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Killeshin Headstone Inscriptions

Church of Ireland

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Section A-35
In Loving Memory of
Cecil Robert David Abbott
Died 15th Dec 1965
Also his wife Dorrie
Died 17th Jan 1975
"Seek Ye First the Kingdom
Of God and his Righteousness."
Section B-77
Erected by William Adams Carlow
In Loving Memory of His Daughter
Wilhelmina Frances who died
30th Oct 1889 Aged 15 Years and 8 months.
In Sacred Memory of Elizabeth Jane
26 years the Gentle Faithful
Wife of W. Adams ~Carlow
Eldest sister to the Rev. W. Lowe. Rector St James
Wards Vlll Ontario Canada
Who died Rejoicing in the Lord Her Saviour
Born 26th Dec 1839
Died 14th Jan 1892
On her right lies the remains
of their daughter as above
and on her left the remains of
their second eldest son Thomas Adams
Who died Trusting in Jesus his Saviour
Born 16th May 1868
Died 16th July 1892
Annie Caroline Adams
Born the 7th Aug 1881
Died 2nd May 1894
Aged 13 years & 9 months
"Sleep on Beloved and sleep on and take Thy Rest.
He Loved Thee Well
But Jesus loved thee best."
Section A-19
In Loving Memory
Of Thomas Agar Browns Hill
Died 23rd March 1943 Aged 67 Years
His son George
Died 29th March 1913 Aged 8 Years
"Thy Will Be Done."
Section B-99
Sacred to the memory of
George Alexander 3rd son of the late
John Alexander of Milford & Ardmoulin
Who died 15th Nov. 1893 Aged 79 Years
Also of
Susan Henn his wife daughter of the late
Stephen Collins Q.C.
Died 28th June 1895 Aged 62 Years
"Blessed are the Pure In Heart."
Section B-9
In Cherished memory of
Karl Edward Ardill
Darling son of Audrey & Eric Ardill
Who died in Kingston Jamaica
31st Jan 1973
Aged 1Yr.10 Months
"For Theirs is the Kingdom
Of Heaven."
Section B-9A
In loving Memory of
Albert Edward Ardill
Died 20th Jan 1968 Aged 59.
"The Souls of the Righteous are in
the hands of God.'
Section A 9
In loving memory of Jean
Died 15th Sept 1980 Aged 33 Years
"What lies behind us and what
lies before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us."
Section A-45
Erected by
Thomas Armstrong
In Memory of his wife
Jane Armstrong
Who departed this life on the
29th day of May 1892 Aged 60 Years
Here also lie the remains of the above
Thomas Armstrong
Who died 7th Oct, 1892 Aged 70 Years.
Section B-43
Erected by his wife In Loving Memory of
Richard Astelford
Who died Nov 21st 1906 Aged 50 Years
"Thy Will Be Done"
Section A-18
In Loving Memory of John Atkinson
Tullow Street -Carlow
Died 7th Feb 1967
Also his beloved wife Kate
Died 17th Sept. 1989
"In Heavenly Love Abiding"
Section C-28
In Loving Memory Of Benjamin Barrington
Grangemellon ~Athy
Died 26th October 1940 Aged 82 Years
His wife Anna Martha Barrington
Died 30th September 1936 Aged 79 Years.
"Peace Perfect Peace."
Section B-83
Sacred to the Memory of a young
Minister of Christ
The Rev. John Bassett
Whose Useful Life Closed
Sept 26th 1870 Aged 32 Years.
In Loving Memory of Abigail (Abbie) Bayley
Coolrain House ~Carlow
Died June 27 1982 Aged 61 Yrs.
Also her husband Samuel Henry Griffith
Died Jan 6 1988 aged 64 Yrs.
The day thou has given Lord is ended
In Loving Memory Of
Samuel Bayley, Coolraine
Died 21st December 1900 Aged 72 Years
His wife Sarah Regina
Died 22nd May 1911 Aged 63 Years.
In Loving Memory of Abraham Bayley
Died July 22nd 1958
And his sons Joshua Richard
Died Oct 7th 1921 Aged 1 Year 9 Months
Died Dec 15th 1928 Aged 16 Months
Section B-127
In Memory of William A. Boake
Died 6th Oct 1886
Euphemia Boake
Died 17th April 1890
William M. Boake
Died 17th June 1890
William H. Boake
Died 17th Dec 1891
Henry B. Boake
Died 1st Jan 1900
Grace Latitia Boake
Died 23 June 1927
Edwin Boake
Died 3rd Oct 1947
Alice May Boake wife of Edwin
Died 23rd Oct 1980.
Section B-115
In affectionate Remembrance
Of Marcella (Massy)
Wife of Robert Bolton
Died 8th July 1946
"Peace Perfect Peace."
Section B-116
In Loving Memory of
My Dear Husband
Robert Henry Booth (Bob) Bolton
Old Derrig House~Carlow
Died 21st Nov. 1930
Aged 48 Years.
"God is My Salvation, I will trust
and not be afraid.
In Life, in Death O' Lord
Abide with Me."
Section B-109
In Loving Memory of My Parents
James Hutchinson Browne
Died 10th Jan 1946 and Margaret Browne
Died 19th Nov 1960.
Section B-92
Sacred to The Memory Of
Colonel Charles Henry Browne C.B.
Second son of Robert Clayton Browne Esqr.,
Who died whilst in command of the
23rd Regimental District
Formerly of the 2nd Battalion of the Queens Own
(Royal West Kent Regt.) Late of 97th
Born Nov. 13th 1836
Died April 16th 1889
And Of Robert Clayton Youngest son of
Robert Clayton Browne Of Brownes Hill
Born 3rd May 1838
Died 15th December 1906
Section B-93
Of Robert Clayton Browne Esquire
on January 28th 1799
Died July 22nd 1888
I am the Resurrection and the life
St John X1 -26
And of Harriette Augusta His wife
Daughter of Hans Hamilton
Of Abbotstown Co Dublin
Born August 19th 1815
Died January 23rd 1898
-Section A-3
In loving Memory of William
Died 5th Feb. 1979 Aged 59 Years
"Until we meet Again"
Section A
In Loving Memory Of
Thomas George Buchanan
the beloved husband of Mary Buchanan
who died 10th March 1925 Aged 76 Years
Also Lanc Corp George Buchanan 2nd K.R.C
Killed in Action in France
14th Sept.1914 aged 23
Also Robert Buchanan
Died 12th June 1912 aged 19 yrs
Also Donald Christian died
22nd Jan 1903 aged 2 Years
and of William Buchanan D.C.M. M.M.
3rd K.R.R.Corps died at Enniskillen
23rd August 1932 aged 48 Years
also T J Buchanan
Died Sept 8th 1937
At Eynsham~Oxford Aged 55 Years
Also Archie Buchanan
Died in London 29th March 1950
Also Mary Buchanan
Died 20th March 1959aged 94 Years
Also Sarah Buchanan
died 12th Feb 1969 Aged 76 Years
"Thy Will Be Done"
Section B-83
Sacred to the Memory of a young
Minister of Christ The Rev. John Bassett
Whose Useful Life Closed
Sept 26th 1870 Aged 32 Years.
Section B-62
In Loving Memory of
Sir Charles W. Cuffe Burton .Bart
Of Pollacton~Carlow
Who died October 2nd 1902
In his 80th Year
and of Georgina Mary Dallas
His wife
Who died March 15th 1904
Aged 76 Years
Sincerely mourned by all who
enjoyed the privilege of their
friendship & sympathy
"So he giveth his Beloved Sleep."
Psalm 127~27
"until the day breaks and the shadows flee away."
Song of Solomon 2.17
Section B-59
In Loving Memory of
Henry McCormack Boughton
Late of Kingstown
Who departed this life
22nd Sept 1899. Aged 30 Years.
Section A -53
Sacred to the memory of
Thomas Crawford Butler
Who departed this life
July 20th 1876 Aged 70 Years

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