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Adam Tysinger and Descendants

Davidson County, North Carolina



Origin of Tysinger Family…..

The village of Theissing is located in Upper Bavaria, midway between Nuremburg and Munich and just north of the Danube River (map).   Persons inhabiting the area in and around Theissing were called “Theissingers”.  Theissing was referred to as Teising during the Middle Ages and is one of the oldest settlements in the area. Its first documented mention dates back to the year AD 710. There is evidence of Celtic settlements close by, of a main Roman road which connected Italy to the northern border of the Noricum province.

There is also evidence that some Tysinger family ancestors may have been born in Waldhambach, Bas Rhin, which is near the Alsace-Lorraine area of France.  It is entirely possible that some family members could have migrated there since Waldhambach is only about 320 miles west of the village of Thiessing and is situated near the Rhine River which was a notable travel artery for Palatinates leaving Europe for America.


Family Coats of Arms  for the Tysinger family have been researched by several organizations.  Two are included on the family coat of arms page.  Neither of the crests have been verified for authenticity, however, each is widely used.   If you have discovered a different coat of arms during your research, please share it by contacting the webmaster.