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William and Nancy and descendants

McConnel brothers
Francis K. (Frank) and family
Mary McConnel Lawson and James Lawson
"Uncle Sam, Aunt Mary Jane, Uncle Frank"

David and Mary and descendants

(photos courtesy Merv McConnel)
David and Mary McConnel
Riverside Ferry (Parma) picnic, July 4th, 1900 includes Mervin McConnel, Daisy McConnel, Fred McConnel, Massie McConnel
Mervin G., France 1918
Fred and Ellen, circa 1940
David and Mary and Boise home
Haying, circa 1900

Benjamin and Elizabeth and descendants

Benjamin and Elizabeth, 1869, Boise City
Family Bible includes cover, Benjamin C. McConnel & Elizabeth Hall marriage page and Births page
sons of Benjamin's & Elizabeth's: Charlie, Harlie, Will, Walter, Arthur, Jim and Roy as boys
Will & Ida
Charles (studio and "Uncle Charlie feeding the bear soda pop")
Harlan "Harley"
Walter and Bessie
Arthur and Minnie
Roy & Bessie
Benjamin and Elizabeth with Family
McConnel Island, 2008


Cyrus M. Hall, Plainview, Neb.; N. P. Nelson, Conway, IA.; Chas. Hall, Conway,IA - back
Nannie, Fannie, Ollie Hall (H.B. Rice, photographer)
Olla Hall (H.B. Rice, photographer)
Fannie C. Hall, obituary, June 17, 1887
Fannie C. Hall, funeral notice, June 17, 1887
Nannie Jennison Hall, death notice, Times Republican, June 1898
Ray Hall, 1900, age 22 - back
Lee Hall, 1900, age 18 -back
Charlie Hall
Sarah Dey, (photographer, Henderson, York, Neb.)
Sarah Dey, (photographer, A. J. Van Liew, York, Neb.)
John "Beard" Dey - back (David City, Neb.)
Iva Dey
Lillie Dey (photographer, Lee - York, Neb.)

Jim and Idella

Jim & Idella
Jim plowing in High Valley
Idella's Friendship Signature Quilt

Roy and Alma and descendants

Roy & Alma
Roy with big squash
Roy in Tall Grass
Billy, growing up in High Valley
Neal, growing up in High Valley
Bill and Neal, '40's
Bill, 1940's
Bill McConnel weds Caroline MacAskill, February 3, 1946
Rodney Dale McConnel (1950-1974) (son of Bill and Caroline)

Half Diamond One brand
Breaking snow over Tripod Summit
Quilt Patterns catalog

John and Celestia Carlson

(Alma McConnel's parents)

Alma and brother Ira on horseback, High Valley, about 1911
Carlsons' Stage Stop, with John, Lettie, Alma and Ira
Alma's 8th grade class
High Valley Ranch Roy McConnels' place, the original Carlson homestead
McFarlands and Badger, old friends

Barker Photographs

Grandmother Carlson's Cousin (date unknown, location unknown)
Wright Barker funeral notice, 1904 - Wright Barker was Celestia's uncle
Walter Barker (cousin), 1917
Adell, Wife of Walter Barker (cousin), 1917
Clarence Barker, U.S.S. Vermont, 4th Division - back
Ira Willard Barker, unknown date, photographer Miss Taney, Bangor, ME
Natalie, wife of Ira Willard Barker (cousin), unknown date, photographer E. J. Taney, Bangor, ME
Frances (nee: Barker), Mae, Luther Fulton, 191-
Mae Fulton (same size and quality as the print below)
Camp in the Sierras, 1924
Uncle Lou and Celestia, 192- (L. K. Barker)
Newspaper clipping from abt. 1926, when Celestia visited California
Cousin Helen Barker Wilson

Other McConnels and Friends

Loren Smith
"Uncle Sam and Nellie, sister of Frank"
"Gray, son of Elmer"
"Cousin Leslie McConnel, Dick McConnel, brother of Frank"

Celebrations and Outings

Riverside Ferry (Parma) picnic, July 4th, 1900 includes Mervin McConnel, Daisy McConnel, Fred McConnel, Massie McConnel
Roy's birthday 1926
Ira Barker, Roy McConnel and John Carlson
Bill and Caroline McConnel, huckleberries
Blue Lake a fishing destination


William & Nancy includes funeral notices and tombstone detail
David K. McConnel
Benjamin and Elizabeth McConnel
Roy McConnel (son of Benjamin and Elizabeth) and Alma Carlson McConnel
William McConnel (son of Roy and Alma)
Harlan McConnel (son of Benjamin and Elizabeth) and Sara Smith McConnel
Walter McConnel (son of Benjamin and Elizabeth)
Harry McConnel (son of Walter and Bessie) and Bessie Vinson McConnel

Virtual Cemetery


Unlabeled Female
Unknown Male - back
Unknown Male 2

If you have any family photographs, I would be happy to add them to this collection. If you are related and do not see a photograph of your family member, do not hesitate to contact me. I have many yet to add to the site.


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