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Mordecai and Charity Beeson Mendenhall Family

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Mordecai Mendenhall was son of John and Susannah Pearson Mendenhall. He was grandson of John & Elizabeth Maris Mendenhall and of Thomas and Rose Dixon Pearson. For more on the Mendenhall family see the Mendenhall Family Association Web Site and the Geocities Mendenhall Family Web Site.

Charity Beeson was daughter of Richard and Charity Grubb Beeson of Chester County, Pennsylvania and Guilford County, North Carolina.

Charity Beeson
born About 1715 Chester Co, Pa
died 9/20/1809 Guilford Co, NC
Mordecai Mendenhall
born 1713 Chester Co, Pa
died 11/3/1803 Guilford Co, NC
  Married: 3/21/1735 Leacock, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

Richard Mendenhall born 9/1/1737 Frederick Co, Va; married Jane Thornbrough
John Mendenhall born 12/14/1739 Frederick Co, Va (see paragraph below concerning Richard and John's death)
Thomas Mendenhall born 10/3/1741 Frederick Co, Va; married Phebe Rudduck
Moses Mendenhall born 5/14/1743 Frederick Co, Va; married Dinah Rudduck, sister of Phebe
Stephen Mendenhall born 11/23/1744 Frederick Co, Va; married Elizabeth Rich (more below)
Mordecai Mendenhall born 8/10/1747 Frederick Co, Va; married (1) Hannah Marshall and (2) Eleanor Edwards Sumner.
Maris Mendenhall born 10/28/1749 Frederick Co, Va
Aaron Mendenhall born 10/23/1751 Frederick Co, Va; married Miriam Rich, sister of Elizabeth Rich
Charity Mendenhall born 1/19/1754 Rowan Co, NC; married Aaron Mills
Isaac Mendenhall born 8/10/1756, Rowan County, NC; married Rachel Hoggatt

The Move South from Pennsylvania

Mordecai Mendenhall was granted a certificate from New Garden Monthly Meeting in Pennsylvania to Hopewell Monthly Meeting in Frederick County, Virginia, on 9/17/1736, and was thus part of the early migration south from Pennsylvania. The family removed further south to Cane Creek Monthly Meeting, then in Rowan County, North Carolina. On 3/7/1752 a certificate was received at Cane Creek for Mordecai and family from Hopewell Monthly Meeting in Virginia dated 3/6/1751.

Mordecai Mendenhall leased land from agents of the Earl of Granville in 1753 located in the southwest corner of present day Guilford County. In 1757 he released the land to Walter and Margaret Thornbrough. While these are documented as leases they are shown on the Guilford County Land Ownership Map - see Sections F1 and F2. A copy of a deed in 1761 when Walter and Margaret released a portion of the land to their son is posted in the land records.

Mordecai Mendenhall is listed in the DAR Patriot Index as furnishing supplies for the militia during the Revolutionary War. His will is given at the bottom of the page, written in 1796 and proven in 1803.

More on the Children of Mordecai and Charity Beeson Mendenhall

Richard and Jane Thornbrough Mendenhall

A separate page has been made for Richard and Jane Thornbrough Mendenhall and is linked under Richard under children above. More on his death below.

Death of Richard and John Mendenhall

There is a notation at Deep River monthly meeting that Richard Mendenhall departed this life or was lost in 1773. Susan Jurban sent us a link to a fascinating story "The First Massacre on Powell's River" posted on the Russell County, Virginia GenWeb Site. It mentions that brothers Richard and John Mendenhall of Guilford County, North Carolina, were killed in the first recorded Indian massacre on the waters of Powell's River. Checking USGS maps locates Powell River at the confluence of the Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee State lines so the Mendenhall boys were a good ways from home. The date is given as October 10, 1773, which matches the Quaker record that Richard disappeared in 1773. There is a photo of the marker at the site on Richard's page.

Thomas and Phebe Rudduck Mendenhall

Son Thomas Mendenhall married Phebe Rudduck, daughter of John and Jeanne Rudduck, on 1/17/1764 at New Garden Monthly Meeting, Rowan (later Guilford) County, North Carolina. Phebe was sister of Dinah Rudduck who married Thomas’s brother, Moses. Thomas and Phebe’s children were: Mordecai (b. 12/5/1764); Mary (b. 3/2/1767; Jane (b. 3/10/1769); Seth (b 3/20/1771); Ruth (b. 8/4/1773); Phebe (b 6/30/1775)); Beulah (b 10/3/1777; Asenath (b 9/25/1779); Enos (b 6/14/1782).

Moses and Dinah Rudduck Mendenhall

Son Moses Mendenhall married Dinah Rudduck, sister of Phebe above, on 1/18/1764 at New Garden Monthly Meeting. They had children: John (b. 2/22/1765 m. Martha Brattain); Charity (b 6/12/1766 m. Josiah Tomlinson); Moses (b. 12/18/1767 m. Betty Thomas); Alice (b. 7/20/1769); Richard (b. 2/14/1774).

Mordecai Mendenhall, Jr. Families

Son Mordecai Mendenhall married (1)Hannah Marshall 11/5/1771 at Cane Creek MM, Guilford County, North Carolina. She was daughter of William Marshall/Marshill and Rebecca Dixon. This Marshall family originated in Ireland and is probably not related to the Marshall family that is related to Abraham Woodward. Hannah was born 1/4/1747 in Augusta Co, Virginia and died 2/15/1802 at Lost Creek, Jefferson Co, Tn. Mordecai and Hannah had children: Rebecca (b.10/11/1772); Mordecai III (b 2/21/1775 m. Alice Mills); Charity (b 9/20/1777 m. John Mills, brother of Alice); William (b.12/10/1779 m. Elizabeth Carper); Hannah (b. 11/3/1782 m. Zachariah Mills, brother of Alice and John); Alice (b. 1/6/1786); Ruth (b. 9/17/1788).

Mordecai Mendenhall married (2)Eleanor Edwards Sumner, daughter of Hanuel and Eleanor Scaife Edwards, on 10/26/1803 at Lost Creek MM, Jefferson Co, Tn. Eleanor Edwards Sumner was widow of William Sumner, son of Robert and Phebe Beals Canady Sumner. The only child we have discovered of this union is Eleanor Mendenhall (birthdate unknown).

Aaron and Miriam Rich Mendenhall

Son Aaron Mendenhall married Miriam Rich 1/17/1776 at Center MM, Randolph County, NC. She was daughter of John and Sarah Rich Frazier, and was born in Chester Co, Pa. Aaron died 12/26/1793 and is buried at New Garden MM, Guilford Co, NC.

Aaron and Miriam had children: James (b. 10/24/1776 more below); Moses (b. 10/13/1778); Dinah (b 8/10/1780 m John Moon); Miriam (b 11/28/1782 m. John Rich); Aaron (b. 3/4/1785); Charity (b 6/28/1787 m. John Benbow); Sarah (b 12/19/1790 m. Joseph Bond); Lydia (b 12/3/1793).

Miriam Rich Mendenhall married Obediah Harris, as his second wife, 9/5/1805 at New Garden MM, North Carolina. In 1811 Obediah, Miriam, and daughter Lydia Mendenhall were granted a certificate to White Water Monthly Meeting in Wayne County, Indiana.

Obediah Harris, second husband of Miriam Rich Mendenhall, had a daughter, Sarah, by his first wife, Rebecca, who married Richard Mendenhall, grandson of Mordecia and Charity, and son of Richard and Jane Thornbrough Mendenhall listed under children above.

Obediah Harris, also had a son, Obediah, Jr., by his first wife, who married Maris Mendenhall, daughter of Stephen and Elizabeth Rich Mendenhall (more below). Stephen was brother of Aaron and Elizabeth was sister of Miriam.

Still another family connection: Rachel Thornbrough, daughter of James and Mary Moon Thornbrough, and granddaughter of Thomas Thornbrough, Jr., married James Mendenhall, son of Aaron and Miriam Rich Mendenhall and grandson of Mordecai and Charity.

Stephen and Elizabeth Rich Mendenhall

Son, Stephen Mendenhall married Elizabeth Rich, daughter of John and Sarah Frazier Rich, and sister of Miriam Rich who married Aaron Mendenhall above, on 10/18/1769 at New Garden Monthly Meeting in then Rowan County, North Carolina. (Guilford Co formed 1770). Their marriage record documents their parentage. Meetings for worship were held at Springfield MM in Guilford County as early as 1773 and were probably attended by Stephen and Elizabeth as they were charter members of Springfield when it was set off from Deep River 5th month of 1790 (see Guilford County Map for location). This Stephen Mendenhall was apparently the one who owned land in the SE portion of Section F1, as of 1768, as Springfield MM was in the SW portion of Section F2.

There are listings of Stephen and Elizabeth's children at New Garden Meeting, and at Deep River Meeting but the most complete list is found at Springfield Monthly Meeting: John Mendenhall, born 9/5/1770; Maris Mendenhall (daughter), born 6/28/1772 (married Obediah Harris, Jr (see above under Aaron); Nathan Mendenhall, 2/22/1774 (m Ann Harlan); Isaac Mendenhall, 12/4/1775; Sarah Mendenhall, 10/3/1777; Rachel Mendenhall, 8/23/1779 (m Nathaniel Gibson); Hannah Mendenhall, 6/9/1781 (m Uriah Moorman); Elizabeth Mendenhall, 3/3/1783 (m Nathaniel Gibson); Stephen Mendenhall, 4/23/1785 (m Sarah Macy); Eli Mendenhall, 4/23/1787; Mordecai Mendenhall, 3/22/1789; Thomas Mendenhall, 2/13/1792; James Mendenhall, 7/3/1795.

On 8/3/1799 certificates were written for Stephen and family (sons Stephen, Eli, Mordecai, Thomas, and James) and Elizabeth (daughters Rachel, Hannah, and Elizabeth) at Springfield Monthly Meeting. These certificates are shown as received at Deep River Monthly Meeting and reflect their move to Richmond County, North Carolina, where they attended Piney Grove meeting for worship. Stephen Mendenhall was charter member of Piney Grove Monthly Meeting, Marlborough County, South Carolina, when it was set off from Deep River Monthly Meeting first month 1802. Piney Grove monthly meeting is just on the border between North and South Carolina. That they lived in Richmond County is documented in the marriage of their daughter Hannah to Uriah Moorman, son of Zachariah and Mary Moorman, on 11/20/1806 at Piney Grove Monthly Meeting. Hannah and Uriah transferred to Whitewater Monthly Meeting in Indiana in 1811. The date of their move is further supported as Stephen was named as one of the executors in his father's will (below) when it was written in 1796, but he was not an executor when the will was proven in 1803 in Guilford County. Sons Eli and Mordecai are documented at Piney Grove as marrying out of unity (out of the Quaker faith). Son Stephen, Jr obtained a certificate to New Garden Monthly Meeting in Guilford County, North Carolina where he married Sarah Macy, daughter of Enoch and Ann Macy, on 8/4/1814. He then returned to Piney Grove and received a certificate to Lick Creek Meeting in Indiana in 1815.

We have heard from a descendant of Stephen and Elizabeth's daughter Elizabeth who reportedly married Nathaniel Gibson (probably as second wife) in Richmond County, North Carolina sometime after 1810. So far we have not found proof of this marriage.

Stephen and Elizabeth Mendenhall are found in Richmond County, North Carolina in the 1800 and 1810 censuses but not in 1820 which supports the move to Indiana.

Isaac and Rachel Hoggatt Mendenhall

Mordecai Mendenhall left his plantation of 332 acres to son Isaac Mendenhall along with his smith tools. It was usual to leave the home place to the youngest son to assure that the mother would be cared for for the longest possible time.

Isaac Mendenhall married Rachel Hoggatt 5/13/1778 at New Garden Monthly Meeting, Guilford County, NC. Rachel was daughter of John and Ruth Beals Hoggatt and grandaughter of John and Margaret Hunt Beals. Isaac and Rachel had children Ruth (b abt 1778); Zadock (b 4/11/1789); Mordecai (b 8/24/1791); John (b. 8/26/1794); Miles (b 3/13/1799). Ruth is not given in the Quaker records list of children but she is identified as their daughter in her marriage record to Samuel Carter, son of John and Ann Whipp Carter, on 12/27/1797 at Springfield MM.

Will of Mordecai Mendenhall

I, Mordicai Mendenhall, of Guilford County and State of North Carolina being in sound mind and memory do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following.
I lend unto my loving wife Charity Mendenhall the plantation that I now live on during her life also my personal estate except what I hereafter order otherwise.
I give unto my son Richard Mendenhall heirs five shilling.
I give unto my son Thomas Mendenhall heirs five shillings.
I give unto my son Aaron Mendenhall heirs five shillings.
I give unto my daughter Charity Mills five shillings.
I give unto my son Isaac Mendenhall the plantation that I now live on containing three hundred and thirty two acres at the decease of my wife to him his heirs and my four sons Moses, Stephen, Mordecai and Isaac Mendenhall and at the decease of their mother all the remainder of my personal estate to be equally divided amongst them.
I do hereby appoint my sons Stephen and Isaac Mendenhall executors to this my last will and testament, ratifying this to be my last will and testament in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this ninth day of the first month in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred ninty six.
Signed seal and declared in the presence of Mathew Coffin, Curat, Gallant (mark) Ayers, Hannah Coffin
/s/Mordicai Mendenhall

State of North Carolina, Guilford County Court 1803.
The execution of the within will was proven in open court by the affirmation of Mathew Coffin and ordered to be recorded when comes in Isaac Mendenhall and qualifyed as Executor to said Will according to law.
Test Jn Hamilton, Clerk. Will Book A, page 239 Nov 1803.

Mordecai Mendenhall is included in the membership records of the Daughters of the American Revolution (A077381) as having rendered material aid during the Revolutionary War. A large number of applications have been submitted for his descendants.

2/28/2010 Added DAR information for the family.