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Division of Slaves  
Franklin County, North Carolina

(Robert Webb Williams was born Feb. 27, 1792 and died Nov. 15, 1822, the son of Major William Williams & Elizabeth Kearney. He was married to Harty Hodges Davis, on Oct. 1812. Their son, Dr. Robert Edgar Williams, later lived in Franklin Co., for the first few years of his marriage to Valeria Virginia Kearney, then eventually moved to Warren Co. where he built Myrtle Lawn Plantation)

We the undersigned commissioners appointed by the Worshipful Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions held for the County of Franklin December Term to value lay off & allott the balance of the Negroes belonging to the Estate of ROBERT WILLIAMS Dec'd - between his widow. MRS. HARTY H. WILLIAMS and his two sons ROBERT E. WILLIAMS & ARCH'D D. WILLIAMS. In compliance with said order we have this day met at MRS. H. H. WILLIAMS, & have valued and allotted to each there distributive share, as follows:
Lott No. 1 drawn by MRS. HARTY H. WILLIAMS - FILL, CHARLES, MARIAH, FRANK, CAROLINE, ANGELINA, SARAH, MANERVA, SUCKEY, JERRY, RINA, OLD NANCY & WILCOX, valued at four thousand nine hundred & ninety one Dollars, Ninety one and two third cents ($4991.91 2/3).
Lott No. 2 drawn by ROB. E. WILLIAMS, GUILFORD, EATON, ROSETTA, JULIA, ELIZA, CHERRY, MARIAH & SILVA, this lot has to pay to Lott No. 3 drawn by ARCH'D D. WILLIAMS, ARTER, POMPEY, JIM, GABRIEL, ELVERA, JOHN, HENRY, OLD FANNY & MARY, and is entitled to one Hundred and eight 33 1/3 cents from Lott No. 2 all of which is duly submitted to Worships.
Given under our hands and seals this 28th December 1836.

State of North Carolina
Franklin County
Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions
December Term A.D. 1836

To the Worshipful, the Justices of the Court aforesaid
The Petition of ROBERT E. WILLIAMS & ARCHIBALD WILLIAMS by ARCHIBALD H. DAVIS, their Guardian & next friend and of HEARTY WILLIAMS respectfully represents that ROBERT WILLIAMS the father of your Petitioners ROBERT E. & ARCHIBALD & the husband of your Petitioner HEARTY departed this life in the year ____ leaving her widow your Petitioner HEARTY & your Petitioners ROBERT E. WILLIAMS and ARCHIBALD & ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, who intermarried with JAMES YARBOROUGH, RUINA WILLIAMS who intermarried with SAM'L T. ALSTON & MARTHA WILLIAMS who intermarried with BENJAMIN BULLARD his children him surviving - that administration upon his Estate was by this Court duly granted to WILLIAM WILLIAMS Senr the father of said ROBERT dec'd now of the County of Warren, who duly settled the Estate of the said ROBERT and has delivered over to the next of kin the whole of the Negro slaves belonging to the Estate of the said ROBERT together with sundry other slaves a number about thirty or forty which he had duly given to your Petitioners. Your Petitioners further shew that said ELIZABETH, RUINA & MARTHA have received their share of the said slaves belonging to the Estate of the said ROBERT dec'd and that the residue of the same together with those given to your Petitioners by the aforesaid WM. WILLIAMS are held by them and divided- that a division of said slaves is highly desirable and your Petitioners therefore pray your worships to appoint commissioners to divide between them the slaves held by them in common as aforesaid so that the shares of each of your Petitioners may be specially set apart and that said Petitioners may report to next Court & your Petitioners &c.

State of North Carolina
Franklin County
Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions
December Term 1836

On motion it is ordered by the Court that GEORGE STAMPER, ELIJAH B. PERRY & SAMUEL PERRY be appointed commissioners to divide the shares mentioned in the foregoing Petition according to the prayer thereof and that they report to next Court accordingly.


To the Court
Pet. for div. of Slaves
Copy & order
Mar. 6, 1837
Recorded in Book K, Folio 119

We the undersigned commissioners proceeded in obedience to order of the worshipfull Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for the County of Franklin of March Term 1836.
Having examined all the accts of MAJ. WM. WILLIAMS as Admr. of ROBT. W. WILLIAMS dec'd Report that there is a bal. due said Adm'r aforesaid of Fifteen hundred & thirty Eight Dollars 24/100 all of which is respectfully submitted. Given under our hands & seals this 16th March 1836





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