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Samuel and Abigail Shelley Woodward Family

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The parents and siblings of Abigail Shelley Woodward are followed on Marion Monk’s page above. Use the Samuel and Abigail Shelley Woodward link there to return here.

Samuel S. Woodward was the second child and first son of William and Elizabeth Millikan Woodward of Randolph County, North Carolina, and Jefferson County, Tennessee. He was grandson of Abraham and Hannah Thornbrough Woodward and of Samuel & Ann Baldwin Millikan.

Abigail Shelley was the daughter of Nathan & Elizabeth Davis Shelley of Guilford County, North Carolina, and Jefferson County, Tennessee. She was granddaughter of John & Elizabeth Shelley of Guilford County (see will below).

  Samuel S. Woodward
born 8/1/1792 Randolph Co, NC
died 8/26/1859, Hardin Co, Ia
burial Honey Creek Cemetery
Hardin County, Iowa
Abigail Shelley
born 7/5/1798 Jefferson Co, Tn
died 3/21/1868 Hardin Co, Ia
burial Honey Creek Cemetery
Hardin County, Iowa

(Abigail Photo)
"Know all men by those present that Samuel Woodard and Nathan Shelly all of Jefferson County and State of Tennessee are held and firmly bound unto William Blount Governor and his successors of Office in the sum of twelve hundred and fifty dollars to be paid on condition there be no legal cause to obstruct the marriage between Samuel Woodard and Aby Shelly.
Witness our hands and dated this 17th day of August 1814.
Samuel Woodward (SEAL)
Nathan Shelley (SEAL)
Jos Hamilton, Clerk

State of Tennessee
Jefferson County
To any authorized minister of the gospel or Justice of the Peace Greeting You are hereby authorized to solemnize the rites of marriage between Aby Shelly and Samuel Woodard and join them together as husband and wife according to the ceremony of your church. Given at Office this 17th day of August AD 1814
Joseph Hamilton Clerk
By his Dep Jos Hamilton Jr"

Samuel and Abigail were no doubt married within a day or two of this licensing, or perhaps on the same date. Samuel was dismissed from Lost Creek Monthly Meeting on 5/27/1815 for this marriage contrary to discipline.

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Andrew Jackson Woodward born 12/3/1814 Jefferson Co., Tn; married Mary Jane Free
William A. Woodward born 10/24/1815 Jefferson Co., Tn; married Ruth Hadley
Nathan S. Woodward born 11/29/1816 Jefferson Co., Tn; married Cynthia Cook
Pryor C. Woodward born 5/10/1818 Jefferson Co., Tn; married Susanna Hadley
Annon Woodward born 4/9/1820 Jefferson Co., Tn (died infancy)
Charles E. Woodward born 5/9/1821 Jefferson Co., Tn; married (1)Mary Cook (2)Lavina Cook
Elizabeth Jane Woodward born 4/1/1823 Jefferson Co., Tn; married Samuel E. McCracken
Margaret Ann Woodward born 10/28/1824 Morgan Co., In; married Riley Canaday
Mary E. Woodward born 12/3/1826 Morgan Co., In; married Alfred H. Smith
John D. Woodward born 5/28/1828 Morgan Co., In; married Sarah Ough
Samuel M. Woodward born 12/15/1829 Morgan Co., In; married (1) Mary Hinshaw (2) Emma Benbow
Hannah M. Woodward born 9/7/1831 Morgan Co., In; married Col. Jesse F. Warner
Henry Mills Woodward born 5/28/1833 Morgan Co., In; married Mary Parsons
Abigail Emily Woodward (born 1835 in Indiana, died infancy)http://www.geoc
Abraham R. Woodward born 7/18/1836 Morgan Co., In; married Margaret Lunday Smedley
Jesse N. Woodward born 12/28/1837 Morgan Co., In; married Sarah Ann Armstrong

The Move to Indiana

Samuel Woodward was received in membership at White Lick Monthly Meeting in Morgan County, Indiana, on September 10, 1825. Because of the gap in Quaker records we are not quite certain of the date of their move to Indiana. Samuel Woodward made full payment on sixty acres of land (SE/4 Sec 21, T14N, R1E)in Hendricks County by April 20,1824. In Land Certificate #1767 he is given as "Samuel Woodward of Morgan County, Indiana." so had probably arrived earlier. Samuel's brother-in-law Henry Mills, husband of Samuel’s sister Hannah, bought land in Hendricks County in 1830. Brothers William, Jesse, Benjamin and Abraham and brother-in-law Ezra Hinshaw, husband of Samuel’s sister Jane, followed over the next few years.

Hendricks County Voting Records (1826-1832) include the names of Samuel, Abraham, John S., and William Woodward. Abraham & William were Samuel's brothers. According to Hendricks County census records, John S. Woodward was born in Virginia, with a wife Charity born in Virginia. His two oldest children were William & Eliza indicating he might have been somehow connected to William & Eliza Marshall Woodward of Chester County, Pennsylvania, and hence would be related to our Woodwards. Research to date has found no connection.

The Move to Iowa

Samuel Woodward was granted a certificate to Pleasant Plain Monthly Meeting in Richland, Keokuk County, Iowa, on October 18, 1843, from the White Lick Meeting. The certificate was received at Pleasant Plain 11/23/1843, and on 9/22/1847 Abigail joined her husband in the Quaker faith and was received by request. Samuel's son William A. Woodward and his son Simon were received at Pleasant Plain on 6/26/1844 on a certificate from White Lick.

M. D. Monk has located land records in the 1840's for Samuel, Samuel, Jr., Pryor, Susannah (wife of Pryor), John D., Nathan, William A., Samuel McCracken, and Stephen Cook (parent of several of the Woodward wives) in Richland Township, Keokuk County, Iowa. Curiously there is a Joshua W. Woodward who bought land on the same day, adjacent receipt number, with Samuel Woodward. He would have had to have been 21 years old by the purchase date in 1847. We cannot identify this Joshua and would love to hear from anyone who can {email on the About Us Page}. The land locations can be seen on M. D. Monk's Web Site. Use the back button on your browser to return here.

Samuel's family is found in District 26 in Keokuk County, Iowa, in the census taken August 17, 1850. He is listed as a farmer and has children Henry, Abraham and Jesse are still living at home. Children Samuel M., Margaret Canaday, Pryor and John D., William A., Nathan, Charles E., Elizabeth McCracken, Mary Smith, and Andrew J. live nearby. Andrew Jackson Woodward and family were received by request at Richland Monthly Meeting on 8/12/1852 and the children's birth records are there. On 3/12/1857 Samuel & Abby were granted a certificate to Honey Creek Monthly Meeting in Hardin County, Iowa.

Samuel Woodward died in Hardin County, Iowa , August 26, 1859, aged 67 years, 25 days, and was buried in Honey Creek Cemetery in Providence Township. His stone still exists. His will (see below) was written December 21, 1858. His executor was Laben Hammer and witnesses were Jeremiah Hadley and William Hinshaw. The will was produced in court October 3, 1859, at which time Laban Hammer refused to act as Executor and Samuel's son, Samuel M. Woodward, was appointed Executor. Samuel's estate amounted to only $21.00 but there was not a single claim against the estate, indicating he was totally debt free. Most of the estates of that time period had many, many debts and claims. For disposition and value of his land see Abby‘s biography below.

The witnesses to Samuel's will were relatives. William Hinshaw was father of Samuel M. Woodward's first wife Mary. He was also grandfather of William Wade Hinshaw who compiled the monumental work "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy." Jeremiah Hadley was married to Samuel's niece Anna Marie Mills, daughter of Henry and Hannah Woodward Mills

Abigail Shelley Woodward wife of Samuel Woodward

Samuel's wife, Abigail Shelley Woodward, lived through the Civil War. She took care of the children of her widowed son Samuel M. Woodward during the Civil War and also experienced the heartache of having many of her Shelley relatives fighting FOR BOTH SIDES, as well as having at least two direct Woodward descendants in the Union army.

Abby stayed in Hardin County, Iowa, where she died March 21, 1868, aged 70 years, 8 months, 16 days. She was in her sixties when she was taking care of Samuel M's children. Abigail Shelley Woodward is buried in Honey Creek Cemetery in Providence Township. Both Samuel and Abby's stones still exist.

After Abby'sdeath, their home place was sold as directed in in Samuel's will. An Appraisement of Real Estate was filed on May 19, 1868 on the E/2 NW/4 Section 14 T86N R20W. Appraisers J. S. Hadley, S. Hadley and Thomas D. Hinshaw appraised the land at $1100. Samuel and Abby's wealth was in their land. For more on Abigail‘s Shelley family see her grandfather‘s will below and see information on her siblings on Marion Monk‘s Web Site.

Samuel Woodward’s Will

"The last Will and Testament of Samuel Woodward of Providence Township Hardin County Iowa:
I Samuel Woodward of Hardin County State of Iowa do make and publish this my last Will and Testament hereby revoking and making void all former Wills by me at any time heretofore made.
1st I direct that my Funeral expences and all my just debts be fully paid
2nd I direct that my beloved wife Abigail Woodward have and hold the East half of the North west quarter of Section No Fourteen (14) in Township No Eighty Six (86) North Range No Twenty (20) West with all the appurtenances thereunto belonging during her widowhood or natural life and all the household furniture
3rd I direct that the North West quarter of the North West Quarter of Section No Twenty Four (24) in Township No Seventy Eight (78) North Range Twenty Nine (29) West situate in Dallas County Iowa be sold at either public or private sale whichever will be likely to be more advantageous as soon after my decease as it can conveniently be done and to be equally divided amongst my heirs hereafter named share and share alike except Andrew J. Woodward.
4th It is my Will that the above described land that I will to my wife Abigail Woodward after the termination of her widowhood or life be sold and three hundred dollars of the proceeds paid over to my son John D. Woodward Also I bequeath five dollars of the same proceeds to my son Andrew J. Woodward and the remainder of the proceeds of said tract of land be equally divided amongst my heirs as follows William A Woodward, Nathan S Woodward, Pryer C Woodward's heirs (he being deceased), Charles E Woodward, Elizabeth J McCracken, Margaret A Canady, Mary E Smith, John D Woodward, Samuel M Woodward, Hannah M Warner, Henry M Woodward, Abraham R Woodward and Jesse N Woodward and their heirs and assigns,
And lastly I hereby appoint Laben Hammer executor of this my last Will and Testament
In testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand this 21st day of Twelfth (month) AD 1858
/s/Samuel Woodward (seal)
Signed and delivered by the said Samuel Woodward in our presence and signed by us as witnesses in his presence and in the presence of each other the day and year above written
Jeremiah S Hadley
William Hinshaw

State of Iowa
Hardin County
I, J. M. Scott, Clerk of the County Court in and for said County do hereby certify that the foregoing Will and Testament of Samuel Woodward late of Hardin County Iowa deceased was on this day proved by the testimony of Jeremiah S. Hadley and William Hinshaw the subscribing witnesses thereto and was on said day allowed by the County Court of the County and State aforesaid
In witness of all which I have hereto set my hand and seal of said County Court this 8th day of November AD 1859, J. M. Scott, Co. Clerk

Will of John Shelley (grandfather of Abigail Shelley Woodward

Will of John Shelley (grandfather of Abigail) File #336 Guilford County, NC
Administration of a will made by John Shelley this 17th day of September 1788
---that all my debts be paid and that my wife have one cow. I will to my son James the plantation that I now live on, to wit, five hundred ackers of land, said James to pay to Jeremiah my son ten shillings & likewise to my son Nathan (Abigail's father) fifty pounds to be paid within five years from this date in money or lands & my daughter Mary ten shillings.
---seventy five pounds be equally divided between my son John's three children as they come of age and my bed I leave to my grandson Jesy and all my personal property I will to my son James and the said James is to pay all my debts and I direct constitute my son James my executor.
/s/John Shelly
Wit: John Ryan

Contributors of Information to this Site and to Marion Monk‘s Site

Marion Monk's lovely wife Carol suggested the construction of a Woodward Home Page. Marion is a descendant of Samuel's son Charles E. Woodward. Before his retirement he had the opportunity to travel all across the country and collect information on his own Woodward and Shelley families (as well as contributing much general Woodward information to this site!) and he has documented his collections on his Web Site. Therefore the children of Samuel and Abigail Shelley Woodward on this page are linked to the appropriate pages on his site.

Pat Engebretson is a descendant of Samuel's son Samuel M. Woodward She has extensively studied the Civil War and the participation of Samuel M. and his Shelley relatives. Her information on Samuel M. is on Marion Monk‘s Web Site.

Lewis D. Carder is a descendant of Samuel's son Andrew Jackson Woodward. His persistence led us to finding proof of the relationship and his information on Andrew is posted on Marion Monk‘s web site.

Helen Hoffa is a descendant of Samuel's son William A. Woodward and her information is included on Marion Monk‘s Web Site.