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Campbell Family Cemetery, Carter's Creek. TN

Campbell Graveyard_Colin Campbell.jpg (46289 bytes) The CAMPBELL Family Cemetery sits on the property of Mr. Randall just off Petty Lane in northern Maury County. It is less than a mile from the Alexander Family Cemetery suggesting that the Alexander and Campbell Farms were very closely located to each other, perhaps adjoining.

On the day, we visited, Mr. Randall was present at the farm (he resides in Nashville) along with his son doing farm work. He identified the location of the graveyard to us in a horse pasture about one quarter mile from the house and gave us permission to visit it.

The graveyard consists of two sections each surrounded by a substantial wood fence erected by Mr. Randall. This fence was installed to protect the graveyard from further damage from farm animals that occurred before Mr. Randall had purchased the property. It is surmised that originally the two sections of the graveyard were connected but some previous owner had plowed through the center section splitting the graveyard into two and no doubts erasing some of the graves.

On the July 1998 day we visited, the graveyards were heavily overgrown with trees and brush. Substantial trees grow through some of the graves. Chest high bushes obscure most of the stones. The following graves were located:

Collin Campbell

26 Sep 1759 – 23 Dec 1834

Jane Campbell

30 May 1763 – 6 June 1831                           "Wife of Collin Campbell"

Campbell Graveyard_Jane Hogsten Campbell.jpg (50500 bytes)

Campbell Graveyard_Archibald Argyle Campbell.jpg (48266 bytes)

A.A. (Archibald Argyle) Campbell

31 Aug 1792 – 25 Jun 1844

Polly C. Campbell

30 November 1801 – 1 September 1855

M.W. (Madison W.) Campbell

December 1796 – October 1843

R.H. (Robert Hurley) Campbell

11 April 1801 – 25 May 1831

Collin Campbell

13 October 1827 – 12 June 1827                         "Son of A.A. & P.C."

E.P. (Ephraim Perkins) Campbell

18 April 1830 – 17 January 1852

Nannie H. McKay

26 April 1841 – 21 Jun 1881                             "Wife of J.A. McKay"

Infant McKay, daughter of N.H. & J.A.      no dates

Campbell Graveyard_PC Perkins.jpg (47634 bytes)

Daniel F. Perkins

4 July 1815 – 25 December 1853

Jannet Ramey born 7 March 1803

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