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  • Born: 599, -23H, Kabah, Madinah, Saudi Arabia
  • Marriage: FATIMAH.AZZAHRA-2(RAH), 624
  • Died: 661, Jumat, 21 Ramadhan, 40H,

bullet  General Notes:

He married Sayyidatina Fatimah AzZahrah. Sayyidatina is the daughter of Sayidina Muhammad Rasullullah SAW PBUH and Sayyidatina Khadijah. Sayyidatina became the mother of Hasan in 3H and Hussein in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, 4 H.

Kitab al Irshad - Pages 1 - 6 The Book Of Guidance By Shaykh al Mufid Translated by I.K.A Howard
Imam Ali (as) First in many Fields
1. He was the only man to be born in the Kabah (The house of God)
2. He was the first to offer homage to the Holy Prophet (PBUH&HF)
3. He was the first to offer prayers after the Holy Prophet (PBUH&HF)
4. He was the first to offer his services for Jihad.
5. He was the first to receive religious instructions from the Holy Prophet (PBUH&HF)
6. He was the first to compile and codify the Quran
7. He was the first to be styled as "brother" by the Prophet (PBUH&HF) and on every occasion
8. He was the first to give burial to the Prophet (PBUH&HF)
9. He was the first to offer to sleep in the Prophet's (PBUH&HF) bed on the night of his emigration to Medina
10.He was the first to be appointed commander in all those battles in which the Holy Prophet (PBUH&HF) didnot participate personally
11.The honor of the propagation of the Quranic Sura, "al Bara'at" fell to Imam Ali's (as) lot
12.He was the only man to be titled as the "Second Aaron" by the Prophet (PBUH&HF)
13.The honor of owning a house which opened into the courtyard of the Prophet's (PBUH&HF) mosque was reserved for Imam Ali (as) alone
14. He was the first to have the honor of being nominated by the Holy Prophet (PBUH&HF) as his succesor, testator and vice regent.
... and many many more
Imam Ali and the Ancient Prophets
1.God gave Adam the knowledge of His names, while Ali held the entire knowledge of the Book of Allah.
2.Adam was married with Eve in the Garden of Paradise, while God married Imam Ali (as) with Fatima (as) in heaven
3.God styled Noah as a "Grateful Creature" and he was called the Second Adam, while Imam Ali (as) was styled as "Abu'l Ummah"
4. God made Abraham the "Imam" or the "Leaders of men", while Imam Ali (as) was the Imam of all creation, men and Jinnis
5.Moses was brought up in the house of Pharoah, while Imam Ali (as) was brought up in the house of the Prophet (PBUH&HF)
6.Moses threw his rod which became a serpent, whereas Imam Ali (as), while still in the cradle, cleaved the snake into two
7. Moses name has been mentioned 230 times in the Quran, while Imam Ali's (as) has been referred to in 300 places in the Quran
... and many many more


Saidina*Ali-Abitholib-Abdulmutholib-2(Ra) married FATIMAH.AZZAHRA-2(RAH), daughter of MUHAMMAD*RASULULLAH-1(SAW)PBUH and KHADIJAH--KHUWALID, in 624. (FATIMAH.AZZAHRA-2(RAH) was born in 605 and died in 634.)