Below is the family of James K. Brown, grandson of Elisha, son of Samuel. From Earl E. Farthing of Columbus.
L-R 1st row: Irvin Farison w/ Pauline, Martha Brown Farison w/ James, James K. Brown, Ira Ayres w/ Richard and Lea Jean.
Back row: Frank Brown, Dwight Brown, Ralph Brown, Garnet Brown Ayres w/ Martha, Earl Brown.

James K. Brown family

James K. Brown family

Here is a picture of James Brown with his daughters Martha and Garnet, and four daughters in-law.

James K. Brown family

L-R kneeling: Frank Brown w/ infant James Farison, Dwight Brown w/ infant Pauline Farison, Ralph Brown.
Standing L-R: Ella Farthing Lowe, Mary Farthing Farmer, Charles Kennedy, Clara Farmer Kennedy, Surilda Farthing Slike, James K. Brown, Martha Brown Farison, Phoebe Farthing Cahill, Mike Cahill, Harriet Farthing Siddons.

Below is Elisha Brown's headstone, with the flag fluttering in the cold wind. Then Fred and Rebecca Brown Vanlue's tombstone in the Lee Cemetery in Amanda. Rebecca was a daughter of Elisha. Also from Earl E. Farthing.

Elisha's grave Vanlue grave

Elijah Vanlue's grave

Here is a picture of Elijah Vanlue's tombstone. It is in the Lee Cemetery next to the graves of his parents Frederick and Rebecca Brown Vanlue.

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