William S. Brown is buried in Hancock Co., Amanda Twp., in Lee Cemetery, Row 5, old section. There are two stones for him, a headstone and a footstone apparently. One says he died 4/30/1853, aged 95 years and 8 months; the other says "Pa.Mil./Rev.War". It's odd that the two stones don't match each other in design; were they made at different times? William was not buried with his wife Ruth, who died some years earlier in Pickaway Co. There are some other Browns buried there, though; Janet O’Brien: "Here is the line up in the cemetery. Elijah Brown(1818-1872), Belinda Cloud Brown,Emily Brown(their daughter),Keziah Brown(Elijah(1797)’s wife,William Heshbarger(grandson of Keziah and Elijah),Mary(Brown)Corbin(d.1855),William Brown(d.1853) and then Elijah Brown(b.1797). I haven’t checked with the cemetery yet to see if they have who owned the lots." From an e-mail of 6/15/08. Janet O'Brien supplied the first two pix; the third, which shows the writing at the bottom more clearly, is from a Susie Husted e-mail of 10/31/06.

William S. Brown Headstone William S. Brown Footstone William S. Brown Footstone

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