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Edgecombe County, North Carolina
Secretary of State Records 881, Page 109
Oct 24, 1753

North Carolina, In the name of God Amen.
The twenty-fourth day of October One thousand seven hundred and fifty-three, I, SAMUEL WILLIAMS of the county of Edgecomb in the province aforesaid being sick of body but of perfect and sound mind and memory do make ordain, constitute and appoint this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following,

First.  I give and bequeath to my son WILLIAM WILLIAMS Twenty shillings sterling,
Item. I give and bequeath to my son SOLOMON WILLIAMS Twenty shillings sterling and ye first Negroe child born on the plantation,
Item.  I give, devise and bequeath  to my Grandson SAMUEL WILLIAMS & his heirs and assigns forever one Negroe girl named PATT.
Item. I give divise and bequeath to my son SAMUEL WILLIAMS his heirs and assigns one hundred acres of land lying in the County afores'd in Mush Island which I bought of ROBERT LANG and one hundred pounds Virginia currency to be paid out of the first money that is received of my Book debts.
Item.  I give divise and bequeath to my loving wife, ELIZABETH WILLIAMS her heirs and assigns forever four Negroes (to wit)  MINGO, COOB, PRISS, and LUCEY.
Item.  I give divise and bequeath to son JOS. JOHN WILLIAMS his heirs & assigns forever the plantation whereon I now live and all the land thereunto belonging and the plantation which I bought of JOHN BURT and all the land thereunto belonging, and also one hundred and fifty acres which I bought of JOHN EGERTON, and also one hundred acres of land joyning to the mill and two hundred ninety acres of land joyning YANCEY's line and the Reedy Branch.
Item. I give divise and bequeath to my two sons SAMUEL WILLIAMS and JOSEPH JOHN WILLIAMS and their heirs forever to be equally divided between them Thirteen Negroes BRISTER, TOM, LONDON, EASOP, DINER, HASHEY, HANNAH, CLOYE, MOLL, ESSEX, RACHEL, BROOMFIELD and PENNY.

Item.  I give divise and bequeath the remainder of my whole estate consisting of every kind whatsoever- to be divided between my loveing wie Eliz. and my two sons SAMUEL and JOS. JNO. WILLIAMS and there heirs and assigns forever, equally share and share alike, to be divided between them by my Executors hereafter mentioned. 
Lastly, I nominate constitute and appoint my son WILLIAM WILLIAMS and my son SOLOMON WILLIAMS and my trusty and well beloved friends PHILIP ALSTON, BENJAMIN WYNNS Executors to this my last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal the day and year first above ment'd

Signed Sealed Published and Declared by the s'd SAM'L WILLIAMS to be his Last Will and Testament in Presence of us.
The words: by the s'd SAM'L WILLIAMS Interlined before signed


Edgecombe County.  February Court, 1754

The aforewritten Will was Exhibited into Court by SOLOMON WILLIAMS, one of the Executors therein appointed, and proved by the oaths of THOMAS KEARNY Esq'r and EDMOND KEARNY two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and at the same time the said SOLOMON WILLIAMS took the Executors oath by law prescribed which was order to be certified.

Test BENJ'N WYNNS  Cler Court

Capt SAM'L WILLIAMS, Will Feb'ry Court 1754; Recorded in the Secretaries Office in Book K, Pg. 109

Honorable MATTHEW ROWAN, President and Commander in Chief in and over His Majesties Province of North Carolina.


Images of Original Will: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3

Various Abstracts From Williams Family Records

Abstracts of Deeds, Edgecombe Precinct, Edgecombe County, North Carolina 1732-1758, by Margaret Hofmann. (Van Volumes, Ltd.,Short Run Printing Specialists, 2 Springfield St.,P.O. Box 314, Three Rivers, MA 01080, 4th Print, 1987), ISBN: 0-937761-05-2.
Deed Book 5- Pg. 298

ROBERT LANG of S.C. to SAMUEL WILLIAMS of Edge. Co. 13 Nov. 1743 10 pounds current money of VA 100 acres in Plumbtree Island below where FRANCIS HARVEY now lives all houses, buildings, etc. Wit: WILLIAM WILLIAMS, THOMAS EVANS, JOHN EGERTON Reg. Edge. Co. Nov. Ct. 1744. Robert Forster C. Ct.

(this was land later given to SAMUEL's son, SAMUEL, in his will; Plumbtree Island was same as Mush Island).

Deed Book 5- Pg. 194:
ROBERT LANG of Edge. Co. to SOMERTON LANG (Co. not identified) this __day of __ 1743  for the love and affection I bear my natural son, begotten of my slave FRANCIS now belonging to me, for his advancement in the world, I set free this SUMMERTON LANG.  Wit: SAMUEL WILLIAMS, WILLIAM WILLIAMS.  Reg. Edge. Co.  Aug. Ct 1743.  R. Forster C.Ct.

Abstracts of Deeds, Halifax County, North Carolina (GoldenWest Marketing Genealogy,Temple City, CA 91780-2112(800-445-8925,, 1758-1771 - DEED BOOK 9:
#1054 -(295) ELIZABETH WILLIAMS to her son SAMUEL WILLIAMS. 24 Jul 1765. For "natural love and affection." The slaves: a negro woman CUAS and her child TOM. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS(x). Wit:JOS. JNO. WILLIAMS, PHILLIP WESTON. Oct Ct 1765. CC: J. Montfort.

#1070-(312) ELIZABETH WILLIAMS widow of Halifax Co., to RICHARD BURT gentleman of same of the second part and WILLIAM WILLIAMS, SOLOMON WILLIAMS and JOS. JOHN WILLIAMS of same of the third part. 29 Jul 1765. A marriage agreement. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS owned 7 slaves: MINGO, COOBE, DAVIE, LITTLE CRESE, NAN, MOLL*, SAME. For 5 shillings she sold the 7 slaves to WILLIAM WILLIAMS, SOLO. WILLIAMS, JOS. JOHN WILLIAMS. ELIZA. WILLIAMS, RICHARD BURT, WM. WILLIAMS, SOLO. WILLIAMS, JOS. JNO. WILLIAMS. Wit: PHIL KEARNEY, EDWD. STEVENS. Oct Ct 1765. CC: Jos. Montfort.

#1318-(123) RICHARD BURT and ELIZABETH his wife of Halifax Co. to her sons WM. WILLIAMS, SOLM. WILLIAMS, JOS. JNO. WILLIAMS. 8 Dec 1767. For "tender love and affection." A gift of slaves. To WM. WILLIAMS: LITTLE CREASE, MOLL, TAMEY; to SOLM. WILLIAMS, a negro woman LUCEY, NATT(?) [NAN?], BRISTER; to JOS. JNO. WILLIAMS a negro woman PRISSY, DAVID, SAMPSON. ELIZABETH BURT reserved their labor to her lifetime. RICHD. BIRT, ELIZABETH BIRT(x). Wit: PHILLIP KEARNEY, JOHN LITHGOW. Jan Ct 1768. CC: Jos. Montfort

*Note: As info, ELIZABETH ALSTON-WILLIAMS had received the slave named MOLL, from her father, JOHN ALSTON in his 1758 will:

"Item. I give & Bequeath unto my Beloved Daughter Elizabeth Williams, one Negro woman nam'd Moll and her increase to her and her heirs forever and what else of my personall Estate she has had all Ready".



Note below: There are various trees on the internet that have different dates for some in this family, but I have based the birthdates on transactions involving these individuals in the cases where I have found no actual birth records, which I feel are more accurate.

Samuel Williams (ca 1695-1754), was the son of William Williams & Mary Moore of Chowan Co.,NC. He was married to Elizabeth Alston (ca 1700-bef 1805) the daughter of John Alston (d. 1758) & Mary ____(Clark?).  Samuel & Elizabeth's children were: William Williams (ca 1720-1778 Martin Co.,NC) who married on Oct. 2, 1746 to Elizabeth Whitmell-Blount-Pollock (twice widowed), the grandson, Samuel Williams mentioned in the 1753 will, was William's son, who was born that same year; Solomon Williams (ca 1723-1794 Halifax Co.,NC) married on June 23, 1757 to Temperance Boddie (d.1784); Samuel Williams (ca 1725-1791 Warren Co.,NC), never married; Joseph John Williams (ca 1727-1818 Halifax Co.,NC) married 1st to Rosanna Conner, 2nd to Elizabeth Alston (1st cousin, dau/of Philip Alston & Winifred Whitmell); and Elizabeth Williams (died early in life). After the death of Samuel, Elizabeth remarried on Sept. 17, 1765 to Richard Burt (1724-1805 Halifax Co.,NC), a widower formerly married to Rebecca Stevens.


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