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This is a good place to work on the search of our family. Here I given you websites that I found to be interesting with lots of good information. Please let me know websites you have found so they can be add for better and easier searches. We have decided not to publish private information on our family on this website but what we have is available to all family members.


FIRST cousins share a grandparent in common.

SECOND cousins share a great-grandparent in common.

THIRD cousins share a great-great-grandparent in common. In other words, the first, second, third, etc., cousin designation tells you how many generations you have to go back in order to get to the generational level which shares parents. Once you calculate the parallel number of generations of descent from the common ancestor, then calculate any difference in generation to determine the level of removed-ness.


If you are new to Genealogy I'm sure you are finding it a hard but a rewarding task! It's hard to figure where to going sometimes. That why we have created this page to help you get started. There is an endless amount of information out here with sometimes little results! But it is very exciting to come across a website that open up to what you are looking for. You can spend hours searching and we thought it would be helpful to have a place where we can have our pass searches at our finger tips. So if you find good information please share it with us and the family. E-mail us and we will add it the website! We can't publish everything but we will try to test the good ones out. The following is an outline to help you get start on collecting information.

First collect anything you can from living relatives

Tape record or better yet video tape all the stories you can get! How great it is to hear the stories in their own voices years down the road

Be very organized and trace your steps writing down where the information came from

Remember websites and addresses come and go. So if you find information that you think you would like to keep back up the file

Most emigration documents were filed in the court system of local,state and regional courts. All they did was register when they came in to this country. If they stay it was up to them to do all the paper work to become a US citizen. And it not uncommon that paper work was not filled out but neglected.

Find the documentation for becoming a US citizen. The steps were: (1) Certificate of arrival (2) Declaration of Intention (3) Petition for Naturalization and last (4) Certification and pledge of allegiance

Remember their children automatically became citizens when they Naturalized

Other records to look for are: Church, Cemetery, Census, Probate, Military, birth, death and any others that you can think of. Following the paper trail is your best source of information.

Working with government agencies is usually frustrating when it should be the best source. Look for private organizations dealing in Genealogy

Remember when your older relatives pass away they will take family information with them if you do not recover it and it will be lost!

LDS (Church of Latter day Saints) is still a very important source of information. They have "Family History Centers" all over the country with very helpful people!

Click on the below link:

LDS Website

The Internet is a wonderful source of information but you will find it limited in finding personal information. A lot of the records are still filed as paper work and is very time consuming and expensive to convert . More and more sources are converting their files to computer base files opening up searching for information much easier. Everyone has a website but a lot of the time it's only general information. Learning how to dig is the key to your research!

Polish to English Translations

Hi, Hello, Bye Czesc Chesht
How are you? Jak sie masz? Yac shye mash?
Good Dobrze Dobzheh
So, so Tak sobie Takh sobieh
I don't understand Nie rozumiem Nyeh rozoomieah
Yes Tak Takh
No Nie Nyeh
Good morning Dzien dobry Djane dobryh
Good evening Dobry wieczor Dobryh veechoorh
Good night Dobranoc Dobrahnots
Goodbye Do widzenia Doh vitseneeah
Thanks Dziekuje Dsjencooyah
Please Prosze Prosheh
Excuse me, I am sorry Przepraszam Psheprasham
Congratulations Gratuluje Gratoolooyeh
Merry Christmas Wesolych Swiat Vesowich Shviant
Happy New Year Szczesliwego Nowego Roku Shchensilivego Novego Rokoo
Happy Birthday Sto lat Stoh lat
Grandma Babcia Babtsyah
Grandpa Dziadek Dsyadekh
I love you Kocham Ciebie Coham tseebyeh
I miss you Brakuje mi Ciebie Bracooyeh mee tseebyeh
Warsaw Warszawa Varshavah
Poland Polska Polscah
Christopher Krzysztof Cshershtoph

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