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Ancestors of the McGee Family
The Marion Thomas Bowers / Elbert Glen McGee Family farm near Lorenzo, Texas.
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742 - Earliest Birth Year
2009 - Latest Birth Year
   Ancestors of D. K. McGee
   Ancestors of  my Wife - J. M. West

The United States Federal Census: A History and Guide Line to explain what each year recorded.

Famous People That I am Related to:

Charlemagne Charlemagne “First Emperor of  The Holy Roman Empire  (742-814)
John I "Lackland" John I “Lackland” King of England  (1166-1216)
Richard I Richard I “The Lion Heart ” King of England  (1157-1191)
Francis Bacon Sir Francis Bacon  (1561-1626)
Robert Bake's "Kentucky Long Rifle"
Robert James Baker  (1660-1728)

Probably the first Blacksmith in America and the inventor of the “Kentucky Long Rifle”.

General George Armstrong Custer
General George Armstrong Custer  (1839-1876)
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