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The Copeland Family

Part 1 of 4


The story of my COPELAND Family is one of contradictory beliefs and of many missing years in their beginnings, but I am going to relate what I have found out about the origins of our COPELANDs who were Free People of Color first in Halifax County, North Carolina.
Four COPELAND families first turned up in the 1850 Census in Halifax and Warren Counties, or more accurately, three were actually listed, and one additional was somehow missed in the census but was indicated as being there through other records of the time, and did show up in the 1860 Census.
As further info about the 1850 Halifax County Census, there is a notation on the last page for that County, which reads: "After a careful notation of the dwellings and families I make 1792 - 33 more than the Marshal. The numbers do not run regular Some of the leaves are saved in wrong 182 pages." In other words, somewhere along the line, a number of families were somehow mis-counted or mis-placed, so apparently, the Census for Halifax County may be wrong for that year. There are a number of families that I know were there in 1850 but which don't show up in the Census, and some of the COPELANDs were among them. The other problem with Halifax County, is that they were poor record keepers, it wasn't a "burnt County" like some others, where there were losses of records due to Courthouse fires or War; Halifax just has a lot of missing records, including many of the early Marriage Records and for the marriages up through about 1900, very few of them have the actual copies of the marriage licenses which included additional info about the marriage couple. So, what records one does find has to be used in combination with others to determine some of the early facts. One of the things I can say, though, is that there are a lot of trees out there where people have erroneously listed these as the children of CATO COPELAND, born 1758, but they are entirely wrong because there was never any mention of any dependent children in any of the Pensions filed for him, even after his death when his widow filed for a Pension. The ages of the COPELAND men
who follow in this narrative, all clearly indicate that the first were born about 1810, at the earliest, which negates the possibility of NANCY having given birth to them since she would have been well over 50 years old when having her 1st child, and certainly she didn't have any of the children who were born in the 1820s. That's why it is more likely that their parents would have been at least a generation removed from CATO COPELAND as is discussed below. One other thing of note with these COPELANDs is the possibilities of what may be able to be found out through DNA.  One of our COPELAND family members from the JOSEPH COPELAND and BENJAMIN COPELAND line has participated in DNA tests which have resulted in the fact that he is related to the TINKER family of Yorkshire, England, possibly going back to the early 1700s. We have no idea of how that fits into our ancestry, but from a bit of research, there was from Yorkshire, Governor JOHN TINKER of the Bahamas, who died there about 1757, at which time he freed a female slave named ABANABA, and the date is curiously close to CATO COPELAND's birth in 1758. After contacting the Archives Dept. in the Bahamas, they were unable to find any record of what happened to the former slave. North Carolina didn't have very many TINKER families in the early records, but Census & Marriage records shows a couple of them in Craven County, NC in the late 1700s. Curiously, for reasons one can only guess at, CATO COPELAND was living in Craven Co. in 1790. What their relationship may have been to JOHN TINKER is not known by me, but I have found that at least one, STEPHEN TINKER, was involved in the importation & sale of 3 slaves who were later freed, as well as there being a dispute about the disposition of slaves he freed in his will in 1795. They don't appear to have had anything to do with CATO, but as I continue to look further into this, I will include a page with those findings on this site.

The COPELANDs start off with the families of four men, all of whom indicated that they were born in Halifax County:
JOSEPH COPELAND (1810-1868) Family first lived in Heathsville section of Halifax County, then spread out to Nash, and later Nansemond County, Virginia.
BENJAMIN COPELAND (1812-aft 1880) Family was living in Warren County from 1850 and thereafter most of them have remained there. JOSEPH's son, ALFRED, went to live with BENJAMIN's family after his father died.
ROBERT COPELAND (1823-ca 1860) Family was living in the Enfield area of Halifax County, where most of that line continued to live.
HESAKIAH COPELAND (1825- ca 1889) was first found in both Warren & Halifax in 1850, then remained in Brinkleyville, Halifax County thereafter. JOSEPH's sons, THOMAS & HILLIARD, went to live with him after their father died.
JOSEPH & BENJAMIN were brothers, and it is very likely that ROBERT & HESAKIAH were also their brothers, although a bit younger, the 2 youngest children of MARTHA COPELAND, b. abt 1790, all of whom have traditions of being related to one another. It is likely there were other children born between BENJAMIN & ROBERT, probably females since they are harder to trace, but unfortunately, Halifax County has very few early marriage records to help identify some of the couples who lived there prior to 1850. MARTHA COPELAND, who appeared as head of her own household in 1830 with 1 young son, was likely the female of the same age previously in the 1820 household of CATO COPELAND, which also included 2 young females under 14; I believe that MARTHA was a daughter of CATO COPELAND. While the father of her first few children who had the COPELAND surname is Unknown, it is known that MARTHA COPELAND later married STEPHEN HEDGEPETH, b. abt 1797, and that she was the mother of some of his children, the oldest being born in 1832; she was called "PAT COPELAND" on the Death Certificate of their son, NEWELL HEDGEPETH (as info, the names "Martha" and "Pattie" or "Patsy" were nicknames, often used interchangeably in old records.). The children of STEPHEN & MARTHA HEDGEPETH were SALLY HEDGEPETH, NEWELL HEDGEPETH, STEPHEN HEDGEPETH JR., JAMES HEDGEPETH & ANNA HEDGEPETH. STEPHEN also had children by an earlier marriage, although that wife's name is unknown : WILLIAM HEDGEPETH, RICHARD HEDGEPETH, NANCY HEDGEPETH, & CELIA HEDGEPETH.
KADER COPELAND, a.k.a. CATO COPELAND, was a former Revolutionary War Soldier, whose wife was NANCY MITCHELL, and while his Pension application indicated that his family consisted of himself and his wife, family traditions and the names of several family members, including HESAKIAH COPELAND, who was sometimes called KEDAR COPELAND, tell of CATO COPELAND being their ancestor.

The complete records of each of these families can be found starting in the family tree here:  My North Carolina Roots

The COPELAND families were:
JOSEPH COPELAND, born about 1810, first turned up in the 1860 Halifax Co. Census as a Farmer, with a personal value of $30, however, he is listed in a number of other records, such as being a bondsman on several marriage records for family and friends in the 1840's and 1850's, so we know he was there, but somehow the 1850 Census people missed him. His wife was SUSAN HAWKINS, b. 1820, who was the daughter of AMBROSE HAWKINS & CHINA HARWELL. As can be seen in many records, the HAWKINS and HARWELLs were very intertwined with the COPELANDs with many family members taking responsibility for members of one another's children as well as being bondsmen and later as witnesses for their marriages. JOSEPH doesn't appear in any other Census, but stories from people who are familiar with the times, tell of the fact that some of the COPELANDs were working for SIDNEY WELLER (1791-1854) who owned Medoc Vineyard in the community of Brinkleyville, Halifax County, the largest winery & vineyard in the State; the land that he once owned is now a part of Medoc Mountain State Park in Hollister, NC. WELLER was a pioneer in the American style of cultivation of grapes into wine, and was an advocate of crop rotation, which helped keep the soil from wearing out from the planting of just one kind of crop, year after year. He employed many of the people in Halifax County, and the COPELANDs obviously were acquainted with him since he signed several documents having to do with them, including being the bondsman for the 1849 marriage of HESAKIAH COPELAND. So, it is possible that some of the COPELANDs were living on the WELLER land prior to 1850 and where they would not be counted in the Census in an individual household. SUSAN was listed as a Spinner (one who spins yarn) a common occupation for women of the time, but not much is known about her since she died shortly after the birth of her daughter, GEORGEANNA, in 1860. After the death of SUSAN, JOSEPH remarried on January 31, 1866 to the much younger, LOUISA MANLEY (1845-1924) of Halifax County. JOSEPH died about 1868, and left LOUISA as a young widow with a young child, JOSEPHINE VIRGINIA COPELAND (1867-abt 1910). The other children that JOSEPH had with SUSAN, were sent to live with various family members, and the older ones went off to live on their own to earn their way in life. The majority ended up in Nansemond County, VA after 1900, but some may have briefly stayed in Gates or Northampton Counties in the late 1890s because I've found some of their children's marriage records there. LOUISA remained in Halifax for a few years, then married JAMES THOMAS GREEN (1842-1921 Warren Co.,NC) son of WILLIAM GREEN & MARY POLLY GREEN. They lived in Warren County, where they raised JOSEPHINE VIRGINIA, and LOUISA had several more children, all of whom died in childhood. JOSEPHINE VIRGINIA COPELAND married on December 31, 1889 to MARYLAND WEST (1863-1941) son of WILLIAM EVANS-WEST & MARY JANE CARTER of Warren County. They had 5 children together, however since VIRGINIA died about 1910, their children were raised by their father, MARYLAND.

JOSEPH & SUSAN had at least 8 children together:
1) WILLIAM H. COPELAND (1844-1920/30) was the oldest, and he and his brother, JAMES, went off on their own to work, and by 1880, both brothers had moved to Edgecombe County working as house carpenters. WILLIAM was married at least 3 times: 1st in May 20, 1867 in Halifax Co. to HENRIETTA HALEY NEVILLE, whose family were former slaves. WILLIAM & HENRIETTA weren't together long, although I don't know whether she died or they divorced, but by 1880, WILLIAM was with a new wife, LUCY, whose last name I don't know since I have found no record of a marriage for them. At that time, WILLIAM was living in Edgecombe Co., NC, where there was also a son named WILLIAM, born in 1874, although, both he and LUCY were not seen in any records again, so I don't know what happened to either of them. WILLIAM's 3rd marriage was more successful, he married on Jan. 26, 1891 in Warren County to MARY ALICE RICHARDSON (1857-1944), daughter of ASA & MARY RICHARDSON, originally of Halifax County, and who had previously been married to WILLIAM's cousin, JOHN WASHINGTON COPELAND. ALICE never had any children of her own, but she & WILLIAM raised LINTON, aka, LEONARD COPELAND (1894-1936 Nash Co.,NC) who was first listed as a "nephew" to WILLIAM, in the 1900 Nash County Census, but by 1910 where the family was back in Halifax, he had become known as their son; I have no idea who LINTON's parents may actually have been, but there were a lot of orphaned children in by the families through the years who were taken in by various family members and raised as their own. LINTON was married in 1917 to NANNIE MAY NELSON, daughter of WILLIAM NELSON & NEDA NICHOLSON of Halifax, who was a widow with 3 children of her own (CURTIS, EDMOND & HERMAN NICHOLSON). LINTON, who was sometimes listed as LEONARD, COPELAND and his family alternated in living in Rocky Mount in Nash and Edgecombe Counties, where they remained after his death for a few years. I did find record that LINTON's oldest son, JULIUS CAESAR COPELAND (1916-1941) was murdered in January 1941 in Nash County. His other 2 children were EFFIE COPELAND and LINTON COPELAND JR.

2) JAMES M. COPELAND (1845-1929 Suffolk, Nansemond Co., VA) was married on April 10, 1873 in Halifax Co., to MARY ELIZA ASH (1846-1954 Brooklyn, NY). JAMES was working as a grocery clerk in Halifax right after his father's death, then after his marriage, he and his wife moved to Edgecombe County, where he and his brother, WILLIAM, worked as house carpenters. JAMES & MARY ELIZA remained in North Carolina until the early 1890s, when they moved to Nansemond County, Virginia. By 1900, they were living in the Holy Neck District of Nansemond County, where it was indicated that MARY had given birth to 10 children, however, only 5 of them were still living by that time. JAMES had a varied career of occupations, and during the 1900s he was a shoemaker, a grocery store merchant, and finally, a preacher, which is what he ended up being known for, as were other members of his family in later years. His wife, MARY ELIZA ASH's origins have been a source of dispute in the family since in later years, stories arose that she had been born in Ohio, yet had also been among the people removed during the Trail of Tears, which occurred in the 1830s. Since that incident had happened at least 10 years before Mary Eliza's birth, needless to say that the story was not true, and certainly it didn't happen in Ohio. The truth of the matter is that Mary Eliza Ash was born in probably Warren County, North Carolina, where she and her family were living in 1850. Her parents were EMANUEL ASH & MARTHA COLEY, originally from Halifax County, NC, where her father moved back to with his children after MARTHA's death, and he remarried in 1859 to the much younger, JANE MILLS. Shortly after 1860, the ASH family moved to Athens County, Ohio, and in February 1864, EMANUEL ASH again remarried to EMMA WILLIS, and he and most of his family settled down in Pike County, Ohio. During the intervening years, at least 2 of the daughters had returned to Halifax, MARY ELIZA and her sister LEACIE ASH, were living with relatives in 1870, which is probably where she met JAMES COPELAND. Two of MARY ELIZA's brother, NICHOLAS and JACOB ASH, served in the Civil War under the U.S. Colored Troops; NICHOLAS died of heart disease in the Army Hospital in Virginia on Oct. 5, 1864; JACOB served with the Massachusetts 55th Regiment, Company K,in the infantry (the 2nd African American organization to be raised in Massachusetts), having enlisted in Athens County, Ohio in June 1863. JACOB survived the War and his name is displayed on the African American Civil War Memorial for the Regiment. JAMES & MARY ELIZA COPELAND's children were: EUGENIA COPELAND, d.1899 (mar. on April 7, 1898: WILLIAM HENRY THOMAS, son of WILLIAM & EMALINE THOMAS); REBECCA, called REBA, COPELAND, (mar. on Jan. 27, 1903: GEORGE BATTLE, son of CALVIN & MARTHA BATTLE); MARIE COPELAND (mar. on Dec. 29, 1909: WILLIAM HENRY JOHNSON, son of CHARLES JOHNSON & ROSA CURTLEY); SUSAN COPELAND (mar. on Feb. 5, 1918: GEORGE WASHINGTON LAWRENCE, son of JAMES T. & ROUVENIA LAWRENCE); BESSIE COPELAND; and CORNETTA COPELAND (mar. on Dec. 29, 1910: JAMES EDWARDS, son of RANDALL & AMELIA EDWARDS).

3) DELLA COPELAND (1848-1921 Suffolk, VA) went to live with the family of her Grand-Uncle, WILLIAM HARWELL, who was her grandmother CHINA HARWELL's brother, after her parents died; WILLIAM died around 1861, and his wife, NANCY BROWN-HARWELL was left with 3 of their children. (The family was incorrectly listed as ARRINGTON in 1870) Later that same year, she married GEORGE WASHNGTON JONES (1850-1896) the son of SOLOMON & SALLIE JONES of Halifax County, and they then moved to Nash County, NC where they remained until about 1883, when they moved to Nansemond County, Virginia, where she and her children remained for most of their lifetime. GEORGE died in 1896, and on May 31, 1899, DELLA remarried to widower, ALEXANDER JOE, b. 1850 Nottaway Parish, Southampton Co., VA, the son of SAMUEL & MIMA JOE of that County; his father apparently having died shortly after 1850, ALEX was bonded out to serve as an apprentice until he reached adulthood. ALEX had about 9 children with his first wife, MARY: SOPHRONIA, ROBERTA, LATINA, NANNIE, MARIA, SAMUEL, LUCILLE, ALICE ROSE & ANTHONY N.JOE. DELLA & GEORGE W. JONES' 11 children were: GEORGE ANDREW JONES (mar.1st on Aug. 5, 1891 to CLAUDIA LOCUS, dau/of ALBERT LOCUS & LOUISA JOYNER, and 2nd on Dec. 30, 1895 to MARIA JOE, dau/of ALEX & MARY JOE); JAMES THOMAS JONES (mar. on May 18, 1899 JULIA EDMONDS, dau/of LOUIS & LAURA EDMONDS); SARAH JONES (mar: on Dec. 4, 1900 to HYMAN LEWIS JOYNER,son of LEWIS & PRISCILLA JOYNER); STELLA V. JONES (mar: JOHN R. PARKER); SOLOMON JONES (mar.1st on Dec. 28, 1904 to CONNIE STOKES dau/of WILLIAM STOKES & MARY PATTERSON; mar: 2nd on July 10, 1913 to IDELLA CARR, dau/of BURWELL & ALICE CARR); GEORGEANNA JONES; DELLA JONES; ROBERT JONES; JOSEPH JONES (mar. on Jan. 23, 1913 to MANDE HERNDON dau/of S.A. & ROXANNA HERNDON); ANNIE NINA JONES (mar. on June 27, 1918 to RALEIGH EDWARDS, son of NAT & LOUISE EDWARDS); and CHARLIE JONES (mar. on January 3, 1911 to NETTIE M. MASON, dau/of GEORGE & NELLIE MASON).

4) SUSAN DANGERFIELD COPELAND (1849-1913 Suffolk, VA), known by the family as "DANGIE", she was a mystery to me and until I found a marriage record that showed the name of "DANGY" or "DUGY" COPELAND, married to ANDREW JACKSON SANDERLIN (1848-1911) on August 7, 1874 in Halifax, witnesses were J.M. COPELAND & G. W. JONES, so I knew there was a connection. His parents were WILLIAM BUCK SANDERLIN & EMILY PRICE, of Halifax County,NC. SUSAN & ANDREW lived in Nash County for a while when they were first married, and they may have lived in Northampton and Gates Counties in North Carolina in the 1890s because I have found marriages for some of their children in those locations during that time period; They then moved to Nansemond, VA, like most of her other siblings, but shortly after 1900, they changed their surname to SAUNDERS, which is what the family members were thereafter known as. ANDREW & SUSAN SANDERLIN/SAUNDERS' 9 children were: JOSEPH SANDERLIN (mar. on June 20, 1901 to EMMA JANE ASHBURN, dau/of JOHN EXUM ASHBURN & FANNIE BALLARD); ANDREW JACKSON SANDERLN JR. (mar. on Sept. 26, 1901 to EVERLENA PIERCE, dau/of RICHARD & MARY PIERCE); SUSAN R. SANDERLIN (mar. on June 23, 1898 to EDWARD JONES); RENA SANDERLIN (mar. on Sept. 23, 1908 to ARTHUR JONES, son of ARTHUR & ROSETTA JONES); EMILY SANDERLIN (mar. on Feb. 25, 1908 to TURNER FAISON, son of WILLIAM FAISON & MAGGIE COLLINS); BETSY SANDERLIN (mar. on Dec. 6, 1905 to JAMES A. ASHBURN, son of JOHN EXUM ASHBURN & FANNIE BALLARD); ISRAEL BUCK SANDERLIN, died at age 5; MATTIE BELL SANDERLIN (mar. on Nov. 26, 1912 to EDGAR WHITNEY, son of NEWSOM & MARJORIE WHITNEY); and ROGER EMMANUEL SANDERLIN.

5) HILLIARD JOSEPH JR. COPELAND (1853-ca 1900) went to live with the family of HESAKIAH COPELAND after his parents death. On December 3, 1881, he married ALICE WEST (1862-1959) daughter of WILLIAM EVANS-WEST & MARY J. CARTER of Warren County; this was the first of many marriages between the families. HILLIARD & ALICE didn't stay together long, shortly after 1890, HILLIARD disappears from the records, and it is likely that he died around that time. ALICE remarried twice more: in 1896 to EATON BROWN, and in 1915, to KINCHEN WILLIAMS. HILLIARD & ALICE COPELAND's 5 children were: ROXIE COPELAND (mar. on Dec. 20, 1905 to JOHN TAFT ALSTON); MARY COPELAND (mar. on Dec. 20, 1905 to NED EGGLESTON); ESSIE COPELAND (mar.1st, on Dec. 20, 1907 to ISAAC WEST, son of ISAAC & DINA WEST; mar. 2nd, on Feb. 21, 1912 to WILLIAM HARDY ALSTON, son of HARDY ALSTON & PHOEBE WATSON; mar. 3rd on Jan. 16, 1918 to WILEY M. ALSTON, son of MONSIEUR T. ALSTON & ELLEN PERRY; mar. 4th on Oct. 22, 1938 to WILLIS WILLIAMS, son of DANIEL WILLIAMS & LUCINDA BROWNE); IDA BELL COPELAND (mar. on Dec. 30, 1908 to HUGH ALSTON, son of TURNER & CAROLINE ALSTON); and MARYLAND PRYOR COPELAND (mar. on June 5, 1910 to LULA ALSTON, daughter of JOHN LEWIS ALSTON & JENNIE CHEEK).

6) ALFRED EXUM COPELAND,(1856- 1928 Suffolk, VA) moved in with the family of his uncle, BENJAMIN COPELAND, after the death of his father. He married on March 5, 1880 to BENJAMIN's daughter, VIRGINIA COPELAND (1864-1937 Portsmouth, VA); ALFRED & VIRGINIA were first cousins on both sides, their fathers were brothers and their mothers were sisters. They lived briefly in Warren County, but they moved to Nansemond County, Virginia by the 1890's where they remained.Their children were: IDELIA COPELAND (mar. on January 31, 1904 to JACKSON THOMAS JONES, son of PHILLIS JONES, of Nansemond); EXUM PLEASANT COPELAND (mar. on Jan. 20, 1915 to ADA ADAMS, daughter of JOHN QUINCY ADAMS & EMMA J. OUTLAND); WILLIAM JAMES COPELAND (mar. on Sept. 30, 1917 to CORA BAZEMORE, dau/of MADISON BAZEMORE & FANNIE OUTLAW); ARCHIE COPELAND (mar. 1st abt 1915 to VANDELIA COOPER, dau/of RICHARD & CORA COOPER; mar. 2nd to BEULAH _____); and JOSEPH H. COPELAND (mar. on Sept. 27, 1919 to ETHEL CHEEK, dau/of PLUMMER & INDIANNA CHEEK).

7) MATTHEW THOMAS COPELAND (1857-1930/40 Nansemond Co.,VA), was a baby in the 1860 Census, but after the death of his parents, he & his older brother, HILLIARD, went to live with the HESAKIAH COPELAND family. He married on August 3, 1889 to LUCY ANNE WEST (1872-aft 1940) the daughter of MATTHEW EVANS-WEST & HARRIET ODOM of Warren Co.,NC; ANNIE was the 1st cousin of ALICE WEST, wife of HILLIARD COPELAND. THOMAS & ANNIE lived first in Halifax Co., but by 1909, they had moved to Nansemond Co., VA where most of the rest of JOSEPH's children were; it seems that the family was attracted to the better opportunities of getting work there since most of them were working in the shipyards and the peanut factories. THOMAS was a farmer,a shoemaker, and and later worked in the shipyards. THOMAS & ANNIE's children were: JAMES LLOYD COPELAND (mar.on July 4, 1920 to DAISY L. BARRETT, dau/of CHARLES BARRETT & MARTHA L. N. WHITEHEAD); ERNEST G. COPELAND (mar. 1st on April 29, 1916: SALINA BROWN, dau/of HENRY BROWN & MISSOURI PEARCE; 2nd on Aug. 1, 1920 to LETHIA BUNCH, dau/of JOHN BUNCH); HATTIE COPELAND (mar. on May 14, 1913 to JOHNNIE RANDALL EDWARDS, son of RANDAL & AMELIA EDWARDS); ZOLLIE COPELAND (mar. 1st: Jan. 28, 1917 to LOUISA ANDERSON, d/o WILLIAM & SERENA ANDERSON; 2ND on Nov. 21, 1932: REABY BLOW, d/o TOM BLOW & MARY BUTTS); QUEENIE COPELAND (mar. on June 26, 1920: ABRAHAM RADCLIFF COKER JR., son of ABRAHAM R. COKER & LUCY HOLLOMAN); DOCTOR WILLIE COPELAND (mar. on Sept. 22, 1920 to MARY E. LEE, dau/of MATTHEW & LENA LEE); MAMIE COPELAND (mar. on Sept. 12, 1920 to SOLOMON HARDISON, son of THOMAS & MARTHA HARDISON); and IDELL COPELAND (mar. on Nov. 8, 1925 to DAVID RYLE, son of RICHARD & HENRIETTA RYLE).

8) GEORGEANNA COPELAND, b. 1860, was the previously unknown daughter of JOSEPH & SUSAN COPELAND, since she had never appeared in any records with them, having been born after June 1, 1860 when the census was taken that year. She married on September 18, 1879 in Nash Co., NC to JOHN WILKINS, son of CRAWFORD & MARTHA WILKINS. and it wasn't until I got an actual copy of the certificate that I found it showed her parents names. GEORGEANNA was living with her grand-aunt, SALLY HARWELL, next door to her grandfather, AMBROSE HAWKINS and his new wife, LACY LYNCH, right after her father's death, but moved to Nash Co. shortly after 1870 with her sister and brother-in-law, DELLA and GEORGE W. JONES, which is where she apparently met JOHN WILKINS. GEORGEANNA & JOHN lived in Nash County through most of the 1880s, then moved to Nansemond County, Virginia, along with most of the rest of her siblings by 1889. JOHN & GEORGEANNA WILKINS' children were: LENA WILKINS; JOHN WILKINS (mar: on Aug. 19, 1907 to EDDIE MAY WILSON, dau/of BEVERLY WILSON & ROSA L. SPRATLEY, originally of Dinwiddie & Southampton Counties in VA); MARY WILKINS (mar: 1st to WILLIAM AUSTIN; 2nd on May 18, 1920, to EMMETT HENRY MIZELL, son of JOSEPH & ROSA MIZELL); MARTHA WILKINS (mar: 1st to EMMETT BYNUM; 2nd on Jan. 17, 1916, to WILLIAM ELLIS); GEORGE WILLIE WILKINS (mar: on June 5, 1911 to LUELLA SMITH, dau/of WILLIAM & MAGGIE SMITH); and FURDY B. WILKINS.




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