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Note for:   Nancy Mangum,   30 Aug 1786 - 11 Jan 1869         Index

     Date:   Jan 1869
     Place:   Mangum, Cemetery, Newberry, South Carolina

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Note for:   Hiram Peterson,   19 Sep 1805 - 18 Apr 1882         Index

     Date:   Apr 1882
     Place:   Bramlett United Methodist Cemetery

Individual Note:
VITAL RECORDS: Birth and death of Hiram Peterson are taken from tombstone incscription in Bramlett Church Cemetery in Laurens County S.C. CHILDREN:From the Equity Court Cases of Newberry County S.C. we find that Hiram Peterson is made the guardian of the estate of his two daughters, Louisa Caroline and Nancy Mills, who are heirs, as great granddaugters, of William Pitts.

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Note for:   Mahalee Peterson,   ABT 1815 -          Index

Individual Note:
1850 Federal Census Newberry county SC page 235 871/871
Giles C. Clelland, 35 m Farmer SC;
           Mahala 28 F, SC: W.I., 11, SC;
           R C 9 N. I. E. 6 (f)
           B. T. 5
           R. K. 3
Listed two doors down is John T. Peterson age 40 merchant,
          Jane age 33
          John E. age 10

1860 Chambers County AL page 993 750/750

Cleland, Giles C. 46 m farmer 200 500 SC
              Mahala 46 f SC
              Robert C. 19 m SC
              Nancy J. 16 f SC
              Bluford F 15 m SC
              James H. 15 m SC
              Alfred R. 7 m SC
              Lawrence E. 4 m SC
              Arvazena 1 f GA
1880 Camp Co. Texas ed 9 page 8 65/77
Cleland, Giles w m 66 farmer SC SC SC
               Mary w f 65 keeping house SC SC SC

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Note for:   Thomas Peterson,   1756 - 15 Mar 1827         Index

Religion:   Baptist

Individual Note:
     VITAL RECORDS: Birth dates for children and marriage date for Thomas and Abigail come from a undated, undocumentd copy of a family bible record in the possession of ( at one time) J. F. Peterson, this bible record has surfaced many time in many places.

THOMAS PETERSON is the first Peterson to whom records have been found that connects him to the Peterson's who came to Dallas Co., Arkansas in the 1850's from Alabama. His exact date of birth is unknown, but it was around 1755. He married Abigail Richardson, born ca 1755, September 1776,who was possibly the daughter of John Richardson?

Thomas had a sister named Elizabeth, who married Amos
Richardson, a brother of Abigail.

They were married in either Virginia or South Carolina. They lived mostly in the Edgefield District, S.C.

They became parents of eleven known children. Abigail died June 15, 1825, and Thomas, September 12, 1827, both in Edgefield. Thomas did leave a Will, dated March 1, 1827, and it was probated in the same year in Edgefield, S.C.

Thomas is registered in the DAR records as a patriot of the Revolutionary War as one who sold and furnished supplies to the Military by selling flour. Mrs Vera Mae Baker Holder researched this information for a number of years and was
officially certified in the National Society of the
National No. is 753153. Any other descendants of Thomas may
also join.

THOMAS PETERSON II was born in Edgefield District,
South Carolina on March 1, 1784; the fourth child of Thomas and Abigail Richardson Peterson.
He was a soldier in the War of 1812; enlisting in the Newberry District as a private on September 15, 1814. He served in Captain John K. Griffin's Company of Infantry, Regiment South Carolina Militia, commanded by Lt. Col. John A. Alston, and was discharged of February 1, 1815 at Georgetown, S.C.

Soon after his discharge from military service, Thomas began his westward migration. His travels carried him through Georgia, where he married, November 3, 1817, Susannah Shaddock. Thomas Monk, J.P, married them in Jasper County, Georgia.

Susannah was born in 1799, also in South Carolina, the daughter of Samuel Shaddock, a farmer of S.C. who also migrated to Alabama, where his death occurred. Samuel and his wife, Prudence, were both members of the Methodist Church. It is believed that Thomas and Susannah were in the same "wagon train" of the migration to Alabama.

Susannah was one of nine children of Samuel and Prudence Shaddock. The names of the children of Sam and Susannah were Sarah (Mize); Mary, born 1795; Benjamin, born 1796; Thomas, born 1797; Susannah (Peterson), Samuel, born 1801; Burrel, born 1804; Jane (McCanless); and Abigail Ann (Grant). (Three of the men came to Arkansas and settled in Dallas Co., AR.

By the ages of their children and where they were born, Samuel and Burrel Shaddock came to Arkansas around 1842-5, and the third, Thomas, around 1854. All three men died there
and all three had large families.)

The Alabama Territory had been created in 1817, and with peace being restored following the war with the Creek Indians, there was a large migration into the territory of Anglo-Americans. The territory became the 22nd State of the Union in 1819. At that time, the population of the entire territory was only about 123,000.

Thomas and Susannah reached Alabama; they were in Bibb County by 1818, Perry County by 1822, and Coosa County by 1837. He was a farmer and wheel wright. Both were members of the Primitive Baptist Church. He died in Coosa County, Alabama in 1847.

In 1852, Susannah applied for bounty land in Coosa County, based on the military service of Thomas, for which she was eligible under Acts passed by Congress. She was granted a land warrant for eighty acres on this application.

Susannah is listed on the 1850 Coosa Co., Alabama Census as
head of house. Her two children, James, age 20, and Elizabeth, age 24, were still in the home. On the 1860 Census for Coosa Co., she is listed as living in the home of her son, James. She was 61. Also listed in the same household, was Mary Shaddock, age 65. Probably her sister.
Susannah died in 1864, age 65, and is buried in Coosa Co., Alabama.

CHILDREN of Thomas and Susannah Peterson

Samuel Peterson was born in Bibb County, Alabama in 1819. He was named after his mothers father, Samuel Shaddock. He married Eliza J. Henry, born 1821, January 26, 1838 in Perry Co., Alabama. Eliza's middle name was probably Jane, but it can't be confirmed. (In June 1860, when her daughter, Elizabeth was married, her daughter's marriage license says she was married in the residence of E. J. Peterson.)

Sam and Eliza were living in Coosa Co., in 1840 and 1850. He was a farmer by occupation. The 1840 Census indicated he owned 8 slaves.

He moved to Dallas Co., Arkansas in Holly Springs Township, sometime after 1853 and before 1857, possibly with his uncle, Thomas Shaddock. He and his wife, along with their children, are on the 1860 Arkansas Census. The last child's name was a girl called Xautheppa Peterson, who was either 1 or 11 months old. (Difficult to read)

Sam had followed his younger brother, Thomas, who had came to Arkansas in 1849, as well as two uncles, Sam and BurrelShaddock, who had came much earlier.

Sam paid tax on 440 acres of land in 1861-2. He owned 220 acres in section 1, and 240 in section 12. His land and other personal goods totaled about $2920. He owned one slave.

His brother, Thomas, paid tax on 485 acres of land, located next to his. There property was located in TS10, Range 16 South, Sections 1, 12, & 13. Part of this land had been sold to the State of Arkansas in 1841, and they bought it from the state. No deed has been found on record showing when Sam bought his land.

Samuel did not fight in the Civil War, but he was a member of the Home Guard of minutemen Appointed By The Court, October 10, 1861, for the township of Holly Springs. David Mahan (brother-in-law to Thomas) and Thomas Peterson also served in the same capacity. The primary purpose of the home guard was to help the family of soldiers who needed food and clothing, and to guard the town. (information in Dallas Co.

Court Records, Book B, page 121.) There is a map on file at the National Archives that is identified as a captured Confederate map turned in by a Capt. McCalster of the Dept. of the Gulf in 1865. This map shows all of Dallas County, the location of all roads and the location and names of the farms in every township of Dallas Co. This map would have been of great importance to the Union Troops in the area during the war. Sam and his family are listed on this map, on Range 16, Township 10. His farm was about three miles north of Holly Springs.

Sam died sometime around 1866-1867. Tax was paid on the estate of Samuel Peterson in 1867. The value of personal goods then, was $130.00. No land was mentioned. His land may have been temporary confiscated because he was involved in the fighting.

Eliza is listed on the 1870 Arkansas Census as head of house, apparently having been widowed. Eliza paid tax in 1870 on the land, and the value was $200.00. The size of the farm was 160 acres. The location of the farm was E1/2 S.W. and W1/2 S.E., Section 12, Township 10 South, Range 16 West. This land was part of the land that Sam paid tax on in 1861-2. The land value was $200.00.

On the 1870 Arkansas Census, Eliza has five girls still in her home. They were Mary J., age 24; Louisa A., age 12; Elizabeth, age 10; Clara, age 8; and Amy, age 6. The child named as Elizabeth, has to be the one called Xautheppa, on the 1860 Census. Elizabeth Ann, age 16, had married Sam McCright in January of 1870, and they are listed as man and wife in a separate home on this Census.

Eliza must have died herself between 1870-1880, as her younger children, Clara Catherine and Amy, are living with their sister, Mary Susan, and her husband by 1880.

There are two cemeteries located today near the ordinal land

Sam owned in 1861. This could be where Sam and his wife,
Eliza, were buried. Samuel E. Shaddock is buried at Mt
Olive, north of Holly Spring, as are numerous graves with
the name Shaddock and Launius. The another Cemetery is
called Oak Grove. The primary name on the graves here is
Hearn. It is north of Holly Springs, and east of the 160
acres owned by Sam and Eliza. This is where two of their
children, Mary Susan Everitt, and Molly Jane Beard Crawford
are buried.

We find the names of Thomas and Abigail Peterson on the rolls of the Bush River Baptist Church from the earlist church roll which is dated prior to the Revolutionary War.

Census 1790 Federal Census Newberry County South Carolina page 74
Thomas Peterson: Free white males < 16 -1, Free white males >16 -3, Free white females 5.DEATH:

1800 Newberry Co., S. C. Census
THOMAS PETERSON - no statistics given

1810 Newberry Co., S. C. Census
       2 males 10-16 years
       2 males 16-26 years
       1 male 45 years & up
       1 female under 10 years
       2 females 10-16 years
       1 female 16-45 years
       1 female 45 years & up

1820 Union Co., S. C. Census
       1 male under 10 years
       1 male 10-16 years
       1 male 16-26 years
       2 females under 10 years
       1 female 26-45 years

Surmized from date will was written and date of probate.

Will In the Name of God Amen I Thomas Peterson of Edgefield District State of South Caroiina Being well stricken in years and infirm in body yet Perfect in mind and memory do make and ordain and delcare this instrument which is my Last will and Testament. I will to my beloved sone William Peterson Sixty five Acres of Land joining John Henson and Star--- Land The Ballance of my Lands I will to my Beloved sons Thomas Peterson and James Peterson to divide as they see propper I also will to my beloved grandson Milton Perkins one grey horse colt and one three year old heiffer with calf I also will to Elizabeth Perkins one wheell and cards also one wheel cards and Loom and reell to Casandra Perkins I also wish all the rest of my property su---- house hold and kitchen furniture and stock of all kind to be Sold and Equally divided amongst my children also one negro girl named Lucy to be Sold and divided I also wish Milton Perkins to have the half of the corn and cotton that himself and Lucy can raise on the Land  the present year the Ballance to be sold and divided equally. I do appoint my sons David Peterson and James Peterson Executors of this my will in witness whereof I do set my hand and seal this the first day of March 1827 and in the fifty first year of the independence of the United States of America. Test Casandra Perkins Elizabeth Perkins (signed) Thomas Peterson      William Adams

9th Generation descendent Vera Mae Baker Holder joined the DAR in 1992 through her Revolutionary Ancestor THOMAS PETERSON. Her application
states that THOMAS PETERSON resided at Camden District, South Carolina during the American Revolution and that while acting in the capacity of patriotic service supplied 200 pounds of flour to Militia in 1779.

Feb 22, 1779 received by Lieut Henry Caffey for Lieut Col. Early Kershaw Reg't of Militia. 200 weight of flour. Original copy in Data F. C. Stub Indents of Claims Against S.C. for Rev. War. Book U - W #540 - Lib. U.

Thomas Peterson's will dated March 1, 1827, and was probated on March 21, 1827.

Peterson Cemetery is between Newberry & Saluda (in poor conditiion in 1966).

Welch descent (maybe from Penn??)

Important sources:

    (1) Minutes of the Good Hope Baptist Church, Saluda Co., SC - Abigal (Richardson) Peterson died 5 Jan 1825, Edgefield Co., SC

    (2) Feb 2, 1773 Thomas Peterson received 100 acres in S.C. (Source) Manuscript in Edgefield Genealogy Society.

    (3) January 23, 1775 Thomas Peterson memorial 150 acres Chester Co., SC. On Cane Creek.

    (4) 1779 stub indent for flour N 540 Lib & "Issued the 13th ..July 1785 to Thomas Peterson for one pound eight Shillings and five pense 3/4 for 200 wt.           ...flour Supply. d Militia in 1779 per account audited Principal ...(source) Book UW Stub Entries to Indents issued in Payment of Claims
         against SC Growing out of the Revolution. A.S. Salley, Jr. 1918.

    (5) April 25 - June 24 1781 Thomas Peterson served as a private in the Birtish Army in the American Revolution. He served in Capt. Samuel Rowarth's          Co., King's Rangers. He signed up in Augusta, GA (source) Vol 1, page 73 Loyalists in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War by Clark            1981.

    (6)  On Feb 4, 1782, Thomas Peterson had land north of John Ferguson in Chester Co., SC. (source) Some SC Co. records Vol 2 by S.E. Lucas                   1989, Chester Co., deed book C.

    (7) November 11, 1784 Thomas Peterson buys land from John Newton whose land was next to his in (On Little River) Newberry Co., SC.
          Paid off May 16, 1795, Newberry Co. Land Deeds Book "C", page 255.

    (8) June 2, 1788 Thomas Peterson buys land from William Johnson in Newberry Co., SC in Book "B", page 841.

    (9) Sept - Dec 1789, Thomas Peterson was on the Grand Jury in Newberry Co., SC

    (10) Nov 8, 1813 thomas Peterson sells land to Andrew Holand. Newberry Co. Land Deeds, book "K" pg. 310.