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Trip to Poland 1993: Ed Krenzelok (US) Cousin Anna Ligocki (Koniakow, Poland) Robert (Bob) and wife Gerry Krenzelok (US) and Anna's son Stefan.

Debbie, Elizabeth, Suzanne and Gerry,Walnut Creek, Calif. 1975.

Elizabeth Kellner Krenzelok or Gramma or just Ma as a lot of us knew her. This is how many of us remember her at the Bakery upstairs on the back porch. She was a wonderful grandmother!

Elizabeth Kellner Krenzelok at the Ladysmith Riverside cemetery put flowers on her dear daughter Bette's grave before so many more of the Krenzelok family would be with Bette.Behind Elizabeth is the Krenzelok headstone.

Robert's daughter Suzanne, Elizabeth and Frances. Make sure you go to Paul and Elizabeth's page and read Suzanne's story about Going to Ladysmith.

As it looks today at Riverside Cemetery. I hope future Krenzelok's will remember our family that is buried there and may even bring flowers every once in a while.

A picture of the young Krenzelok families up at the bakery at Christmas time in the early 1950's. Top row left: Robert, Paul, Joe, Anne. Bottom from the left: Helen holding ?, Paul , Gerry holding Suzanne, Ed and mother Marie, Elizabeth, Dolores and Eddie. I don't know who is in front of Elizabeth.

A Krenzelok reunion at the Tee away Ladysmith Wisconsin. Does anyone want to name everyone? I can recognize almost everyone.

Left to right: Anne, Paul, Lillian, Ed, Frances and Dolores. I not sure who the little girl is, taken in Ladysmith WI. One of the last pictures with most of the brothers and sisters of Paul and Elizabeth Krenzelok.

Jerry and Paul at the 1998 Ladysmith family reunion.

Post by Lillian's daughters Barbara and Therese. These wonderful pictures were taken by Barbara when she was working in the Bakery. That is Joe's daughter Bette is this picture.

Post by Lillian's daughters Barbara and Therese. From left to right is a customer, Lillian, Anne and Paul Jr.

Post by Lillian's daughters Barbara and Therese. Paul Jr.

Post by Lillian's daughters Barbara and Therese. Joe frying doughnuts in the backroom.

Post by Lillian's daughters Barbara and Therese. Paul senior at the oven.

The old bakery building in 1998 with the new owners. The building on the left is the old Ladysmith News office and on the right would have been Tilda Ruhut's beauty parlor. Many Krenzelok pictures were taken in front of her place. In this picture you can also see the stairs that lead up to where Paul Senior would love to sit and smoke a cigar.

Robert wife Gerry and daughter Suzanne looking at where the bakery once stood. The pictures were taken in 2005 and not 2006.

In June of 2005 we came back to Ladysmith for a family reunion and it was our first time to see the old bakery lot after the tornado in 2002 and after the building was tornado down. It broke are hearts, so many memories for us and Gerry too who spend a lot of time here from dating her husband Robert and throughout the years. I also wanted to get the old gas station in on the right of this picture. Many old pictures were taken in front of the gas station.

Aunt Bette in front of the gas station taken around 1944.

Robert and Gerry at my place on Yukon Island Alaska around 1998. Instead of a car you get around is a skiff to go visit the neighbors.

This picture was taken after Robert's funeral in the backyard in Walnut Creek, CA. It is of Bob's wife and children and grand and great grand children. Also pictured are the Murphy family from Texas and the Doyle family from Washington.

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