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This is a private family cemetery located on the Williams-Sneed-Green Family property near Greentown Ave. in Warren County. For generations, our family members have been buried there, and though it is called the Caudle Family Cemetery, it is actually on land originally owned by our ancestor, Thomas Green (1760-1850). Several members of the GREEN family were intermarried with the EVANS family, and both lines are the ancestors of the CAUDLEs. The last person buried there was Walter Van Sneed (1852-1941), who had inherited the property from his wife, Mary Frances Green (1871-1899; Walter's tombstone was unfortunately engraved with the wrong intials of S. V. SNEED. It is believed that Thomas Green, as well as many of his immediate family members, such as his wife, Priscilla, sons Allen & William, daughters Lucretia, Priscilla, Mary Polly, Elizabeth, and Lucy, among many others, are also buried there. Also, starting in the early 1900s, the cemetery became the final resting place for members of the community who had no place else to be buried, through the generosity of Walter Sneed.
Sadly, after the death of Walter Sneed, the cemetery was forgotten and left unattended for many years and was only re-discovered by family members taking a walk in the woods in 2006. The land was eventually cleared and a new road was made to provide better access to the severely overgrown area, and there have been efforts made to properly survey the cemetery, however, it is deep in the woods and very large, with many of the the graves in extremely poor condition, some having sunken into the ground, tombstones fallen over, and barely legible or not legible at all, the writing having often weathered away with age.  Of course, not all of the graves are marked, and I'm pretty sure that most of the earliest graves may never be identified.
No official record exists and, as yet, no complete survey has been done for the cemetery, but I am listing the names of those buried there from death records; also included separately are names passed down through family tradition and those which are believed to be buried there, but which there are no records.  This is just an effort to make some kind of record of known burials and suspected burials as a guide to those of us wanting to know where some of our ancestors are, and hopefully this will prove helpful to family researchers. 



Walter Sneed:  June 16, 1852 – July 31, 1941

James Thomas Green:   Oct. 1842 – Dec. 10, 1921

Pennie Copeland- Green:   Sept. 22, 1843 - Sept. 11, 1876

Martha A. Caudle-Evans:  1853 - Dec. 24, 1926

Mary Ellen Evans –Rodgers:   Apr. 1878 - April 17, 1929

Raleigh Caudle:   1824 - May 27, 1916

William Thomas Caudle:  Apr. 1850 - July 16, 1917

Rosa B. Evans:   1909 – Oct. 10, 1930 (d/o James Haywood Evans & Mary Ellen Perry)

Edith Rodgers:   Aug. 1827 – Mar. 3, 1922 (wife of Nat Rogers, mother of Joe Rodgers)

William Harrison Sneed: Oct. 2, 1904– Nov. 14, 1918 (s/o Walter Sneed & Sallie B. Alston)

Walter Algie Williams:   Aug. 7, 1939 – Aug. 12, 1939 (s/o Esther Sneed & Bert A. Williams)

Willie Perry:   dates illegible (from tombstone photo)

Matthew Thomas Evans:   July 19, 1924 - July 24, 1924 (s/o Matthew Evans & Bessie Green)

Jimmie Summerville:   Jan. 22, 1897 - Nov. 16, 1918

William Green: 1869 - abt 1943 (s/o James T. Green & Pennie Copeland)


*Mary Frances Green-Sneed: 1871 -1899 (d/o James T. Green & Penny Copeland)
*Theny Evans:  May 1894 -ca 1900/1910 (d/o James Evans & Martha Caudle)
*James Evans:  1815– bef 1878 (s/o Archibald Evans & Anna Mason)
*Martha Green-Evans:  1824 – bef 1878 (d/o Allen Green & Lucretia Evans)
*Susannah Parthenia Caudle–Mitchell: 1852– Aug. 17, 1920 (d/o John Haywood Caudle & Mary P. Evans)
*Mary Caudle–Williams: 1856 -1875 (d/o John Haywood Caudle & Mary Polly Evans)
*Lucretia Green–Evans: 1788-1860/70 (d/o Thomas & Priscilla Green)
*Archibald Evans:  1793-1860/70
*Allen Green:  1775-1860/70
*Lucretia Evans-Green:  1782-1860/70
*Polly E. Caudle:  1882 - Sept.17, 1930 (d/o W.T. Caudle & Tempie Williams)

                FAMILY TRADITION:     

James A. Evans:  June 1845 - 1912

John Haywood Caudle:   1821- 1898

Mary Polly Evans-Caudle:   July 1826-1905

William A. Green:   1786 – Feb. 1867

Mary Polly Green:    1825 – abt 1908

Thomas Evans:   1895 - 1904


Images showing condition of cemetery when first found:

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