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Aaron and Mary Edwards Baker

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Aaron Baker was third child and and second son of Joseph & Martha Woodward Baker of England and of Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Mary Edwards was daughter of John & Mary Ingram Edwards of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Descendants of this Edwards family would marry Woodward descendants many generations later in Missouri. As the Web Site progresses we will add an Edwards page as there were also connections in North Carolina.

  Aaron Baker
born 12/2/1701 Chester Co, Pa
died 1783 Chester Co, Pa
Mary Edwards
born Chester Co, Pa
died Unknown
  Married: 11/9/1725 Middletown Monthly Meeting, Chester Co, Pa

Mary Baker married Thomas Carrington 6/16/1762 at Londongrove MM
Martha Baker married Joshua Clayton 5/16/1753 at Londongrove MM
Esther Baker married William Chalfant
Aaron Baker, Jr. married Sarah Hayes 5th mo, 30th day 1759 at Bradford MM
Samuel Baker married Martha Ottey
John Baker married Hannah Pennock 2/24/1767 at Londongrove MM
Joshua Baker died unmarried

Pennsylvania Records

Information on this page is from Encyclopedia of Biography, Vol XVII, page 142-143. Information can be found in this same reference about the Edwards family. [We have used this reference with a great deal of confidence as it is well referenced to Chester County records that we would use for research anyway.] Anne Weigle also has a fine Baker Web Site with more information on Aaron & Mary's family.

Aaron Baker was proposed as overseer of Londongrove Monthly Meeting in Chester County 3/1/1766 along with George Passmore. The overseer had oversight of matters of interest to the Quakers, such as care of the poor. Aaron lived out the rest of his life in Chester County. He left a will dated 3/15/1783, Londongrove Township, Chester County, and proved 9/27/1783 (abstract at bottom of page). He left 2/3 of his land to son Aaron and 1/3 to son Samuel. He described the land as 50 acres in West Marlborough and his now dwelling plantation in Londongrove.

More on Children of Aaron and Mary Edwards Baker


Aaron and Sarah Hays Baker

Aaron Baker was married at Bradford Monthly Meeting on 5th month, 30th day, 1759 to Sarah Hays. From Early Church Records of Chester County, Pennsylvania, Vol. 1, by Martha Reamy, page 55: "Aaron Baker, s/o Aron [sic] Baker of West Marlborough [certificate from New Garden], m. Sarah Hays, d/o James Hays of East Fallowfield, dec'd, on 30th day, 5th mo., 1759." Aaron & Mary Baker signed the marriage certificate. Other Bakers in attendance were Samuel Baker, John Baker, & Mary Baker, Jr.

Sarah Hays wedding certificate names her as daughter of James Hays of East Fallowfield, decd. James Hays was brother of Joseph Hayes who married Jane Woodward, daughter of Richard and Esther Davis Woodward. The parent of James and Joseph Hays, and grandparent of Sarah, was Henry Hayes an early settler of Chester County. His history is given on the Jane Woodward and Joseph Hayes page. Aaron & Sarah Hays Baker attended the weddings of Sarah's sisters, Lydia & Hannah Hays, at Bradford Monthly Meeting as well.

The children of Aaron and Sarah Hayes Baker were: Hannah Baker, married (1) Philip Ottey 9/30/1776 and (2) William Morgan; James Baker, married Sarah Pennock 1/20/1785 at Bradford; Elisha Baker, born 7/21/1764, married Ruth Pyle; Nathan Baker, born 8/14/1765, married Rachel Swayne; Aaron Baker, born 8/14/1767, married Hannah Harlan 2/10/1790; Levi Baker, married (1) Anne Pyle 4/13/1791 and (2) Ann McNeal 6/16/1803; Joshua Baker, born 8/18/1771, married Eleanor Curry 8/18/1792; Rachel Baker, married Jeffrey Bentley; Mary Baker, married Jesse Miller; Sarah Baker, married Thomas Wiley; John Baker, born 1779, died between 8/1811 and 6/1816, married Mary McNeill.

Aaron Baker, supposedly served in the Chester County Militia and in the Revolutionary War.; however there is no notation in Bradford Meeting Records of such service and Aaron apparently remained a member in good standing. The marriage of Aaron and Sarah Hays Baker's son James Baker to Sarah Pennock daughter of Nathaniel Pennock, dec'd, on 20th day 1st month, 1785, took place at Bradford Monthly Meeting so Aaron was evidently a member in good standing at that time. Aaron and Sarah are "of the Township of West Marlborough."

Aaron Baker of West Marlborough died in 1812 and Sarah Baker, widow of Aaron of West Marlborough, died in 1817, so apparently the family stayed in West Marlborough (see abstracts below).

Edward Sinker, Herefordshire, UK, is a descendant of Aaron and Sarah Hayes Baker through son James Baker and wife Sarah Pennock. He is researching all the descendants of James and Sarah Pennock Baker and would be happy to share information.

There is also a Bakers of Edgmont Mailing list - you can subscribe by addressing

Family Wills

Abstract of will of Aaron Baker [Sr]

(from Ency of Bio, page 142) September 15, 1783, Londongrove, proven September 27, 1783.
Provides for wife Mary. To the 3 children of son John, decd, 15 pounds to be divided. To daughter Mary 40 pounds and to her 6 children 120 pounds to be divided. To daughters Martha and Esther, 100 pounds each. To son Aaron 2/3 of my land; that is 50 acres in West Marlborough and my now dwelling plantation in Londongrove. To son Samuel, 1/3 of said land. To grandson Aaron Baker, my gun.
Execrs: sons Aaron & Samuel Baker
Wits: Moses Edwards, Thomas Edwards
(Many people are surprised at Quakers owning guns but they forget that early settlers relied on guns for hunting - both for food and for furs that were a big part of the economy)

Abstract of will of Aaron Baker, Sr [actually Aaron, Jr, but he is styled as Sr since his father was deceased and his own son was known as Jr]

(from Ency of Bio, page 143) August 13, 1811, West Marlborough, proven August 10, 1812
Provides for wife Sarah. To daughter Hannah, ten pounds. To 4 eldest sons, James, Elisha, Nathan and Aaron, (? shillings?) each. To son Levi, 200 pounds. To son Joshua, 200 pounds. To daughters Rachel and Mary, 100 pounds each. To daughter Sarah, 75 pounds. To son John my dwelling plantation, paying certain legacies. To grandson Abisha Ottey, 30 pounbds. To grandson Levi Baker, son of Levi, 20 pounds at 21. To four sons-in-law, William Brogan, Jeffrey Bentley, Jesse Miller, Thomas Wiley, 10 s. each.
Execrs: wife Sarah, and son John Baker
Wts: Obadiah Bonsall, Aaron Skelton, Thomas Hayes

Abstract of will of Sarah Baker

(from Ency of Bio, page 143) 6th month 1816, West Marlborough, proven April 23, 1817
To my six sons, James, Elisha, Nathan, Aaron, Levi and Joshua Baker, $3 each. To children of son John, decd. $3. To grandson Abisha Ottey, $400. To grandson Levi Baker, son of Levi, $140 at 21. To daughter who is married to Jesse Miller, $400, for her use, as she stands in need of it. Remainder of estate to daughters Rachel Bentley and Sarah Wiley in equal shares.
Execr: son Nathan Baker.
Wits: Aaron Skelton, Jeremiah Barnard.