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Sneed Plantation
Vance County, North Carolina

Located at:
near Williamsboro, formerly Granville Co., now in present day Vance County.

From North Carolina, Guide to the Old North State:

Right from Henderson on paved State 39 to Williamsboro, 7 m., settled about 1740 and called Nutbush until 1780 when Col.  Robert Burton named the town Williamsborough for his father-in-law, Judge John Williams, who had given him the land.  By the early 1800's the place was a thriving community with the finest race track in the State.
The Site of the Sneed Mansion House is on one of the original town lots.
The mansion was such a favorite with lawyers and judges that, until about
1860, court was often said to have "adjourned to Sneed Mansion House"

The Sneed Plantation was the home of several generations of Sneeds who lived in Granville County, North Carolina who were the descendants of Samuel Sneed (1723-1806) and Jane Dudley (1728-1813). Samuel moved from Hanover County, Virginia in probably the middle of the 18th century to North Carolina and lived in Granville, and later Person County where he died leaving a large family. One of them was his son, Stephen Sneed (1756–1821), whose son, Richard R. Sneed (1790–1861)owned the Sneed Plantation, and later, his own son, William Morgan Sneed (1821-1892). When Richard moved most of his family to Henderson County, Kentucky in 1851, he gave his eldest son, William M. Sneed, a portion of his slaves, who remained in Granville County. Stephen Sneed was married to Mary Williams (1761-1826), the daughter of William Williams (1733-1775) and Phillis Beckham (1737-1792). William was seriously wounded  in  Boonesborough during an attack on the settlement by the Cherokee Indians in December 1775, where he had travelled with the frontiersman, Daniel Boone, along with others from the Granville County area, including his brother Charles Williams (ca. 1735-1819), as part of an exploration of the new territory. He died shortly thereafter, but lived long enough to write a will on his deathbed, which was probated in Granville in 1777. William Williams was the brother of Judge John Williams (1731-1799), the founder and owner of Montpelier Plantation, in Granville County. Richard Sneed was married to Lucy Farrar Henderson (1800-1868), the daughter of Judge Leonard Henderson (1772-1833), one of the first Chief Justices of North Carolina, and Frances Farrar (1765-1845). Leonard’s father was Col. Richard Henderson (1735-1785) who was famous for his purchase of the land (200,000 acres) which later became the State of Kentucky. The Williams brothers were among the investors in Henderson's Transylvania Company, as the project was known, which was formed as part of the venture to expand settlement to the furthest known lands of the time. In his quest to prepare for settlement, Richard Henderson hired Daniel Boone, whom he had represented in an earlier court matter in 1768, to explore and survey his newly acquired territory. Unfortunately for Henderson, due to the politics at the time, the Virginia legislature annulled the sale, but Boone did continue to make numerous trips to Kentucky and built a settlement there.

By 1860, William M. Sneed, was the last of the SNEED family to live in Granville County; he is buried at the ancient St. John's Episcopal Church in Williamsboro. Most all of the former slaves in the County with the SNEED surname were from the Sneed Plantation.


Slaves named in the "Negro Birth Records" of Richard Sneed:

  • Alexander,born June 27, 1819, first son of Matilda
  • James Cook, born January 7, 1820, first son of Agnes
  • William, born February 7, 1822, son of Caty & George
  • John, born June 10, 1821, second son of Matilda
  • Rachel, born October 15, 1825, first daughter of Agnes
  • Nancy, born December 10, 1822, first daughter of Matilda
  • Silog, born February 1824, first daughter of Caty & George
  • Polly, born December 1824, second daughter of Matilda
  • Rose, born December 1826, second daughter of Caty & George
  • Tempy, born February 9, 1827, daughter of Deannah
  • Ellen, born October 1829, third daughter of Matilda
  • Mary Jane, born October 6, 1831, third daughter of Deannah
  • Andrew Ligon, born May 10, 1833, son of Simon & Deannah
  • Julia, born October 25, 1837, first child of Amanda
  • M.H. Freedr?, born December 1,1837, fifth daughter of Matilda
  • Thomas, born November 16, 1838, third son of Matilda
  • Powhatan, born January 28, 1839, first son of Amanda -sold to Archibald E. Henderson, Granville Co. in 1848
  • Isabella/Alice, born February 29, 1841, second daughter of Nancy & Henry (apparent name change)
  • Junious, born January 14, 1842, second son of Amanda -sold to Archibald E. Henderson, Granville Co. in 1848
  • Car Pleconer(?),born at Montpelier September 15, 1842, daughter of Matilda
  • William Barry Grove, born February 1, 1847, fourth son of Amanda -sold to Archibald E. Henderson, Granville Co., in 1848
  • Hanson Trueman, born March 27, 1847, first son of Tempy
  • Sally Green, born September 13, 1847, first daughter & third child of Betsy
  • George, born July 24, 1845, first son of Rose -sold to Archibald E. Henderson, Granville Co. in 1848
  • Dallas, born January 29, 1845, third son of Amanda & Elick - sold to Archibald E. Henderson Granville Co. in 1848
  • Unknown, born March 7, 1848, first daughter and 2nd child of Rose
  • Unknown, born October 9, 1848, second son of Tempy
  • Betsy, born July 12, 1849, third daughter of Nancy
  • Isabella, born June 19, 1845, second daughter of Nancy
  • Cain, born August 21, 1843, first son of Polly
  • Aaron, born June 19, 1845, second son of Polly
  • James, born September 19, 1847, first son and third child of Nancy & Henry Buster
  • William, born February 1, 1847, fourth son of Amanda
  • Sally, born September 25, 1847, first daughter of Polly
  • Ann Martin, born September 23, 1849, daughter of Elick & Amanda
  • Terry, born March 21, 1850, son of Polly
  • John, born March 7, 1857, fifth son of Amanda
  • Sam, born March 3, 1850, third son of Tempy
  • Walter, born June 16, 1852, child of Nancy
  • Elick, born October 19, 1854 in Henderson, Kentucky, sixth son of Amanda
  • Peter, the blacksmith, born about 1806, sold to William M. Sneed (son of Richard) in 1843
  • Mildred, and her 3 children Margaret, Tom, Cary - sold to Archibald E. Henderson, Granville, in 1848


Additional Information:

Some of the slaves went to Henderson County, Kentucky in 1851 with Richard Sneed, however, many did remain in Granville County with William M. Sneed.

Most of the children of the slave named Matilda remained in Granville County, North Carolina. Alexander Sneed married Fanny Sneed in 1856, and died in Vance County, North Carolina in 1903, they had at least 2 children together, Phoebe Ann & Susan F. Sneed. Phoebe had a son named Lisbon B. Sneed (1862-1934) who lived in Vance Co., and she later married in 1864 to Beverly Jefferson (b.1832) with whom she had 9 more children, they lived in Vance & Warren Counties. Susan married Peter Henderson, and they lived in Granville, later Vance County, with their 13 children. Nancy Sneed lived in Granville Co. for a while, but by 1900, she had moved to Henderson Co., KY, where she lived with her daughter, Betsy, who had married James Price, who had been born in Kentucky. Betsy had apparently been among the slaves transported to Kentucky with the Richard Sneed family. Nancy's  son, Walter, lived in Granville for a while, but later moved on to Halifax and then Warren County, where he lived out the remainder of his days, marrying 3 times, and fathering 18 children. Walter's father was his slaveowner, William M. Sneed, known to many as Billy Sneed, and according to all accounts as told to his children & grandchildren, Walter had a fairly close relationship with his father, remaining with him even after slavery ended, until his teenaged years, when the taunting by Walter's friends caused him to run away from home. He lived in Halifax Co. for a number of years where he married another former slave, Frances Peterson-Bailey (1854-1885), and they had 7 children together.  After Frances' death, Walter married on February 22, 1890 to Mary Frances Green (1871-1899), the daughter James Thomas Green & Pennie Copeland, who were a free family from Warren County; they had 3 children. Walter's 3rd wife was Sallie Bet Alston (1878-1976), a first cousin of Mary Frances Green; they married Dec. 16, 1900 and had 8 children together. He died in Warren Co., NC on July 31, 1941. The slave called "Henry Buster" in the slave records, was known as Henry Burton (b. 1820) by the end of slavery, and he married Hannah Bridger (b. 1840); they had 8 children together and lived in Vance County.

Further info on the slave named Amanda and her son Junius; they were among the slaves that went to Henderson County, Kentucky. Amanda and her children Powhatan, Junius, Dallis and William, were sold to Archibald E. Henderson, a Sneed cousin, of Granville County in 1848, however, apparently she was returned to the Sneed Plantation at some point and had more children.  The slave, Junius Sneed, married Lula Morton, and they lived in Henderson Co.,KY where he died on November 19, 1925; his widow, Lula, also received a Civil War Widows Pension. On his death certificate, his father is listed as Odius Sneed, b. NC, mother, Amanda Sneed, b. NC. Junius and Lula Sneed are buried in Fernwood Cemetery, Henderson Co.,KY, the same cemetery where Richard & Lucy Henderson-Sneed, as well as many of their children, are buried.




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