Subject: Re: Joshua Brown and Charlotte Morris Date: Sun, 01 Apr 2007 17:35:41 -0700 From: EA Brown Fred, Here is the Joshua Brown bible page that I have. It would appear to have been taken from a printed document, but I haven't been able to determine its source. Linda McClure has indicated that she has the same info, but also doesn't know its source. I got this from an individual who copied it from a source in the Harrisburg Library. I'm hoping some one can go to the library, and find the source. ea

Subject: Re: Joshua Brown and Charlotte Morris Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 12:48:51 -0700 From: EA Brown Fred, Here is a summary of what I know. Joshua Brown married Charlotte Morris 22 Dec 1790. They lived in Springfield Twp Huntingdon Co., PA. They were married about a month after the 1790 census for this area, so they do not show up in the 1790 census. They do show in the 1800, 1820, and 1830 census. They are both buried in the Old School Baptist Cemetery. He died 26 Nov. 1832 and she died 5 Nov 1838. Joshua's bible record shows Charlotte was born 14 Apr 1771. No birth date is shown for Joshua; however, the cemetery record indicates that he was born in 1765. The bible record lists 11 children and their birth dates: Hannah 6 Sept 1791 Caleb 24 Mar 1793 John 10 July 1795 Richard 15 June 1797 Joshua 26 Sep 1799 Jeremiah 4 Mar 1802 Rebecca Ann 10 Nov 1803 Elizabeth 24 May1806 Charlotte 3 July 1806 Sarah 1 Aug 1810 George Washington 11 Feb 1813 Jeremiah is my gggrand father, John is Mark Brown's ggggrandfather, Richard is Jay Brown and Linda McClure's g???father, Charlotte is Kathy Well's gggggrand mother. The 3 older boys Caleb, John and Richard all stayed in Huntingdon Co. while the 3 younger boys moved west. My gggrand father Jeremiah and his family moved to Iowa, Joshua moved to Ohio, and the youngest George Washington also moved to Iowa, but a different location. My data on the girls is more sketchy. Hope this helps. Our problem is still trying to determine Joshua and Charlotte's families. Regards EA

Here is the Joshua Brown document E. A. refers to above. This may be the original. I see nothing on it to indicate that it's either a Bible record or a copy of anything else:

Joshua Brown/Charlotte Morris Record

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