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Swithin and Ann Wilson Chandler

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Swithin Chandler was son of Swithin and Ann Chandler and grandson of George and Jane Chandler of Christiana Hundred, Newcastle County, Delaware. It has been our policy throughout this site to name places as they were called at the time of whatever occurrence. Delaware is difficult. It was granted to William Penn in 1682, but was granted its own assembly in 1703. Portions of it were claimed at various times by both Pennsylvania and Delaware until Mason and Dixon established the western boundary of Delaware and the boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland in 1763. It became a state (the lst in 1787). There is a map of the Delaware Valley linked on our Pennsylvania Map page and it can be seen that Newcastle County abutted Chester County, Pennsylvania, and we know that when the boundary was established that Richard Woodward's land directly adjoined that boundary so it is not difficult to imagine these families being neighbors. We will use Delaware throughout this page which varies from our policy on other pages.

Swithin Chandler married Ann Wilson. Ann Wilson was daughter of Christopher and Esther Woodward Wilson. She was granddaughter of Richard and Esther Davis Woodward.

  Ann Wilson
born 7/1/1720 Chester County, Pa
Swithin Chandler
born 10/1/1715 Newcastle Co, De
died 11/21/1773
Burial Kennett Meeting
  Married: 9/21/1739 at Centre Monthly Meeting, Newcastle County.

Children: Esther Chandler born 9/15/1740, Christiana Hundred, Newcastle Co; married Isaac Chandler
Phebe Chandler born 3/27/1742, Newcastle Co; married John Shortledge
Christopher Chandler born 3/10/1744 Newcastle Co; married (1) Prudence Grubb (2)Phebe Kirk
Jacob Chandler born 3/19/1748, died 11/25/1751
David Chandler born 1//1/1751 Newcastle Co; married Miriam Carson
Swithin Chandler born 7/7/1753 Newcastle Co; married Rachel Hoge
Enoch Chandler born 6/16/1755(?) Newcastle Co; married Hannah Baldwin
Sarah Chandler born 10/14/1758 Newcastle Co; married Caleb Kirk


As discussed above these families lived right around the boundary between Chester and Delaware Counties. Centre Meeting was just across the line in Newcastle County but had many members from the Chester County side of the line. We have Cope's recording of all the Quaker Meeting records from the mid-1800's at our local LDS Library and are in the process of going through them to clarify locations and statistics on the various families. We have already gone through Quaker records on many of the descendants of Swithin and Ann Wilson Chandler and will be adding the information here as time permits. As mentioned on the George Chandler page, we are not trying to recreate Chandler genealogy, but are mainly interested in documenting any connections of descendants to people already up on this web site, and in particular to Woodward descendants. Therefore we will only follow the next generation where there are direct connections. For those interested there is a Kinsfolk World Tree Project on that gives detailed information on the children of Swithin and Ann Wilson Chandler. The information seems credible but as in any World Tree Project needs to be verified in your own research.

More on the Children of Swithin and Ann Wilson Chandler

Esther Chandler Chandler

Daughter Esther Chandler's birth is recorded at Kennett Monthly Meeting as seventh month fourth day 1740. Kennett Meeting marriage records as given in Cope's Abstracts are missing from 1755 to 1765 so the marriage date is not recorded. The parentage of both Esther and Isaac is however given in the list of their children given at Kennett. Esther died 8/16/1808 in Newcastle County and is buried at Hockessin Meeting burial ground in Delaware County. She married her second cousin Isaac Chandler, son of George and Esther Taylor Chandler, on 3/2/1757. He was born 10/30/1732 and died 4/9/1802 and is buried at Kennett Meeting burial ground.

Children of Esther and Isaac Chandler were: Spencer Chandler (1/23/1759); Susanna Chandler (10/10/1760); Esther Chandler (11/6/1762-10/31/1765 Kennett); George Chandler (10/21/1764); Jonathan Chandler (2/21/1767); Swithin Chandler (4/1/1769); Joshua Chandler (3/23/1771-7/11/1798 Kennett); Jacob Chandler (6/26/1773); Ann Chandler (7/13/1775); Hannah Chandler (3/21/1779); Phebe Chandler (12/15/1781); Margaret Chandler (1/15/1785).

According to Quaker records by 1791 Isaac and Esther had migrated to Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Hannah Chandler Woodward: Isaac and Esther Chandler's daughter married John Woodward at Hockessin Monthly Meeting,Delaware, on 12/13/1821. The marriage is recorded at Centre Monthly Meeting and the marriage took place at Hockessin Meeting. John Woodward is given in the marriage record as son of James and Alice, dec., widower of Brandywine Hundred. This would fit the profile of John Woodward, son of James and Alice Thornbrough Woodward. Hannah Chandler is given in the marriage record as of Mill Creek Hundred, and daughter of Isaac and Esther Chandler.

The record here is curious as both Isaac and Esther Chandler and James and Alice Thornbrough Woodward migrated to western Pennsylvania. We do not find census records in Pennsylvania or Delaware for John and Hannah either before or after the marriage date. Since Hannah was about 46 years old at the time of marriage it is doubtful if there were children of the marriage. Since we did not find John in the 1820 census we do not know if he brought children to the marriage. The only possible clue we have is an 1850 census record in Londongrove, Chester County, Pennsylvania: Hannah Woodward, 78, born Pa; Lydia, 35, Pa; Esther, 27, Pa. Esther could be a daughter of the marriage of John and Hannah and named for her mother Esther. Again a will would be the best source of information for verification.