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1946  Easter, The Hodiamont Streetcar, The Fabulous Fox,
and Camille
on our first "getting to know you" date.

Photo credit: Jerry Appleman © 1964 ,2002         Thanks Jerry!

This is Bob's version of the event:

On  a Sunday afternoon, April 21, 1946 (Easter), my girl friend of the moment and I rode the Hodiamont Streetcar to Grand Avenue in St. Louis to see a movie. We went to the "Fabulous Fox" to see Dorothy McGuire in "The Spiral Staircase".

Two way transportation expense was four dimes.  Total cost of our first date was less than $3.00.  This included the all important  popcorn.  (No beverages were allowed in theaters at that time.)

On this day, I was 15 and Camille was 14, and it was uncommon in that day and time for either us to be unaccompanied by some of our friends or relatives.  Group trips were the order of the day for sure.

The girl friend of then and I will celebrate our 61st wedding anniversary this year. (2011) 

This was the REAL first date!

This story did not start with our first date, that was the following week, April 28, 1946, and I did not create that date.!

Camille, the NEW girl at school asked me for our first date and that made me nervous. She asked me to go to a picnic at Forest Park the week after Easter with her ex-classmates from one of the big city schools!  Everyone else including the girl I was with were strangers!  I would be too shy to even talk!  As scary as the situation was I could have said no. I am glad I said yes.

This story is about memories of growing up in the 1940s in a small blue collar suburb touching the city limits of St. Louis.   Memories, good memories that grow brighter and more important to us with time.   

 Camille's story  . . . 

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The Picnic in Forest Park Saturday April 26, 1946

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First "date" , plus 55 years!

This is Camille's version of the event:

I Loved going to Wellston High – It was a newer school building -- very small – where all the students were friendly and I liked the teachers and the classes. Well, not really – I was scheduled to take the Speech class, and since I was extremely shy I did only what was required and did not get up in the front of the class if I could avoid it.  The best thing about Wellston High was my Civics class because that’s where I met Bob. I liked him immediately – he was so cute, and everyone in the class was his friend (especially the girls) He wasn’t “smart Alec” like a lot of the boys – just friendly and fun.

My friends from Beaumont called to let me know they were having a picnic at Forest Park and wanted Me to come. I hadn’t seen them since starting school in Wellston. I wanted to impress them that I was having fun, and had a boyfriend, and decided to ask BOB if he would go with me. We were in the same Civics class and really were not dating, but he said yes. I was extremely shy and still don’t know where I got the courage to ask him out – guess it was just meant to be. He said he would go – then asked me out before the picnic so we could get to know each other. We dated off and on through high school.  THE REST IS HISTORY – WE MARRIED AND LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Looking back at this, surviving the teenage years was not all that bad.

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