Bobby Brown: "This is my Brown family reunion in Walnut Township, Pickaway County, Ohio about 1892. It is taken in front of Joseph H. Brown's home. He married Lucinda Peters, of an affluent neighbor family... Home is a little north of Ringgold, Ohio on the east side of Ringgold Northern Road. Just south of Ashville Fairfield Road intersection. Peters family came from Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. Joseph H. Brown and Lucinda were my g-grandparents." And, "The brick home was built with handmade bricks using clay from the farm on which the home was built. Joseph married Lucinda Peters, d/o Absolum Adam Peters (AAP), Sr. & Famah E. Swisher. My grandfather on my father's side, Absolum Adam Brown, seems to have been named after AAP. They lived in close proximity of William Samuel Brown & Ruth Lane Brown's farm. The lands they lived on was Peters family land. The home still stands and I have visited the site. About one mile from this home there is a log cabin, still standing, of which I have pictures. It is on the Southwest Quarter of Section 23 in Walnut township. I have a map showing it's occupancy by the Browns 1858. My father, Ralph Walton Brown lived in this area during his youth." Bobby got the picture from Florence Brown, a William/Ruth descendant in Pickaway county, who is in the picture as, I guess, #7.

Bobby identifies the following people in this picture. Anybody who's got any to add please let me know:

1) Mattie Peters...
2) ...holding Wayne Brown
3) Clara Jane Groce Brown
4) Lucinda Peters Brown
5) Joseph H. Brown
6) Charles Elmore Brown...
7) ...holding daugh. Myra Florence. The word "daugh." is circled in Bobby's notes with a 
question mark next to it.

Roll your mouse over the key below to see the actual family picture:

Brown family reunion 1892

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Brown family reunion 1892

Here's another picture Bobby came up with. It's the only scan I have of it. It's of a Peters family reunion about 1890, Brown family attending. It's a wide shot so you can't see much detail, and he only identifies one person: "This was/is the Peters family home. My g-grandfather, Joseph H. Brown is on YOUR right at the edge of the picture with the broad brimmed hat. He has the white beard. Looking closely you will see persons in this pix that were in the Brown family Reunion also. A higher resolution pix is available if desired." Click here for the 1890 reunion:

1890 Peters Reunion

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