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John and Margaret Thornbrough Canaday Family

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John Canaday was son of Charles and Phebe Beals Canaday of Kent and Prince George County, Maryland. Charles & Phebe moved to northern Virginia where Charles died and Phebe Canaday married Robert Sumner. The family then moved to Rowan County, North Carolina. There are variations of spelling of the name Canaday including Canady, Cannaday, and Kennedy. Jefferson County, Tennessee land records are interesting as deeds give the name as Kennedy and tax lists give it as Canaday.

Margaret Thornbrough was a daughter of Walter & Margaret Thornbrough of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Frederick County Virginia, and Rowan County, North Carolina.

John Canaday
born 4/5/1741 Prince George Co, Md
died 3/2/1830 Wayne Co, In
burial West Grove MM
Margaret Thornbrough
born abt 1844 Lancaster Co, Pa
died 3/12/1819 Wayne Co, In
burial West Grove MM
Married: 4/10/1764 New Garden Monthly Meeting, Rowan County, North Carolina

Phebe Canaday born 1/10/1765 Rowan Co, NC; married Mordecai Mendenhall
Henry Canaday born 6/29/1766 Rowan Co, NC; married Matilda Bernard
Bowater Canaday born 5/14/1768 Rowan Co, NC; married Mary Russell
Charles Canaday born 4/18/1770 Rowan Co, NC; married Sarah Russell
Walter Canaday born 12/19/1771 Guilford Co, NC; married Nancy Ann Unknown
John Canaday, Jr. born 4/13/1774 Guilford Co, NC; married Juliatha Cox
Robert Canaday born 1/13/1777 Guilford Co, NC; married (1)Amy Sumner
and (2) Sarah Sumner (granddaughters of Robert & Phebe Beals Canaday Sumner)

The children were actually all born in the same place. Guilford County was set off from Rowan County December 5, 1770 so the name of the county simply changed.

The Move to Tennessee

John & Margaret Canaday joined the migration to the western waters of the Holston River and on October 29, 1796 were given certificates to leave the New Garden Monthly Meeting. The certificates were received at New Hope Monthly Meeting which was receiving certificates for the Holston River settlers until the organization of Lost Creek Monthly Meeting in Jefferson County, Tennessee. They were accompanied by their sons John, Robert, and Bowater and their families. Son-in-law Mordecai and Phebe Canaday Mendenhall followed in June 1797. The other sons arrived later, Charles in October 1797, Henry in April of 1799, and Walter in July 1804. John and Margaret settled at Panther Springs, probably on Panther Creek, and near Abraham Woodward's sons John and Aaron who bought land at Three Springs on Panther Creek in 1796.

Connection to Davy Crockett

An article in "Muzzle Blasts" in October 1980 traced the history of Davy Crockett's rifle and quoted Davy Crockett's book "A Narrative of the Life of Davy Crockett of the State of Tennessee: "I had by this time got to be mighty fond of the rifle, and had bought a capital one. I most generally carried her with me wherever I went, and though I had got back to the Old Quaker's to live, who was a very particular man, I would sometimes slip out and attend shooting matches where they shot for beef." According to the "Muzzle Blast" article this "Old Quaker" was John Canaday who lived at Panther Springs near the present town of Morristown, Tennessee. According to the narrative, Crockett began working for John Canaday for the first time in late 1802. He worked for eight months through the summer of 1803. He then began his only schooling under John Canaday with whom he lived during the six months of schooling.

At the end of 1803, Crockett moved back in with John Canaday. Crockett was growing impatient to get a horse so that he could go courting. Instead of working for a full six months so that he could buy a horse, he traded the rifle plus some work to one of John Canaday's sons (Bowater) for a horse in August of 1806, and then went off courting. John Canaday's son then traded off the rifle as, being a Quaker, he had little use for the gun. The rifle is back in the Canaday family now along with a letter written by Davy Crockett that mentions what a help the "Old Quaker's" teaching had been to him. (Comment: this is again the myth that Quakers had little use for guns, forgetting that they had to hunt for their livelihood in the early days! Chances are the gun was traded because Bowater already had his own.)

The Move to Indiana

When the Tennessee Manumission Society was started in 1814 at Lost Creek Monthly Meeting, John Canaday was one of the eight founding members. Objection to slavery in the south was one of several conditions that triggered further migration to the "west" which at that time was the Northwest Territory of future Ohio and Indiana. In 1807 Walter Canaday and family had gone to Ohio. In 1815 and 1816 Robert, Charles, and Bowater Canaday and their families went to the Whitewater Meeting area of Wayne County, Indiana. In November of 1816, 75 year old John and his 72 year old wife Margaret joined their children and other relatives in Wayne County, Indiana. Consider that in 1814 John Woodward, son of Abraham Woodward, and family had traveled by horseback to Wayne County from Tennessee. Although by 1816 wagon travel was possible it must still have been a harrowing trip for John & Margaret. In 1817 John, Jr. and Phebe (Mendenhall) joined them.

The whole Canaday clan settled near the town of Economy as did a number of other "Tenessee Quakers' including Margaret's niece and nephew Patrick and Hannah Woodward Beard. Son Robert Canaday established a saw mill in 1819 outside Economy on Martindale Creek. Robert Canaday had been disowned by the Quakers for marrying Amy Sumner, granddaughter of his mother Phebe Beals Canaday Sumner in Jefferson County, Tennessee in 1806. Apparently they were able to make some amends with the Quakers as they are listed at Springfield MM near Economy as "exhorters." Amy died in 1823 and Robert married her sister Sarah in 1827. The first school at Economy was kept in the Friends log meeting house and John Canaday was the first teacher. Given John Canaday Sr.'s constitution this may well have been him, rather than his son.

More on the Children of John and Margaret Thornbrough Canaday

Phebe Canaday Mendenhall

Phebe Canaday married Mordecai Mendenhall, son of Stephen & Sarah Mendenhall, and grandson of John & Susannah Pearson Mendenhall, on 12/16/1789 at New Garden Monthly Meeting in North Carolina. They had three children born in North Carolina: Hannah, born 11/21/1790; Susannah, born 6/7/1793 ; and Robert born 3/29/1796. The family transferred on certificate dated 6/17/1797 from Springfield MM in North Carolina to Lost Creek Monthly Meeting in Tennessee.

Mordecai and Phebe Canaday Mendenhall had four more children and all from Hannah on down are recorded at Lost Creek Monthly Meeting. Aaron Mendenhall was born 12/17/1797 at Lost Creek; Stephen Mendenhall was born 5/10/1800; and John Mendenhall was born 5/9/1803

Mordecai Mendenhall and family and Phebe Mendenhall and daughters were granted a certificate from Lost Creek to New Garden Monthly Meeting in Indiana on 3/29/1817. We will look for the receipt of the certificate at New Garden to see if the children are specifically listed. It is possible that daughter Hannah remained behind as she condemned her marriage contrary to discipline as Hannah Haworth on 8/31/1833 at Lost Creek. Susannah Mendenhall supposedly married Richard Hayes but we did not find a marriage in Tennessee or Indiana. Robert Mendenhall married Ann Kersey 2/9/1838 in Wayne County. There is also a marriage to Mary Jessop recorded in Wayne County 2/22/1832 so Ann may have been a second wife. Aaron Mendenhall married Mary Hockett 12/29/1819 in Wayne County. There are two marriages for Stephen Mendenhall in Wayne County, one in 1822 and one in 1823 but they are so close together that it had to be two different Stephens and we do not know which one belonged to this family. John Mendenhall married Edith Hockett on 12/17/1828 in Randolph County. Phebe Mendenhall married John Parker 8/24/1836 in Randolph County.

Henry and Matilda Bernard Canaday

Henry Canaday married Matilda Bernard before 25 March 1797 in Guilford County when Henry condemned his marriage out of unity at New Garden Meeting. Matilda then brought a certificate from Center Meeting which was received 10/27/1798 and they were now a proper Quaker family. This certificate is the only mention of Matilda so we do not know her parents. On 1/26/1799 Henry and Matilda and family were granted a certificate to Lost Creek Monthly Meeting. When the certificates were received at Lost Creek 4/20/1799 only a son Benjamin was named with the family. Their children are not listed at Lost Creek. On 3/25/1820 Henry and family and Matilda and daughters were granted a certificate to New Garden Monthly Meeting in Indiana. The next mention of the family is on 8/4/1827 when Matilda was appointed an elder at Vermillion Monthly Meeting in Illinois. Fortunately the children are listed at Vermillion Monthly Meeting. They were: Benjamin, born 9/13/1797 (NC); John, born12/6/1799 (Tn); Jonathan, born 6/27/1802 (Tn); Frederick, born 6/28/1804 (Tn); Mary, born 6/25/1806 (Tn); William, born 12/22/1809 (Tn). There may have been others as the certificate in 1820 lists "daughters" with Matilda. We will check the New Garden records.

We have several pages from a "History of Vermilion County" but unfortunately do not have the publication information. Here is what it says about Henry: "Henry Canaday came from Tennessee to the Wabash in 1821; his boys, Benjamin, Frederick, William and John coming here in the winter and making a cabin three hundred yards west of where William has so long resided. They brought a few hogs with them, but when spring came they sickened of the enterprise, and Benjamin went back to Tennessee and bought a farm there, and all moved back. In the fall they regretted the move and came back here to live. Satisfied with their roving, they settled down to business and remained here. The hogs they brought first had become wild by the time they got back here, and for years they and their progeny furnished hunting in connection with the other game here. On their return they brought a few cattle with them, and hunted in a few hogs to give them a start....The land office was at Palestine, and when land came into market Mr. Canaday entered about two sections, and made it his practice to sell to new-comers at congress price with interest." The amount of land that Henry bought was actually a half section total in Section 8, T17NR11W and adjoining in 17N12W according to BLM records.

The Vermilion County History has a biography of son Benjamin: "Benjamin Canaday had a small house nearby, and during the winter of the deep snow, the snow so nearly covered it that one could not see the house till he got right to it. That winter the deer, and pretty much all the game, were destroyed by the snow. He was a tinner by trade, and made up a stock of tinware and traded it at Louisville for goods, which he brought back here and put into a building which he built for a store, on his farm just west of Vermillion on the Hickory Grove road. This accidental trade made a merchant of him. He sold goods here several years before going to Georgetown. He became the largest merchant there, and for many years the most successful one." In another place in the history it says ..."he amassed a comfortable fortune, and died a few years since, honored and respected." Benjamin and family is found in the 1850 census in District 21, Vermilion County, Il: #179 John Canaday, Jr., 24, merchant, Il; Lucinda, 17, In; Laura A, 1, Ill; James Kitchin, clerk, born Tn (probably Benjamin's son - the term Junior was also used to identify two people by the same name and identify the younger one. Of course he could also have been son of John, Sr. as well). #180 Benjamin Canaday, 52, merchant, property value $10,000, born NC; Ann, 52, born Tn; Sarah, 21, Il; Mary, 18, Il; Marena, 16, Il; Sophia, 14, Il; Arminta, 12, Il; William Stucks, 15, laborer, Il. $10,000 was a large sum of money in that time period.

The Vermilion County History has a biography of son Frederick: "Frederick Canaday, Vermilion Grove, farmer, was born in Jefferson county, Tennessee, on the 27th of January, 1804, and was raised a farmer, which occupation he has followed successfully through life. He was one of the pioneers of the county, coming here in 1820, and sharing with the few settlers of that early day the hardships of a pioneer life. ...He was married in Tennessee in 1828, to Charity Haworth, who also was born in Tennessee, and is now deceased. They were the parents of ten children, eight living: Jane, Matilda, William, Mary A., Henry, Isaac, Sarah and John. Mr. Canaday was then married to Anna Haworth, in 1849. There were but two settlers in this part of the county when he came here, and he was the oldest settler who attended the old settlers' meeting at Danville in the fall of 1878. He owns nine hundred and thirty acres of fine land. He is a republican, and belongs to the Friends church." His wife Charity was daughter of William and Jane Brazelton Haworth of Jefferson County, Tennessee. Frederick is found in District 21, Vermilion County in the 1850 census: #7 Fredk Canaday, 46, farmer, Tn; Ann, 46, Tn; William, 17, Il; Mary, 16, Il; Sarah, 14, Il; Henry, 11, Il; Isaac, 8, Il.

Bowater and Mary Russell Canaday

Bowater Canaday married Mary Russell, daughter of William and Mary Russell, before 8/19/1797 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Bowater condemned his marriage contrary to discipline on 8/19/1897 at Lost Creek Monthly Meeting. On 2/20/1802 children John, William and Sarah Canaday were received at the request of their father, Bowater, at Lost Creek, Tennessee. The children and their birthdates are listed at Lost Creek: John Canaday, born 10/16/1797; William Canaday, born 4/19/1799; Sarah Canaday, born 2/6/1801; Jane Canaday, 3/21/1803; Margaret Canaday, 7/7/1805; Walter Canaday, 9/16/1807; Anna Canaday, born 11/22/1809. Two other sons, Bowater and Russell Canaday, born Tennessee are listed in White Water MM, Indiana, records, per a note in Hinshaw in his transcription of the Lost Creek Monthly Meeting records. We will look for these records. On 7/27/1816 Bowater and family and Mary and daughters received a certificate to Whitewater Monthly Meeting in Indiana from Lost Creek Meeting in Tennessee.

Son William Canaday is of further interest to us as he is second cousin, four times removed to Web Master Nadine Holder through his Thornbrough ancestry. On 28 December 1820 in Wayne County, Indiana he married his fifth cousin, Rachel Sutherland, daughter of Andrew and Lydia Williams Sutherland. Lydia Williams was sister to the great great great grandmother of Web Master Nadine Holder. Rachel Sutherland Canaday was 1st cousin four times removed to Web Master Nadine Holder. The 1879 Lee County, Iowa History has a sketch of Rachel Sutherland Canaday: RACHEL CANADY, farmer Sec 5 P O Lowell is the Daughter of Andrew & Lydia Sutherland, natives of TN, born Jefferson Co TN Feb 8 1798. Father died when she was 3 weeks old.Mother 3 weeks later. Cared for by grandparents Amos & Phoebe Williams. When 17 moved to Wayne Co IN, married at age 23 to Wm Canady also born in Jefferson CO TN 1799. Grandmother Williams died IN at 78, gtandfather lived to 103. in 1839 pioneers of Lee CO farm 160 A valued $35 per A. Feb 15 1877 Wm died leaving 5 children all born in IN....Lena, b Nov 22 1821 wife of Linly Kellem of Warren IL. Joel b Aug 20 1823 died Dec 1839. Polly b Mar 14 1826 m Abel Wilson of MO, deceased. Margaret b Oct 14 1831 wife of Thomas Cunningham of TX Eliza b Nov 22 1833 wife of John Harvey, this county, and Oliver b Feb 6 1836 , marr Miss Jane Box March 1858, She born in Henry Co Ia March 1837 to James & Ellizabeth Box, among the first settlers of that CO. Have 7 children, Wm T Dec 1858, Addie P May 10 1862 Alphia C Feb 28 1868, Eddie April 10 1865 Jesssie C Oct 19 1870, Rachel E Dec 9 1872, T Feb 24 1878 Oliver lives on and Cultivates the home farm. Rachel altho 82 is hale and Hearty and attends the Lee Co fair every her 81st year, Made Piece of Linen exhibited at the fair that year and recieved first prize.

Mother Mary Canaday was living with William and Rachel in 1856 in Pleasant Ridge Township, Lee County, Iowa: William Canady, 56, in Indiana 16 yr, born Tn, farmer; Rachel, 58, born Tn; Lucinda, 6, born Ia; Mary, 82, born De (in Iowa 5 years). In 1870 they are still at Pleasant Ridge, Lee County, Iowa: 21 William Canada, 70, farmer, born Tn; Rachel, 71, born Tn; Rosella, 16, Ia; Florence Sharp, 12, Ia. #22 Oliver Canada, 34, farmer, born In; Jane, 33, Ia; Wm, 11, Ia; Amelia, 8, Ia; Edwin, 5, Ia; Alfa, 2, Ia; W. C. Noris, 14, bound boy, Ia.#23 John L. Harvey, 38, farmer, In; Eliza, 36, In; Joel, 14, Ia; Wm, 12, Ia; Emily, 11, Ia; Elijah, 9, Ia.

Charles and Sarah Russell Canaday

Charles Canaday married Sarah Russell, daughter of Habukkah and Ann Russell on 4/24/1794 in a civil ceremony in Guilford County, North Carolina. On 11/29/1794 Charles was dismissed for his marriage out of unity at New Garden Monthly Meeting. He apparently made his peace with the Quakers as on 10/21/1797 Charles was received on certificate at Lost Creek Monthly Meeting from New Garden Meeting. On 4/18/1801 Sarah Canaday and the minor children of Charles were received on request at Lost Creek Monthly Meeting. Charles Canaday, born 4/18/1770, and Sarah Canaday, born 2/4/1776, are then listed at Lost Creek Monthly Meeting with children: William, born 7/17/1795; Margaret, born 8/22/1797; Mary, born 2/6/1800; Phebe, born 5/7/1802; Sarah, born 7/27/1803; Nathan, born 7/9/1807; and Charity, born 9/6/1809. On 2/25/1815 Charles and family and Sarah and daughters were granted a certificate to Whitewater Monthly Meeting in Indiana along with his brother Robert and family.

William Canaday married Hannah Millikan, daughter of William and Eleanor Smith Millikan on 11/4/1814 in Tennessee. They had children Samuel, Charles, Eleanor, Sarah, Jane, and Mary.

Margaret Canaday married James Harvey, son of William and Jemima Page Harvey, on 10/20/1820 in Wayne County, Indiana. They had children Joel, Nancy, Absalom, Nathan, Jane, and Mary Ann.

Mary Canaday did not marry and died 5/26/1879.

Phebe Canaday married Jacob Hill 2/14/1822 in Wayne County, Indiana. They were in Blue River Township in Henry County, Indiana in 1850 and had children: Mary, 26; Charles, 24; Henry, 22; Sarah, 18; Aaron, 16; and John, 8.

Sarah Canaday, married Aaron Woodward, son of John and Rachel Williams Woodward, 12/11/1823 in Wayne County, Indiana. Aaron was second great granduncle of web master, Nadine Holder. Both Sarah and Aaron died before 1850 in Madison County, Indiana. There is an orphan John Woodard, age 12, with an F. M. and Lucinda Houstain family in 1850 in Madison County and Eliza Ann Woodard, age 19, with a John and Mary Houstain family nearby. As nearly as we can tell from earlier census records there may have been at least four more children. They may have been censused with other family names. We did not find any Woodward/Woodard marriages in Madison County.

Nathan Canaday married Nancy Leason 4/23/1824 in Wayne County. They are in Prairie Township in Henry County in 1850 with children James, 20; William, 18; Charles, 15; Edmund, 12; Henry, 10; Malinda, 8; Nathan, 6; and John, 2.

Charity Canaday married William Millikan, son of Eli and Mary Kersey Millikan, 5/13/1830 at West Grove Monthly Meeting, Wayne County, Indiana. On 1/17/1837 William and Charity and children were granted a certificate to Smithfield Monthly Meeting in Indiana. The children were John, Charles, Mary, Emily, and Sarah Ellen. They had another daughter Almeda born about 1838 and Charity died in 1839. William had three wives after Charity and more children for a total of 13. In 1850 William Millikan was living near Jacob and Phebe Canaday Hill in Blue Hill Township in Henry County, with his third wife Susanna Frazier. With them were children: John, 20; Charles, 18; Almeda, 12; Esther, 9 (daughter of Mary Russell Millikan); Eli, 7; Thomas, 4; Rebecca, 1. In 1860 he was in Blue River Township in Henry County with his fourth wife Mary Williams: William, 55, NC; Mary, 35, O; Eli, 17, In; Thomas, 14, In; Rebecca, 12, In; William, 9, In; Jason, 3, In; Elnora, 1, In; Isabell Williams 14; John Williams 10, In. (children of Mary Williams). In 1870 he was in Franklin Township, Henry County, Indiana: William, 64, NC; Rebecca, 21, In; William, 19, laborer, In; Priscilla E., 11, In. Next door son Thomas Millikan, 24, In; Lenora, 20, In.

Malinda Canaday married John Harvey, son of William and Rachel Townsend Harvey, 14 July 1833, at West Grove MM in Wayne County, Indiana. Malinda was born 27 Feb 1817 in Indiana and died 18 March 1884. John was born 9 July 1810 and died 18 March 1893. Information is from Westfield MM in Hamilton County, Indiana where John and Margaret were received on 11 August 1836 from West Grove MM. They had children: Rachel Harvey, born 28 Oct 1834, Wayne Co, married out of unity to an unknown Smith before 1 April 1858; Charles Harvey born 8 Jan 1838, Wayne County, Indiana and married Margaret Orth, children Curtis and Cyrus; William Harvey, born 12 Feb 1842, Wayne County; and Aaron Harvey, born 7 July 1845, Wayne County, Indiana.

Charles Canaday married Jane Frazier on 3/29/1838 in Wayne County, Indiana. In the 1850 census they are in Prairie Township, Henry County, Indiana: Charles, 35, farmer, born Tn; Jane, 26, In; John, 11, In; Joel, 7, In; Wm, 7, In; Mary, 4, In; Henry, 1, In. By 1870 they are in Morris Township, Carroll County, Missouri: Charles Canada, 55, farmer, Tn; Jane, 46, In; Nathan E, 18, In; Sarah M, 17, In; Hannah, 15, In; Robert, 12, In; Mary, 10, In; Eliza, 8, In.

Matilda Canaday married Ezekiel Thornbrough, son of Benjamin and Ann Thornburgh. We could find nothing further on them.

Walter and Nancy Ann Canaday

Walter Canada(sic) was dismissed at New Garden Monthly Meeting on 9/27/1794 in Guilford County, North Carolina. No reason was given which usually meant nonattendance at meeting. We therefore do not know his marriage date or the maiden name of his wife. We do know that he had three children by 1806 which means he was probably married before 1800. On 9/24/1803 Walter condemned his outgoings and was restored at New Garden. On 11/26/1803 he was granted a certificate to Lost Creek Monthly Meeting in Tennessee (certificate received 7/28/1804 at Lost Creek). On 1/25/1806 Ann Canaday was received on request at Lost Creek Monthly Meeting so she joined the Quakers at that time. On 3/29/1806 their children Mary, John, and Nathan, were received at Lost Creek Monthly Meeting by request of their father, Walter. On 2/28/1807 Walter and family and Ann and daughters requested a certificate to Miami Monthly Meeting in Ohio. We know they had an additional son Henry as he is listed at Vermillion Monthly Meeting as son of Walter and Ann Canaday. There is no record of the receipt of their certificate at Miami Monthly Meeting but they are listed as early members of Fairfield Monthly Meeting in Highland County, Ohio which was set off on 7/18/1807 from Miami Monthly Meeting. The next record for them is when Walter and wife were granted a certificate to Salem Monthly Meeting in Iowa on 5/22/1844. Walter died and was buried 19 March 1846 in Moorman Cemetery, Center Town, Jefferson County, Iowa. There is no record of Ann there but we do not know if she is the wife mentioned in 1844. Jefferson County, Iowa is next to Henry County, Iowa, where son Henry is found in 1850.

Son Henry married Drucilla Hussey, daughter of Joshua and Sarah Hussey at East Fork Meeting House as recorded at Clear Creek Monthly Meeting in Highland County, Ohio. We do not have the marriage date of Henry but on 9/20/1828 he received a certificate from Fall Creek to Clear Creek monthly meeting to marry Drucilla so their marriage was probably shortly after that date. On 5/20/1835 Drucilla was granted a certificate from Clear Creek to Fall Creek with children: William Riley, Madison, and Nathan. Drucilla evidently died in the 1840ís in Iowa as Henry Canady married Mrs. Mary Prouty 4 December 1849 in Henry County, Iowa. They are found in the 1850 census in Baltimore Township, Henry County, Iowa, near some Hussey families who were probably relatives of Drucilla. #1519 Henry Canada, 42, farmer, born Ohio; Mary, 29, born Ill; William R., 21, born Oh; Madison, 19, born Oh; Nathan, 17, born Oh; Joshua, 13, Il; John, 11, Il; Emily, 7, Ia; Louisa, 5, Ia; Sarah J. Prouty, 11, Mo; Mary A., Prouty, 10, Mo; Ellen Prouty, 8, Mo; Columbus, 6, Mo; Fanny Linings, 58, North Carolina (perhaps Maryís mother?). By 1860 Henry and family had moved on to Umpqua County (absorbed by Douglas County in 1863) Oregon: #279 Joshua Canada, 21, farmer, Oh; John, 18, Iowa; #280 Riley Canada, farmer, Ohio; #281 Madison Canada, blacksmith, Ohio; #282 James Smith, 34, carpenter, Oh; Sarah Jane [Prouty], 21, Mo; William R, 5, Or; Mary Jane, 4, Or; #283 Henry Canada, Blacksmith, born N Car; Mary, 39, Il; #285 Columbus W. Prouty, 15, farm laborer, Mo working for another family. Apparently Henry and Mary did not have children together.

Robert Canaday

Robert Canaday married Amy Sumner 1/20/1806 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. She was daughter of Joshua and Sarah Cox Sumner. He was dismissed at Lost Creek for his marriage contrary to discipline to a first cousin. Both his first and second wife were granddaughters of Phebe Beals Canaday Sumner and thus his first cousins. They had children Joshua, born 11/11/1806; Lydia, born 5/9/1808 and died 6/1/1808, and Ann, born 5/2/1809, died 1810. Children Joshua and Ann were received by request of their father at Lost Creek Meeting on 9/30/1809 so he had evidently made peace for his marriage (this usually didnít happen in the case of first cousin marriages but the rules seem to have been relaxed a little in the 1800s). Joshua and Amy had additional children: Abigail born 5/12/1811; Thomas born 3/5/1813; Sarah, born 12/13/1815; Amarilla, born 3/5/1817; Irena, born 4/14/1819; and Huldah, born 5/13/1821. Three of the children married children of John and Mary Davis Mills and granddaughters of Aaron and Charity Mendenhall Mills. Joshua married Elizabeth Ann Mills 11/12/1826; Thomas married Kerenhappuch Mills 9/25/1831, and Sarah married Aaron Mills on 6/2/1833. Abigail Canaday married Richard Justice 5/25/1837; Irena married Aaron Gwinn and Huldah married Eli Bailey Barnard.

Amy Sumner Canaday died 9/25/1823 in Wayne County. Robert Canaday married second Sarah Sumner, sister of Amy, 9/18/1827 in Wayne County. Robert and Sarah had a son Lyndsey Canaday, born 8/11/1829 in Wayne County. Lyndsey married (1) Mary Elizabeth Gibson, on 10/26/1856, and second Louisa Viney on 11/10/1906 in Wayne County. *******************************************************************
Many thanks to Bill Putman for the Davy Crockett story. Bill has a lot of information on this family.

Robert Canaday is a descendant of Riley & Margaret Woodward Canaday and has a lot of Canaday information up on his FamilyTreeMaker site.