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Because some of the Quinn family are still living at present in the Magherafelt area, North of Cookstown, near the border between Tyrone and Derry, it is difficult to place a distinct County name to the Quinn family. However, Jo Fox of Grangetown says that the family came from Cookstown originally. So it must be there we expect to find the marriage and the births of the Quinn family associated with Grangetown.

Working backwards from the Census records we assume :

1836                Birth of Mary Stuart

1838                Birth of John Quinn

1866                Birth of Patrick Quinn

son of John Quinn and Mary [ Stuart ]

in Cookstown ?

died Dec 27 1937 aged 70 yrs Eston H352

There is a suggestion that Patrick was a shoemaker in Grangetown.

1869               Birth of Bridget Quinn of Coagh St Cookstown

Sep 22                 Birth of Bridget Quinn of Coagh St Cookstown

   daughter of John Quinn Labourer and Mary [ Stuart ]

Oct 28                 Registered by John Quinn Father Coagh St

    Signed by John Quinn   Henry Graves Registrar

1871            Birth of Joseph Quinn - Ireland

son of John Quinn and Mary [ Stuart ]

1873            Birth of James Quinn - Ireland   marr Annie.....

son of John and Mary Quinn [ Stuart ]

died July 29th 1960 aged 87 yrs

Wife Annie died July 20th 1943 aged 59 yrs

James Quinn must have stayed in Ireland as he does not appear on the Grangetown Census Records. Old photographs which include Bridget Quinn aged about 50 c.1920 reveal a thatched farmhouse and obviously other relatives - unknown to us. The two girls in the front resemble Quinns.The older gentleman may be James Quinn with his wife Annie but they appear too old for the year 1920 - when James would have been only 47 and his wife Annie only 36 yrs......George Quinn son of James Quinn does not know the people on this particular snap.

Gravestone in Magherafelt Co Derry

Children -         Brigid died 1924  aged15yrs

Annie died in  infancy

James died 1925 aged 20 yrs

John died 1978 aged 69 yrs

Tommy died Dec 6 1962

Barney died Feb 16 1983 aged 68 yrs

George Quinn erector of Stone

1876             Birth of Mary Ann Quinn - marr James Devlin

daughter of John Quinn and Mary [ Stuart ]

1878            Birth of John Quinn - Headmaster St Richards -marr Ellen Foley

son of John and Mary Quinn [ Stuart ]

dies Apr 11 1952 aged 73 yrs

Little is known of the first immigrant Quinns arriving in Eston Junction in the 1880's , but Josephine did say that her mother Bridget arrived in bare feet. So she probably arrived with her brothers and parents.

1881            BIRTH OF GRANGETOWN


A John Quinn's first appearance in the Grangetown area, appears to be in 31 Eston Junction, as his name appears on the electoral register for 1884 along with John Mannix at number 56. -

Here we have some possible related families arriving earlier than our John Quinn - with approx. year of birth alongside each person. Quite a few Quinns lived in Eston Junction.

1885         The Quinn Family moves to 50 Vaughan St Grangetown

Apr 27          Birth of John McKenna - probably died in infancy
                     son of Mark McKenna and Margaret [ Quinn ]
Apr 30          Baptised in St Mary's by JJ Nolan
                     Godparents - James Lynch and Mary Ann Quinn

                      Mary Ann Quinn, daughter of John and Mary is only aged 11 years - Could have been her mother                       Mary - the wife of John - now about 50 years old ?

1889      Marriage of Bridget Quinn to John Fox
                 Bridget Quinn aged 19 yrs of 50 Vaughan Street
                 marries John Fox aged 21 yrs of 16 Stapleton St
                 Fathers - John Quinn and Peter Fox General Labourers
                 Witnesses - Patrick Hannaway and Annie Malone
                 Priest - J J Nolan in St Mary's Grangetown
                            No father stated as deceased
May 17     Birth of Annie McKenna
                daughter of Mark McKenna and Margaret [ Quinn ] 
May 17    Baptised by J J Nolan
                Godparents - Joseph Quinn and Catherine Mahony
                Godparents may have married later - see Birth of Winnie Devlin 1901


                John Quinn        Head    53      Labourer Furnaces        Ireland 1838
                Mary Quinn       Wife    55                                            Ireland 1836
                Patrick Quinn     Son      25      Labourer - Furnaces     Ireland 1866
                Joseph Quinn      Son     20      Labourer - Furnaces      Ireland 1871
                John Quinn         Son     13      Scholar                          Ireland 1878
                Mary Ann           Dau    15                                            Ireland 1876
                Edwrd Morris Nephew  26     Student of Divinity          Ireland 1865

1891      Census Records - 9 Vaughan St Grangetown

                Peter Quinn         Hd      28      Ironwrks Labourer Ireland 1863
                Nancy Quinn       Wfe     25      
                Mary Quinn         Dau      2
                Bridget Quinn      Dau      1
                Michael Conway Brdr    28      Ironwks Lab     Ireland
                Charles Wood     Brdr    26     Ironwks Lab             
                Hugh O Neil        Brdr    24     Ironwks Lab     
                Emily Baker         Svnt    19     General Servant 
                Was Peter Quinn the brother of John ? Possible ??
1891      Census Records - 5 Bessemer St Grangetown
                Mark McKenna     Head   26      Irnwks Lab      Ireland
                Maggie McKenna  Wife    23                              Ireland
                Annie McKenna     Dau     10m                     Grangetown

Jun 22      Birth of Margaret McKenna - marr Paul Job 1915 South Georgia
                daughter of Mark McKenna and Margaret [ Quinn ]
                Godparents - Peter McDonald and Catherine O'Neill
                                Who is this Catherine O' Neill ?
Nov 5      Birth of Peter Joseph McKenna
                son of Mark McKenna and Margaret [ Quinn ]
                Godparents - John Quinn and Rose McElhatton

Dec 27     Birth of Edward Joseph McKenna
                son of Mark and Margaret McKenna [ Quinn ]
                Godparents - Francis Morris and Ann Morris
Dec 27     Birth of Winifred Bridget McKenna - footballer [see photo]

                 daughter of Mark and Maggie McKenna nee Quinn
                 Godparents - John Quinn and Margaret Joanna McDonnell
                 See postcard photo of possible boy and girl twins aged about 3 yrs old?
May 18    Birth of Mary Ellen Devlin
                daughter of James Devlin and Mary Ann [ Quinn ] 23yrs
                Godparents - Mark McKenna and Margaret McKenna

Apr 4       Birth of Catherine McKenna
                daughter of Mark McKenna and Margaret [ Quinn ]
                Godparents - James Stewart and Rose Ann Stewart
                Looks like a brother to Margaret's mother Mary Quinn [ Stuart ] - over from Ireland with his wife ?

Feb 26     Birth of Winifred Bridget Devlin
                daughter of James Devlin and Mary [ Quinn ] 25yrs
                Godparents - Joseph Quinn and Catherine Quinn
                                 These two are probably married

Mar 10    Birth of Margaret Ann Devlin
                daughter of James Devlin and Mary [ Quinn ] 26yrs
                Godparents - John Fox and Bridget [ Quinn ] 32yrs
Mar 11    Birth of Thomas A McKenna -
                son of Mark McKenna and Margaret Quinn - sister of Bridget   
Mar 17     baptised at St Mary's Grangetown
                Godparents- John Fox and Bridget Fox [ Quinn ]