The following is from Dr. Gay Nell Sarah Brown Jones, who believes she descends from Richard Brown b. 1808 by the line Wm. H. Brown, Calvin Ross Brown, and Lester John Brown Sr. First is what she has on Richard Brown's family of origin:

I.  John (not proven) BROWN IV served in the military in Revolutionary War. 
He was married to Anne Murphy in November 1792 in Westmoreland County VA. 
Anne Murphy was born on September 10, 1765. John (not proven) BROWN IV and
Anne Murphy had the following children:

+2             i.    Richard BROWN (born on May 16, 1808).
3              ii.   John BROWN.
4              iii.  Ann M BROWN.
5              iv.   Corbin BROWN was born on September 13, 1793.
6              v.    Frances H BROWN was born on January 10, 1795.
7              vi.   Eliza M BROWN was born on September 14, 1800.
8              vii.  William BROWN was born on March 1, 1803.
9              viii. Margaret BROWN Twin was born on March 1, 1803.
10             ix.   John BROWN Twin was born on March 10, 1804.
11             x.    Nancy BROWN was born on March 10, 1804.
12             xi.   James F BROWN was born on March 10.

Next a few comments on her ancestry, followed by a couple pictures:

"I have a great great grandfather Richard Brown and a great grandfather 
William H Brown.  They traveled the same routes as did your line and I am sure 
they are related but just cannot seem to find the connection.  I wish I could.  
I did find a John Brown (Revolutionary soldier) VA, who had a son, Richard born 
1808 and that time frame is very close to the estimated birth of mine (1805).  
I am thinking this might be my connection.  They seemed to be in Pickaway County 
the same time and my grandfather was born in Franklin County OH (county boundaries 
were different than today)."

"I think there is a similarity between your Brown and my 
great granfather. He had high cheek bones like yours, 
forehead very much the same, width of face same, etc.  
What do you think? I am pretty sure they might be 

Genetic analysis of the Y-chromosome of any of his descendants in the direct male line might be helpful.

William H Brown

"Fred, this photo is of William H Brown sons.  My grandfather was not in this photo."

William H Brown sons

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