Jil Loewit is from the line of Caleb Brown, Jr., grandson of Joshua Brown and Charlotte Morris. First, a partial family tree:

Nathan Greenland 
+ Sarah Corbin
  Caleb Greenland, 1811-1893 - picture available
  + Christina Curfman, 1819-1893 - picture available
    Missouri Greenland b. 12/7/1837 in PA., d. 8/88/1899 in PA, bur. Everett, PA
    + Caleb Brown Jr., b. 5/8/1835 Springfield Twp., Huntingdon Co. PA - picture available
      Minnie Arvadia Florence Brown. b. 4/23/1872 in Saltillo, PA (Jil's gr-grandmother) 
      + Samuel Francis Harclerode; m. April 30, 1891 in Everett,PA. 
    Sarah Ann Greenland - picture available
    + Samuel Harkelroad - picture available

From: Jil Loewit
Date: 9/27/07 5:09 PM
To: fredg

My name is Jil Loewit and I am a descendant of Caleb Brown Jr. and 
Missouri Greenland Brown.  I have much info on Caleb Brown Jr. and his 
family.  Plus I also have info on the "Greenland" family of Huntingdon 
County.  If anyone needs info on my family then please email me.  I am 
new to your group.  I found out about your group from EA Brown.  I am 
the one who sent EA Brown the photos of Joshua and Charlotte Brown's 
tombstones.  I also sent him the photo of the "memorium stone".  I 
visited the Old Baptist School Cemetery and Cherry Grove Cemetery 
located in Huntingdon County,PA (near Three Springs, PA) two weekends 
Here is a quick history of my family:
*Caleb Brown Jr.
Born: May 8, 1835  in Springfield Twp., Huntingdon County, PA
Married: Missouri Greenland on April 23, 1857 in Clay Twp., Huntingdon 
County, PA
Died:  March 22, 1920 at the Old Soliders' Home in Dayton, Montgomery 
County, OH
Cause of death:  Pneumonia
Buried: Everett Cemetery in Everett, Bedford Co., PA.
Military Service (during the Civil War):  Drafted into service as a 
"private" on the Nov. 22, 1864 at Hollidaysburg, PA.  He was 
in Co. C of the 67th Reg. of the PA Volunteers. He also fought 
alongside Samuel Harkelroad (his brother-in-law.  Samuel was married to 
Sarah Ann Greenland) in the same regiment and company. He develope 
"rheumatism" in his back and hip during a march from Richmond, VA to 
Halls Hill, VA.  This happened about or on the 1st of June, 1865. Caleb 
was mustered out of his company on July 14, 1865 at Halls Hill, Va. 
(Source:  Caleb Brown Jr.'s Civil war pension papers)
*Missouri Greenland Brown
Born: December 7, 1837 in PA.
Daughter of:  Caleb Greenland (1811-1893) and Christena Curfman 
Greenland (1819-1893)
Died: August 8, 1899 in PA
Buried:  Everett Cemetery in Everett, PA.
Children of Caleb and Missouri Brown:
(1)  Cyrus J.M. Brown (went by "Marvin")
      Born:  October 14, 1858 in PA
      Married:  Bertha Clark on April 17, 1890 in Bedford, PA.
      Died: July 6, 1901 in PA
      Buried in Everett Cemetery, in Everett, PA.
(2)  Lillie May Brown
      Born:  April 21, 1861 in PA
      Died:  May 6, 1861 in PA
(3)  Ida Alice Brown Minnick (went by "Alice")
      Born:  March 14, 1862 in PA.
      Married:  Henry Harry Minnick in 1882.
      Died:  July 31, 1908 in PA.
       Buried:  Everett Cemetery in Everett, PA
      *Her granddaughter, Alberta Minnick Brown was married to Paul 
Deweese Brown.  Paul is a great-grandson of Elihu Brown.
(4)   Eunice Brown Saupp (went by "Elmer")
       Born:  Dec. 3, 1864 in PA.
       Married:  Harry Saupp
       Died:  Nov. 29, 1929 in PA.
(5)   William Roy Thompson Brown
       Born:  April 30, 1867 in PA
       Died:  March 29, 1902 in PA.
       Buried:  Everett Cemetery in Everett, PA
(6)   George A.L. Brown
       Born:  Nov. 3, 1869 in PA.
       Married:  Emma Amelia Bennett
       Died:  July 4, 1903 in Saxton, PA.  He was found on the railroad 
track in Saxton.  Both of his legs were cut off and his arms smashed.
       Buried:  Everett Cemetery in Everett, PA
(7)   Minnie Arvadia Florence Brown Harclerode (my great-grandmother)
       Born:  April 23, 1872 in Saltillo, PA
       Married:  Samuel Francis Harclerode on April 30, 1891 in 
       Died: July 6, 1948 in Canton, Stark County, OH.
       Buried:  Howland Burial Park in Howland, Trumbull Co., OH.
(8)   Sarah B. Brown Wireman Parks
       Born:  March 31, 1875 in Three Springs, PA
       Married: (1) David Wireman and (2)  James Park
       Died: July 20, 1957 in Canton, OH.
       Buried:  Forest Park Cemetery in Canton, OH
(9)   Nathan Oliver Brown
       Born:  July 23, 1877 in Altoona, PA
       Married:  Sallie Bell Bottomfield on May 21, 1899 in Everett, 
       Died:  Dec. 21, 1953 in Alliance, Stark Co., OH
       Buried:  Forest Park Cemetery in Canton, OH.
(10)  David Ellsworth Brown
        Born:  Sept. 28, 1881 in Everett, PA
        Married:  Edna Carl on May 13, 1912 in Mount Union, PA.  He 
latter divorced her.
        Died: Oct. 31, 1941 in Canton, OH.
        Buried:  Howland Burial Park in Howland, OH.
*I hope the above info has helped someone.  I do have photos of Caleb 
Brown Jr. if anyone wants to see them.  I don't have any of Caleb Brown 
Sr.  Sorry.
>From Jil Loewit

Subject: Photo of Caleb Brown with two of his sons
From: Jil Loewit
Date: 9/28/07 4:59 AM

Here is a photo of Caleb Brown Jr. and two of his sons:
(left to Right):  Nathan Oliver Brown, Caleb Brown Jr., and David 
Ellsworth Brown.  Probably taken around the World War I era since Caleb 
Jr. died in 1920.  It could of been taken earlier.  Photo used as a 
postcard (never sent to anyone).  The last place Caleb Brown Jr. lived 
before moving to Ohio was Huntingdon,PA.  He probably went to the Old 
Solidier's Home in Dayton, OH because he had a son and daughter who 
lived in Canton, OH.  The home was probably the nearest of the Old 
Solidier's Homes that was near them.  Once Caleb died he was shipped by 
train back to PA!  I live about 30 minutes from this Solidier's home.  
I have photos of what it looks like today and old postcards of what it 
looked like in the past.  It was like a little village!  It was one of 
the largest Old Solidier's homes in the U.S.A.!
     From Jil Loewit

Caleb Brown Jr. and sons

Subject: FW: Everett
From: Jil Loewit
Date: 10/6/07 5:20 AM

I thought you might like to see these photos of the Union Hotel and 
Everett, PA.  They were sent to me by a cousin.  This hotel was ran by 
Hazel Giffin Whetstone and her husband, Allen back in the 1940s.  Hazel 
was the daughter of Julia Minnick Giffin.  Julia was a daughter of Ida 
Alice Brown Minnick.  Ida was a dughter of Caleb Brown Jr.
This hotel is presently being redone and it is closed at the moment.  
The owners of this place are trying to restore it back to the way it 
once was.
Everett is in Bedford County, PA.  It is about 30 or 45 minutes from 
Huntingdon County, PA.
     From Jil Loewit

Union Hotel in Everett, PA
The Union Hotel, from the collection of Carolyn Carroll. Jil has some other pix of it too, including a couple recent ones.

Subject: Caleb Brown Jr.'s liniment label and recipe
From: Jil Loewit
Date: 10/6/07 5:39 AM

My 2nd great grandfather, Caleb Brown Jr. use to work as a "peddler of 
Dry Goods".  He did this he claims in his Civil war pension papers, 
because he was unable to work due to rheumatism, caused by marching in 
the Civil War.  My cousin gave me this label and recipe.  The recipe 
shows what is in it.  Many of my cousins were still using this liniment 
even into the 1940s.  My cousin who sent me this stuff remembers 
swallowing this stuff when she was sick with sore throats.  Her father 
continued to make it for years.  When she had to put him in a nursing 
home and sell his house, she found a box of these labels.  Her father, 
John Wallace Becker is now 90.  He was married to Daisy Brown, daughter 
of Nathan Oliver Brown.  Nathan Oliver Brown was a son of Caleb Brown 
Jr.  I am not sure who the "sons" were in regards to the label.  I am 
thinking that Nathan and his brother, David Ellsworth Brown probably 
helped their father make this stuff----but I have no written or verbal 
    From Jil Loewit

Label for Brown's Liniment Recipe for Brown's Liniment

From: Jil Loewit
Date: 9/28/07 4:06 AM
To: fredg

We are related through Missouri Greenland Brown who married Caleb Brown 
Jr.  I have a copy of a booklet titled:  "A Brief Sketch of Caleb 
Greenland and His Wife, Christina (spelled "Christena" on her 
tombstone) Curfman, with some of their ancestors and part of their 
descendants"  By Frank Warren Roher (Son of Eleanor Greenland Roher and 
E.L. Roher).  This man took info he got from people who attended the 
Greenland Reunion in 1923 in Huntingdon County, PA (I believe it was 
held in Trough Creek State Park but I don't have any written proof.  I 
have one long panaroma photo of the whole group of attendees that is 
taken in a wooden area.  Trough Creek is a wooden area plus most of the 
Greenlands settled there when they came to PA.  I have visited there 
and it would of been a perfect place for a reunion.).  This book also 
has a few photos in it but none of the "Corbins" or "Lanes".  This 
booklet is rare and it is only in the possesion of family members (or 
their descendants) who attended that reunion.  It was a private 
printing that was done in 1924.
I see in the booklet that we are related through  your relative who 
married Rev. Samuel Lane.  This relative's (was her name Ruth?  I can 
not remember what your website said.) sister, Sarah Corbin married 
Nathan Greenland on Feb. 9, 1797.  It is through their son, Caleb 
Greenland that my family of Greenlands come from....
I hope this info has been helopful.  Please take the info as possibly 
not being totally correct.  This man got info from people who may of 
not known the whole truth.  I know in thios booklet I have found 
several mistakes in what was list=ed as my family.  I found the 
mistakes through researching the census.  Of course, the census can 
have mistakes of its own too!
P.S.  Don't know anything about Indian blood.  Do know that my 
Harclerode ancestors may of had someone kidnapped by Indians on the 
Diehl side but I don't know much about it.  Some of the Diehls married 
Harclerodes.  Send you photos later.

From: Jil Loewit 
Date: 3/23/08 12:16 PM  
To: fredg
  ... I still have not been able to find the whole booklet, but I think 
I have all the info you want.  It amounts to 4 pages.  There is only 
one sentence that mentions a "Lane".   The Brown section consists of 
one page and it only deals with Caleb Brown Jr.'s family.  Most of the 
info on that page is incorrect.  You can compare it with my family tree 
that is on Rootsweb.com....

From 'A Brief Sketch of Caleb Greenland and His Wife, Christina Curfman'

From 'A Brief Sketch of Caleb Greenland and His Wife, Christina Curfman'

From 'A Brief Sketch of Caleb Greenland and His Wife, Christina Curfman'

From 'A Brief Sketch of Caleb Greenland and His Wife, Christina Curfman'

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