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The Story of the James H Windle Family of Creston, Union Co Iowa

by Patricia Craig Johnson, Fort Collins, Colorado

26 June 2007

James Henry Windle was of German heritage in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. His father, Abraham, migrated to Franklin County Ohio and that is where James grew up and met Ruhama W Goulden. James' mother, Susannah Spiggle, died at the birth of her youngest son in 1833. As with most families of the day, James and Ruhama moved on westward. They migrated to Oquawka, Henderson Co Illinois. James was a cooper by trade. Sometime before 1867 the couple moved to Creston, Union Co Iowa. James died young, at age 41, and is buried in Graceland Cemetery in Creston. I have visited his grave many times since 1995 when I first learned of him.

Ruhama W Goulden was the oldest daughter of John W and Lucilla Frizzell Goulden. Her heritage was of early American families, including veterans of the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. I am sure that James and Ruhama migrated to Henderson County Illinois because her parents moved there with her many siblings. Both John Goulden and Lucilla Frizzell died in Henderson County Illinois.

The Windle family lived, off and on, in Creston, Iowa from 1870 - 1923. My interest in the family stems from James and Ruhama's oldest son, Abraham Windle and his wife Lydia McNeil. This couple was married in Creston, Union Co Iowa 18 Aug 1874. Lydia was the daughter of John A and Sylvia Collins McNeil, early residents of Creston. Abraham and Lydia are my great great grandparents.

In 1995, as I solved the puzzle of my own ancestors, Abraham and Lydia, I left the rest of the family waiting. Waiting until 2007 when a young lady contacted me about Spaulding Windle. I admitted that I knew very little about him and the other members of James H Windle's family. This inquiry led me back to Creston, Iowa and inspired me to try to learn as much as possible about Spaulding and Loami Windle. These were younger sons of James H Windle. I feel I have found enough information about them to submit it for consideration of other researchers. It appears that none of James Windle's family has descendants except my ancestor, Abraham, I feel they deserve to be acknowledged as part of the family.

Ruhama Goulden Windle had at least two brothers that lived in Creston at the same time that she did. Silas Warren (S.W.) Goulden and Alfred Spaulding Goulden. Who moved here first is not known.

At any rate, this family was tied to Creston, Iowa for many years. Some members of the family moved to Council Bluffs, but returned periodically to live in Creston. The men were not farmers, and most were engaged in work related to the railroad.

Following is a recap of their lives and their descendants


James Henry Windle born 3 Aug 1829 in Shenandoah Co Virginia. Son of Abraham Windle and Susanna Spiggle.

Ruhama W Goulden born 7 Oct 1830 in Madison Co Ohio. Daughter of John W Goulden and Lucilla Frizzell.


James Henry Windle and Ruhama Goulden were married 4 May 1850 in Franklin Co Ohio. This is found in Franklin Co Ohio Marriage Records Volume 5 Page 232.

Ruhama Goulden Windle married second to G. L. Guthery on 9 Apr 1876 in Union Co Iowa. Nothing more is known of Mr. Guthrey. He is not on the 1880 census.


James Henry Windle died in November 1870 and was buried 10 Nov 1870 at Graceland Cemetery in Creston, Union Co Iowa.

Ruhama Goulden Windle Guthrie died 16 Jan 1907 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co Iowa. She was buried 17 Jan 1907 in Graceland Cemetery in Creston, Union Co Iowa. She does not appear in the Cemetery books of Union County, but I personally saw the entry in the sexton's records at the cemetery on 20 Mar 1995.


1. Abraham Windle was born 28 Sep 1852 in Franklin Co Ohio. He married Lydia McNeil 18 Aug 1874 in Creston, Union Co Iowa. She was the daughter of John A and Sylvia Collins McNeil. Abraham died 28 Feb 1933 in Detroit Michigan. Abraham and Lydia had:

a. John Albert born 25 Sep 1875, married Lizzie Casey, died 19 Mar 1933

b. James Henry born 4 Sep 1877 married Tillie Anderson died after 1930

c. Pearl born Jun 1880 married Frederick Schlott died 1937

d. Inez died young 22 Jan 1889

e. Raymond Hiland born 20 Apr 1889, died after 1931

f. Gladys Irene born Jun 1892, married W. Hunter Lloyd, died 20 Apr 1920

g. Lyle Leon born 27 Mar 1895, married Lillian G, died 1918-1921

2. Elam Windle was born about 1855, died between 1860-1870

3. Loami/Laomi Windle was born about 1858. Married Elnora V Monce about 1880/1881. He died after 1886. Loami and Elnora had:

a. William Otto born 19 Jul 1882, died 7 Jul 1923

b. Emma D born 13 Oct 1884 died 21 Jan 1899

c. Philip B Goulden born 22 Mar 1886, married Grace ___ about 1917/1918

4. A. Spaulding born about 1861, married Mattie Webb 10 Oct 1889, married second Addie Luke Flickinger 23 Mar 1892, he died 19 Feb 1931.

Spaulding and Mattie had:

a. Unknown Named son born 11 Jun 1890, died before 1895

Spaulding and Addie had:

b. Ethel Gouldin born Aug 1895, married Benjamin Louis Turner after 1930, died 1 Jun 1971

5. Acy born about 1867, died before 1880


1830: James Windle in Eastern Dist., Shenandoah Co Virginia with his parents and three brothers.

Ruhama is not born until October 1830, her parents are in Perry, Logan Co Ohio.

1840: James Henry is in Franklin, Franklin Co Ohio with his father A Windle on page 155. Ruhama W Goulden is in Washington, Franklin Co Ohio with her father John Golden on page 125.

1850: James H Windle age 22, cooper, born Virginia and Ruhama W Windle age 19, born Ohio are in Amity District No 96, Smithy, Madison Co Ohio. Also there is James' brother William Windle age 28, also a cooper.

1860: James Windle, cooper, age 31 and Ruhama age 29, are in Oquawka, Henderson Co Illinois. Also there is Abraham age 7 born Ohio; Elam age 5 born Ohio, and Loami age 1 born Illinois.

1870: James Windle, common laborer age 41, born West Virginia and Ruhama, keeping house age 40, born Ohio are in Creston Twp, Union Co Iowa. Also there are Abraham, common laborer age 17, born Ohio; Laomi age 12, born Illinois; Spaulding age 9, born Illinois and Acy age 3, born Iowa.

1880: Ruhama Guthrie, keeping house age 49, born Ohio is in St Joseph, Buchanan Co Missouri. Also there are Loammi, machinist age 21 born Illinois and Spaulding, laborer age 18 born Illinois.

1900: Ruhama (mis spelled as Johanna) age 69, widow, born Ohio, father born Kentucky, mother born Vermont, had 10 children 2 alive, is in Laramie, Albany Co Wyoming living with son Spaulding and Addie Windle. Also there are Addie's daughters, Estella and Grace

Flickinger and Spaulding and Addie's daughter Ethel Goulden Windle.

1907: Ruhama died in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie County Iowa.

A special thanks to Irma Miller and Jessie Thompson. Their research helped me immensely in finding this family's story.

Surnames mentioned here: Windle, Goulden, Spiggle, Frizzell, McNeil, Collins,

Casey, Anderson, Schlott, Lloyd, Luke, Flickinger, Webb, Monce/Montz, Guthrey, Turner