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840  |  |WILLIAM S. BROWN (1757-1853) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
841  |  |+RUTH LANE (1758-1840) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
856  |  |  |WILLIAM B. BROWN (1779-    ) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
853  |  |  |MARY BROWN (1780-1855) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
857  |  |  |SAMUEL BROWN (1785-    )  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
864  |  |  |NANCY BROWN (1787-1871)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
926  |  |  |  |OBEDIAH HALL (1824-1906)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
927  |  |  |  |  |ELIZA ELLEN HALL (1845-1919) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
928  |  |  |  |  |  |OBIE JOSEPHINE WATSON (1887-1946)  |  |  |  |  |  | 
929  |  |  |  |  |  |  |LYDIA TERRELL MILLER (1905-1968)|  |  |  |  |  | 
930  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |LINDA SUE ELLIS (    -    )  |  |  |  |  |  | 
842  |  |  |JOSHUA BROWN (1788-1883)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
855  |  |  |SARAH BROWN (1791-    )|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
865  |  |  |ELIZABETH BROWN (    -    )  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
720  |  |  |ELISHA BROWN (1795-1870)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
839  |  |  |+ELIZABETH STOOTS (    -    )|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
834  |  |  |+HANNAH WARD (1820-1893)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
826  |  |  |  |PRESACHEY TIDING BROWN (1817-    ) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
827  |  |  |  |+WILLIAM VANLUE (1815-    )  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
828  |  |  |  |REBECCA BROWN (1821-1899) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
829  |  |  |  |+FREDERICK VANLUE (1811-1879)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
830  |  |  |  |ABRAHAM (Dr.) BROWN (1823-    ) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
835  |  |  |  |+ELLEN BUCKINGHAM (1828-    )|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
831  |  |  |  |ELIJAH BROWN (1823-1877)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
836  |  |  |  |+NANCY ANN THOMAS (1832-    )|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
832  |  |  |  |HANNAH BROWN (1829-    )  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
833  |  |  |  |+JOSEPH THOMPSON (1821-1874) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
721  |  |  |  |SAMUEL BROWN (1833-1869)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
838  |  |  |  |+MARTHA JANE BROWN (1837-    )  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
124  |  |  |  |ARTHUR BROWN (1835-1864)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
125  |  |  |  |+MARY ANN EVIE (1835-    )|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
080  |  |  |  |  |CAROLINE C. BROWN (1859-1934)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
123  |  |  |  |  |ELIZA J. BROWN (1857-1938)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
758  |  |  |  |  |+COLONEL SHULER (1858-1934)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
759  |  |  |  |  |  |CRETA SHULER (1883-1945)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
760  |  |  |  |  |  |HAZEL HELEN SHULER (1884-1952)  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
761  |  |  |  |  |  |+WALTER W. PELTIER (1884-1960)  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
314  |  |  |  |  |  |  |JEANBETH PELTIER (1929-1980) |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
122  |  |  |  |  |CHARLES ELLSWORTH BROWN (1860-1934)|  |  |  |  |  |  | 
722  |  |  |  |JACOB BROWN (1837-    )|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
723  |  |  |  |RUTH BROWN (1839-    ) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
837  |  |  |  |+PIERCE M. ELLIS (1833-    ) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
506  |  |  |  |WILLIAM LANE (LAIN) BROWN (1855-1948) |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
843  |  |  |ELIJAH BROWN (1797-1852)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
854  |  |  |HANNAH BROWN (1800-1879)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 

                          ANCESTRAL CHART

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840  |  |  |  |WILLIAM S. BROWN (1757-1853) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
720  |  |  |ELISHA BROWN (1795-1870)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
851  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |RICHARD LANE (    -    )  |  |  |  |  |  | 
849  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |SAMUEL LANE (    -1681)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
852  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |ALICE CARTER (    -    )  |  |  |  |  |  | 
846  |  |  |  |  |  |  |DUTTON LANE (    -    )|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
850  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |MARGARET MAULDEN (    -    ) |  |  |  |  |  | 
845  |  |  |  |  |  |SAMUEL LANE (    -    )|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
848  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |RICHARD TIDINGS (    -1687)  |  |  |  |  |  | 
847  |  |  |  |  |  |  |PRETITIA TIDINGS (    -    ) |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
844  |  |  |  |  |SAMUEL (Rev.) LANE (1736-1812)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
841  |  |  |  |RUTH LANE (1758-1840)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
124  |  |ARTHUR BROWN (1835-1864)  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
960  |  |  |  |  |ABRAHAM STOTTS (    -    )|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
959  |  |  |  |JOHN STOTTS (1762-1815)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
839  |  |  |ELIZABETH STOOTS (    -    ) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
080  |CAROLINE C. BROWN (1859-1934)|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  | 
125  |  |MARY ANN EVIE (1835-    ) |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |

ID: 080
Sex: F
Birth date: Nov. 10, 1859
Birth place: Ohio (Amanda?)           
Date of death: July 24, 1934
Place of death: Conneaut, Oh.            
Age at death: 74 years, 8 months, 14 days.
Mother: MARY ANN EVIE (125) (1835-    )
Father: ARTHUR BROWN (124) (1835-1864)
Spouse: RALPH KING WRIGHT GRISWOLD (038) (1854-1934)
Wedding: Prob 6/12/1881, Huron Co.
Child 1: LYNN DELANSON GRISWOLD (035) (1882-1982)
Note: "Callie"                                                              
Lived at 395 Beaver St. when she died of senile gangrene and senile
dementia. Buried in City Cemetery in Conneaut. Regarding the
birthdate, p. 74 of some records Dave Whipple sent me say she lived
    Her obit says pallbearers at her funeral were "Ford Cody, Paul
Whipple, Ralph Salisbury, Frank Salisbury," - both were sons of Mary
Eliza - "Charles Risley and Earl Ahlberg." Her death certificate says
her doctor was C. T. Risley.
    She's listed with her father in the census for 1860, 1 year old,
born in Ohio.
    At age 7 in the record for her father's estate, she's listed as
living in Huron County.
    I can't find her in 1870 Amanda.
    Her guardian was Wm. McDowell. According to her guardianship
record, in 1872 he paid out for her:
        to Miss Jay (?), tuition in music               $1.35
        Paid for one pair shoes for ward                $2.25
        Dr Marvin for professional services for ward    $1.00
        pd to ward at Carey and ticket to ----          $4.20
        pd for trunk for ward                           $2.25
    (Carey is in Wyandot Co.) It also says she got a couple of bucks
for the rental of some pasture, so maybe she owned some land. Mr.
McDowell signed his name to all this, and then it says "Affirmed to
and subscribed before me this 2" day of March AD 1876_ ", followed by
the signature of the probate judge. The word "Affirmed" is written
over the word "Sworn", implying Mr. McDowell may not have been a
    This accounting was apparently in response to a summons also in
the guardianship file: "The State of Ohio, Hancock County, ss.  To the
Sheriff of Said County, Greeting: We Command You That you summon
William McDowell Guardian of the estate of Eliza Brown and Caroline
Brown if he be found in your bailwick, to return and file in the
office of the Probate Court of said County, a true account of his
guardianship of said estate of said Eliza Brown and Caroline Brown
according to law, by the 25th day of February A. D. 1876, or show
cause before the Court why an attachment should not be issued against
him said Wm. McDowell. Herein fail not, but of this writ and service
make due return..." and it's dated 2/17/1876, signed by S. R. Huffman,
Probate Judge. On the back of it, there's some handwriting that seems
to indicate that it was transferred over to Wyandot County, with this
note: "Your fees will be forth coming as soon as I get a little pmt
(?) out of the old fellow.", signed S. R. Huffman. Apparently Mr.
McDowell wasn't the ideal guardian, even in spite of the music
    In 1876 she (not her guardian) got $29 from the estate of Elisha
    Then from her guardianship record again: "Received of Joseph
Patterson surety on the bond of William McDowell my late guardian, the
Sum of twenty eight Dollars and Sixty-one cents in full of the balance
found due me, upon final Settlement of said Guardianship in the
Probate Court of Hancock County Ohio.", dated 8/22/1878, and signed
Caroline Brown.
    She's in the 1880 census for Greenwich, Huron County, Ohio, as
Caroline Brown, servant in the household of J. Bishop, 21 years old,
single, b. Ohio, both parents b. Ohio. Amanda Twp., Ohio is her most
likely birthplace. The censuses for 1860, 1880, 1900, 1910, and 1920
all say Ohio. Grandpa's family tree that he drew says it was
Hagerstown, Md., but this census and her death certificate both say it
was Ohio, and the informant for her death certificate was Grandpa. 

ID: 122
Sex: M
Birth date: 1860?     
Birth place: Vanlue, Ohio             
Date of death: Jan. 13, 1934
Place of death: Conneaut, Oh.            
Age at death: 73 or 74
Mother: MARY ANN EVIE (125) (1835-    )
Father: ARTHUR BROWN (124) (1835-1864)
Was an actor. His stage name was Fred Ellsworth. He also worked
variously as a grocer, an advance man for an opera house, and a
ticket-seller. He died unmarried. He and his sister Caroline and her
husband Ralph K. R. Griswold all died within a few months of each
other.  He lived in Lima, Ohio and later at 150 Poplar St. in Conneaut
with his sister. His death certificate and his obit identify him as
Charles F. E. Brown. L. D. Griswold later said he was born in
Hagerstown, Md., but his obit says Vanlue. He died of acute
pancreatitis. Maybe he drank too much. "He had been ill but one day",
says the obit. He is buried in City Cemetery in Conneaut. 
    About his birthdate: His death certificate says he was born 1869 -
this info apparently came from Grandpa. Grandpa's family tree, on the
other hand, say about 1860. In 1870, he's 9, and in the 1920 census,
his age is 59, meaning he was born in 1860 or '61.
    I first find him in 1870 in Amanda, p. 7 (P. O. Vanlue):
        Vanlue, Elisha, 29, farmer, b. Ohio;
          "   , Frederic, 59, retired farmer, b. Pa.;
          "   , Rebecca, 49, b. Ohio;
          "   , Catherine, 21, b. Ohio;
          "   , Ruth A., 12?, b. Ohio;  
        Brown, Charles, 9, b. Ohio, in school.
Rebecca was his aunt and Frederic his uncle. His stage name Fred
Ellsworth may have come from the Frederic above. Another possibility
is the Frederick Shuler that his sister Eliza worked for in 1880. I've
often wondered where my first name came from. My parents say they just
pulled it out of thin air. The only other Frederick that had any
significance to my dad, as far as I know, is Fred Coke, who was the
leader of a band my dad played saxaphone in in high school. (You've
heard of "Swing and sway with Sammy Kaye"? This was "Choke and croak
with Freddy Coke".)                 
    When his parents died, George Benner became his guardian. George
Benner received $13.33 on his behalf as a part of Elisha Brown's
estate on 12/16/1872, and $11.11 on 2/25/1874. The guardianship record
names Elisha Brown as his grandfather, and also mentions McDowell of
Carey, who was his sister's guardian. George Benner resigned his
guardianship on 12/14/1874, which seems a bit early.
    I can't find him in 1880 Ohio. By this time he was about 20.
    I can't find him in 1900 Ohio, unless he's the Chales Brown listed
with Ringling Bros.
    In 1920 he's with his sister Eliza and brother-in-law Colonel
Shuler in Lima, age 59, born in Ohio, father b. Ohio, mother b. Pa.
(sic), and he's a ticket seller at a theater.
    He's mentioned in 3 Lima City Directories that I can find. In
1914, he's called Fred Ellsworth, living at 468 E. McKibben, with his
sister and brother-in-law. He's in business with his brother-in-law:
Ellsworth & Shuler, grocers, 325 S. Pine. He's not mentioned in the
directory for 1915. In 1920, he's in Lima, but using his real name,
and listed as a laborer, boarding at 468 E. McKibben. In 1924, he's
called Fred Ellsworth again, an advance agent for the Faurot Opera
House, living at the same address.
    One of his obits says, "Mr. Brown, who was formerly a stage actor,
has lived at different times with relatives in Conneaut and Lima, O.
He has been here" - Conneaut - "the last time for approximately a
year. Mr. Brown was born at Van Lue, O." The funeral arrangements were
done by the Leo Cunningham Funeral Home, and services were held at St.
Mary's or St. Joseph's church by Rev. Paul Seikel. Pallbearers were
Paul Whipple, Earl Alvard, George Hanrahan and William Kennedy.

ID: 123
Sex: F
Birth date: Apr. 16, 1857
Birth place: Van Lue, Ohio            
Date of death: May 31, 1938
Place of death: Lima, Oh.                
Age at death: 81 years, 1 month, 15 days.
Mother: MARY ANN EVIE (125) (1835-    )
Father: ARTHUR BROWN (124) (1835-1864)
Spouse: COLONEL SHULER (758) (1858-1934)
Wedding: 10/1/1882, Hackock Co.   
Child 1: CRETA SHULER (759) (1883-1945)
Child 2: HAZEL HELEN SHULER (760) (1884-1952)
In 1870, she's living in the family of her guardian Wm. McDowell in
Amanda Twp., a farmer born in Scotland. She's 13, born in Ohio, and
attending school. 
    Her guardianship record says she got $1.33 for rent of some
pasture in 1872, and again in 1873, so she may have owned some land.
It also says she was of age by 3/2/1876, implying she must have been
born before 3/2/1858. And there is a note saying, "Recived of Wm Mc
Dowell my Gardin Twenty three Dollars of Money fron Elisha Brown My
Grandfather Estate at Sundry times", dated Feb. 24, 76, and signed
Eliza Brown. This establishes the blood relationship between Elisha
and Arthur's family.
    In 1880, she's in Vanlue, in Amanda Twp., living in the house of:
        Shuler, Frederick, 50, proprieter of a grist mill, he and
            both parents b. Pa.;
        ------, Catherine, 48, wife, she & parents b. Pa;
        ------, Isreal P., 21, son, engineer, he & parents b. Pa.;
        ------, Cory, daughter, 16, b. Ohio, parents b. Pa.;
        Brown, Eliza, age 22, a servant, she & parents b. in Ohio.
    Fred Shuler is listed as a grist mill operator in the last 20
years of the 19th century in Vanlue in some documentation Clark Brown
sent me. 
    After her parents died, her guardian was Wm. McDowell. On
2/23/1876 she, not her guardian, received $29 from her grandfather's
estate, so she was probably of age by then. In 1874 Mr. McDowell was
still getting it.
    There was a marriage recorded in Hancock Co. between Eliza J.
Brown and Colonel Shuler (that's apparently his first name) on
10/1/1882. He has the right age and occupation to be the Israel Shuler
above, but the wrong name. ("Marriage Records of Hancock Co., Ohio,
1865-1884," at Sutro.)
    In 1900, I find her in Lima, at 650 N. Union St.:
        Schuler, Colonal, b. 10/1859, 41, m. 17 years, he & parents
            b. Pa., fireman on a railroad, renter;
        -------, Eliza, wife, b. 4/1868 (sic), 42, m. 17 years,
            2 kids both living, she and parents b. Ohio;
        -------, Creta, daughter, b. 8/1883, 16, single, b. Ohio,
            father b. Pa., mother b. Ohio, in school;
        -------, Hazel, daughter, b. 12/1884, 15, b. Ohio, father b.
            Pa., mother b. Ohio, in school.
    In 1910, they're in Lima still, at 470 E. McKibben St.:
        Shuller, Colonel, 49, 1st marriage, 27 yrs., stationary 
            engineer (railroad station?), he & parents b. Pa.;
        -------, Eliza J., 51, 1st marriage, 27 yrs., 2 kids both
            living, b. Ohio, father b. Ohio, mother b. Maryland;
        -------, Creta, daughter, 26, b. Ohio, single, stenographer
            at a real estate co.;
    In 1920 Lima, they're at 468 E. McKebban:
        Shuler, Col., 61, grocer, homeowner, employer, he & parents
            b. Pa.;
        ------, Eliza J., wife, 62, b. Ohio, father b. Ohio, mother
            b. Maryland;
        ------, Creta, daughter, 36, b. Ohio, father b. Ohio, mother
            b. Pa., bookkeeper at a broker's office;
        Brown, Charles, brother-in-law, 59, b. Ohio, father b. Ohio,
            mother b. Pa., ticket seller at a theater;
        Peltier, Walter W., renter, 36, b. Ohio, ad solicitor at a 
        -------, Hazel, wife, 35, b. Ohio, father b. Pa., mother b. 
            Ohio. This must be Eliza's daughter.
    They show up in 5 of the Lima City Directories that I can find:
first in 1914 ("Shuler, Colonel (Eliza J; Ellsworth & Shuler), h 468
E. McKibben"); Fred Ellsworth and Colonel Shuler were grocers at 325
S. Pine. Then in 1915, Colonel Shuler (wife: Elizabeth J.) is still a
grocer, but now it's Shuler & Peltier. (His daughter Hazel married a
Peltier.) In 1920, he's a grocer at 426 W. Kibby, which I guess is his
business address. In 1924, he's still a grocer and living at the same
place, but his store is at 212 E. North. By 1936, Eliza J. is a widow,
still at the same address.
    The birth and death dates here are from her death certificate. She
was living at 468 E. McKibben when she died. She was buried 6/2/1938
in Memorial Park Cemetery, Lima. The cemetery records say that she
died of a fractured left femur. Her obit (5/31/1938) adds that she had
lived in Lima 40 years and was a member of the Trinity Methodist
Episcopal Church. She was survived by her two daughters and her
granddaughter Jean Beth Peltier, "all at the family home".
    After the death of her daughter Hazel in 1952, Jeanbeth seems to
have been her only living descendant. Except for Jeanbeth, the family
is buried in Memorial Park Cemetery, in a space owned by Walter and
Hazel Peltier.

ID: 124
Sex: M
Birth date: 1835?     
Birth place: Ohio (Amanda?)           
Date of death: 1864?     
Age at death: 28 or 29
Mother: ELIZABETH STOOTS (839) (    -    )
Father: ELISHA BROWN (720) (1795-1870)
Spouse: MARY ANN EVIE (125) (1835-    )
Wedding: 4/3/1856, Wyandot Co?    
Child 1: CAROLINE C. BROWN (080) (1859-1934)
Child 2: ELIZA J. BROWN (123) (1857-1938)
Child 3: CHARLES ELLSWORTH BROWN (122) (1860-1934)
Note: Died early, when C. B. was about 5 (during Civil War?).     
Grandpa said he was born in Hagerstown, Maryland. All the censuses I
can find for both him and his children say he was born in Ohio.
Amanda, Ohio seems most likely.
    He's listed with Elisha Brown, his father, in the 1850 census for
Amanda Twp. He's 15, and listed as a farmer but also a student.
    His marriage record says: "License issued for the Marriage of the
parties March 25th A. D. 1856, And on the 9th day of April A. D. 1856
the following Certificate was returned. The State of Ohio Wyandot
County SS., I hereby Certify that Arthur Brown and Mary Ann Evy were
joined in Marriage by me on the third (?) day of April A. D. 1856.
                                        "J. H. Heaffman
                                "Minister of the Gospel."
Wyandot County is right next to Amanda Twp. in Hancock Co. Arthur
Brown is also listed as being married in 1856 in the "Wyandot County
Marriage Index 1845-1873". 
    In 1860, he's in Vanlue in Amanda Twp.:
        Arthur Brown, 25, farmer, personal estate $100, b. Ohio;
        Mary Ann Brown, 25, b. Ohio;
        Eliza J?, 3, b. Ohio;
        Caroline, 1, b. Ohio.
    His estate record is on file in the Hancock County Probate Ct.,
case #1649. He seems to have died before 12/19/1864, his widow Mary A.
Brown having turned the administratorship of the estate over to his
next-oldest brother Samuel Brown on that date. There is a long list of
small debts due the estate, adding up to $119.32. The widow had three
kids and got $400 for her support for one year. There is an appraisal
schedule but it says no property was exhibited to the appraisers.
Another schedule says, "The Said decedent leaving a family the
following articles are not deem assets but left with the family
without being appraised. One Cook Stove One family Bible the School
Book of the family three Beds Bedsteads and bedding. The Pots Kettles
and All Other Cooking Utensils of the deceased, the Clothing and
Wearing Apparel of the deceased. One Table Six Chairs knives forks
dishes Spoons & Also the Clothes Wearing Apparel and Ornaments of the
    There is an associated court case. It seems that Arthur Brown had
bought some land from Adam Keller in Vanlue, namely lot 44 and also
part of lot 7. Lot 7, in Beaches Addition to Vanlue, had the Keller
and Ikut(?) Drug Store - Arthur paid $240 for this. Arthur died $600
in debt, and since his family got the personal property they had to
sell his land. Adam Keller had a lien on the property, since Arthur
still owed him $50, so that had to be resolved first. Arthur's heirs
were Eliza of Hancock Co., age 9, Charles of Hancock Co., age 5, and
Caroline of Huron Co., age 7. Samuel Brown put a notice in the Hancock
Courier for four successive weeks ending 3/16/1866 about the sale of
the land, and the highest bidder was Stephen Blakeley who paid $305
for Lot 44 and $150 for the part of Lot 7.
    On an 1863 land map of Vanlue from Clark Brown I can find no
mention of Arthur Brown, but lot 44 is there and it's right next to a
school, and S. Brown is listed as a school teacher; plus on lot 7,
where the drugstore was, part of one of the buildings is labeled
"Brown". There is also a B. or E. Brown in a lot a few blocks away
between Main St. and the railroad tracks.
    It's worth noting that Arthur bought a drugstore in Vanlue about
the same time that his older brother Abraham Browne was a doctor in
that town.
    By 1870, Arthur and his wife are gone from the censuses, and his
children scattered.
    It's safe to conclude that Elisha was Arthur's father since
Arthur's daughter Eliza refers to Elisha as being her grandfather in
her guardianship record.

ID: 125
Sex: F
Birth date: 1835?     
Birth place: Hagerstown, Md.? Ohio?   
Spouse: ARTHUR BROWN (124) (1835-1864)
Wedding: 4/3/1856, in Wyandot Co? 
Child 1: CAROLINE C. BROWN (080) (1859-1934)
Child 2: ELIZA J. BROWN (123) (1857-1938)
Child 3: CHARLES ELLSWORTH BROWN (122) (1860-1934)
Note: Died young, when C. B. was about 5 (during Civil War?).     
Note: Of Hagerstown, Md.                                                    
The Hagerstown birthplace comes from Grandpa Griz. Her daughter
Caroline's census records for 1900, 1910, and 1920 say Maryland, as do
those for her daughter Eliza in 1910 & 1920. The 1880 census for Eliza
says Ohio, as do Mary Ann's record in the 1860 census, and Eliza's in
1900, and Caroline's in 1880. Her son Charles's 1920 census, on the
other hand, says Pa. Hagerstown seems most likely.
    Her name is given as Mary Ann Eby in her daughter Eliza's death
    There were some Eveys and Aveys in Washington Co., Md., in 1840,
which is near Hagerstown, and there are Aveys there from 1800 to 1850.
    There was a marriage between Jacob Avey and Catherine Palmer on
1/5/1815, recorded on p. 61 in the Marriage Records, 1805-1860, at the
Washington Co. Courthouse, Hagerstown. Also recorded on p. 295 is a
marriage on 2/17/1860 between Elizabeth Marker and Jacob Avey, who may
be the son of the above, listed below.
    I first find a Mary Avey in Subdivision #2, Washington Co., Md.,
in 1850:
        Jacob Avey, 58, farmer, worth $5000, b. Md;  
        Catherine Avey, 55, b. Md.;
        Catherine Avey, 24, b. Md;
        Mary Avey, 16, b. Md;
        Jacob Avey, 19, b. Md;  
        Eliza Avey, 14, b. Md;   
    There is also a Mary A. Avey in Clermont Co. in 1850 who's 16,
daughter of John Avey and living right next door to 82-year-old Joseph
Avey Sr. who was born in Md.; but she married Simon F. Teal at age 30
on 11/9/1864, so she must be the wrong one. (Joseph came to Ky. in
1794, then moved to Clermont Co. 4 years later.)
    On the other hand, in 1860 Ohio, in Seneca Co., there is a Lewis
Evy, but he's born in Pa. and there aren't any familiar names in his
    A more promising lead on Mary Ann Evie's ancestry is from Ben
Palmer in his e-mail of 11/7/07 in file Bartlis Aebi 13D.TXT. In
generation 7 on that chart he has a Jacob Eby b. 1769 d. 1852
Lancaster Co., Pa. who m. Anna Maria (W)Renner on 6 Aug 1799 Frederick
Co., MD. Anna Maria d. after 1807 Frederick Co., Md. Now, Frederick
Co. is right next to Washington Co. where the Jacob Avey above was
found in 1850, and from the similarity in the names and the closeness
in time I'd say these might be Jacob Avey's parents. I asked Ben where
the info came from and he said, "I didn't note a specific source.
However, for Anna Maria Renner, I have the note: 'Her sister Susan
Renner raised children after her death.'" The names Palmer/Balmer and
Braun/Brown are also found in Ben's material, there's even a William
    Dawn Quast's Eby family site has some info on this line; it was
Ben's main source, but it's a bit different. In her Andreas Eby file
she has this line: Christian 4 Eby(5) (Jacob 3  Eby(4), Christian 2 2
Eby(3), Andreas 1 Eby(2)). Now, Christian 4 has a daughter Mary who's
17 in 1850, making her about the right age to be the one who married
Arthur Brown, and she's born in Frederick Co. pretty near Hagerstown;
but Dawn has her marrying a Murray.
    Ben Palmer says the Ebys came out of Switzerland. There is an
intresting story about an Eby who accompanied a couple relatives to
their port of embarkment for America, saw them off, then decided to go
to America himself and caught a later boat. This boat managed to get
there first, though, and his relatives could hardly believe their eyes
when he greeted them as they got off the ship. See Ben's e-mail of
11/10/07 7:02 PM and the URL down at the bottom of it.

    On the Evey/Avey name: this could be an aglicization of the German
"ewig", which means eternal. "Ewig" in German sounds more like Avey,
though it's spelled more like Evey. It's likely a Pennsylvania Dutch
name. There are a lot of Ebys, Eaveys and such in Lancaster Co. PA in
the 1790 census, which is Pennsylvania Dutch country.

ID: 278
Sex: M
Child 1: WILLIAM S. BROWN (840) (1757-1853)
In one of four pages from the Nathan Brown Bible, which can be found
on my website, that Steven Ruppright got from his (?Great) Aunt
Agie/Aggie, James Brown of Maryland is named as the father of Wm S
Brown. It also says "Williams brothers - Thomas and Joseph". If, as
Steven Ruppright suggests, we read "Williams" as "William's", then we
can legitimately assume at least three sons for James. 
    Some corroboration from Gerry Lenzen: "Ruth Hall relinquished her
dower of William Hall, deceased, in Huntingdon Co, PA, in 1798 to
Thomas Hall. Witnesses were James Brown and 'William Brown, son of
James.'" From an e-mail Bobby sent out, 6/1/05.
    More corroboration comes from an e-mail from Marion Newton Tittle
sent to Gerry Lenzen 9/6/2001, quoted in Bobby's long e-mail of
6/1/05. "I also show William Samuel Brown father was James Brown b
1732 in Baltimore County, MD." This supplies both a birth year for
James and a complete middle name for William, but "I have not been
able to confirm yet that James was, in fact, William Samuel's father
but am working on it." According to Marion this information came
originally from John Inman of Montana. He has a website, which has an
e-mail address for him but it doesn't work; and it says he's the
treasurer for the Fort Assiniboine Genealogy Association, but I can't
find a website for them.
    The LDS Ancestral File lists a family that includes James Browne
christened 1733 in Sykesville, MD. There are: Robert BROWNE b. abt
1686 in Sykesville. Sykesville is in Carroll County MD, right on the
southern border of it, not more than 15 miles west of Baltimore, and
less than 100 miles southeast of the part of Huntingdon Co. where the
Browns later lived. Bobby suggests that Rev. Samuel Lane was from that
part of MD. Robert's father was Abell BROWNE and mother was Nancy
COCKEY. Robert's wife was Katherine Parnel CHENEY, b. 1686 in
Sykesville, and they were m. 7 Sep 1702 in MD. Maybe we're related to
Dick Cheney, just like Barack Obama is. All the children were born in
Sykesville: Abell in 1711, Priscilla in 1713, Comfort in 1715, Hester
in 1718, Robert in 1720, Benjamin in 1722, Sarah in 1725, William in
1727, Rebecca in 1730, James in 1733, Samuel in 1736, Robert on 4 May
1707 (listed last for some reason, and he probably died young since
there's another Robert after him). Notice how many familiar names
there are close to James in the birth order.
    James W. Brown has found the same lead, though he disputes some of
the data. "Yes, my data include a James Brown b 2 Mar 1731. That was
in Queen Caroline (now Howard) Co. He was son of Robert and Catherine
Brown of Anne Arundel County..." Robert also had a grandson Frederick
who received 130 acres of his estate and who is found in various
places in Maryland up thru the 1840 census. Funny how the name
Frederick keeps turning up in this family. "I don't know of other
children. James Brown received his father's personal goods (excluding
lands) and was appointed executor of his father's estate in Robert
Brown's will of 30 June 1765. A James Browne was listed in 1762-1765
Index to Aquila Hall's Assessment Ledger of Baltimore County who may
or may not have been he." From James W. Brown's e-mail of 8/10/06. In
his e-mail of 8/11/06 he says: "Robert Browne... was born and died in
Anne  Arudel County. Sykesville didn't even exist in 1702. All of his
children listed here" - above - "were also born in Anne Arundel." That
would seem to contradict the birthplace of Queen Caroline Co. for
James Brown that he gives above. Regarding Robert's wife Catherine he
says, "Danger: his first wife's name was Catherine too, Catherine
Cheney Parnell, and James Brown descended from Catherine II, not I".
Catherine I would have been 50 at the 1736 birth of Samuel. Catherine
II's maiden name is unknown. From Bobby's e-mail of 5/3/07 4:04 PM.
James adds (9/27/07) that the last 6 children were not from the first
    Gerry Lenzen has also followed up on this lead, and also disputes
some of the data. He says Robert's son Abel Brown was born c. 1704 in
Anne Arundel Co. and d. in Baltimore Co, MD in 1763; and the youngest
son of Robert, Samuel, was born on 1 Jul 1737 in Queen Caroline now
Howard Co, MD. See his e-mail of 9/26/07.
    "I have several James Browns in the Sykesville area ... There were
at least three families with the name, two English by heritage and one
German." James W. Brown, from a Bobby Brown e-mail of 8/4/0. 
    An alternative place of origin for James Brown is England. 1769
immigration records into Maryland for James Brown, Daniel Brown,
Joseph Brown, and two records for William Brown, can be found on my
website. There is other evidence for an English origin for Daniel and
William, of varying degrees of reliability.
    "Oliver, Henry, John, and James" - Brown - "all served under
Captain Patrick Jack in the Cumberland County Militia in 1781." From
an e-mail of Bobby's, 9/19/06; it comes from North Mountain Shadows,
v. II of the history of Franklin County by Foreman, p. 161, 1952. And
it says James was on the 1786 tax list. He is mentioned a few other
times too. The other three Browns may be brothers, and the book has
more info on them, including a couple of Samuels. Now, this book is
about Franklin Co. which borders on Huntingdon Co. to the southeast;
the area in question isn't more than 10 miles or so from where our
Browns lived on the Juniata River; but from the first names of the
Browns mentioned in it it doesn't look like the same family, and those
Browns probably came from Ireland and ours from Maryland. 
    James Brown is on the 1798 Window Tax (AKA Personal Property Tax)
list for Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania. He's right next to William,
also on the Buckqueats tract of land, adjoining Nathan Hall, and
there's also a note that says "1 Lot in Salisbury". He's got a house
16x27 valued at $10, a barn 16X44 at $15, and a stable 14x14 at $5.
This is from Vol. 678, 3rd Subdivision, 2nd District, 8th Division.
He's also on the tax list in Vol. 676 but this doesn't seem to contian
anything extra. Info collected by Gerry Lenzen and attached to Bobby's
e-mail of 3/1/07 9:22 PM.
    From the 6/1/05 e-mail above comes more evidence regarding James
et al. from Kathy Wells. She found a land warrant for Bedford Co.
titled "1785 Oct 31", "Dan'l, Joshua & James Brown". They're all on
the same land record so they're probably closely related. Maybe
they're brothers; on the other hand, if they're a father and two sons,
you'd expect the father to be listed first. Anyway, "This is the
information on it: Daniel Brown makes application for four hundred
acres of land on the Hills adjoining the mouth of the three spring
creek on the north side of said creek in Shurlock twp (probably
supposed to be Shirley Twp). Joshua Brown makes application for four
hundred acres of land laying on [?Broad Coles Junn?] Spring branch and
adjoining a tract known by the name of McGaws land in Shurlock Twp.
James Brown makes application for two hundred and ninty acres of land
laying on the north side of the McGaws & [Pickets? plows] at the foot
of Jacks Mountain in Shurlock Twp." Kathy obtained this from the Blair
County (PA) Genealogical Society. She also found the same land warrant
at the Penn Archives in Harrisburg, except that it only lists Joshua,
and it may have something to do with the sale of that land in 1868.
And in "History of Huntingdon & Blair Counties" by J. Simpson Africa
Pg 363 she found a reference to Joshua Brown's saw-mill on the Little
Aughwick Creek. "Wasn't Williams property on the Aughwick?" Gerry
Lenzen suggests this Joshua was a younger brother of William S. Brown.
Kathy on these other Browns: "I also see that William Brown, and
Joseph & Thomas Brown also got a land warrant the same year, and that
William's was only 7 days after Joshua, Daniel & James.... Wm. Brown
Nov 7, 1785;" - this parcel, on the Tuscarora Creek, adjoined the
McGaw land, in addition to the two mentioned above (see Kathy's e-mail
to Bobby of 8/19/06) - "Joseph Brown Sept 12, 1785; Joseph Brown Jun
28, 1785; Thos Brown Jan 12, 1785." Notice there are two Josephs, so
we may be dealing with cousins here, as Gerry points out. Kathy Wells
also lists on her website land warrants for a Richard Brown in 1774,
and a Rebecca Brown in 1773, not to mention two Williams in 1773.
Kathy's website has a lot more on Joshua. 
    There is a James Brown in Huntingdon Co, PA in 1790 (12400), 1800
(01010/40010), and a couple J Browns in 1810 (see Kathy Wells' e-mail
of 3/7/07 8:31 PM).
    Gerry found a deed where Benjamin Chilcote sold James Brown of
Union Twp. (so he was living in Huntingdon Co. at that point) a lot in
the town of Salsbury (same county). This probably occurred in 1798 -
the date 12 April 1798 appears in one place in the deed, and 12 April
1788 in another, but Gerry says this second date is smudged. "I have
tried to locate James Brown in the court records for Huntingdon County
with no luck." E-mail, 8/18/07.
    Regarding James' possible son Daniel, Kathy Wells in her e-mail of
3/7/07 8:31 PM has a good deal of info about wagonmaker Daniel Brown
of Huntingdon Co., c. 1755-1810, notably that he was born in England.
On 11 FEB 1819 in Henderson Twp, Huntingdon Co., he married Temperance
?HARRINGTON (c. 1766-bef. 1830), from Wales. He's in Huntingdon Co. in
1790 (as Daniel Brownin), 1800, and maybe 1810. Kathy lists his
children in this order: Mary, Ruth, Elizabeth, Nancy, Asahel, and
Sarah. The next-to-last, Asahel Harrington BROWN, was b. 21 APR 1795
in Washington Co. PA over by Ohio in his cemetery record (that's the
only hint in Kathy's data that Daniel ever moved away from Huntingdon
Co.). Asahel went to Iowa and was a wagon maker, mayor, and judge. As
for the last child, Sarah, Ruth Sprowls of Madison, OH has a possible
connection here. "My husbands 3rd great grandparents were Edward
Sprowls and Sarah Brown, of Somerset Twp.,Washington Co., PA. (Sarah
b. about 1791 - 1794 in PA, possibly Wash. Co.PA)." - from her e-mail
to me of 6/14/09. And she found their marriage record, Edward Sprowls
to Sarah Brown on 1/12/1858, at The downside is that
Kathy Wells has Sarah marrying George Hanawalt, not Edward Sprowls.
And Ruth has no record of Sarah ever going to Iowa, like Asahel did.
Ruth in her e-mail to me of 6/16/09 says she has a photo of her
husband's great-great- grandfather's sister, who looks very Indian, as
does her son Obadiah; but unless we can establish a firmer connection
between the two lines, this may not be worth pursuing. 
    Regarding James' possible son Thomas, there is a Thomas Brown in
Huntingdon Co. in 1800 and maybe 1810.
    Regarding Benjamin, another possible son of James, Kathy Wells
found in the PA land warrants that Wm Brown and Benjamin Brown applied
for adjoining parcels of land on a road leading to Broad Cole Jun. in
Shirley Twp., both on 23 Nov 1785. See her e-mail to Bobby of 8/19/06.
Michael Krannawitter in one of Bobby's e-mails (10/5/04) suggests that
there was a son of James named Benjamin and that Benjamin had a
daughter Margaret (Brown) Shrader and "she and her husband James
Shrader came to the Fairfield/Pickaway county area in OH from
Huntingon Cnty. PA at around the same time as William & family... In
Huntingdon Cnty. PA," in Springfield Twp. - "there was a Benjamin
Brown who lived within several households of your William.... these
Brown families aparently lived in what is now Cromwell Twnp., in the
Black Log valley between Orbisonia and Shade Gap." That's just south
of Shirley Twp. There is a Benjamin Brown in Huntingdon County 1790,
1800, and 1810, and he shows up consistently in the tax lists from
1776 to 1785. Gerry says he was there early on, before Bedford Co.
broke off from Cumberland Co. On the down side, Michael Brown, who is
descended from a Benjamin Brown b. 1756 in Maryland, had the 25-marker
DNA test done, and there were 8 differences from that of Jay Brown, so
he is not a close relative. There might have been two Benjamins,
though - see William S. Brown's record.
    One other possible son to James is Arthur. In son William's record
in this database there is a land record dated 22 Jun 1816 in the name
of William, and from the same source there is a land record almost
exactly like it in the name of Arthur Brown. 
    As for daughters, Gerry suggests that wife Sarah of the George
Wilds that Wm. S. bought 139 acres from in 1797 may have been one.
    As for other children, some possibilities can be found on the
Bedford Co. land warrants website. For instance, on p. 12 of the
Warrant Registers, 1733-1957, Elizabeth Brown, Wm. Brown Jr.,and John
Brown are all together with land warrants dated 7/1/1784 on Clearfield
    Gerry Lenzen says, "They all" - the Browns and Kellys - "migrated
together from Baltimore (now Carroll) Co., MD right after 1782. This
is about the time that the Rev. Samuel Lane moved to PA. This was
probably a large congregation that followed old Samuel. He and his
congregation bought land and built a church in Huntingdon Co. PA. The
Kellys, Browns, Corbins and Lanes intermarried and traveled together
for several generations." From Bobby's long e-mail of 6/1/05. 
    Gerry Lenzen on further research: "What we need to find in PA or
OH are either land or probate records for James, father to our William
Brown. That will give us other land, probate, etc. records to
    William Lane Brown is said to have told a vague story about his
ancestors being near starvation on their Atlantic crossing, according
to Clark Brown. Maybe they got caught in the doldrums. I wrote to the
Maryland Genealogical Society and they never heard of such a thing. 

ID: 314
Sex: F
Birth date: Feb. 6, 1929
Birth place: Lima, Ohio?              
Date of death: June 1980
Age at death: 50 or 51
Mother: HAZEL HELEN SHULER (760) (1884-1952)
Father: WALTER W. PELTIER (761) (1884-1960)
Wedding: 7/1/1962, in Lima        
Note: SSN: 269-26-5504 (issued in Ohio before 1951)               
After her parents died she was the only surviving descendant of Eliza
J. Brown. She's listed as an office secretary in the 1961 Lima
directory, with her father, at 444 E. McKibben. Then she married David
J. Spitz after which she disappears from the Lima directories. They
moved to San Diego. Dave Spitz now lives in Encinitas. Here's a
descendant chart from info he gave me:
Jeanbeth Peltier
+ David J. Spitz
   Philip B. Spitz 
   + Cedar L. Sanderson 
     Gladiana Lilyjean Spitz 
  Laura A. Lionson   2 stepchildren. Has the Shuler Bible.
  + Carl G. Denneson Jr. 
    Justin M. Lionson  Must be Laura's son by 1st husb.
Dave Spitz also says, "Note: When we were sending out wedding
invitations in 1962, Jean said that she had one first cousin (in Fort
Findley, OH), one second cousin (in Lima, Ohio), and a Great Aunt by
marriage (in Florida)." The first cousin was almost certainly a
Shuler. The second cousin may have been a gr-grandchild of Elisha
Brown, but Lord knows there were plenty of those.

ID: 506
Sex: M
Birth date: Nov. 15, 1855
Date of death: June 21, 1948
Age at death: 92 years, 7 months, 6 days.
Mother: HANNAH WARD (834) (1820-1893)
Father: ELISHA BROWN (720) (1795-1870)
Named after his grandparents William Brown and Ruth Lane. Had 16
children, more or less. Bobby Brown says this info came from Clark
Brown. Clark Brown, of Fort Wayne, Indiana, is a Brown descendant by
the following line: 
    William Lane Brown
    + Luellen Corfman
        (6 kids)
    + Sarah Snyder
        William Clark Brown
            ? Brown
                Clark Brown of Fort Wayne - genealogy fan
        Ray Brown - d. c. 1990
        Sylvia Brown - d. c. 1995
        Wilbur Lane Brown d. 3/9/2005
            Denise Brown
        (6 other kids)
    From Clark Brown's letter to me of Aug. 1999: "When Elisha died,
he left a considerable amount of money" - $160, according to Elisha's
estate record - "to Wiliam Lane Brown. He told my grandmother that he
spent it all on beer, women, and horses." Tradition says he drank a
lot of hard cider, too. "Then the family moved to Carey, Ohio.
    "I don't know why they moved but William Lane Brown got a job on
the railroad in Carey. He had this job until the early 1900's.   
    "William L. first married Luellen Corfman. They had 6 children and
then Luellen died during childbirth. The six children went to foster
homes and William L. went to Van Wert, OH. where he met his 2nd wife,
Sarah Snyder. They had 10 children and one was my grand father,
William Clark Brown. In 1924, they moved to Fort Wayne, In. where my
family still is today. We still use the middle name of Lane today. 
    "My grandfather's youngest brother is still alive. He's 73 and his
name is Wilbur Lane Brown. William Lane was 68 ywears old when Wilbur
was born. Wilbur doesn't know much about his grandfather, Elisha,
other than the picture and this info I have wrote down. 
    "But Wilbur is the last grandchild of Elisha and can proudly say
that his grandfather was born in 1795."
    Denise Brown, daughter of Wilbur, e-mailed me 4/7/05, a little
after the death of her father: "...he was the last of 17 children.
There are many stories about both his father and his mother Sarah.
Sarah was the second of his wives and according to family stories, was
pregnant before marrying William, Dad's father. It was told that
Sarah's mother made her jump off a roof to abort the baby which was
unsuccessful and upon the birth, was taken away and later declared
deceased. A sad and wicked tale." And, "my parents found the grave and
personally put a gravestone on it.  The baby was a little girl." -
    In response to my question to her about family Indian ancestry,
Denise says (5/19/05): "Yeah I do think that the Indian ancestry
exists. It was certainly a source of pride and storytelling for my
Father at least. He had Indian kitsch and knickknacks everywhere. He
spoke of that heritage often.I believe the story is that he he was 1/8
Wyandot Indian." That means one of his gr-grandparents was an Indian,
and Ruth Lane was Wilbur's gr-grandmother, so this strengthens the
Ruth Lane theory. The Wyandot part of the story is probably not true;
the Wyandots came out of Canada and some of them wound up in Ohio,
while Ruth Lane probably came out of Pennsylvania. "Sure enough too,
my father had very little (if any) hair on his legs, chest or face...
If I remember right, the story was that it was his great grandfather
who married an Indian woman and eventually sold her back to her
tribe." The part about selling her back to her tribe is probably not
true - see Elizabeth Stoots' record. "...As far as Alcoholism, while
my father and his brother Ray were extremely light drinkers, I think
that there was in fact several siblings that had that illness. I can
think that Pop's sister Wanda was one.There are stories of her
drinking large men under the table.I guess she had to have her drink
everyday. I think that Pop's own father must have had some drinking
problem as well.....with as little money that they in
condemned houses.....sleeping with newspapers for blankets......
stealing to eat........when William would come home with money, I
remember stories where he always bought booze first. 
    "In a family of 17 children, I should think that there probably
was at least one issue to be found!! In fact, it always seemed
miraculous to me, that considering both Ray and Wilbur's horrible
horrible childhood, what heroic and strong characters they had
developed. I can say this, that William had some serious issues and
fathered at least 16 children.There's no telling if the drinking
caused the irresponsible life or if the difficult circumstances caused
the need to drink."
    Regarding her father, Denise says, "The depressed economic stages
are horrific." She's referring to the Great Depression mostly, I
think. Besides being an accomplished artist, she's enough of an
authority on economics to have given a talk before 100 economists at
the Federal Reserve. "My father was a poster child for the depth of
that, having to eat from garbage cans and sleeping in condemned
houses. Surprising it is, to know he became a man of integrity while
some of his siblings slid into different paths." From her e-mail to me
of 5/23/16. 

ID: 720
Sex: M
Birth date: July 10, 1795
Birth place: Pa.                      
Date of death: July 23, 1870
Place of death: Amanda?                  
Age at death: 75 years, 0 months, 13 days.
Mother: RUTH LANE (841) (1758-1840)
Father: WILLIAM S. BROWN (840) (1757-1853)
Spouse: ELIZABETH STOOTS (839) (    -    )
Spouse 2: HANNAH WARD (834) (1820-1893)
Wedding 2: 10/26/1849, Hancock Co.  
Child 1: PRESACHEY TIDING BROWN (826) (1817-    )
Child 2: REBECCA BROWN (828) (1821-1899)
Child 3: ABRAHAM (Dr.) BROWN (830) (1823-1875)
Child 4: ELIJAH BROWN (831) (1823-1877)
Child 5: HANNAH BROWN (832) (1829-    )
Child 6: SAMUEL BROWN (721) (1833-1869)
Child 7: ARTHUR BROWN (124) (1835-1864)
Child 8: JACOB BROWN (722) (1837-    )
Child 9: RUTH BROWN (723) (1839-    )
Child 10: WILLIAM LANE (LAIN) BROWN (506) (1855-1948)
Both the LDS and the DAR say he was the son of William and Ruth Brown.
The Janice Reddin papers say he was born in Huntingdon Co.
    Ann O'Rourke's family records provide some info about him, some of
which can be corroborated from other sources: he served in the "War of
1812 and with rank of Colonel. He married Elizabeth Stothe, they had
four sons, Elisha, Elijah, Abraham and Jacob, and two daughters,
Rebecca and Socia." All these except Jacob were early in the birth
order. "The two daughters married two brothers by the name of Van
    Elisha Brown's military pension record says that he served in the
War of 1812. He seems to have been drafted at Bloomfield, Pickaway Co.
July 28, 1813; he "went out at the time of the General Call the time
of the Siege of fort Meigs", serving as a private in the company of
Capt. William Morrell for about 20 days, and then was attached as a
private to Capt. Hugh Creighton's company ("Ohio's lost company"),
third regiment under Col. James Denny (Drury?), fourth brigade, second
division of the Ohio Militia under Gen. Meigs, and was honorably
discharged at Bloomfield, Pickaway Co., Sept. 6, 1813, serving for
about 40 days total. Depending how you read it, though, he may have
served two terms. In his widow's claim, it says he left because of the
war's closing, but that doesn't make any sense since the war didn't
end til 1814; on the other hand, the war in the Northwest did end on
Oct. 5, 1813, a month after he says he left. In any case, he is
described as being 6' 2", hair black, eyes black, complexion dark. It
also confirms his date of death. The widow, by the way, was awarded a
pension of eight dollars a month. This is at the National Archives
under land warrant #84252 where Elisha got 40 acres under the Act of
9/28/1850; warrant #42682 where he got 120 acres under the Act of
3/3/1855; and under the widow's claim for pension #30645 and
certificate #21870.
    Elisha is listed in the "Roster of Ohio Soldiers, War of 1812", p.
31, next to his brother Joshua, in the roll of Capt. Hugh Craighton's
company. They're both privates. It says they served from July 28 to
Sept. 6, 1813, and part of the company served til 1816. 
    In a GEDCOM-format printout I have that came from Bobby Brown,
there is some info on Joshua Brown. "He served at Upper Sandusky (at
the time of the battle of Lower Sandusky, Ohio). His company's job was
to keep the Indians on the reservation from joining the British at
Lower Sandusky. The only Indian reservation in Ohio was located in
(today's) Wyandot Co., Ohio" - that's right next to Hancock Co. - "and
Upper Sandusky was the main town on this reservation, now the county
seat. On this reservation were the Wyandot and Huron Indians." And
regarding Elisha, Bobby says he was stationed at Upper Sandusky
    Clark says Elisha was always called "Colonel"; tradition says he
served at that rank in that war, but it's hard to believe he could
have risen that high in 40 days. Maybe he was an impostor, or maybe it
was an honorific. Clark sent me a picture of Elisha with his letter of
Aug. 1999 which was handed down from his son William Lane Brown, who
told Clark's grandmother that Elisha and William Lane would sit
outside Elisha's grocery store and everyone would say "Good morning,
Colonel." He says there's a newspaper article from Findlay of 7/5/1863
that says the 4th of July parade was started out with Colonel Brown as
grand-marshall. "No other stories of Elisha have been told other than
that there is some kind of Indian blood in our blood-line. 
    "From the picture, Elisha looks Indian. But the Indiana State
Geneologist suggests that since he was a farmer most of his life, the
sun may have taken a toll on his skin." But I think his features
definitely look Indian, quite apart fromn his complexion.
    "William Lane Brown always told my grandmother that these pictures
were his parents and referred to Elisha as 'Papa'.
    "Now back to the Indian story. Was Elisha half-indian? Or was
Elizabeth Stoots indian? William Lane Brown told my grandmother that
his grandmother was indian. But he was drunk on hard cider, which he
drank until he was in his late eighties, when he told her this." For
more on this, see Eizabeth's record. 
    Elisha's granddaughter Martha Thompson said Colonel Brown settled
in Fairfield County after the war and then got some government land in
Hancock Co. They had 5 boys and 5 girls. This from an interview in the
Hancock Courier, 2/25/1941.
    Elisha bought 80 acres of land in the eastern half of the
southeast quarter of section 9 in Amanda, just south of Vanlue, on the
"Sixth day of December in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight
hundred and thirty and of the Independence of the United States the
fifty fifth", as a part of the original sale of public lands,
according to the provisions of an act of Congress of 1820. That land
was owned by J. Morehart by 1875. The patent deed seems to have been
initialed by Andrew Jackson himself, at least that's what the
typewritten copy of the deed indicates. Hancock Co. says they don't
have the original. 
    According to the "History of Hancock County, Ohio", 1886, at
Sutro, Elisha Brown came with his family from Pickaway Co., Ohio and
took up residence in the forest of Amanda Twp. in Section 9 in 1832.
He was on a list of petitioners to have a road built thru Amanda in
1832. He was the sherriff of Hancock County from 11/1842 to 11/1843.
He was also elected the first mayor of the town of Vanlue in Amanda
township on 4/13/1867. (Abraham Brown was elected recorder.) Elisha
died in Vanlue. Two of his daughters, in 1886, were residents of the
county. These must be Rebecca Brown Vanlue and Hannah Brown Thompson.
    At Sutro I found in a list of land records for Amanda Twp. that
Elisha Brown of Pickaway Co. bought some land there in Amanda on
11/17/1829, and that he bought some more land there 3/9/1836; and on
this same date he also bought some land in Delaware Twp., which is
right next to Amanda.
    In the 1820 census, Elisha Brown appears in Walnut Twp., Pickaway
Co., Ohio. He's right near some other people named Brown, the oldest
of whom seems to be William Brown (over 45). There are in Elisha's
        1 man 26-45 (this would be Elisha);
        2 girls under 10 (Presachey and Rebecca);
        2 women 16-26 (Elizabeth, age 21).
One of them was engaged in agriculture.
    According to Bobby Brown, Elisha Brown was a Justice of the Peace
in 1827.
    I can't find him in 1830 in either Pa. or Ohio.     
    Elisha Brown appears in Amanda in 1840. There are in the
        1 boy under 5 (this must be Jacob);
        2 boys 5-10 (Arthur and Samuel);
        2 young men 15-20 (Abraham and, I guess, Elijah);
        1 man 40-50 (Elisha);
        1 girl under 5 (Ruth);
        2 girls 10-15 (one of these must be Hannah);
        1 woman 40-50 (Elizabeth Stoots, age 41).
    He bought some land on 4/21/1845, forty acres in the southwest
quarter of the northwest quarter of section 10 in Amanda, from the
county. The corner of this land touches the corner of the 80 acres he
bought in 1830. Apparently it was supposed to have been sold to Jacob
Barnd, who paid taxes, interest, and penalty on it of "two dollars
twenty seven cents and nine mills" in 1842, but two years having gone
by and the land "not having been redeemed", they sold it to Elisha
Brown instead.
    Elisha's widow's pension record says he married Hannah Goodson
10/26/1849 in Vanlue, and this info came straight from Hannah herself
so it's probably accurate. (In "Hancock County Marriage Index
1828-1864" it says Elisha Brown married Hannah Goodson on 11/15/1849,
and the LDS says he married Hannah Ward 11/15/1849.) The pension
record also says Hannah's earlier husband was Aquilla Goodson, she was
living on Findlay St. in Carey, Wyandot Co. when she applied (1878),
and she died 11/28/1893. (The DAR says Elisha had a wife named Hannah
Eatherton, as does a Joan Pressler letter; but it seems there was
another Elisha Brown - probably a grandson of William - in Hancock
County then who married a Hannah Eatherton.) 
    Clark Brown lists 3 children for Elisha and his second wife Hannah
Ward Goodson: 
        William Lane Brown 1855-1948
        George W. Brown - must have died as an infant
        Elizabeth Amanda Brown
Clark's grandmother says Hannah used to make sweet rice for dessert
for her family every Sunday.
    In 1850, Elisha is still in Amanda, with his new wife:
        Elisha Brown, no age, farmer;
        Hannah, 32, born in England;
        Saml, no age, farmer and student;
        Arthur, 15, farmer and student;  <-- my line
        Jac., 13, student;
        Ruth, 11, student;
        Rebecca Goodson, 12, student.
Rebecca married Samuel H. Beard, 12/31/1857, in Hancock Co. She lived
in Vanlue at her mother's death.
    In 1860 he's still there with his second family:
        Elisha Brown, 64, farmer, rl estate $4500?, pers. estate $500,
              born in Pa.;
        Hannah Brown, 40, b. England;
        William L., 5, b. Ohio;       <--- Clark's line
        George, 2, b. Ohio.
    In 1870 we find him still in Amanda:
        Brown, Elisha, 75, farmer, real estate $5000, personal estate
            $2500, b. Pa.
        Hannah, 50, b. England, both parents of foreign birth;
        Wm L., 15, b. Ohio, mother of foreign birth;
        Elizabeth, 9.
No George in 1870, and it doesn't say that Elizabeth's mother is of
foreigh birth. And since she wasn't there in 1860, maybe she wasn't
Elisha's daughter. However, the LDS mentions these 3 kids: they say
William Lane was born 11/10/1855 in Vanlue, George W. was born about
1857, and Elizabeth Amanda was born about 1859. George is not
mentioned in Elisha's estate record, but Wm. L. is listed as having
received $160.34, same as the other children, and Amanda got the same
amount in 1876, when she must have been in her mid-teens.
    Also on William L., in Hannah's pension application of 1878 he is
23, says he's known Hannah 20 years, and he lives in Carey, and it has
his signature.
    Elisha is gone from the censuses by 1880. His death is recorded in
"Hancock Co., Ohio, Cemetery Inscriptions" at Sutro as 7/23/1870. He's
buried in Lee Cemetery, old section, row 10. He died 7/23/1870, and he
lived 75 years, 0 months, and 13 days, so he must have been born
7/10/1795. There is a Hannah Brown buried in Van Horn Cemetery, 2nd
Addition, in Amanda, who died 11/23/1893 and lived 73 years, 10
months, and 22 days.
    It says in his Hancock County estate record that the appointment
of Ira Plotts to be administrator of his estate was announced in the
Hancock Courier c. 8/9/1870, but it doesn't seem to be there.
    His family has been reconstructed here from censuses and his
estate record mostly, so the relationships cannot be regarded as
certain unless otherwise noted.
    Whereabouts of Elisha Brown:
        7/10/1795: b. in PA
        7/28/1813: Bloomfield, Pickaway Co. OH (entered Army)
        8/2/113: Upper Sandusky, Wyandot Co. OH
        9/6/1813: Bloomfield, Pickaway Co. OH (mustered out)
        After the war, settled in Fairfield Co. OH        
        1820: Walnut Twp., Pickaway Co. OH
        1832: Amanda Twp., Hancock Co. OH
        3/9/1836: bought land in Amanda & Delaware Twps.
        1840: Amanda Twp., Hancock Co OH
        1842/43: Sherriff of Hancock Co. OH
        4/21/1845: bought land in Amanda Twp., Hancock Co. OH
        10/26/1849; m. Hannah Goodson in Vanlue, Hancock Co. OH
        1850: Amanda, Hancock Co. OH
        1860: Amanda
        7/4/1863: Findlay, Hancock Co. OH
        4/13/1867: Mayor of Vanlue, Amanda Twp., Hancock Co. OH
        1870: Amanda
        7/23/1870: died (in Hancock Co?)        

ID: 721
Sex: M
Birth date: 1833      
Date of death: Feb. 26, 1869
Age at death: 35 or 36
Mother: ELIZABETH STOOTS (839) (    -    )
Father: ELISHA BROWN (720) (1795-1870)
Spouse: MARTHA JANE BROWN (838) (1837-    )
The IGI says he was born 1833 in Findlay, the son of Elisha Brown and
Elizabeth Stoots. It also has him marrying Martha Jane Brown in
Wyandot Co., 3/8/1855. The Wyandot County Marriage Index 1845-1873
lists both of them (separately) as being married in 1855. 
    He's in the 1860 census for Vanlue on p. 1, taken 6/1/1860:
        Samuel Brown, 27, grocer, b. Oh.;
        Martha, 23, b. NY;
        Laura, 4, b. Oh.;
        Esther, 3, b. Oh.;
        Elida, 1, b. Oh.;
        Charles, 2 mos., b. Oh.
    In an 1863 land map of Vanlue that Clark Brown sent me there is an
S. Brown, School Teacher listed in the Business Directory on it. On
that map is a Union School between lots 43 and 44; and when Arthur
Brown died, he owned lot 44. 
    In Feb/March 1866 Samuel Brown put a notice in the Hancock Courier
about the sale of the land of the late Arthur Brown. 
    The death date comes from Clark Brown, who also says he had a son
named Oscar. This is confirmed in the 1880 Vanlue census:
        Jane Brown, 40, she and parents b. NY
        Flora Brown, dau, 18, b. OH
        Oskar Brown, son, 16, b. OH, laborer
        James Brown, son, 13, b. OH, laborer (Earl Farthing's line)
        Frank S. Brown, son, 11, b. OH     
    Clark says Martha J. Brown married M. K. Long on 4/5/1883. And
Elida A. Brown married Albert B. Castle on 5/12/1874, so she must have
been only about 15. And a Charles Brown married Dora J. Ramsey
4/3/1884. As for Laura Brown, in 1870 she's living with:
        Kassel, Abraham, 39, working in mill;
        Sarah A., 46, keeping house;
        Davis, Sarah, 4;
        Brown, Laura, 16.
Then in one of the Hancock Co. books, there is a record of Leora A.
Brown marrying Abraham Cassel on 9/12/1874.
    The Janice Reddin papers give the following children as under the
guardianship of Martha J. Brown at the time of Elisha Brown's death:
        Laura V., b. 1/27/1856
        Alida A., b. 3/16/1859
        Florence A., b. 1/7/1863
        Oscar R., b. 2/27/1865
        James K., b. 6/16/1868 
    Earl Farthing is related to James K. Brown, who married his great
aunt Susan Farthing in 1889, and whose death certificate lists Samuel
and Martha Jane Brown as the parents. He was born 10/17/1866 in
Vanlue, one of "six children, most of them I knew from the Farthing
reunion which began in 1919 and continues today. The all had dark
complexions, which ties in on the fact that Elisha was part Indian. I
have many pictures of the family." E-mail, 2/18/2004. They're buried
in Lee Cemetery. 
    Barbara Khan and her brother David also come from this line, viz.:
"my dad William Lee Brown, my grandfather Dwight James Brown, my
great-grandfather James K Brown, my great-great grandfather Samuel
Brown and great-great-great grandfather Elisha Brown." From an e-mail
of May, 2012. 

ID: 722
Sex: M
Birth date: 1837?     
Father: ELISHA BROWN (720) (1795-1870)
I can't find him in Hancock Co. in 1860, 1870, or 1880. But there's a
farm owned by J. Brown on an 1875 map I have of Amanda. And there's a
record of Jacob Brown as having married Eliza E. Jaqua 4/16/1872.

ID: 723
Sex: F
Birth date: 1839      
Father: ELISHA BROWN (720) (1795-1870)
Spouse: PIERCE M. ELLIS (837) (1833-    )
Wedding: 1/1/1857                 
The IGI says she was born in 1839, daughter of Elisha Brown &
Elizabeth Stoots, in Findlay.
    She married Pierce M. Ellis on 1/1/1857 (Marriage Records of
Hancock Co., 1828-1864, Sutro).
    In 1860 Amanda, p. 215, are found:
        Pierce M. Ellis, 27, farmer, b. NY;
        Ruth        "  , 20, b. Ohio;
        William     "  , 2, b. Ohio;
        Catherine Vanlue, 11, b. Ohio.
    They seem to be gone from Ohio in 1870 & 1880. Elisha Brown's
estate record indicates she was still alive in 1870 and dead by 1875.

ID: 758
Sex: M
Birth date: Oct. 22, 1858
Birth place: Pa.                      
Date of death: Nov. 26, 1934
Place of death: Lima, Ohio               
Age at death: 76 years, 1 month, 4 days.
Spouse: ELIZA J. BROWN (123) (1857-1938)
Wedding: 10/1/1882, Hancock Co.   
Child 1: CRETA SHULER (759) (1883-1945)
Child 2: HAZEL HELEN SHULER (760) (1884-1952)
Besides the birth and death info here, his death cert. says he was a
railroad engineer, lived at 468 E. McKibben, and is buried in Memorial
Park Cemetery. His obit (11/26/1934) says he was b. Pa. and came to
Lima as an employee of the B. & O. Railroad. He was survived by a
sister, Mrs. Cora Renshler of Findlay; his widow; two daughters; and
one grandchild (must be Jean Beth). 

ID: 759
Sex: F
Birth date: Aug. 6, 1883
Birth place: Van Lue, Ohio            
Date of death: May 31, 1945
Place of death: Lima, Ohio               
Age at death: 61 years, 9 months, 25 days.
Mother: ELIZA J. BROWN (123) (1857-1938)
Father: COLONEL SHULER (758) (1858-1934)
Note: Her name is spelled as "Cleta" in Charles F.E. Brown's obit.
She's mentioned in the Lima City Directories for 1914 (Creta Shuler,
stenographer); 1915 (called Treta, steno); 1920 (called Freda, still a
steno); and 1936 (Creta, a saleswoman now). In all these she's
boarding with her parents at 468 E. McKibben.
    Her death cert. says she was divorced, she worked as a manager at
the Blue Bird Coal Company in Lima, died at 444 E. McKibben after
having "always" lived in the community (even though it says she was
born in Van Lue) and is buried in Memorial Park Cemetery.   
    Her obit (6/1/1945) adds that she was a member of Trinity
Methodist Church (like her sister Hazel) and was survived by her
sister and niece Jeanbeth.

ID: 760
Sex: F
Birth date: Dec. 25, 1884
Birth place: Van Lue, Ohio            
Date of death: May 17, 1952
Place of death: Lima, Ohio               
Age at death: 67 years, 4 months, 22 days.
Mother: ELIZA J. BROWN (123) (1857-1938)
Father: COLONEL SHULER (758) (1858-1934)
Spouse: WALTER W. PELTIER (761) (1884-1960)
Wedding: 11/26/1907               
Child 1: JEANBETH PELTIER (314) (1929-1980)
Note: She and her husband were living in Lima in 1934 when Charles
Note: Brown died.                                                           
Her death cert. says she lived 60 years in Lima, died at home at 444
E. McKibben, and was buried two days later in Memorial Park Cemetery.
    Her obit (5/17/1952) says she had sufferd a heart attack several
months before. She "came to Lima when about 6 years of age. She was a
graduate of Lima Business College and was a stenographer in the
Allen-co clerk's office until her marriage..." She was active in the
Trinity Methodist Church. She was apparently only survived by her
daughter Jeanbeth. 

ID: 761
Sex: M
Birth date: Sep. 2, 1884
Birth place: Allen Co., Ohio          
Date of death: Oct. 15, 1960
Place of death: Lima (Oh.) Memorial Hosp.
Age at death: 76 years, 1 month, 13 days.
Spouse: HAZEL HELEN SHULER (760) (1884-1952)
Child 1: JEANBETH PELTIER (314) (1929-1980)
Note: The name is "Pelpier" in Charles F. E. Brown's obit.        
His death cert. says he was a rubber tire salesman for Rawls Inc. He
lived at 444 E. McKibben, same address as his daughter Jean Beth
Peltier, the informant for this. His obit (10/16/1960) says he was a
member of Trinity Mathodist Church, Garrett-Wykoff Lodge #585, and the
Scottish Rite Valley, Dayton. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. John
Peltier. Besides his daughter Jean Beth, a brother Albert of Sarasota
survived him. He was buried at Memorial Park Cemetery.

ID: 826
Sex: F
Birth date: 1817?     
Father: ELISHA BROWN (720) (1795-1870)
Spouse: WILLIAM VANLUE (827) (1815-    )
Wedding: 2/25/1836, Hancock Co.   
Her name is spelled variously Presachey, Socia or Sacia, Sosha,
Soshey, Pretiosa, and Prexchey. She seems to have been named after her
father's mother's father's father's mother. This is not impossible if
she was named by her father's mother Ruth Lane (1758-1840). The Janice
Reddin papers have her as Prexchy Tiding, "Soshy" Vanlue, and Lucia
Vanlue. They also give her marriage date as 2/28/1836.
    In Amanda, in 1850, I find:
        Wm. Vanlue, 35, farmer;
        Socia (Sacia?), 33;
        Marion, 12;
        Catherine A., 10;
        James, 8;
        Margaret J., 5;
        Elijah Brown, 22, laborer;
        Jac. Writer, 25, laborer;
        Wm. McSkinnings, laborer;
        Abraham Brown, 27, pysician.
    In 1860, they're in Findlay:
        Wm. Vanlue, 45, county treasurer, real estate $10,000, 
            personal estate $2000;
        Soshey, 42;
        Janie K., 16, student;
        Margaret J., 14;
        Wm. L., 12;
        Lewis K., 10;
        Adelia E. W., 2.
Wm. born in Pa, everyone else Ohio.
    Wm. and Presachey were both still alive in 1876, since they
received $87.01 from Elisha Brown's estate then. Clark Brown tells me
she moved to Nebraska around 1860 or 1870. Joan Vanlue: "I never did
find out where William & his wife were buried although I'm pretty sure
it's in or near Rulo." That's in extreme southeastern Nebraska. "I did
track a grandson to California where he is buried. I believe it was
William Henry b. 1 Jan 1881. He was Lewis K.'s son." E-mail, 5/4/2004.

ID: 827
Sex: M
Birth date: 1815?     
Spouse: PRESACHEY TIDING BROWN (826) (1817-    )
Wedding: 2/25/1836                

ID: 828
Sex: F
Birth date: May 9, 1821
Birth place: Ohio                     
Date of death: Mar. 4, 1899
Age at death: 77 years, 9 months, 23 days.
Father: ELISHA BROWN (720) (1795-1870)
Spouse: FREDERICK VANLUE (829) (1811-1879)
Wedding: 8/30/1838, Hancock Co.   
Birthdate from Earl Farthing, 12/14/03. The Janice Reddin papers have
it as May 21, 1821, and also say that she lived 77y, 9m, 13d; and that
she married Frederick Vanlue (3/17/1811 - 5/5/1879) in Hancock Co. on
    They're in the 1850 census for Amanda:
        Frederick Vanlue, 38, farmer;
        Rebecca, 30;
        Elisha, 10;
        Nancy, 14;
        Jacob, 8;
        Mary A., 5;
        Elijah, 3;
        Catherine?, 1.
All the kids b. Ohio.
    "Nancy Vanlue, age 14.... was Frederick Vanlue's daughter from his
first marriage to Margaret FARTHING on August 27, 1835.  Their
daughter Nancy was born 8-5-1837, and Margaret died around this time,
possibly related to the birth. Nancy went to live with her
grandparents, Lemuel and Nancy Farthing, in Amanda Twp. Lemuel was
killed in 1839 from a falling tree and Nancy died in 1849.  Nancy
Vanlue  in the meantime returned to live with her father and his wife
Rebecca Brown.... In 1855 she married Archibald Thompson and in the
1860s the family moved to Allegan Co., MI." Earl Farthing e-mail,
    They're still in Amanda in 1860:
        Fred Vanlue, 49, farmer;
        Rebecca, 40;
        Jacob, 17, farm laborer;
        Mary A., 15, servant;
        Elijah, 13;
        Eliza J., 9;
        Barbara E., 6;
Rebecca and all the kids b. Ohio.
    Fred and Rebecca are in the 1870 census - see the record for
Charles Ellsworth Brown.
    Ann O'Rourke's family records say: "Rebecca had one daughter Molly
who married a Mr. Markel." Molly might be Mary. "They had one son."
    In Lee Cemetery, old section, row 9, in Amanda, are:
        Vanlue, Barbara Ellen, daughter of F & R, 1/31/1863.
                Frederick, 5/6/1879.
                Rebecca, 3/4/1899.
Here's a partial tree of this family. Info from Earl E. Farthing of
Columbus and Joan Vanlue of Michigan:
Cornelius Vanlue; b. 1782 in NJ or Holland.
+ Barbara Plotner b. c. 1790; d. from measles or something. Kids b. PA
    Frederick Vanlue
    + Margaret Farthing; m. 8/27/1835; d. abt 1837, in childbirth?
        Nancy, b. 8/5/1837; in 1855 married 
        + Archibald Thompson; in 1860's they moved to Allegan Co. MI
    + Rebecca Brown
    William Vanlue
    + Presachey Tiding Brown, Rebecca's sister
    Sarah, died young, about the same time as her mother. 
    Catherine, 11/7/1818-7/1911; b. in Lycoming Co. PA.
    Margaret, b. near Philadelphia, d. 2/16/1901, one day before James
+ Barbara Hushour. M. in Fairfield Co. OH. 
    James Wesley Vanlue b. 8/11/1828 in Fairfield Co. OH, d. 2/17/1901
    Sarah. Blind. Crawled into a fire & perished. Named after sister? 
    Joan VanLue of the Vanliew/Vanlieu/Vanloo/Vanliewe/Vanleeuwen line
is m. to the gr-gr-grandson of James Wesley. She found Cornelius
Vanloo in Washington Twp., Lycoming Co. PA in 1810. In 1823 he brought
his motherless family to Fairfield Co. OH, where he m. Barbara
Hushour, then about 1830 they moved to Big Lick Twp., Hancock Co. Then
in 1840 he left his land to his son William and his farm to his wife
and broke up with her and took his son James Wesley to Fulton Co. IN.
Cornelius died somewhere between 1850 and 1860, maybe in Fulton Co. or
Rulo. This from her e-mail of 5/4/1804. 

ID: 829
Sex: M
Birth date: Apr. 17, 1811
Date of death: May 6, 1879
Age at death: 68 years, 0 months, 19 days.
Spouse: REBECCA BROWN (828) (1821-1899)
Wedding: 8/30/1838                
Note: First Vanlue in Hancock County.                             
Note: Birthdate from Earl E. Farthing, 12/14/03.                            

ID: 830
Sex: M
Birth date: Feb. 24, 1823
Date of death: 1875      
Place of death: Tower Hill, Illinois     
Age at death: 51 or 52
Father: ELISHA BROWN (720) (1795-1870)
Spouse: ELLEN BUCKINGHAM (835) (1828-    )
Wedding: 11/30/1851, Hancock Co.  
Besides this Abraham Brown, there were 2 other Abraham Browns in
Hancock County. One married Sarah Pratt and was 32 in 1880. The other,
the son of Martin Brown, married Rebecca Newhouse and was in the Civil
War; later he started a political party and had a son Charles.
    Our Abraham Brown first shows up in 1850, listed with his older
sister Presachey and her husband Wm. Vanlue.
    According to one source, on 11/30/1851, he married Ellen
Buckingham. By contrast, "Abraham Brown married 1871" is in the
Wyandot County Marriage Index 1845-1873. And the Ann O'Rourke family
records say he was married in Zanesville, which is way over in
Muskingham Co., in 1853. That may seem like a strange place for him to
show up, but the James W. Brown clan was in that area from about 1825
to 1860: "Fairfield, Muskingum and Perry were pretty much one economic
unit because of the rivers", according to James.
    On 6/1/1860, he's in Vanlue:
        Abraham Brown, 37, physician, worth $1350 all told;
        Ellen     "  , 32;
        Cass?, 6;
        John, 4;
        Gilbert, 3;
        Lucy L., 10 months.
The wife b. Va., everyone else Ohio.
    In 1870, he's in Amanda:
        Brown, Abraham, 45, physician and surgeon, worth $2200 total;
        -----, Ellen, 42;
        -----, Cass J., 16;
        -----, John, 14;
        -----, Clark, 13;
        -----, Lucy, 11;
        -----, Louise, 7;
        -----, Orin, 3;
        -----, Nora, 2.
Everybody born in Ohio except Louise, who was born in Illinios.
    His father's estate record indicates he was dead by 2/23/1876.
    Clark Brown says his descendants spell their name Browne. He also
says there is some info about him in a book by Eiler about Shelby Co.
IL at the genealogical society there, which must be the one Ann
O'Rourke found on the web and to which I now have a link from the Dr.
Abraham Browne page of my website.
    It's worth noting that Dr. Browne is in Vanlue in 1860, and his
younger brother Arthur bought some land with a drugstore on it in
Vanlue around that time. It's also worth noting that Arthur's grandson
L. D. Griswold became an optometrist and his gr-grandson R. L.
Griswold a doctor. 
    The birth and death info here comes from Ann O'Rourke's family
records, which can be found on my website. The Janice Reddin papers
say he died ca. 12/31/1875 in Shelby Co. Ill. 

ID: 831
Sex: M
Birth date: Sep. 30, 1823
Date of death: Nov. 30, 1877
Age at death: 54 years, 2 months, 0 days.
Father: ELISHA BROWN (720) (1795-1870)
Spouse: NANCY ANN THOMAS (836) (1832-    )
Wedding: 12/8/1850, Hancock Co.   
Bobby Brown found an 1845 Pickaway Co. Walnut Twp. OH "Malitia" record
which has what looks like Elijah Brown on it, listed as #144. See his
e-mail of 5/19/07 9:57 AM. 
    Elijah is listed with his sister Presachey and brother-in-law
William in the 1850 census.
    In 1860, he's in Amanda:
        Elijah Brown, 34, farm laborer, personal estate $50;
        Nancy    "  , 28;
        Mary E., 8.
All born in Ohio.
    He received $105 in 1870 from his father's estate as compensation
for labor performed for his father each year from about 1850 to March
1870, "an account of which was kept by marks on paper without any
particular date as said Elijah was unable to write well enough to keep
a regular book account." He charged $1 a day for 105 days.
    He's buried in Lee Cemetery, old section, row 11, according to
"Hancock County Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions - Amanda Township",
e-mailed me by Bobby Brown, 8/23/04. It says he died Nov. 30, 1877 and
lived 54 years, 2 months, 0 days, which works out to a birthdate of
Tuesday, Sep. 30, 1823. The Janice Reddin papers have his birth and
death 10 days earlier; and say that he m. Nancy Ann Thomas in Hancock
Co. 12/8/1850.

ID: 832
Sex: F
Birth date: 1829      
Father: ELISHA BROWN (720) (1795-1870)
Spouse: JOSEPH THOMPSON (833) (1821-1874)
Wedding: 9/17/1846, Hancock Co.   
They're in the 9/5/1850 census for Amanda, Hancock Co.:
        Jos. Thompson, 29, laborer;
        Hannah, 21;
        Sophia E., 2;
        Mary M., 3 months;
        Israel Parrish, 30, laborer?;
        Nancy A. Thompson, 18.
    They're counted in Vanlue in 1860:
        Joseph Thompson, 39, laborer;
        Hannah, 39;
        Sophia E., 12;
        Mary M., 10;
        Amelia P., 7;
        Martha S.?, 5;
        Ruth R., 3.
    In 1870, they're counted in Amanda:
        Thompson, Joseph, 49, R. R. Hand;
        --------, Hannah, 40;
        --------, Martha, 16;
        --------, Ruth, 12;
        --------, William, 9.
The whole family b. Ohio.
    Hannah Delaire (Delaise?) received $87.01 from Elisha Brown's
estate on 2/28/1876, and since Hannah Thompson was the only Hannah due
this amount, her husband must have been dead by this time and Hannah
remarried. Her name was still Thompson in 1874. Clark Brown confirms
this, saying she married Theophile Dallaire.
    He also sent me an interview from the Hancock Courier, 2/25/1941,
with one of Hannah's Thompson daughters, Mrs. Martha Thompson Huntley
Howell. "I suppose someone remembers my grandfather, Elisha Brown, who
was a colonel in the war of 1812. He came back and settled in
Fairfield county and then took up government land around what is now
known as Vanlue. They had five boys and five girls. 
    "The eldest daughter married William Vanlue and he cleared a piece
of land where the town now stands. He had 40 lots cleared away and
called it Vanlue'. Grandpa Brown built the first grocery and drygoods
store there. Dr. Theron Wilson's father was the first doctor in the
community. He brought me into the world in a log house. I was the
third girl born in the community."
    She also tells about the train from Carey to Findlay. It "didn't
dare run over eight miles an hour or it would jump the track....
People could run faster than the train could travel and when he Civil
War soldiers came home from the war they were to arrive in Vanlue at 2
o'clock but it was after 4 o'clock that afternoon before they got
in.... We got up on the old warehouse platform until the train got in.
We could see the soldiers running along the tracks and they got to us
before the train got to the depot." 

ID: 833
Sex: M
Birth date: 1821?     
Date of death: July 28, 1874
Age at death: 52 or 53
Spouse: HANNAH BROWN (832) (1829-    )
Wedding: 9/17/1846                
The death date comes from Clark Brown, who says there's a will for
him in the Findlay library. 

ID: 834
Sex: F
Birth date: Jan. 1, 1820
Birth place: England                  
Date of death: Nov. 23, 1893
Age at death: 73 years, 10 months, 22 days.
Wedding: 10/19/1837 Columbiana Co.
Spouse 2: ELISHA BROWN (720) (1795-1870)
Wedding 2: 10/26/1849, VanLue, OH   
Child 1: WILLIAM LANE (LAIN) BROWN (506) (1855-1948)
The birthplace comes from the censuses. Clark Brown says her maiden
name was Hannah Ward and she married Aquilla Goodson 10/19/1837 in
Columbiana Co. according to the courthouse in Lisbon. They had a
daughter Rebecca Goodson Beard b. 1838. Aquilla died 7/11/1849 and is
buried in Van Horn Cemetery, Hancock Co. Then Hannah married Elisha
Brown, second marriage for both, William Vanlue JP officiating. Clark
says she and Elisha Brown had 3 children.
    In Van Horn Cemetery (Amanda Twp.), Second Addition, Row 9, is a
Brown, Hannah who d. 23 Nov 1893, living 73y10m22d; so she was born
Saturday, Jan. 1, 1820. (E-mail from Bobby Brown, 8/23/04).
    The IGI says a Rebecca Goodson m. Samuel Beard 12/22/1857 (though
I made a note next to it that it might have been 12/31) in Columbiana
Co. at age 19. She died 10/22/1931. This info came from Larry D.

ID: 835
Sex: F
Birth date: 1828      
Birth place: Va.                      
Spouse: ABRAHAM (Dr.) BROWN (830) (1823-1875)
From Ann O'Rourke, 4/22/07: "You will notice in the records that I
sent you that it states that Abraham Browne married Helen Buckingham.
Her parents were Nicodemus Buckingham and Airy Goodson.  I noted that
Rebecca Goodson was living with Elisha and Hannah Brown at the time of
the 1850 census so there were definitely Goodsons in that area."

ID: 836
Sex: F
Birth date: 1832      
Spouse: ELIJAH BROWN (831) (1823-1877)
Wedding: 12/8/1850, Hancock Co.   

ID: 837
Sex: M
Birth date: 1833?     
Spouse: RUTH BROWN (723) (1839-    )

ID: 838
Sex: F
Birth date: 1837?     
Spouse: SAMUEL BROWN (721) (1833-1869)
Wedding: 3/8/1855, Wyandot Co.    
"Martha Jane Brown married 1855" - from the Wyandot County Marriage
Index 1845-1873.

ID: 839
Sex: F
Father: JOHN STOTTS (959) (1762-1815)
Spouse: ELISHA BROWN (720) (1795-1870)
Wedding: 8/2/1815                 
Child 1: PRESACHEY TIDING BROWN (826) (1817-    )
Child 2: REBECCA BROWN (828) (1821-1899)
Child 3: ABRAHAM (Dr.) BROWN (830) (1823-1875)
Child 4: ELIJAH BROWN (831) (1823-1877)
Child 5: HANNAH BROWN (832) (1829-    )
Child 6: SAMUEL BROWN (721) (1833-1869)
Child 7: ARTHUR BROWN (124) (1835-1864)
Child 8: JACOB BROWN (722) (1837-    )
Child 9: RUTH BROWN (723) (1839-    )
The marriage date comes from Clark Brown. The IGI (Larry D. White)
says she was married 10/26/1849, but this was actually when Elisha
Brown married his second wife Hannah Ward Goodson. The Ancestral File
also says Samuel and Ruth were her children, and assuming this is
right, then Arthur, who was between those two in the birth order, must
have been also. Larry White, by the way, was a great-uncle of Clark
Brown who says Larry's info isn't always accurate.
    Her name is given as Elizabeth Stoots in Elisha's widow's pension
claim. The info apparently came from Elisha's second wife. The birth
record for son Samuel in the IGI has her last name as Stoots; I
haven't gotten the source, but it was submitted by an LDS member. The
only other source I have for the maiden name of Elisha's first wife is
Ann O'Rourke's family records, where she is called Elizabeth Stothe.
In the sources Lucille Wilkinson has found, the name is usually
spelled Stotts, but Stetts and Statts are also found. Lucille also
says (11/13/1999) that an Abraham Strutz/Stortz of Muskingham Co. OH
has his name as Abraham Stotts on his headstone. I think it is
possible that the name in German is really Stotz with an umlaut, also
spelled Stoetz. This is a special vowel we don't have in English. It
is pronounced like the "e" of "bet" but with the lips rounded like
you're going to whistle. This could plausibly be mispronounced a
number of different ways in English. The vowel also has an r-coloring
to it, which could account for Stortz. If a Pennsylvania Dutch church
record for someone in this family could be found, that might
straighten this question out. In any case, Stoots is a plausible
variant spelling for this name. Or, maybe it's just a typo.
    Who were the parents of Elizabeth Stoots? There are a number of
things that point to John and Margaret Stotts: 1) In the will of John
Stotts (1815, Fairfield Co.) it says, "I also give and devise unto my
dear beloved daughter Betsey her heirs or assigns one good milk cow or
the value thereof as soon as she hath married and commenced
housekeeping...". And Betsey was about 16 at the time he died. 2) In
the will of John's son Uriah (1854, Franklin Co.), he refers to "the
children of my deceased sister Elizabeth Brown...", and Elizabeth does
appear to have died between 1839 (birth of her last child) and 1849
(Elisha's second marriage). 3) Three of Elizabeth's children have the
same names as children of John: Rebecca, Abraham, and Arthur (my
line). 4) There is some other common ground between Elizabeth and her
next-oldest sibling Arthur. Arthur was in the Ohio Militia the War of
1812 like Elisha (he was a corporal in Capt. Richard Hooker's cavalry)
and was mustered out the day before Elisha; he bought some land in
Section 15 of Amanda, near Elizabeth (History of Hancock Co., 1886, p.
361), while the other siblings went elsewhere; and he's described as
being from Pickaway County, which he probably wasn't but Elisha was.
5) Elisha Brown moved to Fairfield County after the War of 1812, and
John Stotts and family were living there about that time. John's will
was probated there in 1815. 6) The 1799 birth year for John's daughter
is compatible with other dates we have for Elizabeth Stoots Brown: her
first child was born in 1817, her last in 1839. 7) The name Stotts is
common enough in the Ohio censuses for that period, while Stoots is
almost unknown; this is compatible with the theory that Stoots is a
misspelling of Stotts.
    It is nonetheless still possible that the Elizabeth Stotts Brown
who was Uriah's sister was not the Eizabeth Stoots Brown who was
Elisha's first wife, but I'd say considering all the evidence the
chances are pretty remote.
    On the question of the rumored Indian roots of this family, Bobby
Brown in a GEDCOM-format printout I have attributes the following info
to Clark Brown. Elizabeth Stoots was a full-blood Wyandot Indian. She
may have met Elisha Brown when he served in the Upper Sandusky, Ohio
area during the War of 1812. His pension record says he sold her back
to the Indians. She wanted to be with her family. (The last Indians
were moved out of Ohio to Oklahoma in 1839. Wyandot County was formed
in 1845 from what was supposed to have been the last Indian
reservation in Ohio.) 
    Regarding the pension record, there is indeed a typewritten cover
page to the copy of the pension that Clark sent me which says, "SOLD
1ST WIFE ELIZABETH STOOTS". The problem is, I've never heard of
Indians being slaves in the United States before, and slavery of any
kind had become pretty unpopular by the mid-19th century in the North.
On the other hand, suppose Elisha had married her on the understanding
he would be given a dowry, but it was never delivered; in this case
selling her back still doesn't make any sense - the price he got for
her would essentially have been her dowry, in which case he would have
simply kept her. A dowry is different from a sale, since the flow of
money is in the opposite direction. Also, the idea that she would have
wanted to be back with her family doesn't make too much sense either -
from the birthdates of her children she must have been married 22
years or more, and after raising her eldest daughter to adulthood and
while her youngest was still under 10, the idea that she would just up
and leave seems pretty unlikely. It's more likely that she died
somewhere between 1839 and 1849. My guess is that that cryptic
notation should be read as "Soldier's 1st wife Elizabeth Stoots." 
    Clark himself tells me his grandmother says Elisha was in a fight
or battle and was seriously wounded, and was taken in by the Indians
who nursed him back to health, and that's how he met Elizabeth Stoots.
A fair amount is known about Elizabeth's family of origin, and there
is nothing in that information to indicate she might have been an
Indian. And if the (unknown) source that gives the birthdates for that
family is reliable, her place in the birth order is quite plausible,
so it's not too likely she was adopted either. Another problem is that
my grandfather L. D. Griswold, who was Elizabeth Stoots'
great-grandson, never said anything about being part Indian. It's hard
to believe that he wouldn't have known that about such a recent
    On the other hand, in his letter of 8/1999 Clark says that William
Lane Brown said his grandmother was an Indian. William's mother Hannah
Ward Goodson was born in England, and in her picture she doesn't look
very Indian to me, so William must have been talking about his
father's mother Ruth Lane. Elisha Brown, William Lane's father and
Ruth's son, does look quite Indian in his picture. So I think Ruth
Lane is the best candidate. And she's a generation farther back than
Elizabeth Stoots, so it's a little easier to buy that my grandfather
wouldn't have known. More research, like getting the land records for
Elisha's father William Brown and/or Rev. Lane, would be helpful. 
    Genealogy alert: That pension record for Elisha Brown that came
from Clark, originally from NARA? I have two other copies of the same
thing, and none of them have the exact same number of pages. 

ID: 840
Sex: M
Birth date: Aug. 30, 1757
Birth place: Baltimore or thereabouts 
Date of death: Apr. 30, 1853
Place of death: Amanda Twp., Hancock Co. 
Age at death: 95 years, 8 months, 0 days.
Father: JAMES BROWN (278) (    -    )
Spouse: RUTH LANE (841) (1758-1840)
Child 1: WILLIAM B. BROWN (856) (1779-    )
Child 2: MARY BROWN (853) (1780-1855)
Child 3: SAMUEL BROWN (857) (1784-    )
Child 4: NANCY BROWN (864) (1787-1871)
Child 5: JOSHUA BROWN (842) (1788-1883)
Child 6: SARAH BROWN (855) (1791-    )
Child 7: ELIZABETH BROWN (865) (    -    )
Child 8: ELISHA BROWN (720) (1795-1870)
Child 9: ELIJAH BROWN (843) (1797-1852)
Child 10: HANNAH BROWN (854) (1800-1879)
Gerry Lenzen, professional genealogist and William S. Brown
descendant, says, "I suspect that William Brown and his father James
will eventually be found in Baltimore County, MD." (From an e-mail of
9/4/1996.) And: "It seems that almost everyone around Samuel Lane in
PA came from Carrol Co. MD. Why wouldn't William Brown also have come
from there?... Someone needs to go through all the probate and land
files in Baltimore/Carroll Cos, MD for the Browns." (9/23/2002.)
    Bobby Brown said William moved to Barree or Dublin Twp. in
Cumberland Co. PA c. 1760-1780, and "they moved from Union Township,
(which evolved from Dublin Township, Cumberland County) Huntingdon
County about 1805...". Now, Bedford Co. was formed from Cumberland Co.
in 1771; and Huntingdon Co. was formed from Bedford Co. in 1787. So
maybe they stayed on the same farm the whole time. 
    Descendant Ann O'Rourke's family records differ in some details
from other sources, but they also provide evidence for his birthplace
etc.: "The Browne's were English and came from England to Baltimore,
Maryland (no date). William Browne was born in Baltimore, married
Harriett Lane. He served in the Revolutionary War with the rank of
Colonel. He had one daughter Helen, who married a Mr. Curtis, no
children.... The family later moved to Circle, Ohio. (William... died
    Linda Sue Ellis Stalder's DAR record says he was born in England.
The 1880 census record for his daughter Sarah agrees with England,
though the 1850 census for William says Maryland. Then he went to
Bedford Co. Pa., then Pickaway Co., Ohio, and wound up in Hancock Co.
So he participated in three, maybe four, major migrations in his life,
the last when he was about 77.
    William Brown is in the tax lists for Dublin Twp., Cumberland Co.
in 1768 and 1769: one horse and one cow. Still there in 1773, 1774,
and 1775 (though Dublin's in Bedford Co. now). He's the only Brown
listed there in those years. See Bobby's e-mail of 3/7/07 12:02 PM.
    "Brown, Wm" is on a 1776 tax list for Dublin Twp., Bedford Co., p.
142, that Bobby found (10/17/06 ). One horse and one cow. Looks like
he owed 1 pound 6 shillings. He's right next to Benj'a Brown. Now, if
he's right next to Benjamin Brown, he's probably related to him. But
DNA testing has, so it would seem, shown there's no relationship
between him and a Benjamin Brown in father James' record in this
database. So maybe there were two Benjamins. William and Benjamin are
also right next to each other in the 1776, 1779, 1782, 1784, and 1785
tax lists, all for Shirley Twp. (This is from the data as collected by
Bobby Brown, I haven't seen the original.) 1784 (see below) has a
William Brown S'r and a William Brown Ju'r; William B. Brown can't be
one of these, though, since he was only 5 at the time.
    There is a record of William's service in the Revolution:
"Inactive Duty Militia / Brown, William  Rank: Pvt. / Lieutenancy
Bedford County Batallion / Company Capt. Thomas Clugage... / Remarks:
Volunteeers to serve on frontier or where ordered in county / inlisted
25 March 1778 / Authority: Unit Muster Roll for the period 1778... /
'Military Accounts: Militia,' John Anderson Papers..." The preceding
came from Bobby (10/12/06 3:49 PM) who didn't remember his source for
this, but he said, "Revolutionary War Military Abstract Card File
Items Between Brown, William and Browne, Jonathan_files". 
    In his war pension application, 10/22/1832, when he lived in
Walnut Twp., Pickaway Co., at age 73, he declares: "That he entered
the service of the United States in the Pennsylvania line of State
troops in the month of March 1778 for a term (?) of eight months to
guard the frontier settlements of Pennsylvania & erect fortifications
on the frontier line. The major's name under whom he served was Robert
Clurdage" - Cluggage - "the Captain's name was Thomas Cl--dage," --
Cluggage - "the Lieutenant's name was David (?) Lay (?), and the
company in which he enlisted belonged to an odd battalion which was
never arranged into a regiment so as to require a Colonel. He marched
on the 1st of April from Bedford County Pennsylvania where he resided
at the time of his enlistment, to a place called 'Sinking Valley' on
the east side of the Alleghany ridge, through what is now Huntington"
- Huntingdon County is just notheast of Bedford County, which borders
on Maryland - "and a thinly settled country fifty or more miles north
of the town of Bedford of said county of Bedford, where he was
stationed the whole eight months, to guard the frontier settlers in
that region from the Indians. While stationed there, he assisted in
erecting a fort called 'lead mine fort', but was engaged in no battle
or skirmish during his said service. He was honorably discharged at
that fort on the 1st of December 1778, which discharge is now lost or
destroyed. Said discharge was signed by the commanding officer. After
he was discharged, he returned to Bedford County where he resided
until the year 1800 (?) when he removed to this State, on 'Turkey Run'
in the County of Franklin and now the County of Pickaway where he has
ever since resided and still resides. there was no Continental troop
in service with this batallion and he became acquainted with no
regular officers. He has no documentary evidence nor does he know of
any person whose testimony he can procure to prove his said service."
There is a note saying "omit" next to this last sentence. "He has a
written record of his age made by his father who is now dead in his
possession...." This is followed by statements from the Rev. James
Peters of Walnut Twp. and John Shoup apparently of Circleville
testifying as to his character and veracity. He got approved,
receiving $26.66 per year, starting 3/4/1831. 
    A parenthetical note on Capt. Thomas Cluggage (1750-1832) from the
DAR record of Mrs. Alice Montague Appleby: he "commanded a company in
the 1st battalion, Bedford County, Pennsylvania troops, under Colonel
Piper. He was born in Fort Shirley; died in Black-Log Valley, Pa.".
    Clark Brown, in Bobby's e-mail of 6/1/05, says he "found William
Brown Sr. in Pennsylvania Archives Vol. 5, Series 2, Pg 990. Ref's 3rd
Pennsylvania Regiment of the Continental Line." 
    The Lead Mine Fort which William helped build is still there,
northeast of Altoona, called Fort Roberdeau now. It was built to
protect the lead resources needed in the war effort there, according
to Bobby Brown.
    "I have a book on marriages in Pennsylvania and found William
Brown and Ruth Lane married in Huntingdon County PA in I think 1897."
The year is wrong, it was probably about 1778 judging from their first
child's birthdate and from when he left the Army. From Jay Brown,
2/19/07. A little more detail, like the name of the book, would be
very helpful. Sutro Library has a couple of books on Pennsylvania
marriages that might be worth a look.
    William is up to one horse and three cows by the 1779 tax list. In
1782 there are two Williams; the one in Dublin has one horse and one
cow, the one in Shirley Twp. (which was formed in 1779 from Dublin)
has two horses and four cows.
    "There is a tax table of 1784 in Shirley Township of Bedford
County, Pennsylvania stating that a William Brown lived there in a
dwelling with a total of 5 whites (including head of house)." From
Bobby Brown's e-mail of 6/1/05. That would be William S., Ruth,
William B., Mary, and Samuel assuming Samuel was born earlier that
year. And if Ruth was in fact white, that argues against the
Ruth-as-Indian theory.
    In the 1785 tax list for Shirley there is a William Brown with two
horses and three cows. In none of the tax lists I've seen is there any
hint of a middle name for him.
    William Brown is in the 1790 census for Huntingdon Co. on pg 123,
col. 1: William Brown 13300. That means 1 white male 16 and upwards
(William S., age 32); 3 under 16 (William B. age 11, Samuel age 5, and
Joshua age 2); and 3 white females (Mary age 10, Nancy age 3, and Ruth
agd 32; Sarah and Elizabeth were both probably born after 1790). No
slaves. This came from Kathy Wells' e-mail of 3/7/07 8:31 PM, which
has several other early Brown census records.
    "The 1795 taxpayers in Shirley twp, Huntingdon Co. shows: BROWN,
William: 1 horse; and BROWN, William: Non resident; 45 acres." Hard to
say, once again, why there's two Williams (William B. was 16 at this
point), or why one of them would be a non-resident. Had he already
moved to Ohio? From Kathy Wells in Bobby's e-mail of 8/4/06.
    On 4/4/1797 Wm Brown of Union Twp. bought, for 115 pounds, from
George Wilds, 139 acres, an odd-shaped undivided tract of land called
St. George's Situate in Union Township, Huntingdon County.
    The name William Brown appears twice on the 1798 Window Tax list
for Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania, in Vol. 678, the 3rd Subdivision,
2nd District, 8th Division. One of them is in Shirley Twp.; he's
listed as the owner of some land for which there is no occupant. This
record seems to be repeated in Vol. 664, and the only thing it adds is
that the property is in Allegany. Farther down in the same volume is
William again; the record looks much the same, but it's on Clearfield
(Creek) this time. The other William, in Vol 678, is the occupant of
some land for which Buckqueats is listed as the owner. Gerry, from
3/1/07 10:48 PM: "Buckwheat/Buckueat and variant spellings are all for
the same reference. A veteran of the Revolutionary War was given
5,000+ acres for his service as an officer. He eventually sold his
lands.... The area is named after this officer rather than the cereal
grain. The land that James and William Brown settled on by 1798 is
located on the Buckwheat military grant." This must be the Colonel
Boquet listed in some of the other tax records. Anyway, William is in
Union Twp. on some land adjoining Wm Long and Isaac Cook: he has 3
buildings not exceeding $100: a house 14X16 valued at $10, a barn
20X20 at $12, and another house 16X18 at $12. Neighbors on the list
who also adjoin his land are James Cole, Thomas Hall, and William
    "In 1799, Horatio Clark and Wilkinson Lane, with their families,
emigrated from Huntindon County, Pennsylvania." From George
Sanderson's 1851 "A Brief History of the Settlement of Fairfield
County", page 30. "William Brown may have made the first trip in 1799"
to Ohio, without his family, then come back for them. From Bobby's
e-mail of 6/1/05.
    In 1800 Huntingdon Co, PA, Sprinfield Twp. on pg 138 is William
Brown 02111/11111. That means 2 white males 10-16 (Samuel age 15 and
Joshua age 12); 1 white male 16-26 (William B. age 21); 1 male 26-45
(William S. age 42); 1 male over 45; 1 female under 10 (Elizabeth born
probably in the 1790's, but may also be Sarah); 1 female 10-16 (Nancy
age 13); 1 female 16-26 (Mary age 20); 1 female 26-45 (Ruth age 41);
and 1 female over 45. Problems: Both Elisha and Elijah, both under 10,
are unaccounted for; and who are the male and the female over 45?
    Gerry Lenzen says that the "Brown, Kelly, Corbin folks" came "with
Ruth Lane's uncle, Wilkinson Lane, to Ohio." Included in an e-mail
Bobby sent out 6/1/05. 
    In the same e-mail this is attributed to Clark Brown: "Wm Brown
Sr.and Ruth Lane are in Muskegan County, Ohio records." There is a
Muskingum Co. in OH about halfway between Pickaway Co. and the
Pennsylvania line.
    "William Brown and family, his son Samuel and family, and several
sons-in-law and their families, came from Huntingdon county,
Pennsylvania, in the fall of 1806. Mr. Brown, sr., entered
considerable land in Walnut township, and divided it among his sons.
After residing in the township many years he removed to Hancock
county, and died there, at the age of more than ninety years. All of
his children, after living in the township for longer or shorter
periods, moved to Hancock county, with the exception of William, who
permanently settled in Walnut, and Mrs. B. Brown, who went to the coal
regions." From the "History of Franklin and Pickaway Counties, Ohio",
1880, at Sutro.
    Sue Stalder came up with the info that William Brown acquired two
adjacent 160-acre parcels in Walnut Twp. (in Franklin Co. then) on
12/14/1805. That's half a square mile. Apparently this purchase
happened in the Land Office at Chillicothe. In a nearby purchase,
James Brown got 157 acres on 7/11/1805. And Joseph Brown got 320 acres
in another nearby purchase 4/13/1810. From "A Listing of the Entrymen
on Lands East of the Scioto River in Pickaway Co., Ohio" by L. Richard
Kocher, 1993.
    Bobby: "Fall of 1806 they," - William and Ruth - "with children
and inlaws moved onto that land." That would be the 320 acres in
Walnut Twp. "This was a short distance North of Ringgold, OH of then
Franklin County. A short time later his land was used to create
Pickaway County." That was in 1810. "When Ruth passed away in 1840 he
joined his son Joshua in Hancock County, OH with whom he lived till
his 1853 death. I have run across info that may indicate that
Zanesville, OH was a pause in Williams journey to his new homestead."
Email, 8/4/06.
    On 9/4/1809 William Brown Senior & Wife of the County of Franklin
in Ohio sold to William Houk Jr. of Huntingdon Co. PA for "the sum of
Two Hundred and Seven pounds ten Shillings Lawful money", an
odd-shaped 6-sided piece of land of about 139 acres in Black Hollow,
Union Township, County of Huntingdon. It seems to be the same land he
bought on 4/4/1797. William and Ruth both signed their names with
marks. "William S. Brown sold his 139 acres of land to his neighbor,
William Houck, after moving to Franklin Co., Ohio.... However, the
survey of William Brown's and William Houck's lands have Houck's land
sharing the same survey lines on three sides of William's property at
the time he sold it. This gave Houck a nice addition his land
holdings." Bobby, 9/25/06. From the same e-mail, "Broad Top Mountain
and the Surrounding Valleys" by David Horton gives some more on
William Houck. He was an early settler, a enterprising and successful
black man who opened the first coal mine in the area, hauling it as
far away as Hagerstown to be sold. His wife died in 1856, and he about
a year later, both under rather suspicious-sounding circumstances.
    I can't find William Brown in the 1810 census. For some reason
Ohio doesn't seem to have been included in the 1810 census.
    Found by Kathy Wells, from her 2/26/07 e-mail: "Deed to John
ANDERSON, dated 22 Jun 1816 for 400 acres of unseated land in the name
of William BROWN situated in Southampton Twp sold or county tax
($1.93) and road tax ($1.13) due thereon.   Consideration: $60.00
(Source: Treasurer Deeds, Bedford county, Common Pleas Docket  1, p.
47, Bedford County, PA)". There is another deed almost exactly like it
but in the name of Arthur Brown.
    In 1820, William Brown is found in Walnut Twp., Pickaway Co.,
right next to Samuel and Elisha, with:
        1 boy under 10;
        1 young man 16-18;
        1 young man 16-26;
        1 man over 45 (William);
        1 young woman 16-26 (Hannah, maybe, or Sarah);
        1 woman over 45 (Ruth Lane).
The kids here may have been his grandchildren.
    Wm. Brown Sen. is found in the 1830 census for Walnut Twp.,
Pickaway Co., with:
        1 boy 5-10;
        1 boy 10-15;
        1 man in his 20's;
        1 man in his 70's (William);
        1 woman in her 70's.
The woman was probably Ruth Lane, though she would have actually been
in her 60's. The kids, again, may have been his grandchildren.
    "William Brown Sr. was shown in Pension Records to have an address
of Walnut Township, Pickaway County October 22, 1832.... In 1834
William Brown Sr. went to live with Joshua..." That would be in
Hancock Co., apparently. From Bobby's e-mail of 6/1/05.
    On 10/22/1844 Amos Brown (who's this?) sold to William Brown Sr.,
for $200, 40 acres in Hancock Co., plus 20 more acres nearby. 
    In 1850, he's listed with his son Joshua in Delaware Twp., age 91,
b. Md. Some have read the name as Braun rather than Brown, but Gerry
Lenzen says that if you look close at it it's really Brown. "Notice
also that Steve Ruppright's ancestors Nathan Brown and wife
Perlina/Permilia are next to Joshua. Joshua And Actius/Actiant are
Nathan's parent's. Since three year-old Eliza is listed in Nathan's
family, there are four generations of Browns only seven lines apart on
this census record." 2/5/07.
    On 1/22/1853 Wm Brown sold for $375 to Richard Alspach 38 acres in
section 34, Twp. 1, south of range 12, "with the exception of two
acres that I deeded to Hannah Brown", plus 20 acres in the same
section. This is probably the same land he bought 10/22/1844. Nathan
Brown and A. Gilbert were witnesses. 
    Bobby Brown says William died in Mount Blanchard, near Vanlue.
    Certain information can be gleaned from his estate record, from
Hancock Co., dated 6/3/1853. He died intestate. His sons Elisha and
Joshua were made administrators of his estate. Joshua signed his name
with a mark. William Vanlue and Nathan Brown were the sureties. His
estate was divided between 10 heirs, each getting $123.52, and there
are in fact 10 children listed in his DAR record. There wasn't any
land in his estate; about $1400 of it came from money he had lent out,
plus he had $455.31 cash on hand, plus:
        1 Piece of pulled Cloth 6 yds, $6;
        1 Rifle Gun, $6;
        1 Mantle Clock, $1;
        1 Mans Saddle, $1;
        1 Pair Sadddle Bags, $1.
After various deductions, it came to $1235.26 which was split between
10 heirs getting $123.52 each. From the 8 pages on Wm Brown from the
Findlay Library: "Four children - Sarah Brown, Nancy Hall,
Elizabeth Stephens, and Hannah  Sickles - received their full
shares", but it does not "state the relationship of Samuel Brown and
Minerva Cole who received fractional amounts. Then, in addition, there
were Phoebe Bergman, Ruth Bowman, Obed Brown, Elisha Brown and William
Brown who received one thirty-sixth of one share each."
    Gerry Lenzen says that there is a probate distribution file for
William, from 1857, Hancock Co, OH. That's 4 years after he died. It
names Nancy Brown as his daughter.
    He's buried in Amanda Twp., in Lee Cemetery, Row 5, old section,
right next to Elijah Brown and to his daughter Mary Corbin; it says he
died 4/30/1853 aged 95 Yrs. 8 Mos. His footstone says
    "Part of the problem surrounding William Brown is that there is
more than one of him in the same place at the same time in
Cumberland/Bedford/Huntingdon Co., PA. The 'other' William Brown is
located down on the river more toward Altoona. He has town land in a
place I can't recall as I write. I sorted out most of their tax and
land records about 25 years ago. Unfortunately, I did not write a
subject paper at that time." Gerry Lenzen, from a Bobby Brown e-mail
of 11/3/06.
    Whereabouts of William Brown: 
        8/30/1757: b. in MD or England
        1760-1780: moved to Barree or Dublin Twp. Cumberland Co. PA
        4/1/1778: Bedford Co. PA
        1778: marched thru present-day Huntingdon Co. PA
        1778: Lead Mine Fort, NE of Altoona, Blair Co. PA
        12/1/1778: discharged at Lead Mine Fort
        1778 to c. 1806: Bedford Co. again
        1790: Huntingdon Co. PA (census)
        12/14/1805: bought land in Walnut Twp., Franklin Co. OH
        fall of 1806: moved from Huntingdon Co. PA to Walnut Twp.
        c. 1806: moved to Turkey Run, Franklin (now Pickaway) Co. OH
        1820: Walnut Twp., Pickaway Co. OH
        1830: Walnut Twp., Pickaway Co. OH
        10/22/1832: Walnut Twp., Pickaway Co. OH (pension app)
        1850: Delaware Twp., Hancock Co. OH (with son Joshua)
        4/30/1853: d. in Mount Blanchard, Hancock Co. OH

ID: 841
Sex: F
Birth date: 1758      
Date of death: Jan. 19, 1840
Place of death: Pickaway Co., Ohio       
Age at death: 81 or 82
Father: SAMUEL (Rev.) LANE (844) (1736-1812)
Spouse: WILLIAM S. BROWN (840) (1757-1853)
Wedding: c. 1778-1779, Bedford Co.
Child 1: WILLIAM B. BROWN (856) (1779-    )
Child 2: MARY BROWN (853) (1780-1855)
Child 3: NANCY BROWN (864) (1787-1871)
Child 4: SAMUEL BROWN (857) (1784-    )
Child 5: JOSHUA BROWN (842) (1788-1883)
Child 6: SARAH BROWN (855) (1791-    )
Child 7: ELIZABETH BROWN (865) (    -    )
Child 8: ELISHA BROWN (720) (1795-1870)
Child 9: ELIJAH BROWN (843) (1797-1852)
Child 10: HANNAH BROWN (854) (1800-1879)
Note: Much of this info comes from the DAR.                       
The DAR says she was b. in Baltimore in 1763, her daughter Elizabeth's
death record says Baltimore, and the IGI says c. 1762 in Huntingdon
Co., Pa. The DAR says she was married c. 1778-79 in Bedford Co., Pa.;
the IGI says 1787 (sic) in Huntingdon Co. A GEDCOM-format printout I
have that came from Bobby Brown says she may have been the third child
of Rev. Samuel and Mary Corbin Lane. It attributes to Gerry Lenzen
that she died 1/19/1840 at age 81. Now, since Jan. 19 is early in the
year, it's pretty likely that she was born after that date in her
birth year, so "If she had lived, she would then have celebrated her
82nd birthday in 1840." 1840 - 82 = 1758, so 1758 was probably her
birth year. That would make her a few months younger than her husband.
Rev. Lane may have officiated at her wedding. Also from Gerry: "Ruth
Lane Brown died on the Brown homestead in Walnut township, Pickaway
county, Ohio Jan. 19, 1840. She was buried in the Brown family
cemetery on the SW Quarter of Section 23 of Walnut Twp. on a slope
about 500 feet NE of the Brown family log cabin. She was transferred
to Reber Hill Cemetery, Lot 16, on 15 Feb 1898." The family cemetery
was owned by the Martin family in 1898 which is why it's called the
Martin cemetery in the Reber Hill Cemetery records. It also seems that
an Elma or Emma Mutti (deceased) of Fort Wayne found the original site
(before the move or after?) and there was a headstone there saying
"Ruth Brown, wife of William Brown"; and there was a child named
Elisha Brown there, son of Elisha and Kaziah Corbin Brown, who died
10/1/1838, aged 2y, 6m, 11d. Gerry Lenzen, 2/21/07 6:02 PM: "The
marker for Ruth Lane in Reber Hill Cemetery was all but unreadable
when we were there 20 years ago. By now, it must be totally
unreadable. It was stuck in the ground at a crooked angel. It's right
next to the driveway, on the right, as one approaches the office."
    Ann O'Rourke's family records refer to her as Harriet Lane. There
is some reliable evidence to indicate her first name was Ruth, though:
what it says on her headstone, plus there's a deed that Gerry Lenzen
abstracted from 9/4/1809 where William Brown of Franklin Co. sold some
land in Huntingdon Co., and in it she's called Ruth.
    The librarian at looked for an obit for Ruth but
couldn't find one (2/24/07). Gerry suggests looking in the Columbus
    Ruth Lane is the best candidate for the rumored Indian ancestry of
this family. Elizabeth Stoots, another possibility, doesn't seem to
have been an Indian (see her record in this database), and Ruth's son
Elisha looks at least half-Indian. Adopting an Indian girl seems like
the kind of thing a minister would do. If that's true, it casts doubt
on her ancestry as given in this database. And reliable information
about her parentage seems hard to come by. For instance, a seminal
article about the Lanes "that appeared in the Federal Register in the
1940's..." - 1944? - "does not include Ruth Lane, third child of
Samuel lane's 20 children" (this from Gerry Lenzen in Bobby's e-mail
of 6/1/05). Was her last name even Lane? 1) Florence Brown Musgrave
does call her Ruth Lane - see Mary Brown's record. 2) Ann O'Rourke's
evidence above agrees on the last name. 3) Gerry Lenzen,  21 Feb 2007:
"I have some correspondence from Ann Lisa Pearson's father, Harold
Mills, that contains information from a Hancock Co.,OH
correspondent... That material describes Ruth Brown, wife of William
Brown, as the niece of Wilkinson Lane.... However, it is a 1900's
reference accounting for 17th, 18th 19th century events." 4) From the
same source: "The ladies in Hancock Co., OH, who applied to DAR in the
1920's, listed Ruth Lane as the wife of William Brown." 5) Gerry found
a reference to Ruth Lane in a book that was being written on the
Browns by the late Janice Reddin at the Hancock Co. Library in the
80's (Gerry's e-mail of 2/20/07 4:57 PM). These sources all seem to be
from well after Ruth died. The best approach to this might be to look
for the obituaries of her children, all of whom died before 1900.
    If she was an Indian, what tribe was she from? Tradition says that
Sarah Troxler, who married into the Joshua Brown/Charlotte Morris
line, was a Cherokee, so that's a possibility; and in Hawk's part of
the family it is said that the Indian heritage is either from the
Seminole or Creek tribe. The Wyandot tribe has been suggested, but the
Wyandots were up in Canada and the Browns didn't come into proximity
with them til they went to Hancock Co.
    I guess it's also possible that Elisha himself was adopted, but he
fits comfortably into his family's birth order, and what is known
about his ancestry does not indicate any Indian roots (according to a
couple of sources his father William was born in England) so that
doesn't seem likely either.
    There was, on the other hand, a Ruth Lane who married "Vincent
Stephens, Sr. abt. 1770  in Baltimore, MD.  They lived in Taylor
Township, Fulton Co., Pa and had 6 children between 1744-1797.  Ruth
and Vincent are my 4th great-grandparents.  There is no indiction that
she was an Indian.  Joan Pressler indicates she is a daughter of
Samuel Lane but I have not seen any documentation to prove that. Joan
died this year and all her records are still in her house as far as
Lillie McConnell can determine.  Lillie is also a cousin and lived
near Joan and is keeping me informed about Joans records as she finds
out." This from Charles R. McCrae in an e-mail to me of 8/23/05. Kathy
Wells tells me this Ruth Lane was the aunt of Ruth Lane Brown, which
means she would be the sister of Rev. Samuel Lane. "On the Indian
information, yes my father told us that we had Indian also.  In fact
he said one of his brothers has a breast plate and moccasins that were
supposedly handed down.  He said it was from the Vincent Stevens/Ruth
Lane (this Ruth Lane is the Aunt of your Ruth Lane) line if I remember
correctly, but he passed away in 1992 so I can't ask him.
Unfortunately, I have searched that line, along with Joan Pressler
years ago, and we never could locate anything that looked like it
could be Indian. I found that Vincent Stevens was an Indian spy in the
Rev. War near the Ft Littleton area..." This from an e-mail of
6/16/08. Funny how Indians keep turning up in this family. I guess
Indians are more likely to marry other Indians.
    There was yet another Ruth Lane; this one married Henry Brown.
Gerry Lenzen: "it was a different Ruth in a later generation in
Huntingdon Co. PA." From Bobby Brown's e-mail of 6/1/05.

ID: 842
Sex: M
Birth date: Apr. 12, 1788
Birth place: Huntingdon Co., PA       
Date of death: Dec. 5, 1883
Place of death: Hancock Co., OH          
Age at death: 95 years, 7 months, 23 days.
Mother: RUTH LANE (841) (1758-1840)
Father: WILLIAM S. BROWN (840) (1757-1853)
The LDS says he married Actious Hull 1/3/1811 in Pickaway Co. In an
e-mail from Bobby Brown of 6/1/05, Steven Ruppright quotes this from
the Nathan Brown Bible: "Joshua Browm married Actious Hull. Joshua's
sister married brother of Joshua's wife." That means a female Brown
marrying a male Hall/Hull. That's probably a reference to the marriage
of Nancy Brown and Joshua Hall (but see Gerry's discussion of this
from 7/31/2004, quoted in Bobby's e-mail of 6/1/05).
    From Bobby Brown's e-mail of 6/1/05: "Joshua and Elisha Brown...
moved to the Bounty Land in Hancock County, Ohio which they received
for their participation in the War of 1812." And: Joshua "obtained a
marriage license on January 3, 1811 in , Pickaway, OH.  Actious HALL
was born about 1785 in , Bedford, PA."
    In 1820 there is a Joshua Brown in Walnut Twp, 000110/40010, the
oldest male being 26-45 and Joshua was 32 then. William Brown (Sr.?)
Elisha, Samuel and Rebeckah Brown (who's this? The same Rebecca who
got a land warrant in 1773?) are on the previous page, and William
(Jr.?) is on the same page.
    He seems to be in Richland Twp., Hancock Co., right next to
Delaware Twp. (now it's in Wyandot Co.), in 1840:
        1 boy 5-10;
        1 boy 10-15 (Nathan, probably);
        1 man 50-60 (Joshua);
        1 woman 50-60 (the wife);
    The birthdate above is from the LDS. There were two Joshua Brown's
in Hancock Co. in 1850; the one whose age is consistent with the above
birthdate lived in Delaware Twp., p. 71:
        Joshua Brown, 62, farmer, rl estate $2000, b. Pa;
        Actians (?) Brown, 63;
        William Brown, 91, b. Md; <-- the Revolutionary
        Mary Safas, 12, b. Ohio.
Right next door is his son:
        Nathan Brown, 24, farmer, rl estate $1400, b. Ohio;
        Permelia  " , 21;
        Eliza J?, 3, b. Ohio;
        Joshua, 1, b. Ohio;
        Mary E., 5 months, b. Ohio.
Nathan (d. 1898, age 74) and Perline (d. 1908) are both buried in
Hancock Co.
    He was an admistrator of of his father's estate, even though he
signed his name with a mark. He paid $19 on 6/20/1853 for the
gravestones, and on this note his name is spelled Joshuay.
    In 1880 he's with his son Nathan, age 92.
    From his obituary, in the Findlay Weekly Jeffersonian, 12/13/1883:

                "An Old Citizen Gone.
    "Joshua Brown, of Delaware township, died December 5th, 1883, Aged
95 years, 7 months, and 23 days.
    "Mr. Brown was a native of Pennsylvania. He moved to Pickaway
county and from there to Hancock County in 1834, and lived in this
county, until the time of his death-nearly fifty years; Mr. Brown was
a soldier during the war of 1812. He leaves five children, fifty-one
grandchildren, 147 great grandchildren and three great-great
    Compare that with his great-great-nephew, my grandfather, who died
on his 100th birthday and left one son and three measly grandchildren.
    Gerry Lenzen (6/1/05) says he died in Mt. Blanchard. Joshua and
Axious are buried in Amanda; the Lee cemetery records say Joshua lived
95 years, 6 months, and 23 days, implying he was born May 12, 1788.
The DAR has his birthdate a year earlier. The "Index to Servicemen of
the War of 1812, State of Ohio" says it was 4/12/1788. Axious died
3/19/1875, and lived 89 years, 4 months, and 7 days; the "Index to
Servicemen" says she was born 11/12/1785 in Bedford Co.
    Also from the Weekly Jeff: "Excitement is running high, in
Norwalk, on account of the finding of the skeleton of a woman in a
closet in the residence of a respectable citizen. There are 'skeletons
in the closets' of very many respectable citizens but are not usually
so materialistic as this one seems to be." And: "Herbert Spencer the
great philosopher while in America said: 'The Yankees live too fast,
work too much, and catch cold too often.' What a chance for Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrup."
    The other Joshua Brown, who was in Amanda in 1850, was 50 then,
and his wife Anna was 40. They had children Elizabeth, Cynis (?),
Washington, Caroline, and Morris, so Anna must have been the Anna who
died in 1887, whose will mentions children Elizabeth, Cyrus, and
Morris. (Cyrus, by the way, married a woman named Hannah who lived
1845-1922. He was in the Civil War and is buried in Lee Cemetery). Tom
Brown says this Joshua was b. 9/26/1799 in Huntingdon Co. PA, m. Anna
Kelly 6/4/1835 in Pickaway Co. and d. 12/17/1884 in Ohio. His father
was Joshua Brown (1765-1832) who may or may not have been the younger
brother of William Brown.  
    Tom also says (1/21/2000) that Anna Kelly has a Lane connection.
Her parents were James Kelly and Elizabeth Lane. Elizabeth Lane's
father was Wilkinson Lane and he was the uncle of Ruth Lane, William
Brown's wife. If all this is right, it means that Elisha Brown's first
cousin (Joshua) married Elisha's second cousin (Anna); though Anna and
Joshua were from different sides of Elisha's family so they were not
blood relatives.
    Steven Ruppright (see e-mail of 8/9/04) is from this line, through
the above-mentioned Nathan. The following is from his e-mails to me of
8/9/04, 8/21/04, and 8/25/04, notes for a family picture on Bobby
Brown's site, the 1860 (Nathan Brown's entry in 1860 gets some of the
names wrong, maybe the guy was hard of hearing), 1870, 1880, 1910 and
1920 censuses, and the Janice Reddin papers {which cite his will and
DAR #479804, Mrs. Harry Hosafros, Carey, OH), though some of the
relationships here had to be guessed at:
Joshua Brown
+ Axious Hull
    Mary Brown b. 6/13/1813 Pickaway Co. d. 4/21/1895 Hancock Co.
    + John H. Greer; m. 8/16/1835 in Hancock Co.
    Charlotte Brown, b. 7/25/1814 Pickaway Co.
    + Peter Lockwood - Janice Reddin papers have a lot on this line
    Sarah Brown b. 2/12/1818
    + Aaron Alspach
    Elizabeth Brown b. 1822
    + Erastus Pratt
    Nathan B. Brown, b. OH 9/22/1823, farmer, parents b. PA, d. 1898
    + Elizabeth Toops 
    + Perlina Pratt, b. 1826 in OH, parents b. OH, d. Wharton 8/8/1908
        Eliza Jane Brown 1846-1906, b. OH
        + --- McClelland
        Joshua Brown b. 8/29/1847 Hancock Co; d. Troy NY 5/1865 in war
        Mary E. Brown  8/10/1849-9/16/1851
        Lowman A. Brown, b. 1851 OH
        Nathan F. (?L ?J) Brown, b. 1853 in OH. AKA Franklin Doc?
        Thomas Brown  9/21/1853-12/27/1853
        James Lonzo Brown, b. 7/12/1857 in OH, d. 1937
        + Ella Norris
        Henry A. Brown, b. 1859 in OH, d. 1931
        + Mary Searfoss, b. c. 1863 in OH, parents b. OH
            Rozetta/Rosy 4/8/1882-1/1/1919; m. 12/19/1901 to 
            + William Snyder (b. 12 Apr 1878   d. 17 Mar 1961)
                Raymond Milford Snyder 3/19/1905-5/25/1974
                + Florilla Jolliff 5/25/1910-9/1/2000; m. 11/29/1928.
                    Marilyn Ann Snyder 5/7/1936-12/22/1996; m. 6/26/54
                    + Carl Junior Lease (30 Oct 1931 - 28 Sep 2014)
                        Gene Alan Lease
        Lewis Elmer Brown, b. 1862 in OH, still in Delaware Twp, 1920
        + Catherine Searfoss, b. ?1864, m. ?1883; 8 kids, 4 survived
            Carrie M. Brown, b. c. 1889
            Lola Brown; d. 1918 after giving birth to her last child
            + Henry Buess
            Nellie Brown
            + Joe Smith 
            Florence L. Brown, b. c. 1894 OH
            + Harvey J. Musgrave, b. c. 1888
                Lawrence E. Musgrave, b. c. 10/1913
                Marguerite C. Musgrave, b. 1914; in Delaware Twp 1920
                + --- Getz
                    Jane Getz
                    + --- Ruppright
                        Steven Ruppright
                    Agnes "Aunt Aggie"
                Le--- F. Musgrave, b. c. 3/1926
            Gladys J. Brown, b. c. 1901
            + Carl Metzger
            infant son; died young, place in birth order not certain
            Ira  - ditto
            Harry - ditto            
        Rhoda V. Brown, b. c. 1865 in OH,  d. 1939
        ? + --- Burnett 1901 in Hardin Co. OH (IGI)
        Rachel A. Brown, b. 1867 in OH, d. 1936 
        ? + Wm Bush in Licking Co. OH 1887 (IGI)
    On the Carrie M. Brown above, there is a person by that name in a
Hancock Co. obituary listing I have who died Jul 18, 1896 and it says
she's in Lee Cemetery; and Steven Ruppright says a daughter of L. E.
and C. Brown is buried there who d. age 7. So I deduce she was born
about 1889. The others who died young don't seem to have left much of
a paper trail. Steven says her sisters all stayed in Hancock County.
    The info about Nathan's first marriage came out of Bobby Brown's
database. "I have a Nathaniel Brown marriage to Elizabeth Toops in
1842 in Pickaway County. He, Nathan, married Perlina in 1845". He
didn't remember the source. From his e-mail of 8/4/06.
    The info in the tree above about the descendants of Henry A. Brown
comes from Gene A. Lease in his e-mail to me of 4/7/2015. He says that
Catherin Searfoss and Mary Searfoss were sisters, so two brothers
married two sisters. He did a DNA analysis and found that he's mostly
from Great Britain (I guess that would include Ireland), with some
Eastern Eurpean, and the rest trace amounts. He plans to apply to the
Sons of the American Revolution as a descendant of William Brown. 
    The Janice Reddin papers have a good deal more on Joshua's
    There is a picture of the Lewis Elmer Brown family sent out
9/17/04 by Bobby Brown that I would be happy to share. 

ID: 843
Sex: M
Birth date: Nov. 10, 1797
Date of death: May 25, 1852
Place of death: Hancock Co.              
Age at death: 54 years, 6 months, 15 days.
Mother: RUTH LANE (841) (1758-1840)
Father: WILLIAM S. BROWN (840) (1757-1853)
He's buried in Lee Cemetery, Amanda, right next to his father, who
outlived him. His tombstone says he died 5/25/1852 and lived 54 years,
6 months, and 15 days, so he must have been born 11/10/1797. Buried
near him is his wife Kiziah, who died 4/2/1862 and lived 50 years, 11
months, and 20 days and was therefore born 4/13/1811. The LDS says her
maiden name was Corbin and they were married in 1834 in Pickaway Co.
Diana Gale Matthiesen's site adds that her parents were Nicodemus
Corbin and Mary Brown. Now, Mary Brown was the daughter of William
Brown and Ruth Lane; this means that Elijah Brown married his own
    The 8 pages from the Findlay Library on Wm Brown say Elijah m.
Keziah Corbin 8/11/1834 in Pickaway Co. (v. 3, p. 8 of Marriages in
Probate Court there). And, "We have no record of any children except
one - Eilsha, whose stone in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Deercreek
Township, Pickaway County says: Elisha Brown, son of E. H. & K., died
1838 aged 2 yrs."
    Bobby (2/3/07) attributes to Clark Brown that Elijah (son of
William S.) had a son named Elisha, and Elisha (son of William S.) had
a son named Elijah.
    From Janet O'Brien: Bobby Brown "had Elijah Brown(1797-1852)
married to Belinda Cloud and I told him that Elijah Brown(1818-1872)
was my g-g-grandfather and he was married to Belinda Cloud.I think
that the two Elijah's are father and son by a first marriage but so
far have not been able to prove it." E-mail, 6/15/08. In another
e-mail later the same day she says that the will of "Elijah
(b.1797)was closed because of mental illness but they let us look at
it because it was so long ago and it did not have any family listed."
In Bobby's e-mail of 1/24/07 she adds, "my g-g-grandfather was born
8/8/1819 in Pickaway Co. and he was married to Belinda Cloud in 1844
in Pickaway Co."
    Willy Istvan (1/24/07) says that Elijah the Elder had a middle
initial: "In 1850, Elijah and Belinda are found in Ridge, Wyandot OH,
while Elijah H. and Keziah are in Richland, Wyandot, OH. In the 1860
census however, Elijah and Belinda are found living just a few doors
down from Keziah and her children. Keziah has married someone named
Samuel Hart and is therefore listed as Keziah Hart, but her children
are still listed with the surname Brown." He continues (2/2/07): "So
both Elijah's are listed in the 1850 census. Elijah(b1797) is shown as
being 49 years old, while Elijah(b1819) is shown as age 30 (this is
the Elijah Gerry found listed as Elizah Brown)." - in, I think, the
Lee Cemetery book - "One kind of awesome thing: in 1850 in Richland,
Wyandot, OH, living in the same neighborhood with Elijah(1797) and
Keziah are 17 families that are connected to my wife's Browns. Also in
1850, in Ridge, Wyandot, OH, living in the same neighborhood with
Elijah(1819) and Belinda, there are 23 families connected to my wife's
    Suzanne Gale, also of this line, and raised in Findlay, tells me
(12/22/11): "My name is Suzanne Chalmers Gale and my father's name was
Raymond Edward Chalmers. He was the son of Clarence Chalmers and
Bessie Myrtle Benjamin.  Bessie Myrtle Benjamin was the daughter of
John Benjamin and Elizabeth Jane Brown.  Elizabeth Jane Brown was the
daughter of Elijah Brown and Belinda Cloud.  And you know the rest."
One of the reasons she got into genealogy was her possible Indian
ancestry. "All my life I have been told that I am 'exotic' looking and
people are always asking about my origins. I have a dark complexion
and other traits that set me apart from  'white' people my age. My
sister actually looks like a native American and is often asked if she
is a native American.  My father had no hair on his chest and arms and
very little facial hair. My brother is the same way. My dad said that
he had a cousin with no hair except the hair on his head.  I would
love to know who that cousin was.  He grew up in Mt. Blanchard Ohio
and was surrounded by 'cousins'."  For the Indian features to be that
strong so many generations down the road is unlikely but not
impossible. More likely is that since people often marry within their
own ethnic group, maybe Suzanne comes from more than one Indian line.
    Willy Istvan is right about Elijah b. ?1819 being in Richland
Twp., Wyandot Co. in 1860. All are born in OH, all children but the
youngest are in school:
        Elijah Brown, 40, farmer, $1400 rl estate, $100 pers estate
        Belinda, 40
        Danial C., 13
        ?Aham, 12
        Henry, 10
        Matilda, 8
        Emily, 3
And on the next page is Keziah Hart, widow of Elijah b. 1797; 4
children are listed with her and her husband Samuel, all b. OH; one of
them has the surname Brown: Samuel Brown age 21. The others are
Minerva 15, ?Eveline 12, and Nancy C at 7. None of the children here
in either family are Suzanne's ancestress Elizabeth Jane Brown, who,
according to Suzanne (1/1/2012), wasn't born til 1861. She's there in
1870, alright; they've moved to Amanda Twp. in Hancock County by now: 
        Brown, Elijah, 50, farmer, worth $1000
        -----, Belinda, 50
        -----, Abraham, 22
        -----, Henry H., 20
        -----, Matilda, 18
        -----, Elizabeth, 8  <-- Suzanne's line
All are born in OH. Elijah and Abraham are both eligible to vote. The
notes in Harry's line seem to indicate that he was in school, and that
he was married in March of that year. Elizabeth is also in school. 

ID: 844
Name: SAMUEL (Rev.) LANE
Sex: M
Birth date: Feb. 8, 1736
Birth place: St. Paul's Parish Balt Co
Date of death: Mar. 21, 1812
Age at death: 76 years, 1 month, 13 days.
Father: SAMUEL LANE (845) (    -    )
Child 1: RUTH LANE (841) (1758-1840)
That Rev. Lane was Ruth Lane's father, and that he was the son of
Samuel Lane, must be taken on faith from the LDS.
    "The Lanes... moved up to PA area of Three Springs which today is
in Clay Twp., Huntingdon Co., PA." That's right next to Orbisonia.
From a Bobby Brown e-mail of 8/4/06. 
    June R. Welch, from a Bobby Brown e-mail of 8/14/06: "Rev. Samuel
Lane (1736-1812) established a church on a small wooded knoll about 2
miles south of Rockhill Furnace, PA. near Aughwick Creek, bounded by
lands now owned by DD - Robert Wilson (formerly by Glanville Bray)
along with a small cemetery, where a couple of native headstones are
still visible. As he traveled about the countryside preaching he was
accompanied by a black slave and this slave is reliably reported to be
buried at this cemetery by my Uncle Rufus who is now living in a small
cabin about one mile south of Meadow Gap along the Aughwick creek."
The preceding quote seems to have been taken from "The Ancestry and
Descendants of Major Samuel Lane" by Larry A. James, 1990, pp. 21/22
(e-mailed by Kathy Wells, 2/20/07). The way the June R. Welch
continues the quote seems to be a bit different from the way James has
it, so I'll take the rest directly from James: "This black slave was
formerly owned by a Mr. Hawn, who was a neighbor of the Lanes at Mill
Creek. When Mrs. Hawn died the slave was willed to a daughter, however
she did not want the slave and shortly thereafter traded him to the
Rev. Samuel Lane for a horse." There might even be a land record that
records this Hawn-to-Lane transaction.
    The 1790 census confirms his slave ownership. In Huntingdon Co.
Pennsylvania (no twp. given), p. 124, col. 2, there is a "Lain,
Samuel", with 2 free white males 16 and up, 4 free white males under
10, 4 free white females, and 1 slave. This is on the same page as
William Brown.
    Samuel, Wilkinson, Dutton, Corbin, and John Lean appear on a 1776
Bedford Co. tax list, p. 143, that Bobby sent out 10/17/06. Now, in
central Pennsylvania today, "Lean" is pronounced as a diphthong in
which the first element is the vowel in "hut" and the second is "ee".
You hear that pronunciation in places like the South and Australia
too. That's almost the same as the way most English speakers pronounce
"Lane", which probably explains the misspelling.
    Samuel, Daniel, Richard, and Wilkinson Lane are found on the
Bedford County, Hopewell Township, 1788 Tax Records on p. 356 that
Bobby found (10/17/06 4:39 PM). On the next page is Vincent Stevens,
who is probably the one who married the Ruth Lane who was Rev.
Samuel's sister. The 1782 tax list for Shirley Twp. lists Danial and
Wilkeson Lane; 1785 for Shirley has Richard, Wilkinson, and Danual. 
    Gerry Lenzen, from a Bobby Brown e-mail of 8/14/06: "As an
assumption, I am using Edward Corbin as the father of Mary Corbin who
married Rev Samuel Lane as his first wife. I have yet to prove this in
the records in Baltimore  Co, MD from where these folks came. I need
to work the taxes, probates, and land records in the area which is
Carroll Co, MD today. Other sources say that Samuel married second to
Kezia Sias, and thirdly to Mary Wiley. He had ten children each with
Corbin and Sias, and none with Wiley.
    "Larry A. James has compiled a history 'The Lane Family, Major
Samuel Lane and his Descendants.' I use this report as basic
assumptions for research. However, there are items in the book that
cause me some distress. For example, even after communicating with
him, James does not seem interested in records that show Ruth Lane,
daughter of Rev Samuel Lane and Mary Corbin, as married to William
Brown, not Henry Brown. This makes me uneasy about simply accepting
his otherwise apparently extensive work."
    From the same e-mail, Nira Beaschler gives the birth and death
info for Rev. Lane that I use here. 
    There is an 1858 letter on Diana Gale Matthiesen's site in the
record on Nicholas SHANAFELT which contains a good deal of info about
this clan. And Bobby Brown's e-mail of 4/8/07 contains some descendant
charts of the Corbin and Lanes. 

ID: 845
Sex: M
Mother: PRETIOTIA TIDINGS (847) (    -    )
Father: DUTTON LANE (846) (    -    )
Child 1: SAMUEL (Rev.) LANE (844) (1736-1812)
Tom Brown says this Samuel Lane had a son Wilkinson from whom he is
descended. See Joshua Brown's record (842). Also, Fred Schultz says
(6/8/08): "My ancestor, Wilkinson Lane, was the brother of Rev. Samuel
Lane. Wilkinson moved from Huntingdon Co. and settled in central Ohio
where I was born and raised. Now we are in Waynesboro, VA. I recently
visited Huntingdon Co. and visited the cemetery where Rev. Lane is
buried and found the original land patent given to to
walk the land even."
    There is a good deal of info about this Samuel Lane in "Genealogy
and History", Washington DC, 5/15/1944, by Stevens (?), call #CS42.G5
(Library of Congress?), quoted in Fred Schultz's e-mail of 1/31/07. 
    There is some confusion over whether this Samuel's wife was Jane
Wilkinson (daughter of William Wilkinson of Baltimore) or Jane Corbin.
Gerry Lenzen favors Wilkinson because they had a son named Wilkinson
Lane, and because if it was Corbin that would mean there were two
consecutive Corbin wives in this family (son Rev. Samuel Lane married
Mary Corbin). See Gerry's e-mail, 1/22/07.
    Wilkinson Lane was his 5th child. "Wilkinson migrated with other
members of his immediate family, and extended family members, in 1773,
to what became Bedford and Huntingdon Counties, PA. He went off to
Ohio in 1800 with some of the same extended family and settled in
Amanda Township, Fairfield County, OH. There is a will in Fairfield Co
for Wilkinson which I have never retrieved. It is indexed as dated 27
November 1813. The James book lists no wife for Wilkinson. Wilkinson
Lane's known children were listed as John, Elizabeth, Rebecca, and
Wilkinson, Jr." Gerry Lenzen, 1/31/07. 
    Bobby Brown says Wilkinson Lane and party went west in 1799 and
"came to Wheeling, VA and left footprints there.  Another researcher,
whose name I would have to look for, said they passed by there and
paused.  From that point they used the Zane's Trace to Lancaster, OH
area." That's in Fairfield Co. Zane's Trace was a trail that went from
Wheeling over to Fairfield and Pickaway Counties. "Wilkinson
eventually took property in Fairfield County, OH on Toby's Creek of
Amanda Township." He adds that the Lanes bought some land in
Zanesville. E-mail, 8/4/06. 
    Wilkinson Lane had a daughter Elizabeth who m. James Kelly Jr.
(Bobby Brown, 8/11/06). "James Kelly and Elizabeth Lane had a daughter
Rachel who married Lowwmann Pratt. Rachel and Lowmann had a daughter
Perlina Pratt who married Nathan Brown." That's Nathan Brown of the
Joshua Brown/Charlotte Morris line. "Nathan and Perlina were my ggg
grandparents." From Stephen Ruppright, 8/11/08.

ID: 846
Sex: M
Mother: MARGARET MAULDEN (850) (    -    )
Father: SAMUEL LANE (849) (    -1681)
Spouse: PRETIOTIA TIDINGS (847) (    -    )
Child 1: SAMUEL LANE (845) (    -    )
From Dutton Lane's will, which has two dates: 5/31/1716, and
        To sons Dutten, Richd. and Samuel and their heirs, "Lane's
        To 2 daughters Margrett and Sary and their heirs, "Hamton
        To Thos. Mason and Thomas Forde, personalty.
Executrix was wife Pretiosia. (Liber 18, folio 530.)
    The following is in Fred Schultz's e-mail of 12/8/06: "SERNO: C97.
ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY COURT (Land Records)WT #2, pp. 59-60 Dutton Lane,
Gent. and Pretiosa his wife to James Butler: 376 acres of 'Brouslys
Hall', 20 July 1703 [MdHR 774-1, 1/1/6/7]. 02/04/93. Tracking No.:
10437. Circ. No.: 3748."
    Dutton Lane had, thru his son Richard, a grandson Tidence Lane who
was the first pastor for the first church in Tennessee, established at
Buffalo Ridge, Washington County, in 1779. (Gerry Lenzen, 1/31/07.) 

ID: 847
Sex: F
Father: RICHARD TIDINGS (848) (    -1687)
Spouse: DUTTON LANE (846) (    -    )
Child 1: SAMUEL LANE (845) (    -    )
Of the many variants of her first name, I think Pretiotia is the most
likely, with the "tio" pronounced as in "nation", since in subsequent
genertions similar pronunciations seem most common. So it would have
been pronounced like "Preshosha Tidens" or "Preshosha Tidence".

ID: 848
Sex: M
Date of death: c. 1687   
Child 1: PRETIOTIA TIDINGS (847) (    -    )
From the will of Richard Tidings, Anne Arundel Co., 2/2/1687:
        To son John at 21 years of age, and heirs, "Hazelnut Ridge".
            In event of death of son John without issue, it is to
            pass successively to eldest daughter Charity and heirs,
            second daughter Eliza: and heirs, 3rd daughter Pretitia
            and heirs, and to 4th daughter Mary and heirs. Daughters
            to be of age at 16 years.
        To daughters Charity and Eliza: equally, and heirs, 300 A.
            (unnamed), in Baltimore Co.
        To daughters Pretitia and Mary and heirs, 500 A., "New Years",
            on Gunpowder R., Baltimore Co.
        To eldest daughter Charity, personalty belonging to deceased 
            wife, and other personalty.
(Liber 6, folio 40.) 

ID: 849
Sex: M
Date of death: 1681?     
Place of death: Md.                      
Mother: ALICE CARTER (852) (    -    )
Father: RICHARD LANE (851) (    -    )
Spouse: MARGARET MAULDEN (850) (    -    )
Child 1: DUTTON LANE (846) (    -    )
    "Samuel Lane who settled in St. James' Parish, Anne Arundel Co.,
was the son of Richard Lane and Alice Carter his wife of Herefordshire
and London, England." ("To Maryland From Overseas", Newman, 1991,
    In the will of Richard Wells, Anne Arundel County, Md., 1671, to
Samuel Lane and heirs is willed "Breshy Hall" on the ridge (Maryland
Wills, Liber 2, folio 439).
    On 7/20/1669 a tax was paid on Browsly Hall, 800 acres, "on the
Northward of Ann Arundell or the Ridge Mannr". Samuel Lane owned 500
acres, James Butler the other 300. Rent was 16 shillings. Thee name of
Richard Wells is also mentioned. ("Maryland Rent Rolls", 1976, Sutro.)
    Samuel Lane's will, Anne Arundel County, from 1/18/1681, goes:
        To son Samuel at 18 years of age and heirs, part of "Browsley
        to son Dutton at 18 years of age and heirs, residue of 
            "Browsley Hall";
        to daughter Sarah, personalty and above-mentioned property 
            in event of death of sons without issue;
        to nephew Thomas Lane, in Ireland, property aforesaid in 
            event of death said child without issue;
        to daughter Grace Burridge, personalty.
Executrix was wife Margaret. Also mentioned are sons-in-law Saml.
Smith and Francis Hutchins. (Liber 2, folio 185.) 

ID: 850
Sex: F
Spouse: SAMUEL LANE (849) (    -1681)
Child 1: DUTTON LANE (846) (    -    )

ID: 851
Sex: M
Spouse: ALICE CARTER (852) (    -    )
Child 1: SAMUEL LANE (849) (    -1681)

ID: 852
Sex: F
Spouse: RICHARD LANE (851) (    -    )
Child 1: SAMUEL LANE (849) (    -1681)

ID: 853
Sex: F
Birth date: Apr. 17, 1780
Birth place: Pa.                      
Date of death: Nov. 22, 1855
Place of death: Hancock Co.              
Age at death: 75 years, 7 months, 5 days.
Mother: RUTH LANE (841) (1758-1840)
Father: WILLIAM S. BROWN (840) (1757-1853)
She married Nicodemus Corbin (though the LDS says it was William
Corbin), son of Benjamin Corbin and Mary Sias. The 1850 census for
Amanda has Mary Corbin, 67 (sic), listed alone, as a laborer. Before
that they were in Huntingdon Co. PA, then Pickaway Co. OH. Her birth
and death dates come from the Amanda cemetery book; she's buried in
Lee cemetery next to her father. It has her husband's first initial as
N, not W. Steven Ruppright found the following in the things that came
from his gr-grandmother Florence Brown Musgrave of the Nathan line:
"Mary Brown, daughter of William and Ruth Lane Brown married Nicodemus
Corbin" - this from Bobby's e-mail of 6/1/05. They have many
descendants - see Diana Gale Matthiesen's site (no www). 

ID: 854
Sex: F
Birth date: May 18, 1800
Birth place: Huntingdon Co. Pa.       
Date of death: Nov. 2, 1879
Place of death: Shelby Co. IL            
Age at death: 79 years, 5 months, 15 days.
Mother: RUTH LANE (841) (1758-1840)
Father: WILLIAM S. BROWN (840) (1757-1853)
Wedding: 12/29/1816, Walnut Twp   
The IGI has her husband as Benjamin F. Sickles. They are indeed in the
1850 census for Delaware Twp.: 
        Benjamin Sickle,  55;
        Hannah, 50, b. Pa;
With them are children Martha, Sarah, Hannah, and Catherine.
    After her father died in 1853 Hannah Sickles inherited $123.52. It
was witnessed by Abraham Brown. Hannah is still alive in 1870, 71
years old, in Dry Point Twp, Shelby Co. IL, with an 8-year-old Charles
W. Sickles. 
    Benajmin, of Rockingham Co, VA, filed for a pension application
for the War of 1812. His father's name was Thomas. Dyan Snook is of
this line. (See Bobby's e-mail of 8/28/07 1:46 AM.)
    Daniel J. Hawk Hoffman Sr. is descended from this line. In an
e-mail to me of 7/19/04 he says, "I was told by my eldest aunt that we
had Native American blood through the Ethridge, Sickles, Melton and
Brown sides of the family." And, "I was given an Indian name by my
Grandfather William Ethridge when I was just six months of age. The
name given was 'The Hawk With Seven Eyes' I also have the name in the
Cherokee language. I have been known by 'Hawk' for over 30 years now."
From Hawk's info, the LDS Ansectral File, and the censuses I
reconstruct the following descendant chart, which involves some
guesswork since the pre-1880 censuses don't specify relationships:
Hannah Brown 5/18/1800-11/2/1879
+ Benjamin Franklin Sickles, b. 3/1794 in Rockingham Co VA, m.
             12/29/1816 Walnut Twp, d. 11/8/1865 in Shelbyville, IL
*   Mary S. Sickles, b. 11/30/1819 Pickaway Co, d. 4/6/1890 Shelby Co
    + Tilford E.  Warren 
    Wm H. Sickles, b. 1822 in OH, d. 3/20/1903 Fayette Co. IL
    + Amelia, b. c. 1822 OH
        Mary b. c. 1846 OH
        Nancy b. c. 1849 OH
        Eliza J., b. c. 1852 OH
        Sarah Ellen, b. c. 1853 in IL
        Charlotte A., b. c. 1859 in IL 
        Mary C., b. c. 1864 in IL
    Thomas Franklin Sickles, b. 2/1/1827 OH, d. 3/30/1904 Fayette Co.
    + Eliza Ann Mansfield, b. 1/7/1821 in OH, d. 9/9/1898
        Hannah Elizabeth Sickles, b. 11/11/1848 OH, d. 2/18/1920
        + Joseph Henry Logsdon; m. 8/14/1870
        Mary E. Sickles, b. c. 1849 OH 
        + --- Lockard; I don't know for sure that Mary E. ever married
            Mary Lockard b. c. 1869 in IL; with Thomas F. in 1880
        William N. Sickles, b. c. 1850 OH. With Thomas F. in 1880
            Nancy A. Sickles, b. c. 1872 IL
            Thomas A. Sickles, b. c. 1874 in IL
        Benjamin Franklin Sickles b. 7/7/1852 Knox Co. OH, d.
                                3/11/1924 Vandalia IL
            Eliza Belle Sickles b. 8/14/1885 Effingham IL; 4 dau 1 son
            + William Jasper Ethridge b. 1/8/1884 Taylorville IL
                Ida Inez Ethridge b. 8/8/1913 Taylorville IL 
        James Sickles, b. c. 1860 in Fayette Co. IL
        Lucy V., b. c. 1862 in IL
        Angeline, b. c. 1864 in IL 
        Mary ?Viola, b. c. 1868 in IL 
    Elijah B. Sickles, b. 8/1/1828 OH, d. 4/15/1857 Shelby Co. IL
*   Nancy Sickles, b. 5/25/1832, d. 4/1/1913 Dry Point, Shelby Co. IL
    + David Herron Devor; m. 7/4/1850 in Hancock Co; b. c. 1824 PA
        Elias Y. Devor, b. c. 1857 IL
*       Sarah E. Devor, b. c. 1860 IL
        David S. Devor, b. c. 1866 IL
*       Hannah E. Devor, b. c. 1868 IL
        Jacob A. Devor, b. c. 1871 IL
*       Nancy A. M. Devor, b. c. 1875 IL
*   Martha J. Sickles, b. 1836 OH
    + John B. Mansfield
*   Sarah Ellen Sickles, b. 1840 OH, bur. Shelby Co. IL; m. 11/2/1856
    + Thomas Wood b. 9/3/1835 OH, d. 2/18/1904 Shelby Co. IL
        3 daus who d. young, bur Mud Run Cem, Shelby Co. IL
*   Hannah, b. 7/5/1842 in OH, bur. Whiteside Cem, Shelby Co. IL
    + Samuel R. Whiteside; m. 12/21/1864 in Shelby Co.
*   Katherine Sickles, b. 1843 OH, d. 2/23/1856 Shelby Co. IL
*   Mary ?J, b. c. 1849 in OH; in 1860 census; granddau?
    An * marks women, any descendant from whom in the direct female
line is a candidate for DNA analysis, to find out if Ruth Lane was an
    Listed in 1880, with Thomas Sickles, is 30 year old nephew William
Sickles, the son of one of his brothers I guess; he looks like the
same kid who was with him in 1860 at age 10, and who appears to be
widowered now with two children.
    Hawk suggests another line of research: "I talked to a cousin who
lives in California yesterday. He told me that he remembers my mother,
his mother and another sister receving checks in the amount of about
$5.00 each month from Oklahoma from an oil company who had struck a
well on reservation property. I did some research and found that the
Seminole Nation of Oklahoma had a Chief named, James F. Brown from
1885-1901 and from 1905-1919. I am wondering if this James F. Brown
may be related to our Brown side of the family. My cousin who is
almost 90 years old said his mother told him she belonged to either
the Seminole or Creek tribe but I have not found any record yet." I
dount if this oil company conncetion would be very easy to trace,
since there probably wouldn't be any government records about it.
"There is still a Seminole tribe in Oklahoma as well as a Creek tribe.
My cousin in California is from the Ethridge, Sickles side of the
family which includes the Browns. He is my mothers sisters son. Berton
Riech. There was an oil company in Oklahoma named Carter who hit oil
about 1930 or so, I am not sure if this the company he was talking
about or not. There were two additional Chiefs named Brown for the
Seminole tribe, Jeffie Brown and Alice Brown-Davis and I believe they
were all related." From Hawk's e-mails to me of 7/27/07 and 7/29/07.

ID: 855
Sex: F
Birth date: 1791?     
Mother: RUTH LANE (841) (1758-1840)
Father: WILLIAM S. BROWN (840) (1757-1853)
Married Bryan(t) Brown and went to the coal regions. She's in the 1850
census for Jackson Twp., Vinton Co. Ohio, which is in coal country not
far from Pickaway Co.:
        Brian Brown, 64, farmer, b. Pa.;
        Sarah    " , 58, b. Pa.;
        Kids with them: Benjamin (19), Brian (10), Sarah (4).
    In 1860 they're in Jackson, Vinton Co., Ohio: 
        Briant Brown    74
        Sarah Brown     72
        Benjamin Brown  21
        Briant Brown    19
        Sarah Brown     14
        Catharine Brown 16
    In 1870 she seems to still be in the same place, living right next
door to Benjamin Brown, now in the family of Bogan (?) Brown, age 63
(though the first digit of her age is a bit obscure), b. PA, and the
note for her in the Occupation column, if I read it right, says "Keeps
house for son"; her daughter Sarah, age 23, b. OH, is still with her
with a last name of Ramy now; and there are some other new faces in
the household.
    She's still alive in 1880, in Jackson Twp., Vinton Co OH., p. 14,
line 34. She's 91 years old, listed as mother to the head of
houselold, though none of the 4 other people there are listed as head.
Presumably it's John Brown, except that he's only 28. She's
widowed/divorced, cannot read or write. Her birthplace is listed as
Indiana, though I doubt if many people were born in Indiana in 1789.
Her parents are both listed as born in England (!).
    Sarah's age is a bit of a puzzle. The LDS says she was born in
1803 which makes her young enough to be the other Sarah's mother,
though it doesn't agree with a marriage year of 1806 (below). Her
father's 1790 census implies she was born later than 1790. The census
of 1820 (below) implies a birth year of 1775-1794. 1830 and 1840 both
imply 1790-1800. The age in 1850 implies a birth year of 1792, which
means she would have been 14 in 1806, barely old enough to get
married. Her age in 1860 implies a birth year of 1788. The age in 1870
implies 1807. 1880 implies 1789. Somewhere right around 1790 seems
most likely to me.
    In about 1853 she received $123.52 from her father's estate. She
and her husband both signed their names with an X. It was witnessed by
Elizabeth Brown and Jane Brown.
    Clark Brown says that her husband, though of the same last name,
was no relation; and that Brian served in the War of 1812 with
brothers-in-law Elisha and Joshua.
    Bobby Brown, in his e-mail of 6/1/05, says, "Briant Brown married
Sarah April 1806 in Fairfield county, OH. Early 1800s they moved to
'the coal mine fields' of the Hocking county, OH area." 
    I can't find Brian(t) Brown in 1810. Ohio wasn't in the 1810
    In 1820 Brian Brown is in Walnut Twp., Huntingdon Co. PA:
400010/12010, which includes a female 26-45 so she was born 1775-1794;
and a male same age (Brian was 34). On the same page are Elisha,
Samuel, and William Brown, and Joshua is on the next.
    In 1830, Brian Brown is in Hocking Co., Eagle Twp., OH
(2202001000000, 2001010000000), the oldest male being in his 40's
(Brian was 44) and the oldest female in her 30's and therefore born
    In 1840, Briant Brown is found in Jackson, Hocking Co., OH
(0202100100000, 0110001000000), which includes a male 50-60 (Briant
was 54 then) and a female 40-50 who was therefore born 1790-1800. He's
right next to Elijah Brown, apparently his son, in his 20's. 
    Lona Dawn Brown (Garrett) Stevens, who has a Brown website of her
own, is of this line. "My personal line runs from Briant & Sarah Brown
(William & Ruth's daughter)>Elijah & Elizabeth Coleman Brown>Richard
Johnson Tilton &Anna Barnes Brown>Richard Jasper & Electa Vandagriff
Brown> Charles Lester & Opal Seitz Brown> and my parents Lester Marvin
& Martha Eveland Brown." From Bobby's e-mail of 2/21/07. 
    Beside the subject of this record and the Brian who was 10 in
1850, there was apparently one other Bryant Brown. "Brown, Bryant born
1833, died 1905. Inscription: Co. I 92" - 192? - "Ohio Inf. (near
Wilbert Brown) Lebanon Cemetery". And, "The reference for Wilbert
Brown follows alphabetically on the same page: Brown, Wilbert no birth
date, died 2/17/1888, age 27y 5m 25d. Inscription: Son of Bryant Brown
Lebanon Cemetery." This is from "a book by the Alexander Local
Genealogical and Historical copyrighted in 1986. The book is a
compilation of Vinton County tombstones from Eagle, Jackson and
Richland Townships." From Lori Cook's e-mail of 6/20/07 which also
gives the location of the cemetery. Now, if this Bryant was the son of
Bryant and Sarah, then he was the grandson of William and Ruth Brown,
so a look for him in a county book or an obituary might be productive.

ID: 856
Sex: M
Birth date: Sep. 27, 1779
Birth place: Pa.                      
Mother: RUTH LANE (841) (1758-1840)
Father: WILLIAM S. BROWN (840) (1757-1853)
He is sometimes referred to as William Brown Jr. That makes his middle
initial a bit of a puzzle, since we now know the father's middle
initial was S. 
    Bobby Brown's e-mail of 6/1/05 says he was born in
Bedford/Huntingdon County PA. According to the Janice Reddin papers
from the Findlay Library he died 9/6/1852 in Pickaway Co. "Stone in
Reber Hill Cemetery there says he died on that date at the age of 72
yrs. 11 mos. 5 ds. and that he was the son of William Brown, the
Revolutionary War soldier. He was married 1st to Jemima Hall and 2nd
to Rebecca Morris." The birthdate here from the DAR agrees with that;
the DAR also say his first wife was Jemima Hull. Bobby, 4/23/07 11:36
PM, says they were married "in the Huntingdon County area. Her grave
marker is in the Reber Hill Cemetery of Walnut Twp., Pickaway County,
Ohio. It appears she came to Ohio with William S. Brown/Ruth Lane
Brown and William B. Brown Sr." EA Brown (4/21/07 3:52 PM) says
Rebecca was born 1776.
    The plot thickens, though. Beside the two marriages listed above
for William B. Brown, there is evidence of another. In the Pickaway
Co. marriage records sent me by Jane Beyers (see Elizabeth Brown's
record) Wm. Brown and Rebecca Bowman were married June 8, 1817; this
was recorded June 23, same year. The marriage license seems to have
been issued June 2. 
    According to Marion Newton Tittle, William B. Brown had a son
William: "...your Wm Brown son of WBB was married to Elizabeth Ann
Newman 26 Feb 1831."
    In 1850 Walnut Twp., I find: 
        William Brown Sr., 69, farmer, b. Pa;
        Rebecca, 73;
        Elizabeth May, 13.
The Janice Reddin papers: "They were living next door to their son
William who had a large family." 
    He was the only one of his siblings who stayed in Pickaway Co.
    William Brown received $3.36 from William Brown Sr.'s estate.
    Nancy (Brown) Robinson seems to be descended from this line. Her
father is Ray Brown: "I have determined Ray Brown's line goes back to
his father Herbert, then to Chester," - who had a brother Reber and a
sister Hattie - "then to Emanuel, then to Obed, and I think Obed then
was a son to William Brown 3rd", who I guess would be the son of
William B. Brown. From an e-mail to me of 7/7/08.
    Marion Newton Tittle (9/6/2001) says this, though it doesn't
really match what's below: "William B was married to Rebecca Morris
and came from Huntingdon PA to Pickaway County, OH in 1804 and had 7
children.  Samuel, William Henry b. 1792 and married to Edith Davis.
Ruth Brown married to John Bowman, Rebecca Brown married to ____ Solt,
Obed Brown married to Delilah Snyder, Joshua Brown and Benjamin
    Bobby O'Neil Brown, one of the main Brown researchers, was
descended from Willliam B. Brown by this line:
William B. Brown
    William Brown b. 1802 in PA (Janice Reddin Papers). In Walnut 1850
    Ruth Brown b. 1804 in PA; m. John Bowman (ditto)
    Rebecca Brown m. Paul Solt/Sult (ditto)
    Joseph H. Brown 1837 - 1896 
    + Lucinda Peters 1842 - 1916; still living in Walnut Twp, 1915    
        Milton I. Brown, 1861 - 1932, of Washington Twp.
        Charles Elmore Brown, 1863 - 1955, of Walnut Twp. 
        William E. Brown 1865 - 1867
        Edward Alva Brown 1868 - 1944, of Circleville (?)
        Joseph Luther Brown 1870 - 1896
        Absalom Adam Brown 1/15/1873 - 5/3/1915; b. Walnut Twp.
        + Rosa Alice Hutchins 1879 - 1953; m. 7/10/1895 
            Ralph Walton Brown
                Bobby O'Neil Brown, d. 1/21/2008
                + Carolyn Sue Swincher - Bobby's 1st mrg
                    Craig Alan Brown
                Monna Brown (Holter) - dancer
                Buddy Brown
            Daughter Marie O, 13 in 1910, b. OH
            Addison W, 9 in 1910
            Ruth A, 6 in 1910 
            Marvene, 4 in 1910
            Dorothy Brown (Johnson), d. 3/4/2005, age 95, b. OH
        Clara L. Brown 1876 - 1949
        Nellie Famah Brown 1878 - 1937
        Ona Ettie Brown 1880 - 1961
    Tragedy struck this part of the family in 1915. A. A. Brown,
Bobby's grandfather, shortly after waking up, "about 6:30 o'clock shot
himself in the right temple with a 32 caliber revolver... Despondency
due to ill health was the cause. The deed was committed in the bath
room at his home on North Court street.... He had been in ill health
for about five years from a nervous breakdown..." This seems to have
occurred in Circleville. Bobby: "Someone in my family said my father
was in bed with A. A. Brown at the time he commited suicide. That info
seems disputed by the obit.... My dad would have been just a couple of
months short of 3 years old at the time." He was buried in Reber Hill
Cemetery. There were no fewer than 87 automobiles besides the hearse
in the cortege. 
    The info for the foregoing comes largely from an e-mail from Bobby
Brown of 1/20/05 (which also contains a bigger descendant chart), from
another (3/10/05) with Dorothy Johnson's obit, and from another
(1/19/05) which contains an obit from the "Democrat & Watchman"
(though this article says "From Union-Herald, May 3" up at the top);
and it also contains a short report from the Circleville Herald about
the funeral. The 1910 census info comes from Bobby's e-mail of 3/7/07
9:18 AM.

ID: 857
Sex: M
Birth date: 1784      
Birth place: Pa.                      
Mother: RUTH LANE (841) (1758-1840)
Father: WILLIAM S. BROWN (840) (1757-1853)
He must have been born in 1784, since on his father's 1784 (it might
be helpful to find out the month and day) tax table record there are 5
people in the household and he would be the fifth. Gerry Lenzen, on
the other hand, says he was b. about 1781, though that's incompatible
with the 1850 census (see Bobby's e-mail of 6/1/05); Gerry also says
he died in OH. 
    Bobby Brown, in his e-mail of 6/1/05: "Samuel came to Ohio with
his father, W. S. Brown in the 1806 move from PA to OH.  Later moved
to Hancock county where traces of him are scarce."
    The 8 pages on Wm Brown from the Findlay Public Library say Samuel
is in the 1830 census in Walnut Twp.
    In 1850, Richland Twp., Wyandot Co. (right near Amanda), I find,
in the house of John W. Greenor:
    Samuel Brown, 65, b. Pa;
    Jane Brown, 40, b. Pa.

ID: 864
Sex: F
Birth date: 1787?     
Birth place: Huntingdon Co., Pa.      
Date of death: c. 1871   
Place of death: Schuyler, Colfax, Neb.   
Age at death: 83 or 84
Mother: RUTH LANE (841) (1758-1840)
Father: WILLIAM S. BROWN (840) (1757-1853)
Wedding: bef. 1810                
Child 1: OBEDIAH HALL (926) (1824-1906)
Note: Probably married in Knox Co., Ohio, to Joshua Hall (DAR).   
Note: G. Lenzen says she was m. probably in Huntingdon Co. PA prior to 1809.
Nancy Hall got $123.52 from her father William's estate in about 1853.
She signed her name with a mark. It was witnessed by Caleb Hall.
    The birthdate is a guess from the 1860 census for Delaware Twp. in
which Nancy Hall is 73 years old. (This puts her in the gap in the
birth order betweeen Samuel and Joshua.) She's listed as a farm
manager, with a 28-year-old servant named Haleph or something. She's
living right next to her 36-year-old son Obediah Hall and his family.
In 1850, on the other hand, she's listed with her husband:
        Joshua Hall, 68
        Nancy, 60
        Charlotte, 22
        Caleb, 19
They're right next door to her son Obediah and to her brother-in-law
Benjamin Sickles and his family.
    Gerry Lenzen tells me she died about 1871 (e-mail, 9/26/2002), and
that "Nancy Brown Hall, daughter of William Brown and Ruth Lane, died
in Schuyler, Colfax Co., NE when the Obediah Hall family was
homesteading there." From Bobby's e-mail of 6/1/05, whence also come
the following list of their children: 
        Accious HALL (born on November 10, 1809)
        Henrietta HALL (born in 1814)
        Elizabeth HALL  (born about 1818)
        Ruth HALL (born about 1822)
        Obediah HALL (born on December 9, 1824)
        Hannah HALL (born about 1824)
        Charlotte HALL (born on May 9, 1828)
        Sarah Ann HALL  (born on March 4, 1829)
        Caleb HALL was born on December 4, 1831; d. 3/7/1866 unmarried
    Gerry, 21 Feb 2007: "I can find no death notice, newspaper obit,
or interment record for Nancy Brown Hall. Eastern NE was still the
frontier in 1870. Obediah Hall's family was driven back to Missouri by
dust, grasshoppers and begging Indians in 1871 according to my great
grandfather, Calvin Sigel Hall, aged 97, when I interviewed him in
1960. There was also made a brief homemade disc recording of his life
on his 86th birthday in 1949. I have that recording, and pre-recording
pencil text, which tell the same story." If that recording could be
digitized, it would make a great addition to my website.
    Parenthetically, the Pickaway Co. marriage records sent me by Jane
Beyers (see Elizabeth Brown's record) has a marriage between William
Woods and Nancy Brown on March 12, 1817. 

ID: 865
Sex: F
Birth place: Baltimore                
Mother: RUTH LANE (841) (1758-1840)
Father: WILLIAM S. BROWN (840) (1757-1853)
Wedding: 5/29/1817, Huntingdon Co.
Marion Newton Tittle (9/6/2001) says her birth year was 1799, but
she's not too confident about her sources. This would put her after
Elijah and probably Sarah in the birth order. Another source in Bobby
Brown's 6/12/05 e-mail gives her birthdate as about 1794 in Huntingdon
Co. Jane Beyers found her in the census records all the way up to 1870
in Crawford, Wyandot Co. OH, but they're inconsistent about the birth
date; the only thing they agree on is it was in the 1790's. See the My
American History tree at (this from her e-mail to me of
    The LDS says she m. Jacob Stephens in Huntingdon Co. on 5/27/1817.
Gerry, from Bobby's e-mail of 6/1/05: "She was married to Stevens
JACOB on May 29, 1817." The DAR says she married Mr. Stephens, and
puts her between Joshua and Elisha in the birth order. A scan of the
Pickaway (sic) County marriage records sent me by Jane Beyers
(11/13/11) says: on May 27, "Jacob Stephens to Elizabeth Brown", in
1817. This may mean that the 27th is when they got the marriage
license and the marriage itself was 2 days later, because in another
scan from the same e-mail is a longer record of the marriage itself on
the 29th. (The same statement records the marriage of William Brown
and Rebecca Bowman. The scans were pretty big so I saved the e-mail in
my Brown folder then deleted it.)
    In 1810 Shirley Twp. Huntingdon Co., there is a J. Stephens,
26-45, and a female 16-26 so she was born 1784-1794, and no kids, but
this can't be them unless the 1817 marriage date is wrong.
    In 1820 Jacob Stephens is in Amanda Twp. in Fairfield (sic)
County: 000010/20100, meaning one man 26-45, one woman 16-26 so she
was born 1794-1804, and two young daughters. They're right next to
John Lane and on the same page with Dutton Lane. Note that Jane Beyers
(11/13/11) found him listed there a second time as Jacob Stevens with
the same size family at about the same ages. 
    Elizabeth received $123.52 from her father's estate, signing her
name with a plus sign; this was witnessed by Nathan Brown.
    Jane Beyers of this line e-mailed me 11/8/2011 with the
information about Elizabeth's birthplace plus some other stuff:
    "My great-grandfather was Nathan Brown McCoy, son of William McCoy
and Catherine Stevens.  Her parents were Jacob Stevens and Elizabeth
    "This seems to fit well with the daughter of William S Brown and
Ruth Lane.
    "Catherine was born 15 Jun 1818 in Pickaway County, Ohio (from
Ohio Deaths, 1908-1953 at Family Search).  She married William McCoy
22 May 1845 in Pickaway County (Family Search Ohio Marriages,
1800-1958.  It gives her name as Catharine Stephenson but all other
records indicate Stevens.). William and Catherine McCoy are family 131
on the 1850 census of Amanda, Hancock, Ohio (image 22 of 30). In 1860
they were in Walnut, Pickaway, Ohio; 1870 in Crawford, Wyandot, Ohio;
1880 in Carey, Wyandot, Ohio; 1910 in Crawford, Wyandot, Ohio.
Nathan's death certificate, as does her own, spells her first name
Katherine. All other sources spells it Catherine.  Her death
certificate says her mother was born in Baltimore, Maryland."
    In response to my inquiry about whether there was any talk of
Indian ancestry in her line, Jane Beyers said, "I talked to my father
and he said he never heard of any Indian blood.  NB" - Nathan Brown
McCoy - "was quite the racist though so if there was anything he
considered a 'taint' in his line he would have  kept it secret." From
her e-mails to me of 11/13/11. 
    There are, at the Findlay-Hancock County Public Library, two
binders labeled "Janice Reddin Papers." They contain 8 pages on the
William Brown family, which were kindly provided me by Philip Maurer
there, and 9 on the Joshua Brown family. The sources for it all seem
to be censuses, military pension records and so on, the kinds of
records that are publicly available. Janice Reddin "said a old woman
had died & left this big stack of papers on the Brown family & she put
the type written book together." If that stack of papers still exists
(the Findlay Library can't find them), it might contain info that came
down thru the family, which would not be generally available. The
Janice Reddin Papers contain this note: "7. Family data from Mrs.
Victor Mutti, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, - descendants of Elizabeth Brown."
This must be the same person who found Ruth Lane's gravesite. If her
family still has that big stack of papers, this might be worth
tracking down.
    Here's a descendant chart for Elizabeth Brown, from Jane Beyers'
e-mails to me of Nov. 2011. Jane's paternal grandmother was Jeanette
Edna "June" McCoy, but I'm not sure where she fits in here:
        Elizabeth Brown
        + Jacob Stevens
            Catherine Stevens 1818-
            + William McCoy
                Nathan Brown McCoy
                + unknown
                + Mary Casaver, d. 1960. 1st son illegitimate.
            Albert (?Abraham) Stevens; may have m. Harriet Seidle

ID: 926
Sex: M
Birth date: Sep. 9, 1824
Birth place: Knox Co. OH              
Date of death: Apr. 1906
Place of death: Fayette, Howard, MO      
Age at death: 81 or 82
Mother: NANCY BROWN (864) (1787-1871)
Wedding: 12/26/1844, Hancock Co.  
Child 1: ELIZA ELLEN HALL (927) (1845-1919)
Note: M. Elizabeth Rose (b. 2/20/1826, Fairfield OH; d. 2/14/1908 
Note: in Carrolton, Carroll Co. MO.)                                        
Obediah and family moved to Howard Co. MO after his mother died in
Nebraska. His daughter Victorine also died while they were in NE
(e-mail, Gerry Lenzen, 9/26/02). Gerry's line is:
Obediah Hall 
+ Elizabeth Rose
    Calvin Sigel Hall
        Vallie Blanche Hall
            Ella Marie Taylor
                Gerald S. Lenzen - professional genealoguist

ID: 927
Sex: F
Birth date: Oct. 31, 1845
Birth place: Findlay OH               
Date of death: June 19, 1919
Place of death: Fayette, Howard Co, MO   
Age at death: 73 years, 7 months, 19 days.
Father: OBEDIAH HALL (926) (1824-1906)
Wedding: 5/3/1866, Hancock Co.    
Child 1: OBIE JOSEPHINE WATSON (928) (1887-1946)
Note: M. Andrew James Watson (b. 5/30/1842 in OH; d. 4/9/1902 in  
Note: Fayette)                                                              

ID: 928
Sex: F
Birth date: Feb. 6, 1887
Birth place: Howard, MO               
Date of death: Apr. 7, 1946
Place of death: Camdenton MO.            
Age at death: 59 years, 2 months, 1 day.
Mother: ELIZA ELLEN HALL (927) (1845-1919)
Wedding: 12/18/1904               
Child 1: LYDIA TERRELL MILLER (929) (1905-1968)
Note: M. (Joseph) Earl Miller (b. 8/10/1878 in Howard; d.         
Note: 2/11/1955 in Fayette)                                                 

ID: 929
Sex: F
Birth date: Dec. 9, 1905
Birth place: Iola, Allen Co, KS       
Date of death: Apr. 27, 1968
Place of death: Cape Fair, Stone Co. MO  
Age at death: 62 years, 4 months, 18 days.
Mother: OBIE JOSEPHINE WATSON (928) (1887-1946)
Wedding: 5/19/1928 in KC MO       
Child 1: LINDA SUE ELLIS (930) (    -    )
Note: m. Leon Henry Ellis (b. 11/8/1904 in Lexington, Lafayette Co
Note: MO; d. 5/26/1982 in KC MO.)                                           
Much of the info on this line comes from Sue Stalder's e-mail of

ID: 930
Sex: F
Mother: LYDIA TERRELL MILLER (929) (1905-1968)
Genealogy fan. She and her husband Lee R. "Butch" Stalder of Dumfries
Va. have two grown children. The daughter is married with two small
children, and the son is lives in Seattle. Butch volunteers the
information that his son is "kinda strange". He's a computer
programmer, a member of Mensa, and had a website before anyone else I
ever heard of. Mr. Stalder is retired from the Army and now works for
the federal gov't in computing at Ft. Belvoir, Va. Linda Sue has a
brother Dale Ellis in San Bernadino whose son Mark is a lawyer in

ID: 959
Sex: M
Birth date: 1762      
Birth place: MD? VA?                  
Date of death: Apr. 10, 1815
Place of death: Fairfield Co. OH         
Age at death: 52 or 53
Father: ABRAHAM STOTTS (960) (    -    )
Child 1: ELIZABETH STOOTS (839) (    -    )
Below are some facts and dates regarding John and Margaret Stotts.
Some of the census info came from me, but most of the rest of it comes
from the well-sourced documentation of Lucille Wilkinson:
1762: John Stotts born in MD.
There is a 1776 census of Maryland, but John Stotts isn't found in it.
1790: John Stot is in the MD census, Washington Co. (no town given),
p. 115, 1 free white male over 16; he would have been about 28 then.
1800: A John Stott shows up in York Co. PA, which is right next to
Maryland. In his household are: 
    1 male under 10 (should be 2: Abraham age 7, and Arthur age 5)
    1 male 26-45 (must be John age 28)
    2 females under 10 (Polly, and Elizabeth age 1)
    1 female 26-45 (Margaret age 19)
York Co. is not a likely place for him to be, since it's east of
Washington Co., but he's not there 10 years before or 10 years later,
nor is there a John Stotts in Maryland in 1800.
3/13/1802: John and Margaret Stotts of Jefferson Co. OH bought 76
acres in Jefferson Co. on Indian Short Creek or Clover Creek; bk A, p.
1/28/1803: They sold the same land.
6/3/1803: Mrg of Uriah Stotts and Elizabeth Purl; John Stotts was
living in Jefferson Co. at this point.
1806 Early Ohio Tax Records: John Stotts was in Clear Creek Twp.
Fairfield Co.; there was also a John Stotts in Jefferson Co. Probably
he owned land in both places. 
1810 Ohio tax records: John and Margaret Stotts were in Clear Creek
Twp. Fairfield Co.
1810 Ohio census: I can't find John Stotts, but that census is
4/10/1815: John d. age 53; bur. New Dutch Hollow Cem., Clearcreek Twp.
1820 census: Margaret Stotts is in Clear Creek Twp. p. 95:
    2 males 10-16: probably Hiram b. 1807 and Uriah b.  1805
    1 male 16-18: ?
    1 male 16-26: must be ? again; else could be Arthur b. 1795
    1 male 26-45: maybe Abraham b. 1793
    1 female 10-16: Rebecca b. 1809
    2 females 16-26: Margaret b. 1801, and ?; Eliz. already married
    1 female 26-45: Margaret b. 1771, but she should be 49
1830 census: Margaret Stotts still in Clear Creek, p. 276:
    1 male 30-40: probably Arthur b. 1795
    1 female 10-15
    1 female 50-60: Margaret b. 1771
8/30/1838: death of Maragret Stotts, age 67; bur. with husband.
1838-1865: several children of John & Margaret bought land in Franklin
Co. OH.
Children of John and Margaret Stotts:
Abraham b. c. 1793; d. 9/26/1871 in Allen Co. Tobacconist.
Polly - eldest dau. Birhtdate unkn. M. Frederic Andrake/Hendricks
Arthur b. 3/14/1795
Elizabeth b. 1799 - my line
Margaret b. 1801; m. Alden; dead by 9/24/1853
Maria b. 1803; m. Hammel; dead by 9/24/1853
Uriah b. 4/6/1805
Hiram b. c. 1807
Rebecca b. 1809; m. Anderson
I asked Lucille Wilkinson where she got the birth year for Elizabeth,
and she said, "A Stotts researcher sent me a paper years ago with the
ages of John and Margaret's children..Where he got them, I don't
know..." She cites sources for the birthdates of Abraham, Arthur, and
Uriah, so I assume the others came from this paper. They seem
plausible enough. Maybe they came out of a family Bible or something. 
    More on Arthur Stotts, Elizabeth's next-oldest sibling who shows
up in Hancock County. He married Nancy Abraham 11/20/1832. He is in
land records in Hancock Co. recorded 8/4/1831 and 3/27/1837. In 1840
he's in German Twp., Allen County, right near Hiram Stotts. I can't
find him in any of the other Ohio censuses. Arthur died 10/1/1868,
then Nancy remarried to Joseph Shotwell, though this is crossed out in
their family Bible. "Nancy Stotts was our neighbor when I was a child,
i.e. in the 1890's. For some reason she did not like to be reminded of
her second husband and was incensed whenever she was addressed as
'Mrs. Shotwell'. She called herself Nancy Stotts. She disliked most of
the children in the neighborhood, and predicted 'a bad end' for many
of the neighbor's boys. Yet she was kind to those whom she liked."
This from Mary Longsworth Breese. The Bible is at the Allen Co. (OH)
Historical Society.
    On Uriah, 4/6/1805-12/30/1853: his will is on file in Franklin Co.
It mentions the children of his sister Elizabeth. He was proprietor of
the Montgomery House, High Street. The inventory of his estate
includes one black man, appraised at $31. He was sold to L. Paulus for
    I looked for Elizabeth's sisters under their married names in the
1870 Ohio census (which is well indexed) but couldn't find them
(though there is a Frederic Hendrick, 22, in Champaign Co.). 1850
would also be worth a try.
    Other Stotts mentioned in Hancock County documents include Keely,
Teagle, William, Jacob, Catherine, Margaret, Roseann, George A. and
his daughter Victoria, and there is also a Uriah whose 1856 will is on
file there.

ID: 960
Sex: M
Wedding: 6/26/1760, Baltimore     
Child 1: JOHN STOTTS (959) (1762-1815)
Lucille Wilkinson is not certain of the relationships between Abraham
and his children here:
Abraham Stotts 
+ Margaret Johnson
    Reuben Stotts
        Jacob Stotts
        + Matilda Clary
    John Stotts
    + Margaret
        Elizabeth - my line
    ? Stotts
        Uriah Stotts; d. 1826 in Franklin Co; Abraham Stotts listed in
                      his estate
        + Elizabeth Purl; m. 1803 in Jefferson Co. OH
            John Stotts of Marion Co; later of Pulaski Co. IN
            + Nella V. Wilson - I think this is Lucille's line
    In the 1782 state census, in Hampshire, W. Virginia, p. 25, is an
Abraham Stotts, with 6 males, no females.
    On 2/22/1804, in Jefferson Co. OH, Uriah (AKA "Kier") and Abraham
Stotts were sued for $100 by Peter Kelly. They had already left the
    In Franklin Co. OH, 1804, Abraham Stotts sold several pieces of
land in Plain, Franklin, and Blendon Twps. In one or two of them the
wife is named as Marthalina or Magdalena.

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