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These pictures are from Frances's picture collection: This summer some of the family got together in Ladysmith at Dolores and Don's for a little Krenzelok family get together. We had a great time and exchanged family pictures from just about all of the families. Above and below are just a few pictures that some of us have seen for the first time. It was wonderful to see so many new pictures. Captions will be added and over the coming months a lot of new things will be added to our family website. I would like to thank everyone for coming and for such a great time that we all had with each other. I would like to thank Frances's daughter Betty for bring her mother's pictures to Ladysmith.

Posted by Lillian's daughter Therese: We had a hard time Identifying this picture our conclusion: From Frances's daughter Betty; Aunt Dolores said that the picture is my mom, but it was probably a picture when my mom graduated from eighth grade. We thought the picture was of someone in her twenties, and that was why we didn't think it was my mom. But since Dolores and Anne would be about the only ones alive who would be able to remember my mom back then, we concede that the picture is my mom. Dolores said my mom loved to dress up to look much older than she really was, and we did not know this - Betty I feel we are so lucky to have this wonderful picture of Frances, thank you for everyone's help in capturing a litte more about our family. Taken in the 1920's at the family's 4th St home in Ladysmith, WI - update on above picture: Taken at the time of Frances's High School graduation according to Anne Closs

Posted by Frances's daughter Betty: "I wish I knew when and where this picture was taken and who she was planning to punch."? This is not the woman I knew.? I can't picture her hitting anyone, even in fun.

Top Left: Paul, Carol, Frances (Fran), Jerry, Mike and Betty. The Jakubco. If you can tell us more, please do!

Paul and Frances (Krenzelok) Jakubco, Chicago home.

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