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Lillian's first communion. Lillian Krenzelok Jensrud.

Special Note: I am putting in a few notes I just ran across. Lillian was 5 years old when the family moved to the bakery to live. She started working in the bakery when she was in 7th grade and worked until she was married. Her first pay check was 3 dollars a week. And later it was 50 dollars a week. She would work before school in the mornings, at her lunch hour and then after school. In High School she made 15 dollars a week

Posted by Lillian's daughter Therese and their family. Lillian age 6 or 7 around 1936.

Lillian at age 9 or 10 around 1939. What great pictures of Lillian.

Dolores and Lillian.

Lillian holding a big Muskie in back of the bakery.

Posted by Therese and their family. Lillian's 8th graduation comfirmation taken a St Mary school.

Lillian's 8th graduation confirmation class at St Mary's.

Lillian in her Bridesmaid dress, we are not sure of who's wedding and if you know please let us know. We now know it was Robert and Gerry's wedding Ladysmith WI 1948.

Post by Therese and their family. A great picture of Lillian.

Elizabeth, Marie, Anne, Lillian and Helen in the kitchen above the bakery.

Anne Krenzelok Closs and sister Lillian.

Posted by Lillian's daughter Therese and their family. Front row...Lillian, Tiffany (Jeanne's daughter), Jeanne, Maria, Christopher (Maria's son) back row. Therese, Barbara and Russell.

Lillian Krenzelok Jensrud with her daughters and son at the Jensrud family reunion.

Lillian's daughter Therese with one of her beautiful quilts that she has made. Very nice Therese!

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