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Kaminski is a long-established surname of Polish origin. It is either an occupational name for a quarry-man or stone-cutter, deriving from the Polish "kamien" meaning stone, or a locational name from an area with the Polish word "kamien" in the placename such as Kamieniec, located in Lower Silesia. Both naming instances use the addition of the suffix "-ski". Job-descriptive surnames originally denoted the actual occupation of the namebearer, and later became hereditary, and locational surnames were initially given to local landowners, and later as a means of identification to those who left their birthplace to settle elsewhere. In Polish surnames "-ski" originally indicated association with a place, but soon came to be regarded as equivalent to the French "de", and so indicative of gentry status. Formerly, the namebearer would have been lord of the estate or manor to which the name referred, but gradually "-ski" was applied indiscriminately to various surname types. (Note: Kaminski crest artwork copyright by Eddie Geoghegan,

The following family history begins at the turn of the 20th century:

Ignacy Kaminski

Ignacy was born 11 Nov 1885 and came from Warschau (Warsaw) Poland. Church records indicate his parents were Roch Kaminski and Anna (nee Markiewiez) Kaminski. Roch arrived in the U.S. and lived in Bloomfield, NJ about 1890. Ignacy's older brother, Frank Stanley, arrived in 1899. Ignacy, his mother Annie, and his sisters, Helen and Stella, arrived in 1900. Their brother, Raymond, would be born in Bloomfield in 1901. By 1930, Raymond anglicized his surname to Stone. The surname change would be emulated by Ignacy's children as well.

Ignacy Kaminski died on Tuesday, March 22, 1966.


Franciska Perkowska

Her Polish baptismal certificate certified copied in 1952 had the following information:

There are Ellis Island ship records for a Franciska Perkowska indicating she arrived on September 22, 1908 on the ship Kroonland sailing from Antwerp. Those records indicate she was going to her brother Andozy Perkowski in Bloomfield, New Jersey. A further check of ship records indicate the following Perkowscy all coming from the same Polish town and all going to Bloomfield.

Francis (Perkowska) Kaminski died September 1972.


Kaminski Marriage

Ignacy Kaminski and Francisca Perkowski were married on July 14, 1910 at Saint Valentine Roman Catholic church in Bloomfield, New Jersey.  The church records indicate the witnesses were Ladislaus Lipinski and Stanislaus Kaminski.  Their first known addresses were 15 Howard Place, Nutley on the 1920 census, and 49 Marcy Street, Bloomfield, on the 1930 census. At some point in the late 30s early 40s they purchased the house at 85 Watsessing Ave. in Bloomfield, NJ, and remained there for life. 

They had five known children that grew to adulthood:

  1. Edna Dorothy born abt. January 18, 1910
  2. Joseph born July 11, 1912
  3. Cecelia born May 25, 1914
  4. Helen Ruth born July 30, 1916
  5. Irene D. born March 30, 1919


2nd Generation of Siblings and their Families

Most of the children went by the last name of Stone, the anglicized version of Kaminski.

The cousins are invited to write a history of their families to be added to this page. See the example by clicking on Helen and Tim Monaghan below.


Interesting Kaminski Facts

polandThe official national Coat of Arms of Poland is an eagle on a red field as specified in Poland's constitution. It first appeared between 992-1025. It was redesigned in 1927 by professor Zygmunt Kaminski. The crown on the eagle's head has changed since 1927 with the addition of a cross. The example on the left is as Professor Kaminski designed it in 1927.


Marriage of Ignacy Kaminksi and Francis Perkowska


Retired Wool Spinner

Ignacy Kaminski of 85 Watsessing Ave. Bloomfield died yesterday at his home at the age of 79.

Mr. Kaminski was born in Poland and moved to Bloomfield 60 years ago.  He was a wool spinner at the Oaks Mills in Bloomfield for 30 years before he retired 15 years ago.

He leaves his wife, Mrs. Frances Perkowski Kaminski: a son Joseph of Bloomfield: three daughters, Edna Zdanowski (Zaner) of Newton, PA, Mrs Ceilia Marchesani in Texas and Irene Gorski of Paterson: a brother Raymond of Bloomfield: a sister Mrs. Stella Roszkowski of Bloomfield, 12 grand-children and 5 great-grand-children. (ed. note: His daughter, Helen Monaghan Van Volkom, had passed way December 29, 1965).

The funeral will be Friday from the Gorney & Gorney Parkside Memorial, 399 Hoover Ave Bloomfield, with Mass at 9AM in St. Valentine Church, Bloomfield.

Parents and children at 50th wedding anniversary celebration on Watsessing Avenue