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Scanning pictures: Try scanning pictures at 200 dpi. This will give you a picture that will be of good quality and a file not to large. Scanning at a lower dpi will give you a less detail picture sometimes looking grainy. If you start with a good clear picture and get a grainy picture increase the dpi. You should never have to go over 300 dpi. A picture scanned at 300 dpi will be quite a bit larger file size that a 200 dpi picture. But if it is a very important picture it might be worth scanning at a higher rate and a larger file size just to guarantee the highest quality picture. All pictures you take off a websites will only be 72 dpi, but the picture you sent to me at a higher dpi we be a better picture on the website. Update on scanning pictures: I scan a lot of pictures and have just learnt scanning old black and white picture at 400 dpi is a much better way to go. You will get a much clearer picture. Try to keep the KB or file size between 150 to 250 KB's. When scanning large pictures scan at a lower rate to keep the size of picture from coming out too large.

Posted by Paul's grandson Paul Jr. Krenzelok - Paul went out to 518 East 11th Street in Duluth where according to paperwork Paul and Elizabeth and the family live here for a while before 1920. More work needs to be done to confirm this. It's exciting to think we maybe looking at where they lived for at least a while.

A page from the Duluth City Directory for 1913-1914. The first address is Paul's work address and the second address is where he lives. This comfirms that the above 518 East 11th street was where they lived in 1913. I have the Duluth City Directories for 1913 to 1917. The Duluth City library was very helpful.

Part of our relatives in Poland 1998. I am sorry I can not tell you who these relatives are. I am still trying to figure out the translations.

St. Mary's school: Ed Krenzelok is the third one from the left, second row down. And Robert Krenzelok's wife Gerry is on the top row second from the right end with her head down. Most of the Krenzelok children went to St. Mary's before they went to Ladysmith High School.

Robert Krenzelok top row far right and future brother-law Emmett Murphy center row. 4th grade taken at St Mary's

Dave and Anne's wedding with Anne's sister Frances and brother Paul: Dec 7th 1937 Ladysmith WI

Paul and Frances Jakubco on their wedding day on June 25 1938 Chicago

Paul and Frances Jakubco on their wedding day on June 25 1938 Chicago. The above pictures of Paul and Frances wedding were shared with the family at the Krenzelok reunion at Ladysmith June 2005

Posted by Paul's son Ed and their family: I really wonderful wedding picture of Paul and Marie Hauser Krenzelok on November 27 1943. What a treasure to our collection

Robert and Geraldine Murphy Krenzelok April 10th 1948

Robert and Gerry's Wedding April 10 1948. Brother Joe was the best man and sister Lillian was a bride's maid. Maid of honor was Virgaline Geier and brides maids were Erna Lou Jones, Lillian Krenzelok and Yvonne Roeski . Flower girl was Phyllis Reidner. Best man Joe Krenzelok, Tom Brockbank, Emmett Murphy and Bob Stingle. Reception was at the American Legion Hall.

Helen and Joe's wedding. Dolores left of Helen and Robert best man right of Joe. This picture came from Dolores's family picture collection.

Posted by Joseph's son Jim: Joe and Helen's wedding. Left side, Erwin & Emma True and right, Elizabeth and Paul Krenzelok, Ladysmith WI 1948

The below pictures are Posted by Ed's son Alan and their family. A wonderful picture of Ed and Marie wedding in 1947

Don and Dolores's wedding Feb 23 1957 at Ladysmith WI and brother Paul's little girl Mary Barbara. From Dolores's picture collection

Don and Dolores wedding 1957. Paul and Marie's daughter Mary Barbara with Dolores. From Dolores's picture collection

Lillian and Russell's wedding at Ladysmith WI April 18 1953. Picture came from Dolores's picture collection.

Posted by Lillian's daughter Therese and their family. Lillian and Russell's wedding. Lillian's family will be posting more pictures in the near future. Lillian was very good about writing on the back of her pictures. We will look forward to seeing them!

Posted by Joseph's son Jim: Joe & Helen's wedding 1948. I need help with this one. I see Paul & Frances Jakubco, Dolores and sister Anne, Marie and Paul, Paul and Elizabeth. Posted by Frances's daughter Betty 8-4-2003 - Hi Greg: I was going through the website, and I think that the kids in the group picture in the Family Pictures 2 is David Closs, my brother, Jerry, Jim Closs, Bonnie, Beverly and my sister Carol.

Top Left: Paul, Carol, Frances (Fran), Jerry, Mike and Betty. The Jakubco. If you can tell us more let us know

Just found in some pictures I put away 25 years ago. Marie holding Mary Barbara, Paul and son Ed. Joseph's daughter Bette answering my reply on a time and date: Greg, Mary B. is 1 yr older than myself. This looks like around 1953-1954. Mary B's BD is in Jan. and mine is in March. If she is 1 or 2, it's the time frame I'm talking about. Love Bette, Thanks Bette!

Joseph and his wife Helen with sons Tom and Dan. Joseph's daughter Bette answering my reply on time and date: Dan is like 1 and a half years older than me. He looks maybe 2? Tom is Betty Frances' age. 4? Let's figure it's around the end of 1952, it looks warm and I wasn't born until spring. Dan is probably 1 and Tom 3. Thanks Bette!

Joe and Helen's family. Tom, Mary, Bette, Dan and Diane or Jim

Robert holding Greg, wife Gerry, Steven, Suzanne & Debbie. Taken at Gerry's parents home Ladysmith, WI , May 1955.

Posted by Therese: Ed and Marie Krenzelok's family. I am not sure about the order here. Linda, Larry, Bill, Alan, John and Anmarie. A wonderful picture!

Anne Krenzelok Closs in back of the bakery in front of her father's 1947 Dodge.

Paul and Elizabeth's 40th wedding anniversary. Celebrating with a mocked wedding ceremony 1952. Can anyone tell us who the rest of the people are? Anne Krenzelok Closs says that Elizabeth is wearing a window curtain on her head. It was quite a celebration she said.

Posted by Joe's daughter Bette and their family. Robert, Bud Copp who worked for the bakery, Paul and Joe. "Feeling no pain" Taken in 1952. Looking at Joe and Bob's ties and Joe's son's clothes it's the same family garthering. This is Paul and Elizabeth's 40th wedding anniversary.

Joe holding son Dan, Dolores and Bob (Robert)

Posted by Therese and their family. Elizabeth, and the rest unknown (Please help) . Note: I am guessing on this but I am doing research on the Wyoming Krenzelok's and the people on the right could be Paul and Mary Krenzelok. And that could be one of their twin sons John or Thomas and maybe his wife. I am only guessing look at the picture in Family Pictures 3 of the mystery picture and see if the man on the left looks like the man above on the right years later and the women next over above to the women in the mystery picture. Mel Krenzelok of Wyoming could not identify any of the people in this picture

Posted by Lillian's daugther Therese and the Jensrud family; Robert and Elizabeth Kellner Krenzelok. Roberts wedding 1948 Ladysmith, Wisconsin.

Robert and his first child Suzanne around 1950.

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