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Last Updated : 24 Sep 2012

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You're evidently interested in genealogy, and the name Unke is perhaps of special significance to you. If so, our internet contact could - and hopefully will - lead to a mutually beneficial exchange of family history information.

The subject of this site and its genealogical records are Unke families which originated in Storkow and other small towns in the district of Neustettin in the German province of Pomerania. Pomerania was formed as a Prussian province in 1815, and became part of a unified Germany in 1871. The Oder River, which became the boundary between Germany and Poland after World War II, divided the province into Western Pomerania (German: Vorpommern) and Eastern Pomerania (Hinterpommern). Stettin, on the Oder River, was the provincial capital and the seat of the county (Regierungsbezirk) of the same name. There were 2 further counties: Stralsund County to the west of Stettin County, and Köslin County with seat Köslin to the east of Stettin County. The district of Neustettin was in Köslin County. Farming was the principal occupation in Pomerania, especially in Köslin County. Stettin was Pomerania's main commercial and industrial center. The great majority of Pomeranians were Lutheran (evangelisch).

Germany's defeat in World War II led to the loss of its eastern provinces, and that part of Pomerania which was east of the Oder River became a part of Poland. Neustettin became Szczecinek, Storkow became Storkowo, Gramenz became Grzmiaca, and the Germans were forced to leave and resettle within their new boundaries.

Numerous Unke families lived in the district of Neustettin in the 18th century. If and how these familes were related can in most cases not be determined, since the church records only go back to about 1794. Descendants of these families left Pomerania in the next 2 centuries, usually to come to America in the 19th, and to move to other places in Germany in the 20th, especially after World War II. Of those who came to America in the 19th century we have been able to trace the following Unkes and, in some cases, their spouses and children to specific places in the USA:

    Amalie Christine (Unke) Lucht
      10 Apr 1838, Storkow - after 1910, Granville, Wisconsin?
    August Ludwig Theodor Unke
      14 Apr 1849, Storkow Busch - ?, Milwaukee, Wisconsin?
    Carl Ludwig Unke
      20 Aug 1831, Storkow - 25 May 1911, North Dakota
    Christian Friedrich Eduard Unke
      13 Oct 1833, Storkow - ?, Minnesota?
    Christoph Hermann Unke
      17 Dec 1846, Storkow Busch - 24 Apr 1932, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Friederike Louise (Unke) Krifall
      8 Jan 1836, Storkow - 20 Jul 1906, Osseo, Minnesota
    Friedrich Bogislov Unke
      14 May 1837, Persanzig - ?, Wisconsin?
    Gustav Ferdinand Paul Unke
      6 Feb 1883, Zuch - 20 May 1959, St. Paul, Minnesota
    Henriette Louise Unke
      27 Jan 1845, Storkow - 18 Aug 1917, Cleveland, Ohio?
    Herrmann Ernst Ludwig Unke
      31 Jan 1840, Storkow - 9 Oct 1911, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Ida Louise Mathilde Unke
      28 Mar 1874, Zuch - 16 Aug 1959, Portage, Wisconsin
    Johann Erdmann Wilhelm Unke
      14 Aug 1834, Storkow - 17 Jun 1907, Sauk County, Wisconsin
    Marie Henriette (Unke) Lucht
      12 Oct 1821, Storkow - 4 Jan 1886, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Martin Friedrich Wilhelm Unke
      11 Nov 1829, Storkow - 3 May 1910, Hennepin County, Minnesota
    Reinhold Theodor Unke
      16 Aug 1855, Storkow - ?, Milwaukee, Wisconsin?
    Wilhelm Friedrich Unke
      6 Mar 1852, Storkow - 12 Oct 1936, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
    Wilhelm Hermann Gottlieb Unke
      3 Nov 1858, Storkow - ?, Milwaukee, Wisconsin?
    Wilhelmine Auguste Unke
      31 Mar 1849, Storkow - 19 Aug 1875, Cleveland, Ohio
    Wilhelmine Christine Charlotte (Unke) Neitzke
      03 Nov 1827, Storkow - ?, Milwaukee, Wisconsin?

Information on the descendants of these persons is still being gathered; we hope to be able to present more information soon.

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