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Owatonna Minnesota State School

Owatonna State School

The Owatonna State School

The Orphanage in Owatonna, Steel County, Minnesota, was often referred to as the "Owatonna State School". All records for this orphanage are at the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Many children from there were sent to live with families to be 'tried out'. Often they were bounced back and forth, and most were not formally adopted . Some children who were teenagers, were indentured out as farmhands and helpers to families.
Including my very own Grandmother Cora Hegge and her six siblings. Their father could not care for them and work after Grace Alto Jordan Hegge died suddenly at the young age of 35.
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BOOK: Title: "A Historical look at Minnesotas only State Orphanage...The State Public School for Dependent and Neglected Children." Author: Hary Ronglien. Owatonna Public Library LH 977.6 RO


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