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John Warren Carpenter1,2

M, b. 1 May 1871, d. 23 January 1941
FatherZachariah Thomas Carpenter b. 25 Jul 1848, d. 10 Aug 1908
MotherMartha J. Teague Johnston b. 1850, d. 1930
ChartsJohn Culpepper of Randolph AL Female Descendants
Last Edited15 Jan 2012
     John was born on 1 May 1871. He was the son of Zachariah Thomas Carpenter and Martha J. Teague Johnston. He married Irena Viola Dean at Clay Co., Alabama, on 10 December 1890 at age 19. He died at Talladega, Talladega Co., Alabama, on 23 January 1941 at age 69. His body was interred at Concord Baptist Cemetery, Clay Co., Alabama. Richard O'Neil Carpenter says, "Charlie Thomas (C.T.) Carpenter is my Grandfather and of course, the Father of my Father " Charles O'Neal Carpenter" who has always simply been called "O'Neal". Dad remembers the day Great-Grandfather John Warren died very well. He died of the flu while living with Charlie and Maud down on the Bemiston Hwy at Talladega. C.T. had a small Gulf gas station and he personally had the flu so dad and John Warren were keeping the store. Dad noticed that John Warren seemed to be cold all day and he ask him if he felt ok. John said he felt alright but just couldn't get warm. The next day he hada serious case of the flu and he died at home...." John Warren Carpenter was born May 01, 1871 in AL, Ashland >Barfield & Delta ALA>Ashland AL, and
died January 23, 1941 in AL, Talladega, Talladega Co.. He married IRENA VIOLA* DEAN December 07, 1890
in Lineville, Alabama Judge Hiram M. EVANS & Rev MORE, daughter of ALSEY* DEAN and LACY* HUDSON.
She was born December 26, 1873 in AL, Clay Co, and died September 23, 1958 in AL, Anniston, Calhoun Co..
More About JOHN WARREN* CARPENTER: *Donna Cuzze's line.
*NOTE: Bet. 1891 - 1941, My dad says his grandpa and uncle Roy had also lived in Delta & Barfield where they
share cropped with Dempsy.
Burial: 1941, Concord Baptist Cemetery
CENSUS-1: 1880, AL, CLAY CO, Coppermine, ZACK age 46 (s/b 40, grave says b.1848) AL-AL-AL, Mattie
shown age 38 AL-AL-AL, John age 9 AL, George H. age 5 AL, Oscar age 3 AL, Sissie age 1 AL.
CENSUS-2: 1900, AL, Clay Co, John W age 28 AL, Irena V. 27 Al, Charlie Thomas 7, John B. 6, Lacy F. 4, Sallie
A. 3, Cecil L 1.
CENSUS-3: 1910, AL, Clay, Ashland, JW age 39, Viola 36, Charley 17, Barney 16, Lacy 14, Salley 13, Cecil 11,
Arthur 8, Lessey 2, dil: Maudie 18.
CENSUS-4: 1920, AL, CLAY CO COPPERMINE John W 48, Irena V 44, Arthur 18, Lessie 12, Eula 9, Nobie 7,
Roy 5, Zackie 3.
CENSUS-5: 1930, AL, CLAY FOX CREEK, John W 58 , Irena V 57, Roy S 16, Zach W 14.
LAND-1: Bet. 1871 - 1941, Dad says his grandpa never owned land as he was a sharecropper mostly in Barfield.
PHOTO-1: 2007, Copies from Lamar Carpenter & Sharon Boling of John & Viola Carpenter and their children.
RECORD-1: 1891, Copy of Marriage License Clay Co. ALA
RECORD-2: February 12, 1910, Named in probate of his father, Z.T. Carpenter, will.
SOURCES-1: 2007, Info collected by g-gdau Donna Cuzze from: Ginger Carpenter, Sharon Bolling, Richard O
Carpenter, Gail Elliott, Lee Weaver, my father Lamar Carpenter, Aunt Nobie Carpenter, Aunt Ruby Fitzgerald and
many others, AL census, BLM records, cemetery records.1 From: Donna Cuzze
Sent: Sunday, January 15, 2012 11:45 AM

Subject: CARPENTER DNA proves Abigail JORDAN

Dear Lew & Kim,

Recent DNA testing has shown a close relationship between John Carpenter, Thomas Carpenter & Reuben Carpenter descendants. All were born circa 1780s in SC but moved to Lincoln Co GA and then as adults moved to different locations.

A journal written circa 1885 by a granddaughter of Abigail JORDAN and Thomas MOFFETT states Abigail was first married to an Unknown Mr. Carpenter (died in AMREV) and had three sons by him, named John, Thomas & Reuben. Abgail and Thomas Moffett lived in Lincoln Co GA and relocated to Jasper Co GA where they died circa early 1820s.

Our Clay County Carpenter linelooks like this:

1. Mr. CARPENTER c. 1750 d. American Revolution
married: Abigail Jordan b. 1749/50 d. 1822
children: John, Thomas*, Reuben and two daughters

2. Thomas Carpenter c.1775 SC d. 1838-1840 Henry Co, GA
married: Mary
children: Zachariah, Thomas M, James Warren*, Elizabeth, Unknow dau, Unknown son, Abigail, Unknown dau, Reuben L.

3. James Warren Carpenter b. 1813Henry Co GA d. 1857 Clay Co AL
married: Sarah Abigail Harlin
children: Lydian, Mary Ann, Sarah Abigail, Mathena Candis, Nancy Jane, Zachariah Thomas*, David Harlin, Emaly Caroline, James Warren Jr.

4. Zachariah Thomas Carpenter b.1848 Henry Co GA d. 1908 Clay Co AL
married: Martha Teague Johnson
children: John Warren*, Reuben Henderson, George H., Robert Lee, Henry Oscar, Sissie, William Edward, Martin Evan, Margaret Beatrice, Grover Cleveland, Zachariah Thomas, Irene C.

5. John Warren Carpenter b.1871 Clay Co AL d. 1941 Talladega, AL
married: Irena Viola Dean ***Grandaughter of Margaret Elizabeth CULPEPPER & John Wesley DEAN
children: Charles Thomas, John Barnett* (my line), Lacy Idora, Sallie Iberta, Cecil Lykirkus, Arthur Lee, Olen W., Lessie Viola, Eula Elizabeth, Nobie Eulalah, Roy Sim, Zachariah Woodrow




Irena Viola Dean b. 26 Dec 1873, d. 23 Sep 1958


  1. E-mail written 2000-2012 to Lew Griffin from Donna Carpenter Cuzze, Mesa, Nevada, e-mail address.
  2. E-mail written May 2000 - Sep 2008 to Lew Griffin from Sharon Boling, Anniston, AL, e-mail address.