us  I have just eaten supper and am sitting by my fire.
Saturday, October 10, 1863 - We moved at 5 o'clock this morning crossed Roberson River & two other streams.  Genl Steward captured 270 yanks & killed 15(75?)  We hear cannonading at a distance to our right  We are on the Speraville? & Madison Pike, 12 ms from Sand 13 from Culpepper.
Sunday, October 11 - We took up our march at 6 o'clock came about 8 ms and found that the enemy have evacuated Culpepper and are moving towards Warrenton  Ewell is in Culpepper,, we have orders to cook two days rations  a few prisoners came in this evening, we have no rations.
Monday, October 12 - We cooked rations and marched at 10 o'clock came 5 miles & halted.  I suppose that we are again trying to flank the yanks  our barefooted boys suplied themselves with shoes & c in the yankeys camps. crossed the Rappahannock came to Amissville our Regt is on picket to night at a crossroad.  I am waiting for Damon to bring me some grub.
Tuesday, October 13, 1863 - We were drawn off of Picket at 7 o'clock this morning  found our Corp's moving, came on got to Warrenton at 2 o'clock, Stacked armes, the enemy left here yesterday  We are ordered to cook rations for Two days in great haste  I expect that we will march tonight.  The enemy are moving towards Manasses Junction.
Wednesday, October 14 - Our men were cooking nearly all night.  We started at 5 a.m. down the Centreville Pike.  Sent the 16 Miss in advance  they Shirmished ahead our Division turned to the right, took a few Prisoners followed the enemy & caught them near Bristoe, formed in line of battle & went forward, I am now in a Pine thicket where the Shells come thick & fast, we will sleep in line of battle.
Thursday, October 15 - We were not disturbed last night.  The enemy retreated under cover of night.  Cooks Brigade was repulsed & lost 5 cannon of Mackentoshes Battalion.  We have taken a great many prisoners & more are coming in.  We have cooked rations and moved one mile and camped, heavy cannonading is heard in direction of Manassa Junction.
Friday, October 16, 1863 - We slept quietly last night.  Stretched tents and kindled large fires, Several Brigades have been moving up the Rail Road all day.  This is the most desolate country that I ever saw.  There is not a House, fence, nor citizen to be seen.  The whole country looks like a vast old battlefield.  Capt Joe Phillips spent the evening with us.
Saturday, October 17 - This has been a very pretty day.  We had a detail picking up arms off of the field.  We have orders to cook two days rations.  I went to the ground where our Regt camped when we first came out to the army.  I felt Sad to think of the great change Since that time.  many who were well & lively then are now laying on the battle ground or in their humble graves.
October 18 - We were annoyed last night with reports of the enemys Cavalry advancing, We formed in line of battle & Slept on our arms - until 3 o'clock a.m. when we were ordered to move.  We marched over a very muddy road & halted at dark at Rappahannock Station  we have come 26 miles; will Sleep in an old field.
October 19, 1863 - A hail storm woke us up at 4 o'clock this morning.  We got very wet and moved across the River went one mile & halted kindled fires & c  cooked two days rations  The Sun Shined out and made a very pretty evening  I wrote a letter.  Mike brought us a large mail,
October 20 - We packed up and moved a quarter of a mile and camped in a very nice grove  Where we have a Splendid pasture for our horses.  Stewards Cavalry captured 300 yanks and killed 400 at little Baltimore also took several hundred horses.
October 21 - Maj Duncan came around and arrested nine officers in our Regt for allowing their men to take plank from a house.  I have spent most of the day fixing up my camp.  We have orders to move tomorrow a 9 oclock a.m.
October 22, 1863 - We moved at 9 o'clock this morning , came Three miles into a nice woodland and Struck camp  Col Hardin Capt Phipps & my Self laid off our camp in Sistematical order  We then stretched our Tents we have plenty wood & I hope to stay some time & rest quietly
October 23 - I arrested two men for stealing a hog. (near my tent) - took them to their Regimental Commanders, Col Hardin sent to the owner of the (drawing of hog) got it and we have fresh meat, I have been quite busy having camp cleaned up  We have rain this evening  Mckei Lt came from home
October 24 - It has been raining all day & has been a dreamy day  I wrote a letter,  We put out camp guards, have orders to send off the sick, many are afraid that we will go to Tennasee  We sent out & got some Potatoes & Turnips -
October 25, 1863 - This has been a very pretty day  Dr Wilson & Capt (picture of lock & key) came over to see us.  (picture of eye) took a (picture of shirt), (picture of pants), & c and (picture of pen on paper) a (picture of envelope).  We had no divine Service to day  time passes very (silly?).
October 26 - We had general inspection  reported all deficiencies of clothing, our Cavalry fought  a bout 7 miles from here.  We sent Damon out foraging got some Potatoes  they help our Beef & Bread considderably.  Read orders on Dress parade - -
October 27 - Col Harris arrived last night he will command the Brigade, I made out a Report of Ordnance, Bought a pair of Boots of Lt Wilson for $90.  The weather has suddenly turned quite cold.  2nd Lt Riley is promoted to Captain.
October 28, 1863 - I made out a Monthly Report,  our mess built a Chimney to my Tent,  I am Sitting by a very bright & cheerful fire, thinking of how I could appreciate a peaceful home, Such as a once had and how thankful I would be for every blessing.  Oh when will this cruel war end,
October 29 - I have spent most of the day drawing off forms for Company mornings reports - I sat by my comfortable fire tonight and read a novel called No name  Pryor thinks that he will make application for a furlough, to go home
October 30 - I received and distributed Payroles to the Regt - The Commissary has stopped the rations of all officers who have not paid for them,  I paid my Bill for two months amount $102.00cts  Rations are ordered to be slightly increased.
October 31, 1863 - I have spent the day as usual, read very strict orders on Dress parade  We have guards around the Regt with orders not to let any person pass at any time and have to send a detail for water under a guard & get wood within our lines
 This information is provided courtesy of Peel family descendant, Kevin Hudson
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