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JOHN EVANS, Wake County, North Carolina
Revolutionary War Bounty Land Record -1820

North Carolina,
Wake County
To all persons whom it may concern, know ye that We MORRIS EVANS, GILBERT EVANS & WILLIAM EVANS of the County & State aforesaid, have by these presents appointed, and do appoint MATHEW SHAW JUNR, of the City of Raleigh, an attorney in fact for each one of us, in our names and to our use to ask, demand and receive from all persons whatsoever, all and singular the right title and claim, which was and is due to each and all of us as the heirs & representatives, of JOHN EVANS our deceased brother, who was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, and by being such became entitled to certain acres of land granted to him by the acts of the Legislature in such case provides. And we do hereby empower the said MATTHEW SHAW JUNR, for the purposes above stated, on e or more attorneys under him to appoint, with powers as ample as to him have been committed, and these powers he may revoke, as may seem meet to him. We also empower the said MATTHEW SHAW JUNR., or his under attorney to make a valid title to the lands, after obtaining a patent for the same. And we do hereby ratify & confirm, whatsoever he may do in the exercise of the authority, power & trust which we have hereby conferred to him, and declare that his acts done in pursuance of it shall be as valid to all intents & purposes as if we ourselves were personally present.
In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and affixed our seals this the 24 day of August 1820

MORRIS EVANS SR ("X" his mark)
GILBERT EVANS SR ("X" his mark)
WILLIAM EVANS SR ("X" his mark)
Signed Sealed & delivered in the presence of

1820 Augt 28th This day came before me JOHN BELL one of the acting Justices of the Peace for the County of Wake, MORRIS EVANS JUNR, who being sworn on the holy Evangelist of the living God, deposeth & saith that he saw MORRIS EVANS SR, GILBERT EVANS SENR. & WILLIAM EVANS SENR. who have signed & sealed the within power of Attorney, each & every of them sign seal deliver the same to JOHN EVANS, to be delivered to MATTHEW SHAW JUNR., as their act & deed for the purposes therein mentioned.
Interlined before signed In testimony whereof I have subscribed this on the day & date above written


State of North Carolina
Wake County
I BENJAMIN S. KING Clerk of the Court of Pleas & Quarter Sessions for the County of Wake, do hereby certify that JOHN BELL is an acting Justice of the Peace for said County and that faith & credit should be given to his official acts as such. I have hereunto set my hand & the seal of office at Raleigh this 28th August 1820

No. 507
The Heirs of JOHN EVANS, A Private
State of North Carolina
To WILLIAM HILL, Esq. Secretary of the State aforesaid.
On the application of MATHEW SHAW Jun. as attorney for the Heirs of JOHN EVANS formerly a soldier of the Revolutionary Army and of the Line of this State, and acting under the powers and authorities with which we are clothed, by an Act of the Assembly of 1819, entitled "an act concerning Military Land Warrants." We have examined and passed upon the Claims of the above mentioned, and hereby advise and direct, that you issue to the Heirs of said Claimant as follows - viz:
To the Heirs of JOHN EVANS, a Warrant for Six hundred and forty Acres of Land (640 Acres).
Raleigh 28th Augt. 1820
Recd from the Secretary's office a Warrant No.
507 issued to the Heirs of JOHN EVANS for 640
Acres of land this 29th Augt. 1820,
Atto in fact for heirs of JOHN EVANS
No. 355
---6 Cards----

State of North Carolina
Wake County
I JARRAT M. JELKS an acting Justice of the Peace in the County of Wake do certify to all whom it may concern that JOHN SHERRIN SR. & KELL BURGESS who are men of credit and sustain an honest & good character came before me and declared that they were personally acquainted with JOHN EVANS who was a regular soldier in the service of the United States, during the Revolutionary War, that enlisted in this State for & during the War, but was killed after having served about three years. And that GILBERT EVANS, MORRIS EVANS & WILLIAM EVANS who now reside in  this County are the brothers of said JOHN EVANS, and the nearest related to him of any persons they know.
Given under my hand this the 10 day of Augt 1820
JOHN SHERREN ("X" his mark)

I certify that JOHN SHERRIN SENR is a man of honest character
I am also acquainted with KELL BURGESS who assignd the within and believe he supports the character of a man of Truth and Honesty Given under my hand this 19th of August 1820
State of No Carolina,
Wake County

I BENJAMIN S. KING clerk of the Court of Pleas and quarter Sessions for the County aforesaid, do hereby Certify that GEORGE BRASFIELD & JARATT
M. JELKS are both acting Justices of the peace for said County. and that faith & credit should be given to their official acts as such. I have hereto set my hand & the Seal of Office at Raleigh this 19th August 1820.
duly proved by the Oath of EDWARD W. BEALE(?) & witness thereto and ordered to be Registered.
B. L.(S?) KING C. Ct
Registered in the Registers office of Wake County in Book No. 6 and page 45 the 8th day of September A.D. 1824.
**Notation at top of page gives this as Wake Co. Deed Book 6, P. 46**

Wake County
A Memorandum of the Contract made and confirmed this 24th of April 1821 Between GEORGE BRASFIELD & WILLIAM A. THORPE both of the County of Wake and State of North Carolina, is just that whereas the said GEORGE BRASFIELD WILLIAM A. THORPE together all has joint claims to a certain section of military land allowed to JOHN EVANS deceased for his services in the Revolutionary War for which a warrant has issued as per Secretary's Book No. 507 and has been transferred to said GEORGE BRASFIELD and registered to him in Wake County as may appear of record Now be it remembered that in consequence, a contract already entered into by said WILLIAM A. THORPE & MORRIS EVANS. He the said GEORGE BRASFIELD does agree whenever the title is compleated to convey to him the said WILLIAM A. THORPE one half of all lands the said Warrant may save after paying for locating thereout. In Witness whereof they the said parties have set their hands and Seals this 21st of April 1821.

MORRIS EVANS ("X" his mark)



Note: Above documents prove that Morris, Gilbert, William and John Evans were brothers, and that John died during the Revolutionary War and therefore he was not among the men by that name living in Wake Co. after that time period.


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