The picture below is of the Nathan Brown Family including his father Joshua (taken not later than 1883 since Joshua died in that year). See record 842 in the database report for a tree of this family. From Bobby Brown's website. A tighter scan of this would be very helpful, whoever's got the original.

Left to right, seated:
Lowman A 1851-
Nathan Sr. 1823-1898
Joshua Sr. 1787-1883
Perlina 1826-1908
Eliza Jane 1846-1906

Left to right, standing:
Rachel A 1867-1936
Lewis E 1862-
James L. 1857-1937
Franklin Doc (or Nathan L?) 1853-
Henry A 1859-1931
Rhoda V 1865-1939

Nathan Brown family

Nathan and Perlina Brown etc.

Steven Ruppright: this "is of Nathan and Perlina but I am not sure who the other women in the picture are."

Here is a picture of Joshua Brown and family, accompanied by a key. It must have been taken in 1883 or before. Identifications on one or two of the children would be very helpful in dating the pitcure. Picture and most of the identifications from Steven Ruppright.

1) Joshua Brown's son Nathan Brown  
2) ?
3) Perlina Pratt Brown, Nathan's wife
4) Catherine Searfoss Brown, wife of Lewis Brown
5) Lowman Brown 
6) Lewis Brown
7) I think this may be Henry Brown b. 1859
8) I think this may be James Brown b. 1857

Roll your mouse over the key below to see the actual family picture:

Joshua Brown family

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