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                                      Baldwin Marriages


The North Carolina records I'm listing here are from various source's. I will note where I found them, i.e. Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy Volume I North Carolina (from this book I will list in note column the monthly meeting location)

Ann Baldwin Samuel Millikan 06-10-1767 d/o Wm, Roan Co. New Garden MM
John Baldwin Jemime Sanders 10-24-1776 s/o Wm, Guilford Co. New Garden MM
Sarah Baldwin Richard Williams 06-17-1778 d/o Wm, Guilford Co. New Garden MM
Jesse Baldwin Hannah Thornbrough 12-15-1779 s/o Wm & Elizabeth Guilford Co. Deep River MM
Daniel Baldwin Mary Benbo 11-07-1781 s/o Wm, Guilford Co. New Garden MM
Elizabeth Baldwin Joshua Dicks 05-21-1783 d/o Wm, Guilford Co. New Garden MM
Uriah Baldwin Hannah Hunt 02-18-1784 s/o Wm & Elizabeth, Guilford Co. Deep River MM
Mary Baldwin Walter Thornbrugh 10-11-1786 d/o Wm & Elizabeth, Guilford Co. New Garden MM
William Baldwin Ann Hunt 06-18-1788 Guilford Co. New Garden MM
Jesse Baldwin Hannah Mendenhall 06-12-1806 s/o John & Jemima, Guilford Co. Deep River MM
Charles Baldwin Sarah Thompson 12-25-1806 s/o Daniel & Mary, Guilford Co. Piney Grove MM
Ann Baldwin Benjamin Thomas 03-02-1807 d/o Daniel & Mary, Guilford Co. New Garden MM
John Baldwin Dorcas Bond 09-14-1808 (of New Garden) s/o Daniel & Mary Guilford Co. Springfield MM
Sarah Baldwin Stephen Macy 06-08-1812 Guilford Co. New Garden MM
Daniel Baldwin Christina Wilcuts 05-21-1812 s/o Daniel & Mary Guilford Co Piney Grove MM
Josiah Baldwin Lydia White 11-11-1812 Guilford Co. New Garden MM
Nathan Baldwin Margaret Hodson 10-21-1813 s/o Uriah & Hannah, Guilford Co. Center MM
Daniel Baldwin Charity Hodson 06-20-1815 s/o John & Jemima Guilford Co. Center MM
Elizabeth Baldwin Abraham Cook 04-11-1821 d/o Uriah & Hannah, Guilford Co. New Garden MM
Ann Baldwin Enoch Jessup 09-05-1821 d/o Uriah & Hannah, Guilford Co. New Garden MM
Jane Baldwin James Galbrath 12-12-1822 d/o John & Jemima, Guilford Co. Deep River MM
Margret Baldwin Elijah Davis 01-20-1825 d/o John & Charlotte, Guilford Co. Deep River MM
Jesse Baldwin Margaret Beeson 02-16-1826 s/o John & Jemima Guilford Co. Deep River MM
Nathan Baldwin Malinda Hinshaw 02-21-1830 s/o Jesse & Hannah, dec. Guilford Co. Marlborough MM


Records from  Ancestry. com no marriages found in Boone pre 1850 on the Indiana State Library site

Maxamilla Baldwin John F Beaman 06-07-1855  
Edna Baldwin Sanford Hinton 10-08-1863  
James L Baldwin Martha E Smith 09-02-1869  
Mary M Baldwin William H Helton 12-24-1873  
John L Baldwin Emma E Turner 02-13-1879  
James W Baldwin Mary E Huffman 01-25-1882  
James Baldwin Alice Perkins 01-29-1884  
Leonard A Baldwin Mary Williams 06-10-1888  
Linnie E Baldwin John M Wild 06-18-1911  
Everett Baldwin Anna Beeson 01-30-1912  
Grace E Baldwin Luther A Vanansdall 01-01-1914  


Records from Ancestry. com and Indiana State library site pre 1850 marriages

* means I have gotten a copy of the marriage license and verified the marriage.

Elizabeth Baldwin Enos Mills 04-15-1841  
Hannah Baldwin Ebel Teter 01-18-1843  
John C Baldwin Synthia Ann Bradfield 04-25-1844  
Margaret Ann Baldwin Wyatt Cain 08-11-1849  
William Baldwin Mary Ann Coffin 09-07-1848  
Nancy Baldwin Ariel Beeson 02-27-1851  
Anna M Baldwin Enos Noblett 04-03-1856  
Nathan Baldwin  * Susan Sherick 04-02-1857  
Margaret M Baldwin Seaborn M Foster 08-29-1857  
Cyrus Baldwin  * Barbara Sherick 09-22-1859  
Eli Baldwin  * Lavica Smith 01-31-1861  
Mary C Baldwin John Cain 07-16-1861  
Isaac N Baldwin Emarine Ballow 08-07-1864  
Martha J Baldwin Levi P Fodrea 01-31-1867  
Pamelia Baldwin  * Benjamin Randall 02-27-1868 note w/ lic. saying Pamelia is of age
John S Baldwin  * Emily Jane Beard 09-26-1868  
John J Baldwin Sarah J Vestal 03-26-1875  
Nathan D Baldwin Bettie Cook 03-15-1877  
Lewis C Baldwin Francis Spidle 11-11-1880  
Nancy E Baldwin Isaac G Shell 10-17-1885  
Jane Baldwin William L Richwine 10-28-1885  
Mary Baldwin Henry Beard 01-30-1886  
Lincoln Baldwin  * Rosalie D White 03-24-1887  
Wesley Baldwin  * Clara Kellam 02-01-1890  
Franklin Baldwin  * Jane Haworth 08-15-1891  
Lois Baldwin William T Silvey 04-20-1893  
Levi Baldwin  * Sarah E Wells 05-18-1893  
W D Baldwin  * Josie Spence 04-12-1895  
John Baldwin  * Emily Baldwin 05-17-1895  
Ella D Baldwin  * Paul D Brown 10-07-1896 minister: Nathan D Baldwin
Davy Baldwin  * Anna Fosnight 06-27-1897  
Maudie Baldwin  * Albert Weldon 07-25-1897  
Francis M Baldwin  * Ethel Losey 08-20-1898  
Charles H Baldwin  * Elsie Cox 03-15-1899  
Lindley Baldwin  * Dora (Frost) Sapp 04-15-1899  
Ida B Baldwin Charles E Jeffries 08-13-1899  
Minnie Baldwin Albert E Edwards 04-28-1900  
Martha T Baldwin Charles W Shackles 12-25-1902  
Arry G Baldwin  * Gail White 12-07-1904  
Wesley Baldwin  * Mary F Revis 11-25-1905  
Mary A Baldwin Marion McKinley 11-26-1910  
Alpha Baldwin Reona Lennen 03-31-1911  
Lincoln J Baldwin Sarah Knight 05-11-1911  
Edna L Baldwin Dorsie C Gunn 10-28-1912  
Isaac N Baldwin Mary W Hobson 03-16-1916  
S Merle Baldwin John A Randall 02-24-1918  
Emma M Baldwin Earl E Holloway 01-25-1920  
Cecil E Baldwin Iva May Geiger 02-14-1920  
Luther I Baldwin  * Pauline Barrickman 06-28-1922  


Records from Ancestry. com, Indiana State Library site and as noted, from the Abstracts of Records of Society of Friends in Indiana Vol. I & II monthly meetings.

Elwood Baldwin Phebe Scott 11-19-1834  
John Baldwin Asenath Hinshaw 06-02-1836  
John Baldwin Elizabeth McVickers 09-09-1836  
Louisa Baldwin Cyrus Newby 01-25-1838  
Uriah Baldwin Rebecca Hodson 05-06-1841  
Simeon Baldwin Elizabeth Jomey 04-13-1843  
Marian Baldwin Joseph Beard -8-25-1844  
Eunice Baldwin Elihu Pickett 04-19-1848  
Rachel Baldwin Bailey Pearson 05-23-1849 and 10-04-1849 both dates in records
Mary Baldwin John Hodson 12-02-1850  
Milton Baldwin Mary Ann Anderson 12-26-1850  
Hannah Baldwin Eli Stanely 03-04-1852  
Aseneth Baldwin Alvris Adams 12-08-1853  
Anna Baldwin Alson Dennis 12-07-1854  
Amelia Baldwin Joseph Howell 04-19-1855  
Franklin Baldwin Mary Hodson 05-31-1855  
Franklin Baldwin Mary Macy 12-26-1857  
Jonathan Baldwin Mary Burcham 08-09-1862  
Andrew Baldwin Eunice (Coffin) Lamar 10-30-1862 Andrew's 2nd mg Springfield MM
Mary Baldwin Lewis Julian 01-18-1863  
Lydian Baldwin William Ledbetter 03-28-1863  
Laura A Baldwin John Beird 05-19-1864  
Elizabeth Baldwin John Wheller 04-15-1866  
Stephen S Baldwin Mary E Wilson 09-12-1867  
Rachel Baldwin Karmadeelle White 10-17-1868 Marmaduke actual first name
Franklin Baldwin Mary Carr 10-26-1871  
Phebe A Baldwin Robert Lloyd 08-29-1877  
Cora Baldwin Henry Kirk 08-30-1877  
J Newton Baldwin Ruth Reynolds 09-01-1878  
Andrew Baldwin Hannah (Elliott) Ballinger 09-02-1880 Andrew's 3rd mg Springfield MM
Lizzie E Baldwin Richard Brewer 08-03-1882  
Martha J Baldwin Charles Phillips 05-18-1884  
Julia A Baldwin William Jones 08-16-1884  
Virgil H Baldwin Ella Kawr 09-26-1889  
Walter L Baldwin Ida Leamon 06-29-1890  
Charlotte Baldwin John Stetson 04-15-1892  
George Baldwin Asenath Reynolds 03-11-1893  
Alice Baldwin Henry Fort 05-17-1893  
Elwood Baldwin Nellie Gard 02-27-1895  
Amy D Baldwin Earnest Anderson 12-21-1895  
Frank Baldwin Mary Shepherd 12-26-1896  
Howard Baldwin Mary Marlatt 09-04-1907  
Jacob Baldwin Mary Moldin 09-07-1908  
Lewis C Baldwin Dianna Huffman 12-11-1909  
Dillen Baldwin Alice Thornburgh 08-07-1911  
Lee Baldwin Angie Holtsclaw 09-13-1913  
Mary M Baldwin Boker Vaugh 12-24-1915  
Paul R Baldwin Grace Prigg 06-14-1916  
Daniel O Baldwin Renes King 07-14-1917  
Ruth Baldwin Saul Karantz 09-24-1919  


Records from Wayne Co. IN website have the Book and Page numbers, records without are from the Indiana State Library site. Some will have Monthly Meeting notes that have been found in Abstracts of the Society of Friends in Indiana Vol. I & II. If I have found them in more than one place I will try to make note of that.

Matilda Baldwin Caleb Williams 04-01-1818  
Anna Baldwin Thomas Baldridge 09-04-1821 Book ZZ Page 154
Susannah Baldwin Adam Crisner 10-31-1823 Book ZZ Page 211
Lydia Eleanor Baldwin Daniel Jones 01-28-1827 Book A  Page137
Margaret Baldwin Aaron Hastings 08-16-1827  
Susannah Baldwin Abraham Wright 04-24-1828 Book A  Page 185
Hannah Baldwin John Lee 11-09-1830 Book B  Page 23
Nancy Baldwin James Judd 03-27-1831 Book B  Page 61
Jemima Baldwin Mordecai Cloud 12-12-1832  
Diana Baldwin Nathan Lee 08-17-1834 Book B  Page 377
Cynthia Baldwin Charles Beeson 08-02-1838 Book C  Page 70
Phebe Baldwin James Arnett 04-07-1839  
Sarah Baldwin Hiram Lee 12-12-1839 Book C  Page 232
Rebecca Baldwin Samuel Bunker 01-16-1840 Book C  Page 242
Nancy Baldwin James C Graves 10-07-1841 Book D  Page 12
Charlotte Baldwin George Davis 12-15-1841  
Judith Baldwin Samuel Lamar 11-23-1842  
Jane Baldwin William Cook 10-26-1845 Book E  Page 14
Marena Baldwin Samuel Dwiggins 03-19-1846 Book E  Page 44
Luzena Baldwin Daniel Fisher 03-24-1846 Book E  Page 46
Ann Baldwin Eleven Johnson 07-12-1846 Book E  Page 523
Elizabeth Baldwin Isaac N Lesh 11-19-1852 Book F  Page 43
Anna Baldwin Daniel Thornburgh 02-20-1858 Book G  Page 283
Irene Baldwin John Jester 01-26-1860 Book G  Page 555
Phoebe Baldwin David D Bailey 08-10-1861 Book H  Page 171
Matitia M Baldwin Blanchard Willcuts 06-26-1862 Book H  Page 289
Mary Baldwin Clement Leist 04-26-1864 Book H  Page 513
Hannah Baldwin Jabez Wilson 06-25-1864 Book H  Page 534
Hannah Baldwin Morton I Peirce 01-19-1867 Book  I  Page 418
Charity J Baldwin Millon P Julian 08-02-1868 Book J  Page 139
Auseneth Baldwin John M Wolfard 08-06-1868 Book J  Page 141
Anna J Baldwin John W McGraw 10-08-1868 Book J  Page 181
Anna E Baldwin James R. W. Smith 10-21-1869 Book J  Page 366
Minerva E Baldwin William C Stidham 02-04-1871 Book K  Page51
Mary Jane Baldwin James H Brittain 09-19-1871 Book K  Page 128
Mary Baldwin Fobias Julian 11-10-1871 Book K  Page 173
Mary Baldwin Dillon Bales 11-12-1871 Book K  Page 174
Elmira Baldwin Joseph W Rich 03-11-1876 Book L  Page 369
Alice Baldwin Frank Taylor 09-28-1877 Book M  Page 53
Emily Baldwin Sylvester E Dorsey 09-28-1877 Book M  Page 53
Ella Baldwin H H Bogue 11-07-1877 Book M  Page 75
Rhoda Baldwin Levi C Johnson 03-26-1879 Book M  Page 317
Isaiah Baldwin Elizabeth Bond 03-31-1825 Book ZZ Page 255
Jesse Baldwin Meriam Macy 07-07-1825  
Jesse Baldwin Levina Baldwin 03-22-1826 Springfield MH
Enos Baldwin Elizabeth Hoover 08-08-1827 Book A  Page 153
Isaac Baldwin Sarah Murphy 10-27-1827  
Uriah Baldwin Jr Lydia Pickett 09-18-1828  
Jesse Baldwin Priscilla Johnson 09-13-1829  
Asa Baldwin Polly Hoover 02-11-1830 Book A  Page 251
Isaac Baldwin Sarah Clayton 12-21-1831  
Josiah Baldwin Sarah Jessup 05-10-1832 Book B  Page 156
Thomas Baldwin Sally Wilcut 11-07-1832 Book B  Page 186
Newton Baldwin Anna Davis 02-25-1835 West Grove MM Wayne Co IN
David Baldwin Mary Davis 10-28-1835 West Grove MM Wayne Co IN
Johnathan Baldwin Mary Ann Albertson 06-22-1836  
Andrew Baldwin Rhoda Howell 01-18-1838 Book C Page 10 & Springfield MM
Thomas Baldwin Dridema Teagh 09-12-1839 Book C  Page 197
George W Baldwin Margaret Myers 12-26-1839 Book C  Page 237
Dillion Baldwin Mary Rice 07-11-1840 Book C  Page 286
Elias Baldwin Rebecca Price 10-22-1840 Book C  Page 308
Chalkey Baldwin Mary Ann Thornburg 01-15-1842  
Uriah Baldwin Orpha Ann Pyle 07-25-1843 Book C  Page 210
David Baldwin Ruth Howell 10-04-1843 Book D Page 229 & Springfield
Lewis M Baldwin Sarah Cooper 12-28-1843 Book D  Page 260
Elias T Baldwin Phebe Fisher 10-30-1845 Book E  Page 15
Levi Baldwin Elizabeth Study 11-13-1845 Book E  Page 19
Henry Baldwin Ruth Tharp 10-14-1847 Book E  Page 188
Sanford Baldwin Sarah C Mills 10-26-1848 Book E  Page 276
Elias Baldwin Nancy Adamson 12-24-1848 Book E  Page 293
Elias Baldwin Lydia Hough 08-09-1849 Book E  Page 350
Elwood Baldwin Jane Reynolds 11-28-1850 Book E  Page 473
Morrison Baldwin Mary Ann Petty 04-13-1851 Book E  Page 512
Nathan Baldwin Rachel Reynolds 07-27-1856 Book G  Page 23
Elias Baldwin Hannah B Mill 12-14-1856 Book G  Page 91
John Baldwin Ann M Coffin 04-10-1859 Book G  Page 449
William Baldwin Louisa Dennis 10-24-1860 Nettle Creek MM
Calvin Baldwin Sarah Julian 03-14-1863 Book H  Page 373
Cynus H Baldwin Emily J Pitts 10-08-1863 Book H  Page 432
William Baldwin Emily Chatman 12-23-1863 Book H  Page 461
Bailey P Baldwin Elizabeth Pollard 03-03-1864 Book H  Page 491
Lewis Baldwin Caroline Pitts 03-29-1868 Book J  Page 85
William Baldwin Louisa Cox 12-12-1868 Book J  Page 218
James A B Baldwin Nancy A Swing 10-20-1870 Book K Page 2
Nathan Baldwin Adaline Coggshall 07-04-1872 Book K  Page 276
James A Baldwin Emma Martindale 09-28-1872 Book K  Page 314
Sylvester Baldwin Emma Fielden 11-28-1872 Book K  Page 341
David W Baldwin Rebecca C Bond 12-25-1872 Book K  Page 357
John B Baldwin Harriet Fleming 12-26-1872 Book K  Page 353
Larkin Baldwin Malinda Lamb 03-06-1873 Book K  Page 389
George C Baldwin Julia E Ferrell 07-02-1876 Book L  Page 426
Uriah Baldwin Rosanna Hodgin 01-25-1879 Book M  Page 289
Alpheus S Baldwin Ellen Bond 09-04-1881 Springfield MM