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(husband of Sarah Halsey)
Southhampton, Suffolk County, NY
Dated: March 20, 1723 Proven: March 30, 1726

In the name of God, Amen. I, JOSEPH MORE, belonging to Southampton, in the County of Suffolk, Gentleman, being well in body.

I leave to my well beloved wife, SARAH, all that she brought with her, namely, 1 feather bed and bolster, and 2 pillows, and a set of Calyco curtains, 3 coverlids, and 1 duck blanket and 3 pairs of sheets, and two chests of drawers, and 1 trunk and 6 chairs varnished, and all her clothes and œ50 out of my estate.

I leave to my daughter, ELIZABETH SANFORD, œ20.

To my daughter, SARAH COOK, œ40.

To my daughter, RUTH MORE, œ100.

To my daughter, ABIGAIL MORE, œ100, and my daughters RUTH and ABIGAIL are to dwell in my house so long as they are unmarried, they providing for themselves.

I leave to my grandson, DANIEL MORE, provided he lives with me till he is of age, and is obedient to me as a son to a father, all my lot of land lying at Sagg Pond, and bounded north by land of LEMUEL HOWELL, deceased, east by the pond, south by highway, and west by EZEKIEL SANFORD; Also a 1/2 œ50 right of commonage, and a set of Coopers tools.

I leave to my daughter-in-law, SARAH GILMAN, œ20.

To my two grandsons, CALEB and DANIEL MORE, œ20 each.

I make my friends, DAVID PIERSON, THEOPILUS PIERSON, and ABRAHAM HALSEY, executors, and they have power to sell and give deeds for certain pieces of land, viz.: my housing and home lot, except the right of my daughters to dwell therein, and my 10 acres I had of JAMES HILDRETH, and all that piece of land by JOHN LUPTON'S, bounded on two sides by highways, "And I would have them use their discretion in selling, and not be in too much haste."

I leave to my grandson, DANIEL MORE, my plate, buttons, and shoe buckles, and my guns, sword, and cane; and I affirm this and no other to be my will. March 20, 1723. Witnesses, THOMAS COOPER, THEOPILUS HOWELL, JACOB SCELLING.

Codicil, December 24, 1723, confirms the same will, and frees his negro slave "PETER," and gives him the use of half an acre of ground "at the southeast corner of my home lot."

Proved, May 30, 1726, "the will of JOSEPH MOORE, deceased."


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