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Note for:   Stephen A. Atkisson,   ABT 1768 - 1848         Index

     Place:   Antioch Cemetery

Individual Note:

1792, Sep 01 Land Transfer: John Richardson of Wilks Co., GA to Jesse Smith
of Henry Co., VA being place J. Richardson moved from - 193 acres. Witness:
Stephen Atkisson. Henry Co., VA.

1794, Nov 22 From "History of Henry County, VA": Abstracts of Henry Co.
Legislative Petitions: #3253. The Petition of the freeholders and others, the
inhabitants of the county of Henry humbly sheweth that there is no Seminary of
Classical learning in either of the adjacent counties or at any convienent
distance; that the town of Martinsville is tolerably centrical to the counties of
Patrick, Franklin, Pittsylvania and Henry in the state of VA, and that of
Rockingham of North Carolina. We, therefore, pray that the Academy which is
now erected in Martinsville may have the sanction of your honourable House
and that such men be appointed trustee as the Gentlemen Delegates from the
counties of Henry, Patrick and Franklin may nominate.

Signed: Jesse Atkisson, Stephen Atkisson and Jesse Atkisson, Jr.

1797, Apr 28 Court: Philpott vs. Lyon. Juror: Stephen Adkinson. Patrick Co., VA

1797, Mar 27 Land Transfer: Jesse Atkisson and his wife, Ruth, to Stephen
Atkisson - 76 acres for 10 pounds. Witnesses: Jesse Atkisson, Jr., Sir James
Bouldin and William Bouldin. Henry Co., VA

1797, Mar 27 Land Transfer: Jesse and Ruth Atkisson to Jesse Atkisson, Jr. - 90
acres on south side of

North Mayo River adjacent to Jesse and Stephen Atkisson and Ballenger Wade.
Henry Co., VA

1806, Aug 5 Marriage: Stephen Atkisson to Sally Frans. Bondsman: Gabriel
Penn. Minister: Manning

Hill. Patrick Co., VA.

1809, Feb 23 Land Transfer: From Noah and Mary Parr to Stephen Atkerson
and William Atkerson.

for $225. - 225 acres on long branch of Spoon Creek. Deed Book 3, p. 210.
Patrick Co., VA

1809, Apr 24 Property Transfer: From Hamon Frans to Stephen Atkerson. For $1
and his love and affection, gives Stephen Atkerson 10 Negroes (Sall, Hannah,
Elias, Ralph, Sitaty, Jim, Sarah, Alsay, Herman and Charlotte) and one
featherbed and furniture. Deed Book 3, p. 237. Patrick Co., VA

1809 Personal Property Tax - Patrick Co., VA

White Males +16 Horses Slaves

Solomon Atkisson 1 0 0

William Atkisson 1 0 0

Joseph Atkisson 1 2 0

Stephen Atkisson 1 3 3

1810 Supplement to 1810 Census: Patrick Co., VA

White Males+16 Horses Slaves

Stephen Atkison 1 3 3

William Atkison 1 1 0

Solomon Atkison 1 0 0

Joseph Atkerson 1 1 0

Jesse Atkison 1 0 0

1812 Personal Property Tax - Patrick Co., VA

White Males +16 Horses Slaves

William Atkinson 2 1 0

Jesse Atkinson 1 1 0

Stephen Atkinson 1 3 3

1812, May 15 Last Will & Testament of Jesse Atkinson:

"In the name of God, amen. I, Jesse Atkinson, of the County of Henry being in
Common health humbly to God of sound mind & disposing memory and causing
to mind the uncertainty of Hu-man life and the estate that it hath, ask God to help
me with. I do dispose of in the manner & form following viz. First, I do give to my
beloved wife, Ruth Atkinson, all my estate, estate both real and personal that I
am now in possession of in the State of Virginia during her natural life, and
likewise my Negro man Abel. I give her to dispose off as she thinks proper. The
residue of my estate except my land, at her decease, I give to my four single
daughters Elizabeth, Meekey, Ruth & Salley to be equally divided between them.
Secondly, I give to my son Isaiah Atkinson, after the decease of his mother, the
tract of land whereon I live, provided he complys on his part with the conditions
of an oath of agreement

entered into between us respecting the said tract of land and deposited in the
hands of John

Dillard, and case my son Isaiah should decease before his mother and leave no
lawful issue,

my will and desire is that my wife dispose of the said tract of land for the benefit
of her children as she may think best and further my will is that if either of my
single daughters above mentioned should marry before the death of their mother
that such of them when they marry should receive a good cow & calf and a
feather bed and furniture. Thirdly, as I have addressed my other children that
has left me to wit, my sons Stephen, William, Sollomon, Jesse and Jobb, and my
daughters Nancy Hill now deceased and Polly Moore, I give to them and their
heirs the property they have already received as being all that I can do for them.
And I do hereby appoint my wife Ruth Atkinson, my son Isaiah Atkinson and
John Dillard, Jr. executors of this my last will and testament hereby revoking and
disavowing all other wills by memade. In witness whereof I have herewith set my
hand and affixed my seal this 15th May 1812."

signed Jesse Atkinson.

Witnesses: John Dillard and J. P. HIll.

Henry Co., VA

1813 Land/Property Tax - Patrick Co., VA

White Males Blacks Blacks +16 12-16 +16 Horses

William Atkerson 2 1 0 0

Jesse Atkerson 1 1 0 0

Stephen Atkerson 1 1 3 3

1814 Land/Property Tax - Patrick Co., VA

White Males Blacks Blacks+16 12-16 +16 Horses

Jesse Atkerson 1 0 0 0

Stephen Atkerson 1 1 3 3

Stephen Atkisson - 225 acres on waters of Spoon Creek, 10 miles southeast.
Land value: $63.

tax: $.54. Also, 100 acres, same location, Land value: $34, tax: $.29.

John Atkinson - 311 acres, value: $211.72; tax: $1.80.

1814, Mar 14 "At the court held for Henry County at the Court House on the 14th
day of March 1814. The within last will and testament of Jesse Atkinson
deceased was established in Court and proved by the ? of the ? subscribing ?
and the same was ordered by the Court to be recorded and Ruth Atkinson one of
the executors therein named made oath and with John Dillard, Jr and Jesse
Atkinson her securities. Entered into bond and acknowledge the same as the ?"
Henry Co., VA.

1819, Jan 13 Land Transfer: From Stephen and William Atkerson to Jeremiah
Hylton of BedfordCo., VA ; 325 acres for $800 on south Mayo River. Deed Book
5. Patrick Co., VA

1819, Mar 10 Land Transfer: From Elizabeth and Frances Banks to Stephen

Atkisson. Deed Book 6, p. 19. Patrick Co., VA.

1819, Aug 10 Land Transfer: From Elizabeth Banks, et al, to Stephen Atkisson,
149 acres for $550.

Banks family of Tennessee. Land formerly owned by Isaac Adams, deceased.
Deed Book 6, p. 18. Patrick Co., VA

1820, Sep 21 Land Transfer: From Thomas Adams, atty et al, to Stephen
Atkisson. 214 acres for $400.

Deed Book 6, p. 65. Patrick Co., VA

1820 Land Tax - Patrick Co., VA Stephen Atkisson: 149 acres on South Fork of
Mill Creek; 15 miles

east of Court House. Value: $372.50. Tax: $.47. Land transferred from E. Banks
and Martha Miller.

1820 Personal Property Tax - Patrick Co., VA

White Males +16 Horses Slaves

Stephen Atkisson 1 2 6

William Atkisson 2 2 0

1821, Sep 15 Estate sale of Peter Scales. Accounts with estate: Stephen
Atkinson and William Atkinson.

Patrick Co., VA

1823 Personal Property Tax - Patrick Co., VA

White Males +16 Horses Slaves

William Atkins 0 2 0

Stephen Atkins 0 4 7

Jesse Atkins 0 1 0

1824, Oct 07 Court: Juror on murder trial: Stephen Atkinson. Patrick Co., VA

1826 Personal Property Tax - Patrick Co., VA

White Males+16 Horses Slaves

William Atkins 0 1 0

Stephen Atkins 0 4 7

1830 Census - Patrick Co., VA

Males Females Slaves

Stephen Atkisson: 9

Under 5 1 1

5-10 1 1

10-15 1 0

15-20 1 2

20-30 1 0

40-50 0 1

60-70 1 0

Salley Atkisson:

Under 5 2 2

5-10 1 0

15-20 0 2

40-50 0 1

Braxton Atkisson:

Under 5 1 0

15-20 0 1

20-30 1 0

William Atkisson:

15-20 0 1

20-30 1 0

40-50 0 1

50-60 1 0

1830 Property Tax - Patrick Co., VA

White Males Blacks +16 +16 Horses

Jesse Atkisson 1 0 0

Stephen Atkisson, Jr. 1 0 0

John F. Atkisson 1 0 1

William Atkisson 1 0 1

Stephen Atkisson, Sr. 1 7 5

1838, Nov 22 Land Transfer: From Stephen Atkisson to Fredrick Critz. Land
bought from Adams and Banks in 1819. Apparently, Stephen had a mortgage of
$155.68 + $145. for which he gives deed of trust so that land can be sold to
satisfy debt. Stephen still living in Patrick Co., VA in 1838 and refers to land on
which he has resided for past 15 to 20 years. Deed Book 11. Patrick Co., VA.

1840, Land Transfer: From Stephen & Sally Atkison to William and John Penn.
Stephen Atkison and

Sally, his wife, now of Taladega Co., AL sell to William and John Penn, infant
children of Gabriel Penn for $363 some 363 acres in two tracts. One tract of 214
acres and one of 149 acres bought from Adams and Banks on the waters of Mill
Creek. Deed Book 10. Patrick Co., VA

1843, Jun 21 Last Will & Testament of Stephen Atkisson: "I, Stephen Atkisson,
of the County of Talladega, Alabama, do make and publish this my last will and
testament hereby revoking and making all wills by me at any time heretofore
made. First, I direct that all my debts and funeral expenses as soon after my
decease as possible out of the first moneys that shall come into the hands of my
executors for the purpose of raising such money. My Negro Boy Ralph must be
sold together with all my stock of Horses, Cattle, Hogs and plantation tools and
household furniture not otherwise disposed of in this will. Also I direct that Elias,
Warren, Charlett & Sarah (Negroes) and one hundred and twenty acres of land
on the west end of my tract, two horses, a part of my stock of Cattle, Hogs and
one years provisions shall be and remain the absolute property of my beloved
wife during her lifetime. And at her death my Negro boy Warren is to belong to
my son Clark. And the balance of the above equeathed property and the income
thereof to be Sold, and the proceeds to be equally divided between all of my
children. Also I give to my son John, Eighty acres of land on the east end of my
tract and also Negro Boy Liberty. To my Son I give Negro boy Jordan. I give to
my Daughter Ruth one bed and furniture and Negro Girl Louisa. To my Daughter
Jane I give one bed and furniture and Negro Girl Hamut (?). I give to my son
William Negro Boy George. To my son Green one chunk (?) of horse. Also
Saddle & Bridle and Negro boy Bob. I give to my daughter Elizabeth Negro boy
Seath also one bed and

furniture and Saddle & Briddle. And it is also my wish that so long as any of my

Choose to live with their mother these Negroes to be left there also & work
together and when

they leave they can take the property with them, and to effectuate things My
intentions, I do

hereby ordain my son John and neighbor Granville W. Penn Executors of this
my last will and

testament. In witness wereof I Stephen Atkison the Testator have to this last will

testament set my hand and seal this twenty first day of June in the year of our
lord one thousand

eight hundred and forty three.

Signed in the presence of us who has subscribed in the presence of each other,
George (his mark) Adams, James S. Stockdale, Wm. Summers. Stephen
Atkisson (Seal) Talladega Co., Alabama.

1844, Jun 17 Amendment to will:

"Whereas, I Stephen Atkisson of the County of Talladega and State of Alabama
have by my last

will and testament in writing duly executed bearing date the twenty first day of
June 1843 Given and bequeath to my Son Clark Negro boy Warren at the death
of his Mother. Now I the Said Stephen Atkisson being desirous of altering my
said will in respect to said legacy and in respect to one hundred and twenty
acres of land bequeathed in said will to my Wife during her life do therefore
make this present writing which I will and direct to be annexed as a codicil to my
said will and taken as part thereof and I do hereby revoke said legacy to my son
Clark, and given to him Charlette's child Samuel, to take possession of
whenever he likes, and Warren is to be sold at the death of my wife together
with all other propery in said will.........(?) and I do give to my sons William and
Green equally the one hundred and twenty acres of land aforesaid, at the death
of my wife, and I do ratify and confirm my

said will in everything except where the ...(?) is hereby revoked, and altered as
aforesaid in

witness whereof I hereunto put my hand & Seal this 17th day of June and year of
our Lord 1844."

Signed and acknowledged in the presence of witnesses, Jesse Matson, ? ?, W.
S. Carpenter.

Stephen Atkisson (Seal) Talladega Co., Al