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In honor of her memory who passed away so young.

Elizabeth (Bette) Krenzelok. Picture of Bette posted by Lillian's daugher Therese and the Jensrud family.

Looking for pictures of Bette. If you have pictures or papers that you would like to share with the family please let us know

Elizabeth (Bette) was born on May 16th 1923 the fifth child of Paul and Elizabeth (Bertha) Krenzelok. My sister Frances and I (Anne) being the oldest took care of her most of the time. Just a week before the 4th of July Bette was 16 months old and was in a baby buggy outdoors and we were baby-sitting. A neighbor was playing with firecrackers and accidentally threw one in her buggy. The mailman on duty saw the fire and rescued her ( Anne says it was a US Census taker in the area that saved Bette ). She was badly burned but remained in the Hospital for some time. And she was very lucky to be alive.

When she was 5 years old she fell while playing in my dad's car and hit a wooden sidewalk. She broke the upper thighbone and remained in a waist high cast for a long time, but she eventually healed.

She was a beautiful girl and had many friends and was second place in our local beauty contest. She won first on the first day but got second on the next day. She was 16 years old at the time. She worked in the Bakery until she graduated from High School. She didn't like bakery work so she got a secretarial job at a local office. It had to do with agriculture. Marie Hauser Krenzelok's dad was her boss. She worked there for about 3 years until she got sick. She had her appendix removed and then she started to cough and it eventually was diagnosed as tuberculoses meningitis.

Posted by Lillian's daughter Therese.

She was up and down at home and the hospital for a year before she passed away. She died on June 30 1945 on my brother Joe's birthday. She is buried in Riverside Cemetery where Paul and Bertha are also buried.

She was an avid bowler and she loved to dance and also correspond with several young men in the service. Bette had many friends and was missed by all after passing away.

By Anne Krenzelok Closs

Elizabeth and daughter Bette 1944.

Note: Sister Dolores remembers too, how much Bette loved to going dancing. Dolores remembers how she would follow Bette to the dances but was to young to get in. Dolores remembers how hard her mother took it when Bette died, but she remembers her father taking it even harder. Joe, Bob and Ed were all away in the military at Bette's passing but were able to come home. Joe was stationed on the Island of Trinidad at the time and was late in coming home, they held up burying Bette until Joe made it home.

We who knew Bette and those of us who didn't know her, remember her now and miss the joy she would have had brought to all of us!

We remember you Bette and Love you, the family

Bette with unknown friend in front of the Court House. Ladysmith, WI around 1944. Bette use to enjoy writing to the soldiers overseas during WW2.

My favorite picture of Bette in back of the bakery.

Bette, brother Paul and Marie.

The above is from Bette'e funeral book. This is one of 22 pages of people who sign the guest list.

From the Ladysmith Newspaper telling us that brothers Robert was a Aviation Cadet at Amarillo Texas, Ed was at Camp Livingston and Master Sgt Joe Krenzelok was stationed at Trinidad Island off South America. Betty died June 30 1945 so we know it was around this time.

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