This 1895 atlas of Huntingdon County contains place names like Aughwick Mills, Shirleysburg, the Juniata River, Blacklog, West Dublin, Orbisonia, Three Springs, Barre Forge, and Mt. Union:

This map shows Huntingdon County as it appears today, with townships:

Huntingdon County

These two drawings are from the actual land record books (from Cumberland County, apparently; Huntingdon Co. wasn't formed til 1787 and Bedford Co. in 1771), the first for James Brown from 1766, the second for William Brown from 1773. There are longhand records of the transactions below the drawings, followed by some text from a later time. Kathy Wells got them from the Blair County Gen. Soc.:

The longhand in Book C-012 pg 20 says:

The Draught of a Tract of Land Called ____ situate in Derry Township Cumberland County Containing forty five Acres and Twenty nine Perches and the usual allowance of six PCent for Roads ??? Surveyed for William Brown the 15th Day of December A. D 1773 in Pursuance of the Honourable the Proprietaries Warrant bearing Date at Philadelphia the 7th day of August A. D 1773.

To John Lukens Esquire} P Wm Maclay
Surveyor General}

James Brown Land Record

In the next drawing, Fort Granville is near Lewistown, about in the middle of Mifflin Co. The longhand in Book C-014 pg 348 says:

The Draught of a Tract of Land called ____ situate on the South side of Juniata, above Fort Granville, in the County of Cumberland containing one thousand thirty six acres 149 perches with the usual allowance of six acres PCent for Roads. Survey'd the 18th day of April Anno Dom 1766 In Pursuance of a Warrant from the Hon'ble Proprietaries to James Brown Bearing Date at Philada the 8th day of June AD 1762.
Wm Maclay DS
To John Lukens Esq S G}
of Pennsylvania}

William Brown Land Record

Geo Wilds' 139 acres are outlined here; they were later sold to William Brown. Joseph Brown's land is shown here too. Bobby Brown cobbled this together from two different scans he made of a big map he had of Trough Creek Valley (must be his PA Forestry Map). His notation near the arrowhead says, "Arrow points the direction of Geo Wilds land sold to William S. Brown in 1786":

Geo Wilds' Land

From a Pennsylvania map probably made between 1800 and 1804, judging by the dates of county formation. E. A. Brown got it from Heritage Map Museum. Huntingdon, Bedford, Franklin, and Cumberland counties are visible here, as well as the Mason/Dixon line down at the bottom:

Early Pennsylvania

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