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Southhampton, Suffolk County. NY
Dated: April 10, 1732 Proven: February 16, 1733

In the name of God, Amen. I, JOSIAH HALSEY, of the town of Southampton, in Suffolk County, being sick in body.

I leave to my wife MARY, "all that part of my now dwelling house where I now live, with the chamber, garrett, leanto and bedroom, belonging to the same," and the south half of my barn, stables and hovells, and an equal privilege of my barn floor with my sons; Also the use of the south part of my home lot of land, running from the northeast corner of my north cow yard, westward to the south end of a ditch between me and ISAAC BOWER, except 2 poles square of ground lying before my son JOSIAH'S door. Also the use of the south part of lot at Scuttle Hole, running from a black oak tree standing on the north side of my cow yard, and running east to the souther-most white oak tree standing by the pond, and so from the said tree into the pond; And also from said black oak tree standing on the north side of my cow yard, and running westerly on a straight line to the west end of my land; containing 20 poles in width; Also the use of 1/2 of my meadows and Commonages, and also my negro man "JOHN," "All these are to her while she remains my widow and bears up my name;" I also leave to her 1/2 of my cart, plows, and husbandry tools. My slave "JOHN" is to be free after the death of my wife.

I leave to my daughter KEZIAH, œ10.

To my daughter MARTHA, my great wainscott chest and bedding and œ15.

To my daughter ELIZABETH a bed and bedding, and my great rugg, and my great chest, and my broad box and small tables, and œ30.

To my daughter MARY, a feather bed, and rugg, a chest and a small box standing in the bedroom, and œ15.

My daughters ELIZABETH and MARY are to have free benefit to live in my now dwelling house so long as they are unmarried, and to have full privilege of my well.

After my wife's decease, all my houses, lands, meadows and commonages are to go to my son, JOSIAH HALSEY, and I make him sole executor; and I appoint my beloved friends, JOHN HOWELL, ESQ.., and HUGH GELSTON,merchant, and THOMAS REED, school-master, Overseers in trust.

Dated April 10, 1732, in the 5th year of His Majesty's reign. Witnesses, NATHANIEL HALSEY, THOMAS STEPHENS, NATHAN HERRICK. Proved, February 16, 1733.


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