This township map of Pickaway and Franklin Counties includes the part of Fairfield County, next to Walnut Twp., that contained Amanda Twp.:

Townships of Pickaway, Fairfield, and Franklin Counties, OH

"The red lines show sections 22 and 23 of Walnut township. The NE and SW 1/4 sections of 23 were the original lands bought by William Brown and Ruth Lane in the Chillicothe land office.... The brown colored area is Walnut township." Route 674 approximates the boundary between Pickaway Co. and Fairfield Co. From Bobby Brown.

Walnut Township, Pickaway County, OH

A small township map of Hancock County...
Townships of Hancock County OH

...and a big township map:
Townships of Hancock County OH

Amanda Township of Hancock County in 1875, from Bobby Brown. There is an Amanda Township in Fairfield County too. I wonder if the first wasn't named after the second, and who named it. J. Brown can be found down on the southern border, Wm. Corbin a little below the center, E. Vanlue next door to him, E. Corbin down in the southwest, and a couple other Corbins up top.

Amanda Township, Hancock County, OH

Vanlue, Amanda Twp. OH. S. Brown is listed at the bottom as a school teacher. Union School is up between lots 43 and 44; Arthur Brown was owner of lot 44 when he died in about 1864, as well as of lot 7. One of the buildings in lot 7 is labeled "Brown", and lot 7 is also the location of the drugstore that Arthur bought. It's also worth noting that Abraham Browne was a doctor in this town in those years.

Vanlue, Amanda Township, Hancock County, OH

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