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In the future I will be working with Mel Krenzelok of Sheridan Wyoming on this web page. We want to make sure that the connection between the Ladysmith Wisconsin relatives and the Sheridan Wyoming relatives stay intact for future Krenzeloks who do family research.

There are many unanswered questions in these family lines. What we do know is that Paul Krenzelok of Ladysmith was what we are pretty sure was a first cousin of Mary Krenzelok of Sheridan Wyoming who was married also to a Paul Krenzelok. The very interesting part of this relation is that Mary and Paul were married in Istebna Poland and that Mary's maiden name was Krenzelok or Krezelok also. So two Krenzeloks unrelated were married and would move to Sheridan Wyoming. Their children would now be related to both Krenzelok families.Mary's husband Paul and his brother George along with many other friends and relatives from Poland would go to work in Sheridan in the coal mines. Years later Paul and Mary would move to their farm on Dry Creek.

We know that Paul Krenzelok of Ladysmith WI was close to his cousin and they visited each other on many occasions over the years.

We are looking for information and if you have any please contact us. All Krenzeloks are welcome to explore family roots into the Ladysmith or Sheridan Krenzelok families. And if you are a Sheridan Krenzelok that would like to add pictures or information to this website we ask that you please do.

This is one of the pictures Anna in Poland sent me this summer. I could not understand what it was saying on the back but I was sure in was our Wyoming relatives. Mel Krenzelok of Sheridan son Alton Krenzelok was able to identify it as his grand parent's John and his wife Julia. John is one of the twin son borne to Mary and Paul Krenzelok of Sheridan Wyoming. This is a big step in reuniting the Wisconsin and Wyoming Krenzelok families.

We do not know are direct connection for sure yet. But we know that both families are in contact with relatives in Poland and also cousin Anna in Poland which makes for a very good connection. Anna has sent us pictures of Paul and Mary's Krenzelok of Wyoming son John and his wife Julia and a wedding picture of John's daughter and her family. Alton Krenzelok was able to identify these pictures. My Aunt Anne Krenzelok Closs ( age 88 ) of Ladysmith Wisconsin remembers her father saying that Mary was his first cousin, her maiden name was Krezelok and her husband Paul's name was Krenzelok also and they had twin sons. Mel Krenzelok of Sheridan Wyoming has confirmed this.

We know that Paul and his wife Elizabeth Krenzelok of Ladysmith Wisconsin would go visit Paul and Mary in Wyoming. Our best guess at this time is that Paul Krenzelok of ladysmith father had a brother or sister who was Mary's father. We know that Paul of Ladysmith apprenticed with his uncle and his son's bakery in Poland and Mary may have been connected with this family. Or we know that Paul's brother Jozef came to this country but did not stay because of World War I and maybe there is a connection there, I do not know.

We know that this Jozef's last name was changed to Krenzelok in America and when he went back to Poland he never changed back to the old spelling it and to this day his family in Poland spell their name Krenzelok. I can not find where he had a daughter Mary. Some relationship that Paul in Ladysmith and Mary in Wyoming in Poland must have made them feel close enough to stay in contact in America. We hope in the future to be able to clear the connection up. Paul Krenzelok's ( Ladysmith ) family last name is spelt Krezelok the way it is spelt in Poland by most of our relatives there and some where coming into America it became spelt Krenzelok. If you can help us out please let us know.

A little bit of a mystery picture. Who are these people? Cousin Therese says the picture is marked 1914 and is from Lillian's photo album. Could this be some of our Wyoming relatives? April 17 2005: Mel Krenzelok of Wyoming identifies the women in this picture as his grandmother Mary but cannot identify anyone else.

Paul and Elizabeth Krenzelok from Ladysmith visiting their Wyoming relatives. Paul with his arm on his cousin Mary and her husband who's name is also Paul on the right and on the left his brother George who lived with them. The man next to George is a good friend of Paul from Ladysmith. Here Paul and Mary are on their farm but when they first came to this country they were Coal miners at the Kooi Coal mine around Sheridian. The Ladysmith Krenzeloks have for long time heard about our Wyoming Krenzeloks and they have kind of gotten lost to us. I am so please that we now can see who they were. April 17 2005: Mel Krenzelok of Sheridan Wyoming indentifies that the picture was taken at his grandparent's farm on Dry Creek, Wyoming. From the left: is his grandfather's brother George, friend from Ladysmith, Cousin Mary, Paul Krenzelok and Elisabeth (Ladysmith WI) and Mary's husband Paul.

Posted by Lillian's daugher Therese and their family. From Lillian's family picture Albums. Paul Krenzelok center and I think his cousin Mary's husband Paul on the right and his brother George on the left. The story on our Wyoming Krenzelok is that Mary may have been one of Paul's father Jozef's brothers children. Mary's maiden name was Krenzelok and according to Anne Krenzelok Closs she married her husband who was also named Krenzelok but not related. This makes the two Krenzelok's we find in Wyoming now related to Paul and Mary's twins son John and Thomas. April 17 2005: Mel says in the above pictue you can see the wooden walkway that lead from the gate to the house.

Posted by Joe's daughter Bette and their family. Paul Sr. Krenzelok taken in 1950. OK, who can tell us about this mystery picture! The Closs family says it is a "Fake" horse that was taken on a trip to Wyoming.

This picture and the one below surfaced at the Ladysmith Krenzelok reunion during the 2005 summer. From Left to right: Unknow at this time, Elizabeth Krenzelok (Ladysmith) Mary and husband Paul. I believe taken at Paul and Mary's Dry Creek home.

At the wash basin unknow, then I think George and by the door Paul Krenzelok (Ladysmith)

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