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Family Reunions Planning - Event Management System

Fimark's Family Reunion Planner Organizer

Step by step guide to planning, organizing and executing a memorable traditional family reunion event. Award winning family reunion planning featuring over five themed family reunion planners from traditional reunion events to luxury cruise reunons. Family reunion event planning organizer software with timeline planning checklist, MS word templates for printing invitations, flyers, welcome letters, keepsake family reunion booklets, honorary award certificates, excel registration worksheet (dues ledger, budget calculator, t-shirt roster, survey worksheet) tips, guides, supplies and more.

Includes event planning and management tools, articles and lots of free software. A selection of genealogy presentation and heirloom documentation forms included.

Family Reunions Take The Internet By Storm

A search in’s organic listing using popular keywords related to family reunions and family travel returns 1,170,000 pages on the subject of family reunions.  Among the links are large traffic sites jammed packed with information from party favors at family reunion gatherings to family reunion planning guides.  There's even a family reunion web-ring offering family stories, anecdotes and do's and don’ts of family reunion planning.

Family Reunion Growth Trigger
 What’s triggering the growth in family reunion activity?  What is the catalyst that causing the basic units of society to come together?  One of the factors contributing to the upsurge is connected to 9-11-01.  "It seems everyone knows someone who lost a friend or relative on that day.  It makes you want to hold on tight to your family, your future and acknowledge your ancestry”, said one family reunion committee member. 

 While overseas travel dropped by double digits in 2001, the number of Americans traveling to family reunions at that time increased to 37 percent. More RVs were rented, more families traveled. One travel agency saw multigenerational family travel and reunion-type family travel increase for first-time visitors from 20 percent in 2000 to 34 percent in 2001.

 A survey of 400 ASTA and members found that 67 percent reported booking travel accommodations for family reunions within the year since Sept 11 2001, while 64.5 percent reported an increase in requests to book family reunion trips over the past five years.  Noticing an increase in family travel in the aftermath of Sept. 11, Sonesta launched the Our Family Invites Your Family package.

Family Reunions Becoming Big Event
Clearly family reunions are becoming the big event far surpassing Holiday celebrations and July 4th picnics.  It would appear that family reunion planning has evolved into the catalyst bringing families together throughout the year if only for family reunion committee meeting conference calls or to share some new genealogy research issue or artifact find. 

Families groups honoring up to four or more surnames are booking cruise ships to celebrate their union.  One company with its eye on the ball is offering special family reunion package cruises and New York City show and tour luxury bus rides featuring a Broadway show and dinner.  That said, planning a family reunion for some have become about as challenging as planning a wedding reception.  Carnival Cruise Lines is expecting a 20 percent increase in capacity.

 One site, Legendary Heritage Heirlooms located at, boasts“ having everything you need to throw a great family reunion,” including a free family reunion web page, free reunion invitations, free flyer creator, free musical e-card announcements with midi music files commonly used at family reunions.

Site Featuring Family Reunion Content
Other helpful reunion services may include event tips regarding safe meal preparation and financing large events on land or at sea.  As reunion events become more sophisticated in comes the family reunion event planner.  Reunion Planners, like wedding planners, offer organizational skills and years of experience that the most seasoned reunion committees find invaluable.

 A number of tools family reunion event planners seem to value are reunion event evaluation sheets, activity ideas check lists, event detail sheets, site location sheets, scheduling worksheets, committees assignment sheets, reunion needs lists, meal planner checklists, time line preparation reminders and believe it or not the list goes on. 

 But it's not just about focusing on the present. It's also about connecting with the past. Travel agents cited an increased interest among young people in their family roots and genealogy.   The outcome of a recent poll by Market Strategies, Inc. (MSI), a national, research and strategic consulting firm and, Inc. revealed that 73 percent of Americans are interested in discovering their family history.

Family Reunion Services
 New family reunion services have sprung up everywhere on the Internet offering tips, tools and helpful family research aides. Included in the mix of useful tools are genealogy research and documentation print out sheets, family heirloom certification papers, family lineage presentation tips, and the ability to publish your findings in photos, video and art. Instructions regarding researching, documenting and publishing historic artifacts associated with family lines are plentiful.  Family reunion activities guides and tips regarding establishing and maintaining family traditions have proved an essential must have to planners.

 The process of digging deep to find ones roots opens the door to self-discovery and builds ties that bind a family together like nothing else can.  Family reunions are not just another family get-together.  These reunion events have proved comforting for those dealing with loss. Enlightening to the young. Enriching and deeply satisfying for those seeking to define who they are, where they've been and where they're going.  A need that often only a reunion with loved ones can fill. 


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